Hope To The End                    World Courts part two

WORLD COURTS part 1 includes :
ICC ( military tribunal; Hague Netherlands) , ICJ (a UN court , Hague Netherlands) ,
ECHR (political correctness, Human Rights; Strasbourg France) ; ECJ European laws , Luxembourg;
also : prisoners and GAN Global Advisory Network.

"International Standards of Judicial Conduct "

UK to begin subdermal microchipping of prisoners
"( NaturalNews) The British government is developing a plan to track current and former prisoners by means of microchips implanted under the skin, drawing intense criticism from probation officers and civil rights groups
Now the Ministry of Justice is exploring the possibility of injecting prisoners in the back of the arm with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that contains information about their name, address and criminal record. Such chips, which contain a built-in antenna, could be scanned by special readers. The implantation of RFID chips in luggage, pets and livestock has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In addition to monitoring incarcerated prisoners, the ministry hopes to use the chips on those who are on probation or other conditional release. By including a satellite uplink system in the chip, police would be able to use global positioning system (GPS) technology to track subjects' exact locations at all times. According to advocates of such a measure, this could help keep sex offenders away from "forbidden" zones like schools

O'Conner: Less US Constitution and more International Law

EU-US to share judicial matters
EU leaders have agreed on what to do when competing requests are made between EU states themselves. In this case the European Arrest Warrant will apply.

The Warrant, agreed in December 2001 by the EU states and coming into force in January 2004, will eliminate national frontiers. Extradition will not now be necessary between one EU state and another.

The US is requesting the same privilege as the EU states. A point fiercely opposed by the Union.

The plan currently negotiated between the EU and US also aims to improve co-operation on investigations into financial elements of serious crime including organised crime, terrorism and financial crime.
Ed. note: "terrorism" includes anything the State wants it to mean, including Biblical Christianity.

American perspective on World Courts
(we say "no"...but do "yes" )

Throwing out the basis of Judeo-Christian Amrican Law

Federal prisoners sent out of state
The U.S. Marshals Service in Las Vegas is contracting with Corrections Corporation of America to move about 50 inmates to jails in San Diego and Florence, Ariz., within the next month because of the lack of local space, according to Fidencio Rivera, chief deputy U.S. Marshal in Las Vegas.
Within a year the Marshals Service could be moving as many as 100 federal prisoners a day to California or Arizona, Rivera said.

International Law .... pragmatism ?
Ed: Not what is morally right, but what is the easiest quickest means to a desired end, moral or not.

Fixing the
U.N. by Michael J. Glennon, Tufts University

The Rule of International Law--Henry Lamb
France, Germany and Russia joined Kofi Annan in proclaiming that the world should be governed by the rule of international law, under the administration of the United Nations. Under international law, as devised and administered by the U.N., the people who are governed by it have no opportunity to express their consent, nor to hold the lawmakers accountable.

People who are governed express their consent through the representatives they elect and empower to make laws. If they disapprove of the laws that are made, the people are free to elect new representatives who can repeal the oppressive laws.
At the United Nations, laws are fashioned by faceless bureaucrats and adopted by the consensus of appointed delegates, who have little interest in, and
no accountability to, the people who are governed by their laws. The people who are governed have no recourse

One World Trust ---Corporations ruling the World
None dare call it Tyranny....."monitor"..."regulate" etc.


THREE WORLD COURTS in EUROPE ( International )

1. International Criminal Court ( ICC )... The Hague, Netherlands
which is a global military tribunal court

2. The Intrnt'l Court of Justice ( ICJ )---
Defining law
also at the Hague, Netherlands
"principle judicial organ of the United Nations"

3. Strasbourg, France... home of the European Court of Human Rights ( ECHR)
Global court for political-correctness and religious correctness (pro-gay) etc.

WORLD LAW....International Law

The Global Judicial System will reside in the European Superstate.
1. International Criminal Court (ICC )
2. and The World Court--International Court of Justice (both in the Netherlands -- formerly Holland)
3. and the "ECHR"-- European Court of Human Rights, Strasburg, France
....................................crimes against political-correctness

The judges will implement laws based upon no particular codex or standard
(All laws will be
made up by 11 judges).
COMMON LAW, in existence for 1,000 years, will be turned over.
Judeo-Christian ethic (4,000 years) disregarded as irrelevant and archaic.

