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PositiveID Corporation ; formerly "Verichip" ; subdermal rfid chip
CEOs of VeriChip, Digital Angel and City Talk :

January 2012 --CEO of PositiveID Corporation : William J. Caragol

Former CEO of PositiveID Corp; "Verichip"

Scott Silverman, CEO Verichip
southflorida bizjournals

Barely making Nasdaq, but 3rd highest paid executive -- June 1, 2009
"No. 3 on the list was Scott Silverman, former chairman of Delray Beach-based VeriChip. He took home $8.2 million in 2008, largely as a result of VeriChip's 2008 sale of much of the company to Stanley Works for $48 million. "It probably is surprising that a company our size would have the third-highest-paid executive," Silverman said. "But I would also submit that this was a transforming event for our shareholders, and a once-in-a-lifetime event for me."

d/b/a DIGITAL ANGEL Company DIGA. ( aka "Applied Digital Solutions" The board of directors has unanimously selected Joseph J. Grillo as the new CEO Chief Executive Officer to lead the combined company ( AD and DA ) and join its board of directors.

3 -- Richard Sullivan CEO "CityTalk" ( application of city-wide coverage of sensors with telecommunication devices)
End game : Panopticon Singularity
Biometric ATMs -- Kim Nimmo ( internal links a MUST )

Verichip sold Xmark software Canadian company -- June 22, 2009
The Company is confident that it can satisfy this condition due to its expectation that it will book all or part of a $4.5 million deferred gain on the sale of its former Xmark subsidiary in July 2009, which will be additive to its stockholders’ equity. The transfer to The Nasdaq Capital Market will be seamless to the Company’s stockholders.

Financial update on Verichip-- April 1, 2009
our reliance on a single source of supply for our implantable microchip;
On November 12, 2008, we sold all of the shares we owned in VeriChip to R&R Consulting Partners, LLC, a company controlled by Scott Silverman, and Scott Silverman, a past executive officer and director of the Company and VeriChip Corporation and the current Chairman of the Board of VeriChip. As a result, our equity investment in VeriChip in 2008 and VeriChip's financial information for all other periods presented are included in discontinued operations;
..." the business of human-implantable passive radio-frequency products ("Human RFID Business") in exchange for approximately $0.5 million in cash and on November 14, 2008, we entered into a purchase order with VeriChip whereby VeriChip acquired certain inventory related to the Human RFID Business for approximately $0.2 million in cash;

Scott Silverman launches "Steel Vault" / "Nat'l Credit Report" for ID theft and financial status-- March 30, 2009

" Steel Vault Inc. (OTC BB: SVUL) of Delray Beach in December [ 2008 ] launched NationalCreditReport.com. The 12-employee company is headed by Scott R. Silverman and Bill Caragol, a pair that most recently ran VeriChip Corp. of Delray Beach.
"Steel Vault sells a $14.95-a-month subscription service that keeps tabs on credit checks and new accounts.
NationalCreditReport.com has 1,700 subscribers, Caragol said, but he expects that number to grow quickly. After all, millions of Americans are potential customers.

1. VeriChip Corporation (formerly called "Instantel" ; subdermal ID chip) www.4verichip.com
Nasdaq "CHIP"

Scott Silverman , CEO of Verichip Nov. 30, 2008

Spoken by Joe Grillo -- Oct. 30, 2008

"Moreover, we think that our non-core asset sales have resulted in a significant reduction of operational as well as financial risk to the Company, as we have sold business assets that lacked critical mass and that were causing management distraction and other misallocations of resources. As a result of these sales, our Company is now in two clearly-defined, solid operating lines of businesses, Animal ID and Emergency ID ( Ed: euphemism for HUMAN ID ) , both long-established since the 1940s ( Ed: Human ID mainstreamed in 2004 ) , with considerable continuity in customer base, distribution channels and high brand equity. In our view, both lines of business offer substantial growth opportunities, and, even more important in the current environment, relatively recession-resistant economics. We believe that people will continue to see value in protecting their companion pets and in food traceability, and that the new satellite system upgrade will continue to drive sales of our military, commercial and recreational GPS locator beacons for many quarters to come. ....
As I have said on many occasions, Digital Angel's two main operating businesses both operate in highly fragmented markets, which we believe will give us ample opportunities for consolidation [ Ed: interpreting man same as animal; objects to be monitored ] once we have further strengthened our financial position. "
....... Denmark, where this month we have closed a factory and are moving our European production to Poland
...To that end, we are making changes in the sales departments in all areas of our businesses, bringing in new talent and introducing better thought-out incentive programs for our salespeople, thus positioning ourselves not only to survive the tough times but to be in a superior competitive position when business conditions improve.
- -- - - -
Digital Angel (www.digitalangel.com) is an advanced technology company in the field of animal identification and emergency identification solutions ( Ed: HUMAN ID and database networking systems ) . Digital Angel's products are utilized around the world in such applications as pet identification using its patented, FDA-approved implantable microchip; livestock identification and tracking using visual and radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags; and global positioning systems (GPS) search and rescue beacons for use on aircraft, ships and boats, and by adventure enthusiasts.

Verichip streamlines Company to better focus on human ID implant--- Aug. 7, 2008

Joseph J. Grillo, Digital Angel's Chief Executive Officer and President, commented, As a result of the actions we've taken during the first half of 2008, we are becoming a more streamlined, focused company, as we continue our drive towards profitability. By successfully divesting our non-core businesses and cleaning up our balance sheet, we are now in a position to focus on two outstanding identification businesses. We have excellent brands, technology, and market prospects in each of two business segments: Emergency Identification
Ed: human subdermal implant ID Chip ]
and Animal Identification.

Chief executive Scott Silverman will leave his duties at VeriChip
.--May 16, 2008
Ed : Scott Silverman will be leaving as Chairman of Verichip and Joseph Grillo will replace him. 

Now where will Scott Silverman go ??
S. Silverman now a consultant to Health Link -- May 16, 2008
At the closing of the Xmark transaction, Scott R.Silverman and the Company have mutually agreed that Mr.
Silverman will no longer be an officer or director of the Company, although he will remain active as a consultant in the sale of the VeriMed Health Link business and the Company.
William J.Caragol will continue as President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company.
Joseph J.Grillo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
d/b/a ( doing business as ) Digital Angel (NASDAQ: DIGA), will replace Mr. Silverman as a Board Member of the Company, as its Chairman.

Verichip to sell off  Verimed Health-Link Business and Xmark-- May 16, 2008
Ed: Is this so they can focus on financial ID applications only ??
"The Delray Beach, Fla.-based maker of radio frequency identification systems also said it has retained Kaufman Bros. L.P. to assist in the sale of its VeriMed Health Link business, and the possible sale of the entire company , after the sale Xmark deal closes.
VeriChip also said that Chairman Scott Silverman will no longer serve as a board member after the Xmark transaction closes. The company named Joseph Grillo to succeed Silverman as chairman. Grillo currently serves president and chief executive of
Applied Digital Solutions (nasdaq: ADSX - news - people ) Inc., which does business as Digital Angel.

"From an operational point of view, the transaction dovetails with our stated intention to focus on our core operations,
as it minimizes our exposure to markets that are non-core for us. Our two core businesses are animal identification, using visual and radio frequency identification
(RFID) technology for livestock, pets, horses, fish and other wildlife, and emergency identification, using global positioning system (GPS) technology for military, commercial and recreational use.”

