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Smart Card warning ( National ID Card, REAL ID, PIV; e-ID, citizen ID )
( but in the end, not a WISE card )

SMART card

The difference between the smart card and all ID cards before it is the fact that a microprocessor chip is in all multipurpose PIV
( personal identity verification) cards.  This  microprocessor chip is a tiny mobile computer. It computes, meaning it  does mathematical operations.


Now, why would an ID card need to do mathematical operations ? There is no reason for an ID card to do mathematical computations, unless of course it were to deal with figures.

The REAL ID and all PIV smart cards ( passport, driver's license, Health Card, National ID card,
CAC Common Access Card for computer access ) have as their final goal the ability to
make financial transactions for cashless buying and selling.

The PIV - ID smart cards will have holograms embedded in them.
The picture of the holder will be a holographic image within the card.

But will there be another image embedded in the smart card ? Will there be his name or number
embedded ? All of these things are warned against by the third angel in
Rev. 14:9-11.

Some Christians think that it is only the MARK ( the inserted subdermal chip ) that is warned against by the third angel.

But note carefully that the third angel warns of five things:
1. Not to worship the beast ( follow-ship)
2. Not to take his MARK (the  injected chip) in their right hand or forehead (
Rev. 13: 16 )
3. Not to transact in his name
4. Nor his number ( 666 ) Rev. 13:18
5. Nor his image. "Image" includes logo.

We can no longer cling to one concept in regards to end-time warnings.
We must hear all the warnings given.


Actually the smart card ( PKI ... Public Key Infrastructure ) is basically a set of keys.

Using your unique ID number, one set of keys opens up all the doors ( databases) associated with your PASSPORT.

There are "interoperable" keys for accessing all Federal buildings upon verification. ( Social Security etc. )

Another "key" opens all the doors -- or portals-- to your MEDICAL databases.

Another "key" opens up all your records associated with your DRIVER'S LICENSE.

Another " key " will eventually "open" the COMPUTER for ACCESS.

And finally, when everyone is comfortable with their virtual keys opening many doors, the financial "key" will unlock all banking matters : BUYING and SELLING , purchasing online , etc.
We will live in the virtual world of a cashless society.

It all starts out so innocent, and ends up so totalitarian and forbidden. "interoperability " cards?

We went to a major mega-church here in the Southland today ( Pastor well known) . They have a Christian bookstore and we wanted to purchase "Spychips" by Katherine Albrecht in Spanish and also in English.

The young woman behind the counter never heard of "rfid" ... nor of "smart cards"... nor of Katherine Albrecht.

We both were grieved in the spirit that here we are at 11:59  ( approaching midnight) on the prophetic clock, and the young woman working in the Christian bookstore of one of the most renowned churches in the Southland didn't have a clue.

We felt sad that the Pastor does not have his flock on the edge of their chairs waiting and watching.

We felt sad that the flock is not seeking to understand technology -- and how it relates to the antichrist system.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
Hosea 4:6

" the people that do not understand shall fall " -- Hosea 4:14

Ezekiel 34 is addressed to shepherds ( pastors) and relates well to this incident.

" I will judge between cattle and cattle " ( the flock )  Ezekiel 34:17

"What I say unto you , I say unto ALL ... Watch" . Mark 13: 37

Here is a tutorial which shows the components of a microprocessor.

 Excellent Tutorial http://www.smartcard.gov/tutorial/tutorial_t1/smartcard_t1.cfm

Note well the divisions on the chip for "Future Use".
May we encourage all who read this to study the potential of the smart card.

The verichip has no microprocessor and can compute nothing. It can only reflect back to a scanner your unique ID number.
Yet it is strictly forbidden in the right hand or forehead ( Rev. 13: 9-11) since the unique number is
used to open all databases.

The smart card, inserted into a pocket pda ( hand held ) with reader--- or any electronic reader terminal --- performs the actual buying and selling. It too is strictly forbidden to be used in the name, number or image of the beast.
( Will one be required to punch in the numbers "666" to perform financial transactions? )  

To transact in the 666 economic system--- with either an injected chip or microprocessor
smart card -- IS to worship the beast.
That is how we see it.

LINK https://hopetotheend.com/ax.html


OSE Open Security Exchange for Internet Access ( PIV cards )
Yesterday the Open Security Exchange and its Convergence Council announced plans to publish a "Convergence Roadmap" for combining physical and IT security. The roadmap is due this fall and will include best practices, business cases and other implementation advice.

Oberthur of Germany #1  producer of smart cards
Oberthur Card Systems’ U.S. operations are comprised of 1,500 employees in six locations throughout the country including a
recently-opened [1999] manufacturing facility in Los Angeles as well as production units in
Exton, Pennsylvania
Chantilly and Herndon, Virginia;
Naperville, Illinois; and
Livermore, California. Four of the six American facilities concentrate on personalization services, while the Exton unit focuses on manufacturing and the Los Angeles unit offers both manufacturing and personalization. Each activity represents approximately half of Oberthur’s annual revenues. Card sales volumes are estimated to reach $120 million for FY 99 and will include the production of more than 192 million mag stripe cards and 14 million smart cards.
It is the world's #1 supplier of VISA and MasterCard cards, and a global leader in the development and delivery of electronic and mobile commerce solutions. It is also the #1 global supplier of Pay-TV smart cards. Committed to open standards, the company supports Java Card, the Visa Open Platform, MULTOS and Microsoft Windows Card. With revenues of $384 million in 1999, OCS has an established international base of 3000 employees located around the globe. The new company is majority owned by François-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire, which is the largest instant lottery producer and one of the top security printers of bank notes, checks, passports and identity cards world-wide

Oberthur Smart Cards


http://www.oberthurusa.com/pns.asp ( can access each section )




Oberthur America

Giesecke & Devrient of Germany #2 producer of smart cards
Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), the world's second largest producer of smart cards, and Nokia, a world leader in mobile communications, today announced an agreement with intent to form a joint venture

European Smart card Companies

EuroSmart http://www.eurosmart.com/

PKI Gemplus

PKI One Limited use GEMPLUS smart cards for all our applications and solutions. GEMPLUS www.gemplus.com are the largest producer of Smart cards in the world with a total annual capacity of over 1 billion cards.

American production of smart cards:

CPI ( Littleton, Colorado )
The company has the capabilities to manufacture over one billion plastic cards a year, making it the company with the largest plastic card production capacity in the U.S. and second largest in the world. The company's product meets the highest industry standards
CPI is a one-stop shop for all types of plastic cards including foil and translucent cards and cards with holograms. The smart card product line includes both contact and contactless smart cards. The company also manages the manufacturing, personalization, and distribution of cards for large customer organizations
When financial institutions in the U.S. started to shift to smart cards, CPI was ready to supply them with contactless cards. As demand expanded in 2005, the company dramatically increased production for smart cards, and it can now supply over 25 million contactless smart cards in 2006
and CPI Card Group - Nevada, Inc in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Axalto; Owing Mills, Maryland
The new production line will supply smart card modules, the high-value core of Axalto’s products.
 Modules contain the microprocessor, memory and other software and security features that power these tiny, mass-produced computers. Smart cards deliver secure, portable and convenient access to personalized services while protecting each user’s privacy and identity.
Ed: Module = MMSS ...microprocessor, memory, software, security
The operation starts with integrated circuits delivered in bulk from semiconductor manufacturers on eight inch round wafers, each containing thousands of these microchips. A series of high volume electronics production processes transform each tiny individual chip into a module, which is the heart of the company's smart cards, tokens, electronic passports and other form factors

IDcardMarket http://www.idcardmarket.com/smartcard.html

Smart Card Alliance

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html