Please see Psalm 82 about judges (called "gods") bowing to special interests

ICC.... International Criminal Court ; The Hague, Netherlands
World Court
.... global military tribunal ....Rome Statute


France pressures US into coming under the ICC
France has tabled a draft resolution at the UN that would refer crimes against humanity in Sudan’s western Darfur region to the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC).
The resolution places the US in the difficult dilemma of accepting the International Criminal Court or casting a politically damaging veto in the UN Security Council.
The United States earlier this week circulated three separate resolutions at the UN to pave the way for a 10,000-strong UN peacekeeping force to be sent to Sudan.

The ICC and the US -- Henry Lamb
The battle over the ICC is, perhaps, the sharpest example of the contest between U.S. sovereignty and global governance. Without U.S. support and participation, the court's relevance is seriously jeopardized. Should the U.S. fall victim to the court's jurisdiction, U.S. sovereignty will fade into history....

Those who support U.S. involvement in the ICC and the U.N., support a socialist philosophy that holds that the power of government is omnipotent and thus may – or may not – grant rights to citizens.
Those who oppose U.S. involvement in these institutions tend to believe that government is not omnipotent but is empowered only by the consent of the governed. They realize that the policies of the ICC and the U.N. are formulated way beyond their consent and beyond any accountability to the governed. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33201

Moreno-Ocampo sworn in
At the "Peace Palace" ICC in the Hague
The United States fears that the court could become a forum for politically-motivated prosecutions of its citizens -- notably US soldiers working as peacekeepers around the world.
Washington is therefore seeking to clinch deals with individual nations that will give US citizens immunity from ICC prosecution in those countries and has so far publicly announced 38 such deals.

But on Monday, diplomatic sources told AFP that Washington had also signed previously-unannounced deals with five countries -- Egypt, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Tunisia and the Seychelles.
A document obtained by AFP that was prepared by the US State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs named the same five countries as signers of so-called "Article 98" agreements. That bureau is in charge of negotiating the agreements on behalf of the US government.

World Court Prosecutor: Luis Moreno Ocampo
non-elected by the people
The ICC's Assembly of States Parties voted 78-0 for Luis Moreno Ocampo who was the only candidate for the job.

"The experience of Moreno Ocampo... will make him a highly competent and skilled ICC Prosecutor," said David Donat-Cattin of the International Law and Human Rights Programme at Parliamentarians for Global Action.
The ICC - which was set up by the signatories of the 1998 Rome Treaty - is the first permanent international tribunal established to try cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

"The election of an experienced prosecutor and Harvard professor is further proof that the ICC will be a serious, responsible and effective organisation," Richard Dicker of Human Rights Watch said.


Administration cuts aid to 35 countries over ICC

Overall, about $48-million (U.S.) in aid will be blocked, according to State Department spokesman Richard Boucher. Among the nations affected is Colombia, where some U.S. assistance for fighting drugs and terrorists could be in jeopardy.
The aid cutoff is because the countries failed to meet a Tuesday deadline for exempting Americans from prosecution before the new war-crimes tribunal.
The U.S. administration is simply acting to protect its troops, [ note: it does not say "citizens"] White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said.

Congress set a July 1 deadline for most recipients of U.S. military aid to exempt U.S. soldiers and other personnel from prosecution before the new UN International Criminal Court. The Bush administration fears the court could leave U.S. personnel subject to false, politically motivated prosecutions
[note: this protection is only for the military personnel, not the citizenry]

Under the law approved by Congress last year, at least 27 foreign states were exempted from the military-aid cutoff, including the 18 other members of the NATO military alliance and the two largest recipients of military aid, Israel and Egypt. U.S. President George W. Bush can exempt other nations if he deems it in the U.S. national interest.

US Hypocrisy
Why the mightiest economic and military power on earth would want to act outside the purview of such a court has never been adequately explained. But the only conclusion one can draw hardly needs stating - that the US military has been, or will be, committing just the kind of crimes the international court will be trying.

This reveals deep hypocrisy. Since the end of the Second World War, the US has been at the forefront of internationalism when it comes to trying the kind of crimes outlined.