DA hires Brent C. Archer for Sen. VP of Supply Chain -- April 18, 2008
" he was Vice President Operations of ASSA ABLOY's Global Technologies Division where he provided strategic direction and oversight for 21 factories and distribution centers worldwide. Archer will join the Company on May 1, 2008, and report to the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph J. Grillo.
Digital Angel is the controlling stockholder of VeriChip Corporation (NASDAQ:CHIP).

SS quits board of ADS -- July 3, 2007 -- Is VeriChip getting ready for mass distribution ?
Mr.[ Scott ] Silverman stated, " After several years at the helm of Applied Digital, it is the appropriate time for me to step down from the board in order to focus all of my attention on growing VeriChip, the world' s premier RFID company for people with an emphasis on healthcare
By stepping down, Scott will be able to devote 100 percent of his attention to VeriChip, which is one of Applied Digital's most important assets
Daniel E. Penni -- ADS board member

Although we will miss having Scott on our board, we feel this is the right decision at the right time,"

3.6 million added for 2008 --March 4, 2008
VeriChip Corporation .... announced today it has entered into an $8 million debt financing with Valens Offshore II, Corp. (Valens). The financing is a thirteen-month, non-convertible term loan bearing interest at an annual rate equal to 12%. In consideration of the financing, VeriChip issued to Valens 120,000 shares of the Company's common stock. The Company will use $5.3 million of the proceeds from this financing to prepay debt owed to Digital Angel (NASDAQ:DIGA). As a result of this prepayment, the Company will not be obligated to make any further debt service payments to Digital Angel until September 2009. By eliminating all 2008 debt service payments, the financing will result in an increase of more than $3.6 million to working capital for the Company in 2008.

Dec. 7, 2006
We believe that the timing for this management transition is most appropriate to assure the mobilization of resources to accelerate adoption of this technology among physicians and hospitals as VeriChip progresses towards becoming a publicly traded company."

CEO of Verichip Scott R. Silverman effective Dec. 7, 2006

Sponsor of ID World ( end of November each year )
" Scott Silverman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Applied Digital and [ Ed: CEO of Verichip ] VeriChip Corp., Florida, USA, said: "I have attended ID WORLD in Paris, Barcelona, Rome and now Milan. Applied and VeriChip have been a sponsor since 2003 and have already signed up to sponsor the event in years to come. It is the best place for trailblazing ID solution developers and pioneering adopters to shape and communicate a balanced vision of the revolution based on auto ID."

VeriChip ... has 160 employees, including 125 in Ottawa -- March 3, 2007

Tommy Thompson resigns form VeriChip Board -- March 16, 2007
" Provocatively for those who see a connection between a "secure" Real ID/North American Border Pass and implantable microchips, former Wisconsin Governor and US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson has recently stepped down from his board member/spokesman position at VeriChip Corporation in order to throw his hat in the ring for the GOP presidential nomination

VeriChip : Delray Beach, Florida
--Scott Silverman CEO as of Dec. 6, 2006
former ceo
Kevin J. Wiley, ; retired Aug. 5, 2004
former CEO Kevin H. McLauglin - Nov. ' 04 ; retiring Dec.6, 2006

William J. Caragol, President 2007 ( formerly Daniel A. Gunther )
William J. Caragol, Chief Financial Officer ( May 3, 2007 ) formerly Nurez Khimji
Mr. Caragol was previously the CFO of GTI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applied Digital. Prior to GTI, Mr. Caragol spent sixteen years working with emerging technology companies including Millivision Technologies and Condor Technology Solutions. The first half of Mr. Caragol's career was spent with Deloitte & Touche LLP, where he practiced as a CPA in the Washington DC area.

Alan Foster, Operations, Senior Vice President
Malik Talib-- Executive Vice President
John Proctor--Communications
Mike Barbe, Vice president of Sales of VeriMed system-- Feb. 13, 2007

Allison Tomek -- Investor Relations; Media -- Jan. 9, 2007
-- Corporate Communications
Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), a leading provider of identification and security technology, announced today that Allison F. Tomek has joined the Company as Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.   In this newly created position, Tomek will be the primary liaison to the investment community and media. Tomek brings nine years of investor and media experience with small and mid-cap companies to Applied Digital. Most recently, she served as director of investor relations and corporate communications for Andrx Corporation, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, where she managed all aspects of the company's investor and public relations, and internal communications.

In addition to managing Applied Digital's investor relations and corporate communications activities, Tomek will support similar programs at Digital Angel Corp. (AMEX: DOC) and VeriChip Corporation. Among her near-term responsibilities, Tomek will assist VeriChip in its plans for an initial public offering. VeriChip filed an amended S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 8, 2007.

VeriChip services
http://www.adsx.com/prodservpart/verichip.html -- former VeriChip President Keith Bolton
Keith Bolton is the [Ed: former ] President of VeriChip Corporation an Applied Digital Company.
He is also the CTO ( Chief Technology Officer) for Applied Digital

Automated Software : PDSC Pacific DECISION Sciences Corp.
VeriChip generated 2006 full year revenue of $27.3 million, compared to 2005 revenue of $15.9 million, primarily attributable to two RFID businesses acquired during the first half of 2005. Sales of Pacific Decision Sciences Corporation’s (“PDSC”) service automation software increased to approximately $6.1 million for the 2006 full year, from $2.3 million for the 2005 full year
Digital Angel entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of McMurdo Marine Electronics Business, the U.K.’s manufacturer of emergency location beacons, for approximately $6.1 million (USD), with additional deferred payments up to $3 million (USD), depending upon performance of the business following the acquisition

The company said its Stockholders elected Scott Silverman, Jeffrey Cobb, Paul Green, Daniel Penni, and Constance Weaver to its Board

Added Incentive for ADS ( Verichip ) to get the masses chipped soon -- Dec. 7, 2007
needed for Nasdaq compliance with $1.00 per share by June 2, 2008; extention till Dec '08, or "delisted"
In accordance with Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(8)(D), Applied Digital has 180 calendar days, or until June 2, 2008, to regain compliance. ...
If compliance is not achieved by June 2, 2008, Applied Digital will be eligible for an additional compliance period of 180 days provided it continues to meet The Nasdaq Capital Market initial listing criteria as set forth in Marketplace Rule 4310(c), except for the bid price requirement.

The Company develops, manufactures, and markets visual and electronic radio frequency identification (RFID) products for the animal identification segment, under the brand name Destron Fearing. Currently, these products are manufactured primarily at the Company's headquarters in South St. Paul, Minnesota and in Poland, where they are distributed worldwide to markets in North America, South America, and Europe. Products for the Company's emergency identification segment, utilizing global positioning system (GPS) enabled technology, are currently designed and manufactured at several locations in the United Kingdom, and sold worldwide under the brand names SARBE and McMurdo.

