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White Spectrum wi-fi

802.11 Light Bulbs for wireless networking to your home
Fluorescent bulbs would act as Access Points for Wi-Fi ( see below )

WiMAX is a much touted advanced technology can deliver big, complicated files to handsets as fast as desktops.
.... welcome news to equipment makers like BelAir Networks and DragonWave. BelAir said that Dell'Oro, a market researcher, found that it leads the market for wireless mesh networking gear by revenue.

WiMax :
passive rfid networking
 Ekahau Inc. and Symbol Technologies Inc. , The Enterprise Mobility Company, announced a solution to help organizations more efficiently track the location of inventory and assets with radio frequency identification (RFID). The first implementation of this new application will use Symbol's MC9000 mobile computing RFID reader, which incorporates Ekahau location-enabling software designed to locate where RFID tags are being read

The Symbol MC9000-G RFID mobile computer integrates Ekahau's location- tracking software which, in conjunction with a computer running the Ekahau Positioning Engine 3.1 (EPE) application, uses existing Wi-Fi networks to show in real-time the location of the devices. The combined solution will enhance the functionality of passive RFID tags by tracking the location of the mobile computer when in use and converting the location information into EPC RFID data in the supply chain. This unique approach marries the benefits of real- time location systems (RTLS) and RFID by extending the tracking capabilities of RTLS to RFID.
"The ability to monitor the location of their RFID-tagged products

The Ekahau EPE 3.1 is the only software-based real-time location system on the market today. The EPE leverages existing Wi-Fi networks, and with its patented positioning technology based on site calibration, can identify the location of tracked objects within a few meters.

Broadband ; Ethernet

Definitions http://www.braddye.com/glossary.html

From the Newswire: Fair educational use

Internet over electrical wires  BPL
Broadband over powerline
A new initiative in the US could give broadband over powerline (BPL) a kick-start, with two US companies getting together to provide Internet connectivity through electricity cables.

Verichip's Xmark teams with
Xmark Corporation, has entered into a Teaming Agreement with Ekahau, a leading provider of Wi-Fi-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Under the agreement, the two companies have agreed to collaborate on wireless solutions in the healthcare market to best meet customers' needs.
The agreement covers Xmark's RFID-based healthcare security systems and Ekahau's Wi-Fi-enabled RTLS. Specifically, the companies will collaborate on providing solutions around asset tracking, infant protection, patient safety and theft prevention in the healthcare industry. Solutions such as wander prevention, perimeter security and campus to bed-level tracking of assets are initial areas of focus for the collaboration. The two companies are also cooperating on an integrated solution that combines RFID and Wi-Fi technologies to suit the particular needs of certain customers.

By partnering with Ekahau, we can offer our customers a broader range of solutions for all their locating, tracking and security needs
Ekahau Inc. is the industry leader in providing Wi-Fi based RTLS solutions. Ekahau's customers, including several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, are realizing the benefits of Wi-Fi based location services and innovative Wi-Fi network planning and optimization tools. Ekahau partners include wireless software developers, leading system integrators, and international OEM partners, who develop and market wireless enterprise applications. Ekahau is a U.S. based corporation, with offices in Saratoga, CA; Reston, VA; Helsinki, Finland; and Hong Kong, China. For more information about Ekahau, please visit at www.ekahau.com.

Ekahau; Saratoga, California : asset tracking ( people )
Xmark "Assetrac" ... perimeter security ... tailor-made wi-fi systems

Ekahau RTLS Enables Xmark To Broaden Range of Tracking Offerings

" Wi-Tricity " ...wireless electricity

Ed Comment: While global warming is a true scientific scenario, in this case Global Warming is used as an excuse for invasive surveillant technology -- your home monitored with mesh networking for tracking.
Incandescent lightbulbs being replaced with flouresent bulbs for mesh networking in each home
"He said the inefficient bulbs would be replaced with fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, or light-emitting diode lamps."
"If we all start using eco bulbs then I suggest we all start using night vision goggles, because the eco bulbs are useless," wrote Peter H., from London. "The box told me that it gave out the same level of light. The box was WRONG. I tried them. The bulbs were terrible, I could barely see to the other side of the room.
"It could save you money on your bills but you would spend the rest off (sic) your life in and out of hospital because you don't have fluorescent walls and furniture," he continued. "Save yourself a trip to the hospital, use normal bulbs.
Among the plans being developed, too, there is no mention of how to handle the mercury from old fluorescent bulbs. Mercury, a highly persistent and toxic chemical, can build up to dangerous concentrations in fish, wildlife, and human beings