Yet it is instructive the US is not opposed to establishing the court. It only wants its own military granted permanent immunity from genocide and war crimes trials.
We can only assume that the US will also want to reserve for itself the right to haul leaders and soldiers of other countries before those very courts


Dancing witht the globalist devil ?

Profile : Luis Moreno Ocampo

Dec. 31, 2000 Clinton (David Scheffer) signs ICC document

World Criminal Court Launched

The ICC will try genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the yet-to-be defined crime of aggression.
Since it was officially set up last July, the ICC has received more than 200 complaints alleging war crimes, though it will say nothing about the nature of them.

World Criminal Court (ICC) now a reality

The ICC will apply to all who sign the Rome Statute
He said that the ICC only has jurisdiction over individuals who are nationals of states that have ratified the Rome Statute, which until last month has been ratified by 90 states. 

He said that the Rome Statute and the ICC are well placed to act as an enforcement mechanism for dealing with crimes against humanity, acts of genocide and severe violations of human rights. – http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/6/6/nation/baricc&sec=nation

1. International Criminal Court (War Crimes)... by ROME STATUTE....The Hague, Netherlands

The International Criminal Court (ICC), which theoretically could prosecute and imprison American service men and women on foreign soil for perceived war crimes, is the brainchild of the U.N. and supported by the UNA.

Risks in the Rome Statute...the ICC  
 (anti-Israeli bias)
But the Rome Statute completely ignores the problem of terrorism, and did not include terror on the list of crimes to be judged by the International Criminal Court, because of the difficulty of defining terrorism and terrorists.

But under pressure from the Arab states, the statute determines that "transferring population to occupied territory" is a war crime, and that article now is apparently threatening to yield suits against the settlements. That approach must be rejected. The solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict is to be found on the political plane, and the fate of the settlements should be determined around the negotiating table and not in a courtroom.


Choosing Global Judges
20 International Judicial Bodies with 210 appointed global judges (not voted upon)
(more hypocrisy-democracy)
The extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague has thrown the growing importance of international courts into sharp relief. Some 210 international judges now sit on more than 20 international judicial bodies, but there is little public awareness about these bodies, and almost as little accountability to the public. Still less is known about who the judges are, how they are appointed and the basis upon which they approach international justice
http://www.iht.com/articles/26040.html (not available)

Mostly women judges http://www.observer.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,891900,00.html

Rome Diplomatic Conference : "No Peace Without Justice"
ICC Court---The Hague , Netherlands

Bush caves to ICC slowly

Bush wants U.S. military accountable to World Court

US Supreme Court Justice Scalia :Constitution not a living document

Isaiah 10:1 "Woe to them that decree unrighteous decrees"

Ad Hoc Tribunal (Yugoslavia...Miloslovik)
Bush demands that Miloslovik be turned over to the Internat'l War Crimes Tribunal....the Hague

International Crime Tribunal of Yugoslavia


Slobodan Milosevic stood alone at the Hague this week without defense council and decried the illicit authority of the International Court of Human Justice. He is right. While Milosevic is not completely innocent of crimes against humanity, NATO is also guilty for carrying out the bombing of innocent civilians in Serbia and Kosovo--and not by accident. We have heard transcripts of NATO giving orders to a US Air Force pilot who is objecting to firing on a civilian column of refugees. How ironic--a former Communist dictator is standing up and speaking the arguments which every conservative American should be voicing. But it is precisely because Milosevic is uttering them that the media will be able to discredit his challenge to the court’s authority--and many unperceptive mainstream American Republicans will take the side of the court thinking that justice is being done.

As I watched Milosevic’s feeble attempts at a principled defense, I couldn’t help but realize that there is no power on earth to intervene and save anyone from such an usurpation of power. When free nations willingly subvert their constitutional sovereignty to allow such a court to operate, they will someday find themselves without recourse when the court turns on them. Someday there will be US citizens on the docket and that person will cry out for relief from an unjust jurisdiction and the US will say, "we cannot intervene" for the US will have long since acceded to the international jurisdiction of the court.
Such is the way sovereignty is lost: by allowing precedent to overrule direct written protections in constitutional law.
Only a mere handful of Congressmen, though all have sworn to uphold the Constitution, have protested the actions of this court.

from World Affairs Brief.....Joel Skousen www.joelskousen.com

Next, a global parliament...people want a say
by Richard Falk and Andrew Strauss

ICC now official
66 countries ratify
In a rebuff to its European allies, a major force behind the court, the Bush administration rejected the entire concept of a permanent international war crimes tribunal.
And it is considering withdrawing former President Bill Clinton's signature from the Rome treaty, even though Clinton did not submit it to Congress for ratification, fearing U.S. soldiers abroad would be subjected to frivolous prosecutions.