Verichip Medical Advisory Board + Joint venture with Digital Angel --July 19, 2007
; futuristic apps " Distress monitoring " ( emphasis this editor )

John Halamka, MD. --- Implantable Glucose monitoring device
John D. Halamka, MD, MS, has joined the Company's Medical Advisory Board as well as the joint committee formed by VeriChip and Digital Angel Corporation to design and develop a working, implantable glucose microchip to determine glucose levels in the bodies of animals and humans
Dr. Halamka also serves on other nationally recognized boards including Google's Health Advisory Council. He will serve as an unpaid advisor on privacy, security and standards issues, as well as strategy and future applications of the VeriChip RFID implantable microchip technology
Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Halamka noted, " Each patient weighs the risks and benefits of receiving an implanted chip. It is critical that implanted chips adhere to industry standards ( Ed: business over ethics )

2. Digital Angel Company DIGA ; formerly "Destron Fearing " www.DigitalAngel.com South St. Paul, MN
now incorporating Applied Digital
( sensors that read rfid chips, VeriChip ; communication devices for ID ; for tracking and monitoring )

DA Restructures and relocates to North East -- June 30, 2008
Ed: Both VeriChip and DA are stream lined and restructured for possible takeover ... by the gov ?
Will DA relocate near Washington, DC ?? Perhaps to Arlington VA ?
Let's keep watching. It gets "curiouser and curiouser" .

The newly combined company ( Ed: DA and Applied Digital ) will do business as Digital Angel and trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol DIGA. The board of directors has unanimously selected Joseph J. Grillo as the new CEO Chief Executive Officer to lead the combined company and join its board of directors. Grillo, an RFID industry veteran, is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Technologies Division of Assa Abloy, AB, a publicly held global manufacturer in the security and lock industry.
Applied Finances, ID -- smart cards too (Ed:
preparing for 666 )
Prior to being named to head up Assa Abloy's Global Tech Division, Grillo formed and was responsible for the sales growth of the Identification Technology business unit, combining several disparate RFID and smart card businesses into an integrated world wide sales leader servicing several vertical markets with security based card, transponder and reader products

J. Grillo was a long-time executive and early founder of HID Global Corp. ........
international sales organizations for HID. This led up to the sale of HID to current owner Assa Abloy in January 2001

J. Grillo will focus particularly on future profitability, improved operational effectiveness including cash flow and debt reduction, and defining a clear strategy for the newly combined company.

J. Grillo, new Chief Executive Officer of Digital Angel, stated: "I am thrilled to join a company that has reached a turning point in its history and is on the cusp of capitalizing on a bright future.
We will continue to be a world-class provider of high-quality RFID and GPS solutions to some of the largest markets in the world.

The board of directors of Digital Angel will consist of Mr. Grillo,
John R. Block,
Barry M. Edelstein,
Daniel E. Penni,
Dennis G. Rawan,
Constance K. Weaver and
Michael Zarriello.

J. Grillo continued, " This transaction gives Applied Digital stockholders direct ownership in DOC and gives DOC stockholders a significant interest in VeriChip Corporation.
I believe this company is ready for break-out success and I am eager to help us achieve it."

Digital Angel : Parke Hess new Chief Operating Officer -- March 24, 2008
SO. ST. PAUL, Minn. — Digital Angel ... announced today it has hired Parke Hess as its new Chief Operating Officer. Hess has significant experience with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology companies including HID Corporation, where he directed all domestic and international finance and administrative functions including its successful sale to Assa Abloy. Hess was also CFO and a key member of a management buyout of four other companies, Palomar Technological Companies, and held senior level positions at Hughes Electronics when it was part of General Motors. He was awarded an MBA from the Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He officially joins the Company on March 24, 2008.

"Parke has invaluable experience negotiating strategic deals involving transactions with corporations and investment banks, private and public owners, and handling complex labor relations. He will be key in helping to finance our growing business going forward and managing our staff and operations around the world."
(Ed. said J. Grillo, founder of HID )

Parke Hess : " Both the RFID and GPS markets are poised for substantial international growth and I will help to ensure we make the most of our opportunities. As an indication of my confidence I will be receiving 100% of my 2008 salary in Company stock. I look forward to working with Joe again and the rest of the management team at Digital Angel."

Digital Angel ... announced today it has hired David M. Sullivan as its new Chief Marketing Officer --March 4, 2008
will be responsible for overseeing all marketing programs for Digital Angel's businesses, including its Destron Fearing, SARBE and McMurdo operations. Sullivan was formerly Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing of HID Global and will officially join the Company on March 25, 2008

Connie K. Weaver -- Board member of Hartford Ins. and Digital Angel -- Feb. 15, 2008

Glucose levels -- Condition monitoring
Taking implantable chip technology a step further, in October 2006, Digital Angel was granted a patent for an implantable RFID microchip that can determine glucose levels in the bodies of animals and humans. A functioning prototype of this momentous device is expected in 2008. Other potential bio-sensing applications are being intensely explored, including monitoring pulse oxygen levels and blood pressure.

DA to develop Harness Activation S.
--March 26, 2007
the Harness Activation System that connects to the United States Air Force Jet Pilot Recovery Radio (URT 33). The Company [ Digital Angel ] won the initial contract in December 2006 to design and develop the URT 33 replacement radio. The URT 33 radio needs to be replaced because of a frequency change for the related satellite system that is scheduled to be implemented in 2009. Digital Angel will combine the harness development with the radio development program in order to provide a complete system by June 2007.

Good Read -- Homeland Security
Leveraging the Sensicast Sensor Networking Platform, the sensors can provide a safety net of detection over a large physical area - indoors or


Oct. 13, 2004
Digital Angel, which makes digital identification monitors, received Food and Drug Administration approval in October to use its VeriChip device for medical purposes. The chip is implanted in the arm and, when scanned, reveals a code that can electronically access a patient's medical information.
A Digital Angel product can also be used for identifying animals.

Digital Angel and its six subsidiaries:
1. Digital Angel Technology Corporation ("DATC"), formerly "Medical Advisory Systems" MAS ; Van Chu
Keith Bolton ( Chief Technology Officer, Digital Angel )of Applied Digital Solutions ( humans )
Dr. Keith Bolton is responsible for the development of the Digital Angel Delivery System. Prior to joining Applied Digital Solutions, Dr. Bolton was Electronic Commerce Manager for BellSouth Corporation and Senior Technical Sales Engineer with Siemens Corporation. Keith previously held a corporate staff position at AT&T. He began his corporate executive career as President of CCI, a telecommunications company in Dallas, Texas. He completed his doctoral research and study in the School of Computer and Information Science at Nova Southeastern University and earned his first Doctorate in Computer Science from the USM (England) in 1998. Keith earned his second Ph.D. from Washington International University in 2001 with specialization in Computer Systems

Zeke Mejia-- Chief Technology Officer for Digital Angel ( animals and humans)

2. Timely Technology Corp., Calif. Software Company ; Amro Albanna;

3. Signature Industries Limited, SARBE ; First Responders; Communications ; 70 countries; SE London
David M. Cairnie-- Managing Director, Signature Industries, Ltd.
Signature is at the forefront of development in GPS location, Radio data transfer and sounder beacon technology for hazardous environments. ADS Signature’s customer base includes:
The Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority, British Airways, Virgin, The Highways Agency, RS, BNFL, BP, Northern Telecom, Serco, Scottish Nuclear and Nuclear Electric. In addition ADS Signature provide radio communications systems infrastructure to
Police, Fire, Ambulance and Local Authorities.