Phillips behind incandescent removal
You only need to scratch beneath the surface to learn that the largest light bulb manufacturer in the world, Phillips Lighting of the Netherlands, is lobbying governments all over the world for this coercive move.
We now live in a world where elites decide what is best for us. There will be no informed debate tolerated on this subject
Flourescent contains mercury
Well, there is at least one big problem with fluorescent light bulbs – maybe more. They contain the deadly pollutant mercury. You can't just throw them in your garbage can when they burn out or they will break and contaminate land and water. Instead, you'll find out after this switch is mandated that you have to take the dead bulbs to hazardous-waste sites. Either that, or expensive new recycling programs will have to be instituted. In all likelihood, they will involve gasoline-burning trucks rumbling through your neighborhood and highly trained hazardous-materials teams.
In no time, it will be a criminal offense for you to throw away light bulbs in your garbage can – something you routinely do safely with those obsolete incandescents

Yet that may not be the only problem with fluorescent lights. Studies have linked them with depression, suicide rates, skin cancer, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention-deficit disorders, electro-magnetic pollution, headaches, eye strain and DNA damage from radiation.

Vacclav Klaus on environmental extremism
and also

RTLS = Real Time Location Systems
WiFi RTLS physiological tags -Active RFID
 -- Remote monitoring ..through mesh networking
Many hospitals use real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to track where patients are, but University Hospital of Ghent (UZ Ghent) in Belgium may be the first to use the technology to track how they are. The hospital is using WiFi RTLS tags integrated with medical monitoring equipment to remotely transmit patient health data and emergency alerts. Nurses carrying wireless voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones can instantly access patient information from the monitoring equipment, including blood pressure, oxygen level, and even electrocardiogram images. In case of emergency, the RTLS tags from AeroScout can automatically issue an alert.
In non-emergency situations, the system gives patients the freedom to stroll the campus, which is covered by a wireless LAN.

VeriChip manufactures an implantable RFID chip and markets it to healthcare professionals for patient identification, but the product provides identification only, not medical data, and utilizes low-range passive RFID technology.

What is LAN ?
"Local Area Network: Local area network using wireless transmissions, such as radio [ rfid] or infrared instead of phone lines or fiber-optic cable to connect data devices

Los Angeles muni wi-fi

The LA WiFi network will be the single largest citywide network in the country providing wireless, cost-effective, high-speed internet access
The city could use the network to enhance the delivery of city services by transmitting data between police patrol cars,
In today’s fast-paced world, we need to give hard-working Angelenos an easier and cheaper way of doing business with the city. Providing a city-wide wireless telecommunications program is another way of bridging the gap between local government and the communities it serves,” said Councilman Cardenas, chairman of the city's information technology committee.

The working team will consider several issues, including adopting best business model for Los Angeles’ needs, ensuring community participation in the network’s planning, and honing the network’s ability to improve city services
Wireless internet is just one component of WiFi usage with businesses and municipal governments using the technology to transfer endless amounts of data.

“WiFi” is short for Wireless Fidelity and is commonly used to refer to a system that sends data over radio waves through a network of transmitters. Transmitters, the size of shoe boxes, bounce data back and forth to each other and to users. Many Angelenos have connected wirelessly to the internet using a WiFi network at home or at a coffee shop. The LA WiFi Initiative would expand that type of network citywide at a low cost and at high speeds

Wi-Fi for government and GLOBAL economy
Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco
"Villaraigosa said the network would benefit business and "plug every neighborhood directly into the knowledge-based global economy."

Los Angeles Largest city in the country for free Wi-Fi
4 million people; 60 million dollars ; public-private partnership

EU ( 25 countries ) to ban incandescent light bulbs; want fluorescent bulbs instead
"ambitious efficiency "
"Germany has acknowledged that the discussions are going to be difficult but has pledged to act as an honest broker"

Australia to ban old-fashioned light bulbs --
http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D8NDHKEG0.htm .................earthtimes

Light bulbs, Ethernet and infinite Wi-Fi (
many graphics and comments )
The NoCat Night Light
Almost simultaneously, we all looked up and noticed the lamps hanging from the wooden rafters. What if you could house an AP [ Ed: access point ] in a package the size of a large lightbulb, and install it in an existing light socket? This seemed like a good idea, but how would you get network access to it without running CAT5 to the socket? Easy: Powerline Ethernet.