117 nations
agreed to The Rome Statute
60 nations (half of the nations involved) need to sign the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court , in order for the Court to have legal jurisdiction. So far, 25 nations have signed this Rome Statute (half of the half.....or 1/4 of the original signators.)
Israel is expected to sign before the end of 2000.
Will President Clinton sign, thereby placing Americans under foreign jurisdiction?
That would be unconstitutional.

A country must ratify in order to sign.
Am not sure what this means. It may mean that the nation decides after the 1st of the year, whereas for now (prior to 2001) only a leader makes this decision alone at this time.
To sign early, gives a nation "founding" status, and "a formal say in how the court will be run."

Dec. 31-2000 ...Clinton signs World Court treaty ( while everyone away on holiday)
Clinton's rationale:
David Scheffer is chief word-smith in assisting this administration in rationalizing a way to accept the unacceptable.
Human Rights Watch...
Richard Dicker:"Delegations are twisting themselves into pretzels to bring the Americans in".

Court may prosecute US soldiers

House seeks to exempt US soldiers from ICC

US and ICC...World Court Tribunal

Twisting "hate" crimes to mean one must allow immorality

The ICC would have jurisdiction over war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
It is the first Court of its kind to try individuals for such crimes.
While the words sound good, semantics can skillfully turn this into a Draconian court.
ICC--Courting Disaster by Gary Dempsey

It is obvious that anyone against homosexuality will be committing a so-called "hate" crime against humanity.
But what about Jesse Dirkhising (Arkansas) who was killed by 2 homosexuals for being a Christian??
They won't allow that story to be brought to light in the media.
What about 10 year old Jeffrey Curly who was kidnapped by 2 homosexuals in Cambridge, Mass., sexually assaulted and murdered ? Was that a "hate Crime"....the just killed by the unjust ?

Nor will we hear of "hate crimes against Christians" when they were killed at Littleton, Fort Worth and Peducah.
If being against homosexuality is a "hate " crime, then what happens to the Bible, our foundation for the Judeo-Christian ethic? Will it be banned?
Everyone--including the secularists---already know that Christians are against the sin of homosexuality...not against homosexuals. Our response is the same one given to the sexual sin in John 8:11..... "Go and sin no more". That is not hate.

Why wasn't the killing spree in Colorado Springs, Colorado called a "hate crime" against Christians. It was there on Dec. 10, 2007 that Matthew Murray entered the New Life church with a 1,000 rounds of ammunition killing randomly until downed by the security guard. There was no outrage by the media at all. 1,000 Christians were quite expendable. This has never been reported as a "hate crime".

Media Blackout on Christian woman killed by homosexual

Should gay Teens face charges for killing Christian ?

Mr. Shepherd was
NOT killed by Christians. He was killed by non-christians who hated homosexuality.
It is against Christianity to kill in cold blood and for hate. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to connect the Shepherd cold-blooded murder to Christianity.

A Hate Crime perpetrated against Mary Stachowicz

Peter LaBarbera of the Culture and Family Institute says the murder was blatantly a hate crime. "It's going to be hard for people to say this is not an anti-Christian hate crime committed by a homosexual activist," he says. "But I fully expect the media to not pay a lot of attention to this case."

Today LaBarbara blasted the media for its blackout of the story. "If a gay man had been murdered for trying to convince someone to be gay, it would be a national news story and be deemed a hate crime," he says. "But when a gay man murders a woman who tried to convince him to change, the media spike the story.