4. OuterLink Corporation, Real Time GPS Satellite Tracking ; Concord + Lowell, Massachusetts;

5. DSD Holdings A/S ... Animal tracking; Denmark
Denmark-based DSD Holdings A/S, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Daploma International A/S and Digitag A/S contributed to the improved results. DSD and Daploma contributed $0.6 million in first quarter revenue and $0.2 million in gross profit and expanded Digital Angel's presence in the livestock markets in Europe and other areas of the world.

6. Digital Angel International, Inc. + IBM ..... "Peace of Mind" wirelessly linked heart monitor
01.08.03: IBM's newest health-related technology wirelessly links heart monitors to mobile wireless devices such as cellular phones. The premise behind the device, called Peace of Mind, is to inform physicians or relatives if the heart-monitor wearer experiences cardiac distress. A person using Peace of Mind would have
a heart-rate measuring patch on his/her chest that would activate if the person's heart rate rose above a predetermined rate.
Using Bluetooth, a relay device that works with Peace of Mind, an alert would be sent to a designated cell phone or personal digital assistant loaded with special IBM software, to initiate an alert or rescue. IBM's technology has not yet been released in any devices on the market.
Digital Angel International, a wireless safety and locations systems company, has developed similar technology.
Its wristwatch-size health monitoring device uses a satellite chip to pinpoint the location of the person in distress, and contacts help with the location. Original IBM press release.
[Source: The News & Observer]
Applied Digital Solutions ( ADSX ) http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ADSX Palm Beach , Florida-- ( parent company )
Michael Krawitz CEO ( lawyer ) -- as per December 6, 2006
Identification and security technology company Applied Digital Solutions Inc. said Wednesday Scott R. Silverman will resign as chief executive to serve as CEO of the company's VeriChip unit, effective immediately.
Silverman, 42, will continue to serve as chairman of Applied Digital. He will be replaced as CEO by Michael Krawitz, 37, who currently serves as general counsel
VeriChip makes computer microchips that can be embedded under the skin and read by remote sensors for medical purposes. The company also sells radio frequency identification, or RFID, systems, which are used to help "locate and protect people and assets."

Allison Tomek -- Investor Relations; Media -- Jan. 9, 2007 --Corporate Communications
Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), a leading provider of identification and security technology, announced today that Allison F. Tomek has joined the Company as Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.   In this newly created position, Tomek will be the primary liaison to the investment community and media. Tomek brings nine years of investor and media experience with small and mid-cap companies to Applied Digital. Most recently, she served as director of investor relations and corporate communications for Andrx Corporation, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, where she managed all aspects of the company's investor and public relations, and internal communications.

In addition to managing Applied Digital's investor relations and corporate communications activities, Tomek will support similar programs at Digital Angel Corp. (AMEX: DOC) and VeriChip Corporation. Among her near-term responsibilities, Tomek will assist VeriChip in its plans for an initial public offering. VeriChip filed an amended S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 8, 2007.

Subsidiary of ADS :

THERMO LIFE see hopetotheend.com/biosensors.html
Marc Poulshock, President of Thermo Life Energy Corp.

Mercedes Walton--former President and Chief Operations Officer at ADS-
now head of
Cryo-Cell - Aug.17, 2005
She previously was CEO at Ralston Hill Consulting LLC, a privately held business development and strategic management consulting practice, and president and COO at Applied Digital Solutions in Palm Beach, where she was responsible for a corporate restructuring. She also was an executive for 24 years at AT&T.


Digital Angel hires Marketing Strategist,
Barry M. Edelstein -- July 5, 2005
a Philadelphia lawyer
"His diverse business background also includes leading national sales teams and developing comprehensive strategic, operational and financial plans of the scope we are developing at Digital Angel. He has also worked on marketing and branding strategies and we believe his counsel and leadership will be invaluable to Digital Angel as we grow nationally and internationally in the coming months."
From 1992-1997 he was President and Founding Principal of GlobalCom Telecommunications, a regional reseller of long distance, private network and internet services which was sold to Comcast in June 1997. Prior to that he was an associate at Rubin, Shapiro & Wiese, a Philadelphia law firm specializing in real estate and corporate commercial litigation.

Dr. Randolph Geissler of Destron Fearing
CEO of PositiveID for animals and food source -- Nov. 17, 2009
PositiveID Animal Health, to focus on diagnostic/clinical response and source food safety products and applications. Randolph K. Geissler, founder of Destron Fearing and former CEO of Digital Angel Corporation, has agreed to assume the role of CEO of PositiveID Animal Health. Mr. Geissler specializes in managing companies and technologies involved in the veterinary science field by selectively discovering or creating technologies and strategically introducing those assets to the markets. His vision and implementation are directly responsible for bringing the implantable microchip from "just an idea" to its highly successful current status of more than 80,000,000 RFID microchips implanted in animals

DA aquires Geissler Tech (Destron Fearing) -- Jan. 22, 2008 --- business of global food safety
Digital Angel, an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking and condition monitoring of high-value assets, announced it has acquired Geissler Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of next-generation electronic identification and imaging technologies for animals. The acquisition of Geissler Technologies, which will be incorporated into Destron Fearing, Digital Angel's existing animal applications business, brings back a founder of Destron Fearing, Randolph K. Geissler, who again will become the president of Digital Angel's animal applications business. The board of directors of Digital Angel approved the transaction.
The technologies developed by Geissler include the g.TAG, a low frequency RFID device [ Ed: passive rfid, no battery ] used for animal traceability and the r.TAG high frequency long range [ Ed: Active rfid with battery ] anti-collision device used for extensive animal management," continued
( Joseph J. ) Grillo ( CEO of Digital Angel ) . "These technologies quickly and completely expand our breadth of food safety animal data capturing connectivity."

Geissler, Schering-Plough and GAM Global Animal Management -- Jan. 28, 2008
note: Organon HUMAN health
Geissler Technologies extensive commercial relationship with Global Animal Management, Inc. (GAM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schering-Plough Corporation (NYSE:SGP). GAM provides data collection, data management and data reporting services to the food producing, processing and purveying industries.
Schering-Plough, parent company of Schering-Plough Animal Health, recently acquired Organon BioSciences, with its Organon human health and Intervet animal health businesses. The combination of these companies makes Schering-Plough one of the largest animal health companies in the world, doing business in over 100 countries. GAM has the technology platform, global reach and market knowledge needed to connect Digital Angel's unique animal identification technology across the entire food chain. Some specific applications of GAM's products and services are for compliance initiatives such as the National Animal ID Plan (USAIP) and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) laws.
Jim Heinle, President of GAM,

Schering-Plough is an innovation-driven, science-centered global health care company. Through its own biopharmaceutical research and collaborations with partners, Schering-Plough creates therapies that help save and improve lives around the world. The company applies its research-and-development platform to human prescription and consumer products as well as to animal health products. In November 2007, Schering-Plough acquired Organon BioSciences, with its Organon human health and Intervet animal health businesses, marking a pivotal step in the company's ongoing transformation. Schering-Plough's vision is to "Earn Trust, Every Day" with the doctors, patients, customers and other stakeholders served by its approximately 50,000 people around the world. The company is based in Kenilworth, N.J., and its Web site is www.schering-plough.com

"Clearly, Destron Fearing is a highly successful and respected company in the animal monitoring arena," [ Richard ] Sullivan said. "The fact that it's a leader in electronic monitoring technologies fits right in with our focus on e-business-to-business solutions. We're particularly excited about the potential for incorporating Destron Fearing and Digital Angel.net's data and technologies into the ASP (Application Service Provider) strategy we announced recently." - http://www.digitalangel.net/press/pr_2000/pr_03_06_00.htm
Editor: " Why would you put the CEO of an implant animal tracking company in charge of an e-commerce division?"