Siemen's Speed Stream Series ( Ethernet ) Home networking

Put simply, the SpeedStream gadgets create a parallel, wired network in your home using the electrical wiring, and then turn it into a wireless network. The SpeedStream products are really meant for building a so-called Powerline network, which is a wired competitor to Wi-Fi wireless networks

Power line wireless

Incandescent light bulbs not Wi-Fi enough
Lloyd Levine, a Democrat from the California Lower House, plans to introduce legislation which would outlaw incandescent bulbs in the state by 2012. Assemblyman Levine wants to force consumers to use only the more energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps or other alternatives such as light emitting diodes (LEDs

LEDs Light Emitting Diodes

Wi-Fi in Cars and road-ready

It says the service will let passengers check email, surf the web, game or communicate via any WiFi-enabled device. According to Autonet Mobile "The service is optimised for the in-car experience, and is specifically designed to work on 95 percent of US roads, regardless of driving conditions or location."
Installation is claimed to be plug and play by plugging the WiFi access point and router into the car' cigarette lighter.


French prime minister Dominique de Villepin has proposed a new EU energy representative and a high-profile summit with the bloc's energy suppliers during next year's German EU presidency. [ Jan - June 30, 2007 ]
Speaking at the International Bertelsmann Forum in Berlin on Friday (22 September -2006 ), Mr de Villepin suggested that a
new EU special representative on energy - negotiating on behalf of the bloc's member states - should work closely with foreign policy chief Javier Solana and energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs.
"Our weight in negotiations with producers will increase in proportion to our ability to speak with a single voice," he said, according to press reports.

Blackouts; Need Energy regulations
A commission action plan – due out next week - will propose new EU design regulations for household items such as boilers, TVs and light bulbs and suggest extending EU rules on energy-saving for building design.
Energy is set to be one of the key issues on the agenda when Germany takes over the rotating EU presidency


Generation 2 -- global standardization and interoperability

1. Stand-alone Wibree chips would be implemented in small, low cost devices such as wireless mouse and keyboards, sensors, and toys. The Wibree-Bluetooth dual-mode chips would probably be implemented in future mobile phones, allowing users to benefit from both worlds – Bluetooth 2.0 high speed and Wibree's low power and extended ability to communicate with a new generation of smaller wireless devices.

"A vacuum in the personal area network connectivity was identified, as we could think of a lot of interesting use cases for tiny low power devices such as sensors, but realized that there was no suitable technology connecting those to larger devices such as a mobile phone."
used as "
personal environment sensors"
Wibree does not support mesh networks as does ZigBee.[ Ed: Zigbee for home / building applications.. Wibee for mobile (outdoors ?) ]

2. The range of Wi-Fi is also considerable and can exceed 100 m in some outdoor conditions.
3. WiMax could potentially allow cheap, high speed wireless communication everywhere and find uses ranging from VoIP mobile phones to high definition wireless TV broadcasting.
4. WUSB is based on ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology, capable of sending up to 480 Mb/s at distances of up to 3 m, and 110 Mb/s at up to 10 m. WUSB is intended to compete directly with Bluetooth and find applications in game controllers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players, hard drives, flash drives, and even TVs and other video-capable devices.
Passive RFID chips use the minute electrical current induced in their antennas by incoming radio frequency signals to provide them with just enough power to operate and transmit data in response. [ Ed: antenna, but no battery ]
6. Semi-active and active RFID tags include a battery, which helps them to stay on, respond more quickly, and transmit their information more effectively; the trade-off is that when the battery drains, it must be replaced
7. Memory Spot that consumes very little energy and does not require a battery. This upcoming technology has a 10 Mb/s transfer rate, but is designed to work only at a very close range (around 1 mm), making it suitable only for a number of applications.
8. Zigbee 802.15.4 battery sensors for mesh networking
ZigBee has a longer range (30 m or more as opposed to Wibree's 10 m range),

Passive rfid tags

http://www.aeroscout.com/ Active Rfid
http://www.lewistower.com/ Active Rfid

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