Crime to evangelize or witness

Bias in hate law

Strengthening the penalty for "hate" crimes (Texas)....."religion"
The bill toughens the current "hate crimes" law, which the courts have held is unenforceable. Penalties for crimes based on race, religion, national ancestry and sexual orientation are increased. Some conservatives have objected to the provision on sexual orientation

Sweden : illegal to come against homosexuality

Sweden: "Hate" Sermons violate UN Declaration of Human Rights

(swapping the 10 commandments)

The Case against the ICC
"The creation of war crimes courts, he concludes, seems really "to have been aimed at making lawyers the 'guardians' of a violent society, in which war is all right as long as it is played by rules to which the concerned lawyers can agree."[10]

Why America should not be in the ICC
Wm. Safire..."U.S. is Right to avoid a Global Treaty Trap"

That is because the agreement empowers a global court to arrest, try and imprison American, Israeli and other citizens of democracies for an undefined crime of "aggression." With no Security Council veto to restrain the ICC, its prosecutor would surely accede today to an Arab League request to indict Israeli soldiers, and tomorrow to indict any U.S. officeholder or service member who dared to offend a local dictator.

An international prosecutor, answerable to no nation and unrestrained by any Bill of Rights, is the rest of the world's weapon to bring the too-sovereign superpower to heel. Were the United States to subject itself to the rule of the lawless, no U.S. sailor or president could travel abroad without becoming vulnerable to arrest by a politically motivated prosecutor.


Summary of Doubt about the ICC

CICC...Coalition for International Criminal Court


ICJ-- International Court of Justice...also called "WORLD COURT"
2. The Hague Netherlands....pronouncing legality (defining laws)
"principle judicial organ of the United Nations"

International Court of Justice

Princeton U. makes up Universal Laws for World Courts
(same Univ. of Pete Singer who promotes convenience-killing of infants)

Princeton's Global Law Guidelines

The hypocrisy of the World Court...pro-Moslem...anti-Semitic, anti-Christian


Unprecedented: Muslim law upheld in US Court
Abed Awad, who represented Houida Saadeh, hailed the ruling as a breakthrough. "It essentially sets the stage for Islamic mahr agreements to be considered valid contractual obligations which are enforceable. And this particular ruling is the most consistent with Islamic Law."
What next ??? Beheadings ???

Drugs legalized in Belgium; other EU countries to fellow

Court decides that German women should serve in military


Illegal: accidental death of civilians

Globalization and the World Court (ICJ)

3. European Court of Human Rights....Strasbourg, France

ECHR www.echr.coe.int ......prosecuting crimes against political-correctness

Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) rules on Kurds leader Ocalan

Constitutional lawyers bringing European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
to our neighborhoods. Enact globally...apply locally. Not so ? read on....


International Law (World Law) to supercede American Judicial System

Throwing out Common Law (1,000 years old)
and the Judeo-Christian ethic (4,000 years old).
New kid on the block says "gay OK"......


Courts in Luxembourg and in Strasbourg

4. ECJ-- European Court of Justice of the European communities ..... Luxembourg
Highest European Court defining European laws

GLOBAL ADVISORY NETWORK .... 1 World lawyers

GAN Global Advisory Network
..from Arutz 7

(emphasis and purple this editor)

All Anglo; English-speaking :
Attorneys, law professors and jurists from around the world have arrived in
Jerusalem to participate in
the "Ultimate Lawyers' Mission," under the auspices of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center. The Mission participants, from 15 U.S. states, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, are joining Israeli lawyers for an eight-day program
focusing on the realities of the
terrorist threat to Israel and what they can do as lawyers to fight it.

The participants are being treated to briefings by past and present officers in the IDF Intelligence and Operations branches, as well as by officials such as Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, Chief Justice Aharon Barak, Avigdor Kahalani, Dore Gold, and others.  They toured the Beit El military court yesterday while four Hamas terrorists were on trial.

Also on the program is a visit to a front-line IDF position on the Lebanese border, a briefing by a Jenin-area checkpoint commander, and an exhibition by IDF undercover soldiers who carry out special operations against fugitive Palestinian terrorists.

"I wanted to come to Israel now, in the midst of the intifada, and really learn what is going on and how severe the threat to Israel's security is," said participant Menashe Frank, an attorney from
Florida.  "I want to learn what I can do to help."

One goal of the Lawyers' Mission is to establish an international legal response network to fight terrorist organizations and their sponsors. The participants are discussing how they can use their legal experience and judicial systems to provide mutual support in the war on terrorism. 