"There is nowhere on Digital Angel's site where it says it will not introduce similar implants for people. If it will never introduce them, let that be declared to the market. But it appears Destron Fearing was bought specifically for these patents."


Malik Talib -- Jan. 13, 2009 --controlling water resources --IWG
formerly of "eXI Wireless (now VeriChip Inc.)
"Malik was a Vancouver tax lawyer with Thorsteinssons in Vancouver when he launched eXI Wireless (now VeriChip Inc.) in 2000. He has also served as president and CEO of Corpanada Capital Inc., a venture capital company and merchant bank. Currently he is the CEO of Cuco Resource Limited, a Mining company focused on exploration and mining of Copper and Cobalt
International Water-Guard is a Canadian aerospace company focusing on aircraft potable water treatment and full water system solutions. IWG has expertise in all aspects of water treatment, and has the products and know-how to provide high quality water for passengers and crew, and light weight, space saving solutions for the aircraft operator.

Dec. 28, 2007 -- ADS and DA merge into "Digital Angel Company" ; Nasdaq "DIGA"
Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of identification and security technology,
and Digital Angel Corporation , an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking and condition monitoring of high-value assets, today provided an update on their upcoming merger, which the companies expect to complete on or around December 28, 2007. Simultaneous with the completion of the merger, the companies also expect to announce a new chief executive officer to lead the newly combined company.

Upon completion of the transaction, Digital Angel's common stock will no longer be listed for trading on the American Stock Exchange. After the transaction, the combined entity will do business as Digital Angel Company and trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol DIGA.
The merger will give Applied Digital stockholders a direct ownership in Digital Angel ... and Digital Angel stockholders an ownership position in
VeriChip Corporation

Applied Digital is the owner of majority positions in Digital Angel and VeriChip

Voting Results -- Nov. 29, 2007
At the Special and Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Digital Angel, stockholders approved the election of Barry Edelstein, Scott Silverman, John Block, Howard Weintraub and Michael Zarriello as directors of Digital Angel to hold office until the next Annual Meeting of Stockholders, or until their successors are elected and qualified; approved an amendment to Digital Angel's restated certificate of incorporation to remove the requirement that holders of 66.6% of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock approve the issuance of common stock for non-cash consideration or for less than fair market value; and approved an adjournment of the Special and Annual Meeting.

August 6, 2007 merger
Digital Angel over ADS and Verichip -- August 6, 2007
Silverman said VeriChip would be the "key driver" for both Applied Digital and the new company.
Subdermal Verichip may now have future GPS and sensory applications, when made available.
Applied Digital was effectively a holding company, with revenues generated by the subsidiaries. VeriChip is the provider[ Ed: marketing ] of its namesake human-implantable RFID chip; Digital Angel provides [ Ed: manufacturer ] similar chipping technology but targeted at the livestock and pet markets.
The merger will also see facilitated technology transfer and renewed focus on core opportunities.

New Company --Aug. 10, 2007 -- DA will stay in tact ; business as usual, only more involvement
The combined company will get a new name once the deal closes. The headquarters likely will be in South St. Paul, because it has the bulk of the operations, "but that's not 100 percent sure," Krawitz said. Applied Digital has 26 employees in Delray Beach.
With the exception of a few senior officers, Digital Angel will keep all its approximately 250 employees, which include 110 in South St. Paul and 100 in its United Kingdom office, Krawitz said.

DA makes the chips; V sells 'em -- August 11, 2007
Applied Digital, an ID and security technology company is buying St. Paul, Minn. -based Digital Angel, the company that makes implantable patient data chips marketed and sold by VeriChip Corp.

Leader in Global ID -- August 11, 2007
This proposed transaction will create the world’s leading provider of identification, location and wellness monitoring systems for people and animals."
This transation : "Enhances technology transfer between the two companies"

Applied Digital and Digital Angel to merge
New CEO to Lead NewCo
Under the agreement, Applied Digital and Digital Angel would come together to create a streamlined company focused on extending its global leadership in the markets it serves. This proposed transaction will create the world's leading provider of identification, location and wellness monitoring systems for people and animals. ... After the transaction, the combined entity will trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market. The companies intend to announce a new CEO at the completion of the transaction
Gives Digital Angel stockholders ownership in VeriChip Corporation

Effective as of August 6, 2007, Digital Angel has appointed Barry M. Edelstein, a current Board member, as its interim Chief Executive Officer and President while it conducts a search for a new CEO.
Edelstein will be responsible for maximizing Digital Angel's leadership role in RFID technologies for animal applications including livestock and pets, leveraging its leading position in the military and commercial search and rescue beacon markets, and capitalizing on McMurdo's leading position in the emergency position-indicating rescue beacon (EPIRB) market.
Krawitz intends to remain CEO of Applied Digital and a member of the Applied Digital Board through completion of the transaction and will then assume a position on the Board of the combined company.
We are excited about delivering high-quality RFID and GPS solutions to some of the largest markets in the world.

ID World Congress , November 28, 2007

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VeriChip Corporation ... announced today it will present at the ID World International Congress on November 28, 2007, in Milan, Italy. The Company's presentation, which will be delivered by Michael J. Feder, Senior Vice President of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, will cover the future of implantable RFID microchips, from identification and security to diagnosis and treatment, during the healthcare track focusing on hospital management and patient monitoring.
The ID WORLD International Congress is the most comprehensive showcase on the evolving world of RFID, biometrics and smart card technologies, and is the only international forum that looks at the auto ID industry as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific technology or vertical sector. It offers a full-scale and complete vision of social, technological and business [ Ed: financial applications i.e. in the right hand, forehead ] aspects related to the deployment of the automatic identification systems.

3. Richard Sullivan ... CEO "CityTalk" wireless communication telemetry
See Google's "My Location" mobile communication tracking using cell towers
"The coverage area of cell towers can vary from about a quarter of a mile to several miles based on whether the tower is in an urban or rural area"

Main goal : biosensor feedback via implanted chip; wireless transmission to web anytime, anywhere; 24/7 tracking,monitoring
A miniature sensor device -- smaller than a grain of rice and equipped with a tiny antenna -- will capture and wirelessly transmit a person's vital body-function data, such as body temperature or pulse, to an Internet-integrated ground station. In addition, the antenna will also receive information regarding the location of the individual from the GPS satellite [Ed: 2006 update; not GPS, but from low earth orbiting satellites LEOs and zigbee mesh networking] .
Both sets of data -- medical information and location -- will then be wirelessly transmitted to the ground station and made available on Web-enabled desktop, laptop or wireless devices. This demonstration represents the first time these technologies have been united into one functioning system

"Sullivan launched and oversaw the strategic development of VeriChip, the world's first human implantable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchip with a wide range of medical information, security, and financial verification applications. Sullivan also served as Chairman and CEO of Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX:DOC). In 1970, he was a founding member of the management team of Manufacturing Data Systems

Must READ ... Wireless Geo-Location -- Carolyn Heinz


Richard J Sullivan ceo of WCM - RMS -- Sept. 29, 2008 -- New Financial Services
WCM’s Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Sullivan, commented: “We’re extremely pleased to join forces with RMS. Working together, we’ll be able to accelerate investment and growth opportunities for a wide range of financially solid private and public companies. Our approach builds on the successful growth strategies we have executed in the past. RMS’ innovative digital capabilities and cutting-edge technologies will be of enormous benefit to our clients.”
Regarding the licensing of rVue, WCM and RMS have signed a definitive agreement to offer the platform on a worldwide, exclusive basis.
rVue is RMS’ proprietary digital content and advertising platform that connects advertising agencies with digital destinations such as digital signage, mobile and web outlets.
RMS ...
consumers can access HD video content, create playlists and dramatically enhance the shopping experience.
WCM ...
cutting-edge media technology
WCM’s Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Sullivan, is an entrepreneurial pioneer. He served as Chairman and CEO of Applied Digital Solutions, where he executed a technology rollup involving 42 acquisitions that succeeded in increasing the company's share price from $2.50 to a peak of $18 per share. During Sullivan's decade-long tenure as Chairman and CEO, Applied Digital was one of the highest volume traded stocks on NASDAQ. Sullivan also served as Chairman and CEO of Digital Angel Corporation and led the effort to spin off VeriChip Corporation. In 1970, he was a founding member of the management team of Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc., which listed at $7.50 per share and was sold to Schlumberger N.V. in 1980 at $65 per share

Steve Keaveney
Steve Keaveney, an experienced telecommunications entrepreneur. Most recently, Mr. Keaveney founded and built Broadworks Communications Ltd. ( www.broadworks.tv ) within a 12-month time frame before he exited through a trade sale. Broadworks is a triple play residential broadband provider

Semotus - City Talk merger pending -- March 20, 2007
Tuesday, Semotus Solutions Inc. (DLK | charts | news | PowerRating) revealed the filing of its preliminary proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission in relation to the proposed merger with CityTalk, Inc, an emerging player in the fast-growing, flat-rate PCS and telecommunications tower business.
CTI was founded by Richard Sullivan, former Chairman and CEO of Applied Digital Solutions (Nasdaq: ADSX) and Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX: DOC), and Steve Keaveney, an experienced telecommunications entrepreneur. CityTalk has a definitive agreement to purchase certain assets of NTCH, including 86 telecommunications towers, approximately 20,000 wireless customers in Colorado, Tennessee and Idaho, and more than $5 million in annual operating profit. When finalized, the NTCH transaction will enable CityTalk to begin rolling out networks and services to a potential 2.2 million customers (POPS).
CTI is a merger vehicle founded by Richard Sullivan, former CEO and Chairman of Applied Digital Solutions and Digital Angel Corporation, and telecom business entrepreneur Steve Keaveney to acquire tower infrastructure and flat rate cellular operations in key markets in the continental US. CTI is in advanced negotiations for the acquisition of a significant tower asset, spectrum and cellular portfolio.
Founded in 1993, Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK) is a provider of software for the mobile enterprise, connecting people to critical business systems, information and processes.
Semotus Solutions' software provides mobility, convenience, efficiency and profitability in the areas of workforce automation, finance, health care and m-commerce. For more information, please visit the following web sites:
www.semotus.com;..... www.hiplinkwireless.com; ...... www.clickmarks.com;....... www.xb.com.

Richard Sullivan and Peter Zhou : potential for wireless communications
We're extremely heartened by the remarkable progress made by Dr. Peter Zhou and his entire research team, including professors and their associates at Princeton University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology," said Sullivan. "This technology relates directly to the exploding wireless marketplace. We'll be demonstrating for the first time ever that wireless telecommunications systems and bio-sensor devices -- capable of measuring and transmitting critical body function data -- can be successfully linked together with GPS (global positioning satellite) technology
[ Ed: they were unsucessful at getting a lojack implant; however with Zigbee and mesh networking, they can locate individuals by LEO satellites ( not GPS ) ]
"and integrated with the Internet"

Richard Sullivan, Zhu Wang and Internet Banking

"CityTalk" to Acquire 3 Companies: Wireless Tower, Spectrum and Network Assets
acquiring wireless networks to coalesce rapidly -- Nov. 30, 2006
Move Follows Recent Merger with Semotus (software ) , Inc. and Hiring of Stephens ( Investment Bank ) Inc.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CityTalk, Inc. (CTI), an emerging player in the fast-growing cellular market, announced today it has
signed a definitive agreement with a U.S. regional flat rate wireless company to acquire selected wireless infrastructure assets
[ Richard] Sullivan ..." The experience of the CTI team in executing acquisitions, growing operations, building networks and accessing the capital markets should coalesce to provide exciting growth opportunities for our shareholders. Key acquisitions are an important part of our strategy. In addition to the agreement we are announcing today, we are in various levels of discussion with a number of regional wireless carriers, each of which will add important experience, reach and financial results in support of our plans.
Stephens Inc. is a full service investment banking firm headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas

And as wireless-service providers roll out a new technology called WiMax, allowing for broadband access from within a 30-mile radius of its antenna, they will likely attach the new antennas required for that technology to existing wireless towers, which they will lease. After all, building wireless towers can be costly, to the tune of $200,000 per site, and gaining municipal permits for construction can turn into a multiyear headache. As a result, it's much easier to rent tower space from existing companies.

Semotus ( software) merges with Richard Sullivan's
CityTalk --- Nov. 15, 2006
causing all to go wireless
LOS GATOS, Calif., Nov. 15, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Semotus Solutions, Inc. (AMEX:DLK), a software solutions company for enterprise mobility, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Citytalk, Inc. ("CTI"), an emerging player in the fast-growing cellular market. Privately held CTI was founded by Richard Sullivan, former Chairman and CEO of Applied Digitial Solutions (Nasdaq:ADSX) and Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX:DOC), and Steve Keaveney, an experienced telecommunications entrepreneur.

LaPine : " We have carefully examined CTI's strategy to acquire tower infrastructure and cellular operations in key markets in the continental U.S. and we've concluded that CTI's proven management team is poised to take advantage of the growth potential in the wireless space."

Richard Sullivan, Citytalk Chairman and CEO, added: "The experience of the CTI team in executing acquisitions, growing operations, building networks and accessing the capital markets should coalesce to provide for exciting growth opportunities for both Semotus and CTI shareholders. Key acquisitions are an important part of our strategy.

Sullivan launched and oversaw the strategic development of VeriChip, the world's first human implantable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchip with a wide range of medical information, security, and financial verification applications. Sullivan also served as Chairman and CEO of Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX:DOC). In 1970, he was a founding member of the management team of Manufacturing Data Systems

Concluding, Richard Sullivan stated, "CTI is eager to leverage the strong Semotus software technology platform and the executive talents of Mr. LaPine. I have requested that Mr. LaPine serve as Vice Chairman of the combined company and have secured a commitment from him to remain for at least three years to help execute the ambitious plans I have for the future.