GAN Global Advisory Network

"We are hoping that this first group of 50 legal professionals will form the basis of a
global network of attorneys dedicated to fighting terrorism through the courts," said Shurat Hadin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who herself has been active in trying cases against Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.  "Our goal is to create a legal network that will
work to bankrupt the terrorist organizations and their financial patrons."
end of Arutz article.

What role will GAN play when a "buffer force" comes to secure peace from Hamas?

Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative
http://it.oip.gov/topic.jsp?topic_id=8 (Global Advisory Committee GAC advises Ashcroft)

CJIS Criminal Justice Information Services

It is interesting to note that this lawyer's summit will be finished with their meeting just in time for the European Union to change over to the Italian presidency. What a coincidence.

* * * * * * *

This all comes on the heels of the EAW ( European Arrest Warrant) extradition treaty and the MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance) treaty that Ashcroft signed with the EU on June 25 (the day before GAN) in the White House.

Ashcroft signs treaties on 1.extradition and 2. mutual legal assistance
WASHINGTON, June 25 (AFP) - The United States and the European Union signed an extradition treaty Wednesday at a summit aimed to boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism and in bringing suspects swiftly to trial.
US Attorney General John Ashcroft and Greek Justice Minister Philippos Petsalnikos, representing the EU, signed the treaty as well as a second accord on broader legal cooperation between the parties.

"Both [ note: a door swings both ways] the United States and the EU are threatened by global terror. And we are determined to defeat it," US President George W. Bush told reporters, with EU leaders on hand.
"Today, we have signed new agreements to increase our legal cooperation in the war on terror and to speed the extradition of terrorists. Under these agreements, we will form joint investigative teams and share information on suspect bank accounts and expand the range of offenses that qualify for extradition," Bush said.

Ashcroft said the treaties "will give us additional tools to combat terrorism, organized crime, and other serious forms of criminality." (note: ambiguous terminology)
The treaty, outlined in a document
that does not explicitly mention the fight against terrorism, comes as part of the two blocs' desire "to combat crime in a more effective way as a means of protecting our respective democratic societies and our common values." [note: a door swings both ways . Will this eventually be used against Bible-believing Christians ? We think so.]

The agreement guarantees for a suspect "the right to a fair trial including the "right to adjudication by an impartial tribunal established pursuant to law."

EAW and MLA agreements to be signed in Washington DC
Americans will be under the EU jurisdiction

Agreement of EU - US extradiction
Both the agreements have been approved," Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen told Reuters. The agreement, sought by Washington to boost the fight against terrorism after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, will be signed at an EU-U.S. summit in Washington on June 25.

EAW also involves ICC

EU "SECURITY DOCTRINE" to be discussed in Washington DC
Doctrine: "get tough on terrorism" ..."proactive" (preventive...like ' Minority Report ' )
profiling... then presume

European Union to Monitor American Pro- life Groups (anti-abortion)
NewsMax.com's religion editor, Fr. Michael Reilly, details the latest efforts by the European Union to help stymie the pro-life movement.

The European Parliament has announced that it will be monitoring American pro-life groups, with EU officials charging that the American pro-life movement has become too influential in the legislative body.
Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute reports that Poul Nielson, European Commissioner for Overseas Development and Humanitarian Aid, has come out against what he describes as a "small group of extremists.

"The US anti-choice groups are powerful, well-funded and determined.
They hold extreme views on religion and sexuality," Nielson complained.
(note: meaning against the sin of homosexuality.
Christians are those who hate the sin and preach forgiveness through Jesus Christ, because of love.)

For more information on the EU - US relations please see
also :

 The theme chosen by Pope John Paul for the
January 1, 2004 World Day of Peace is "International Law, A Path for Peace,"
according to a communique released yesterday afternoon.
I believe it is called ever more to become exclusively a law of peace conceived as a function of justice and solidarity."
At a world level, international law is called to be an instrument of justice that is capable of producing fruits of peace. The law therefore has the duty of harmoniously regulating international realities ... so that conflicts may be prevented without recourse to arms

Ever read Utopia by Sir Thomas Moore ?

WORLD COURTS part 2 at https://hopetotheend.com/wcourt2.html
Includes 3 Belgium courts:
1. EuroJust (european communities) ,
2. Belgium Civil Court ( International; War Crimes)
3. Belgium Court of Appeals

also : prisons, death penalty etc.

Salvation: https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html
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