CityTalk ("CTI") is a merger vehicle founded by Richard Sullivan, former CEO and Chairman of Applied Digitial Solutions and Digital Angel Corporation and telecom business entrepreneur Steve Keaveney to acquire tower infrastructure and flat rate cellular operations in key markets in the continental U.S. CTI is in advanced negotiations for the acquisition of a significant tower asset, spectrum and cellular portfolio.
Founded in 1993, Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK) is a provider of software for the mobile enterprise, connecting people to critical business systems, information and processes. Semotus has a Fortune 1000 customer base including Lockheed Martin, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, Nextel Communications, JP Morgan Chase and The United Nations. Semotus Solutions' software provides mobility, convenience, efficiency and profitability in the areas of workforce automation, finance, health care and m-commerce.

Founded in 1993, Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK) is a provider of software for the mobile enterprise, connecting people to critical business systems, information and processes.
Semotus Solutions -- wireless everywhere
Hiplink wireless
www.clickmarks.com ..remote control
www.xb.com ..remote control

5. Xmark -- software for VeriChip telemetry : "Hugs" and HALO" programs
What is Xmark ?

Daniel A. Gunther : CEO of Xmark -- Ottowa, Canada
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Xmark is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VeriChip. For over 25 years, Xmark Corporation and its predecessor companies have provided Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions to identify, locate, and protect people and assets in healthcare environments. Its market-leading infant protection, wander prevention, and asset/staff location and identification applications are trusted by over 5,000 healthcare institutions worldwide to keep individuals safe."


former Digital Angel Board -- Jan. 2006 -- South St. Paul, Minnesota ( stockyard area )
Kevin N. McGrath -- President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
James G. Naro -- Vice President, General Counsel, and
Secretary James P. Santelli -- Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Lasse Nordfjeld -- President, Animal Applications Group
Scott R. Silverman -- Chairman of the Board
Michael S. Zarriello -- Director
John R. Block -- Director
Barry M. Edelstein --- Director
Howard S. Weintraub, Ph.D. --- Director


former Applied Digital Solutions Board
--- Palm Beach, Florida
Michael E. Krawitz -- Chief Executive Officer CEO and General Counsel and Secretary ( lawyer ) Dec. 6, 2006
Scott R. Silverman-- Chairman of the Board of Directors ( CEO of Verichip )
S.Silverman chairman over InfoTech -- Jan. 3, 2006
James P. Santelli -- Chief Financial Officer
Evan C. McKeown -- Senior Vice President
Lorraine Breece -- Chief Financial Officer
Lorraine M. Breece -- Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer.
J. Michael Norris --
VP Technology; Applied Digital Solutions
Daniel E. Penni -- Director
Dennis G. Rawan -- Director
Constance K. Weaver -- Director
Michael S. Zarriello -- Director

Dr. Peter Zhou, --Chief Scientist for Applied Digital Solutions;Goal : subdermal location chip
wants to combine active rfid with VeriChip ( passive rfid ) subdermally; so far, impossible.
Dr. Richard Seelig, --VP Medical Applications:
Goal : Sensors combined with VeriChip

Nurez Khimji CFO Vendtek
; former CFO Verichip; former CFO eXi --August 15, 2007
VANCOUVER, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VendTek Systems Inc. ... a leading provider of software for prepaid service distribution, is pleased to announce that the Company has appointed Nurez Khimji as its Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Khimji, a Chartered Accountant, was previously a consultant to the Company
The acquisition terms call for all Digital Angel stock to be exchanged for shares of Applied Digital at a rate of 1.4-to-1. This will have two effects. First, existing Applied Digital shareholders will become direct shareholders in Digital Angel. Second, existing Digital Angel shareholders will receive ownership in VeriChip, since Applied Digital is the majority owner

Lester Crawford: permanent commissioner of the FDA - July 19, 2005
In addition, Democratic senators Patty Murray of Washington and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York vowed to block the full Senate vote until the FDA ruled on whether the so-called morning-after pill could be sold without prescription. Last week, the agency said it would decide that question by Sept. 1.
Murray and Clinton still voted against Crawford as did senators who endorse easier importation of inexpensive Canadian prescription drugs, such as US Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota.

''I have been continually concerned during Dr. Crawford's tenure that FDA hasn't shown the independence and adherence to science necessary to inspire public confidence," Murray said in a statement. ''As FDA tackles the considerable challenges that lay ahead, there can be no question of the integrity or independence of the commissioner

Instantel ( bought out by Verichip)
Remote monitoring .... monitoring stations and networks using telemetry
Auto Call Home -- ground based location system
The Instantel Auto Call Home™ automated call-in feature, allows remote access to your monitor and data. Whenever an event occurs, the monitor automatically places a call to your PC and downloads event data into one central location on your hard disk drive. Real-time mobile tracking

MiniMate Plus : more sensors, more measurements; more info


IFTH ( InfoTech) sold to Corporate Technologies -- Jan 3, 2008
Jay F. McKeage, President of IFTH Acquisition,
The Board of Directors of IFTH Acquisition Corp. (the Company), formerly InfoTech USA, Inc. (OTCBB:IFTH), a majority-owned subsidiary of Digital Angel (NASDAQ:DIGA), an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking and condition monitoring of high-value assets, announced today the Company has completed the previously announced sale of substantially all of InfoTech's operations, including the trade name InfoTech USA, to Minneapolis-based Corporate Technologies LLC.

Jay McKeage CEO of
InfoTech -- Jan. 2006
Jonathan ("Jay") F. McKeage has been hired as the Company's new President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. McKeage will also serve on the Company's Board of Directors.
InfoTech USA, Inc., a majority-owned subsidiary of Applied Digital, is a 20 year-old provider of information technology solutions, including consulting, networking, procurement, deployment, integration, migration and security services and solutions. The company also provides on-going system and network maintenance services

Hazardous Alarm Products -- Jan. 7, 2008 .Phil Hausman --Houston, TX
Clifford and Snell division, a leading manufacturer of industrial and hazardous area audible and visual alarm products, is expanding its business to the U.S. Clifford and Snell's products are renowned for their innovative design and high performance for applications which range from general signaling and fire, including hazardous areas, to process control and marine, as well as commercial use in building and construction

Hausman comes to Clifford and Snell with an extensive knowledge of the oil/gas and petrochemical markets and has particular experience in the areas of offshore and industrial applications. According to Gage, "Phil brings considerable technical expertise and a wealth of knowledge within U.S. markets, which will assist Clifford and Snell to provide an exceptional level of service and commitment to customers. As the global requirements for power increase, and the investment in the oil and gas industry continues to gain momentum, Clifford and Snell is well positioned for substantial growth."
For further details contact Trevor Gage, Clifford and Snell, Tom Cribb Road, Thamesmead, London SE28 OBH, Tel: 020 8317 1717, website: www.cliffordandsnell.com.

Angelica ( hospital uniforms and linens) also a subsidary of Applied Digital

Form 8-K for APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS INC .... 23-Jan-2006
Entry into Material Agreement, Change in FYE or Articles, Financial
Item 1.01. Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.
As previously announced by Angelica Corporation (the Company), its Board of Directors (the Board) appointed a Lead Director on September 20, 2005, to be effective January 29, 2006, and established a Special Committee on December 16, 2005, for the purpose of addressing issues recently raised by the Companys largest shareholders. http://biz.yahoo.com/e/060123/adsx8-k.html

M. Krawitz former CEO Applied Digital - parent company -- ADS ( majority stock in VeriChip )
Michael Krawitz believes that the Bible is a biased book ; makes light of Rev. 14 : 9-11
" in light of recent pressure on its stock price following unbalanced and inaccurate press stories regarding VeriChip Corporation's implantable microchip.
"the article, according to published reports, believes that if RFID technology is not stopped, we will be Tormented With Fire And Brimstone In The Sight Of The Holy Angels. (Sui, Daniel citing Katherine Albrecht, GEOWorld Magazine. Sept. 1, 2006). That sort of bias was, unfortunately, not clear from the article. But we are confident that more balanced information will come out over time. "
http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070912006193&newsLang=en ( September 12, 2007 )
" Mock me, will you ? Someday you'll be in trouble and I [ Wisdom ] will mock you." Proverbs 8 Living Bible

Kevin McGrath former CEO
Digital Angel ; makes sensors - Nasdaq "DOS"
Kevin N. McGrath CEO $ 581,000 + stocks
http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=doc&d=t -

Political VIPs backing RFID, hi-tech meds :

Tommy Thompson .. ( lawyer ) Director for ADS; Logistics Health ( DoD ) ; CR Bard; AGSHF Law; Deloitte Health ; Centene Corp.:
Former 4 x Gov of Wisconsin; former Sec. of HHS
In addition to Bard, Thompson is a partner in the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, an independent chairman of Deloitte Center for Health Care Management and Transformation, and this year was named president of Logistics Health, a Department of Defense medical contractor.
modernized the Medicare program - adding prescription drug coverage for beneficiaries - and reformed the welfare program
BOD SpectraScience Inc. of San Diego, Calif., -- Cancer DETECTION ( seeking biomarkers ? proteomics , isolated proteins ? )
( Ed: the better to monitor you with )

TT and UAE -- Oct. 27, 2005
In May 2002, in a controversial move, Dubai allowed foreigners to own land via three designated companies in what's called "freehold" status. Anyone who owns Dubai property is granted citizenship.
Dubai recognized early on that the oil reserves weren't going to last, which is why they made a conscious decision to open up to the public," said former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson (search).
Thompson now works with Capital Partners (search), an American development company building in Dubai, and the only entirely foreign group granted freehold title to property in the UAE

Bill Bradley --drug delivery system "lab on a chip" ; Director "LabNow", Inc.
Former D-Senator of N.J.
LabNow licensed lab-on-a-chip sensor technology from the University of Texas that automates fluid analysis. It holds promise for HIV/AIDS management as well as other medical uses, homeland security, environmental chemistry and process engineering.

Tom Ridge-- Director Savi Tech
former Philadelphia Gov.; former Sec. of Homeland Security

Ex-gov officials in high techy places
[ Michael] Powell [ former head of FCC ] , a lawyer, is following a familiar path for some Washington officials. His predecessor, William Kennard, joined the Carlyle Group, another big private equity firm, after leaving the commission. And Powell's father, Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, last month joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Silicon Valley's most famous venture firm, as a part-time partner
During his tenure in office, Powell successfully pushed to eliminate scores of regulations - from those restricting the size of media companies to those setting wholesale phone rates. He also pushed for policies to deploy broadband Internet service around the nation

News pertaining to the above:

October 6, 2005
Digital Angel, South St. Paul, said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that Verichip CEO Kevin McLaughlin resigned from its board, in part because of potential conflicts of interest.
Digital Angel is the sole supplier of Verichip products to Verichip Corp., the filing said.

Digital Angel
manufactures VeriChip ( adsx owns it)
The year 2004 was also an important year for VeriChip, the human implantable chip that Digital Angel manufactures for its sister company, Applied Digital Inc. VeriChip, an RFID microchip for humans, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical applications in October 2004 and made headlines around the world.

Digital Angel : Vice-President and General Councel
James G. Naro- March 21, 2005
Digital Angel Corporation (Amex: DOC - News), an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of high-value assets, today announced that it has appointed
James G. Naro as Vice President and General Counsel.
Most recently, Naro served as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of DIRECTV Latin America, LLC, a leading provider of pay television services (by direct-to-home satellite) in 27 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean
Naro was involved in its initial formation as a multinational joint venture between Hughes Electronics Corporation and multiple Latin American partners,

Prior to joining DIRECTV Latin America, Naro was Senior Counsel for the Cisneros Group of Companies, one of the largest privately held media, entertainment, technology and consumer products organizations in the world. His responsibilities included the supervision and coordination of the U.S. legal activities of the group in projects such as the acquisitions of the Cisneros Group's holdings in Univision Communications, Pueblo Supermarkets and DIRECTV Latin America, divestitures of All-American Bottling Corporation and Galerias Preciados department stores and involvement in a variety of other ventures in which the Cisneros Group held and interest.

Change of Control Agreement compensation for
Kevin McGrath ( ceo, digital angel ) --
Dec. 2, 2004 ( 1-07-04)
A Change in Control as defined in the Agreement shall be deemed to occur if: (i) any person or entity (or persons or entities acting as a group) other than Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. acquires stock of Digital Angel Corporation that, together with stock then held by such person, entity or group, results in such person, entity or group holding more than fifty (50%) percent of the fair market value or total voting power of Digital Angel Corporation; or, (ii) a member of the Board of Directors of Digital Angel Corporation is replaced by a director (or a new director is added to Digital Angel Corporation's Board of Directors) and such director was not nominated and approved by Digital Angel Corporation's Board of Directors; or,
(iii) a change of control occurs at Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. as such term is defined in the employment agreement between Scott R. Silverman and Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. Scott R. Silverman is the current Chairman of the Board of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. and Digital Angel Corporation.

Applied Digital increases its controlling stock of Digital Angel -- Dec, 21, 2004

--Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), a provider of Security Through Innovation(TM), announced today that it has exercised a one million share warrant in Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX: DOC). With this exercise, Applied Digital increases its ownership position to 23,434,412 shares of Digital Angel Corporation. The exercise price of the warrant, which was granted on August 14, 2003, is $3.74 per share in cash. Applied Digital has no current intention of selling these shares.

Raymond James Financial -- May 31, 2005

adsx owns 23.4 million shares of DA stock --Dec. 22, 2004

ADS to join Russell 3000 and 2000 --- June 13, 2005 ( Northwestern Mutual )
Russell, a global leader in multi-manager investment services, provides investment products and services in more than 39 countries. Russell manages more than $135 billion in assets and advises clients worldwide representing $2.3 trillion. Founded in 1936, Russell is a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual and is headquartered in Tacoma, Wash., with additional offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland and Tokyo. For more information, go to www.russell.com.
"We believe this recognition by Russell represents the culmination of our turnaround over the past two years, from a company on the verge of insolvency to one that has multiple opportunities to capitalize on its promising technology," said Scott R. Silverman, Applied Digital's Chairman and CEO. "Today, our Digital Angel and VeriChip Corporation subsidiaries have the management, technology and capital structure to lead Applied Digital through its next stage of growth."

Quality Management System
Applied Digital Solutions, through its wholly owned subsidiary VeriChip Corporation, announced today that the quality system at its VeriChip facility in Ottawa, Canada, has been re-certified to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard

I B M : Financial backer of ADSX, VeriChip

Salvation hopetotheend.com/sal.html