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VeriPay payment technology

Diagram of veripay e-transaction -- xilo

The networking transaction channels of the VeriPay System were first tested out in Australia ( same size as USA ).
Now that
global e-payments are ready, Australia has changed the name of her system from "Veripay" to "iCHARGE"
But the basic e-transactions applies.

For more info on "iCHARGE" ( which is how the global VeriPay will work globally in the future ) please see:

When the
global VeriPay System becomes in full swing, all banking systems --including "iCHARGE" --- will become a part of that
global VeriPay System.

Below: Info on VeriPay eft System , e-transactions, financial transactions, SWIFT, Payment Technology ;
Applying the subdermal VeriChip to all global banking, retailing and financial services.

Note : VeriChip is now its own Corporation, and is no longer a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions. ( February 2007 )

Introduction -- One Chip , Many Applications

VeriChip is an implanted radio frequency ID chip. When it is used for cashless financial transactions, it is referred to as the VeriPay System. ( works with eft systems) . It was first tested out as an eft system in Australia since 2003 ( 4 - 5 years ago ) . A pilot program.
There, it was originally known as "veripay" for testing purposes only ;
The Australian banking system has now changed its name to "iCHARGE" ;
That way the "VeriPay" name will be used exclusively for the
GLOBAL eft system that is to come.

In Barcelona, Spain, a verichip implant was used as a debit [ pre-paid ] chip only; It was not globally applicable.
Its main purpose was for promotion among the young crowd and in bars.

When the VeriChip ID implant is used to access medical record-databases and e-health medlinks,
it is referred to as the
VeriMed System. Began in Italy.

Security: When VeriChip is used for accessing buildings, businesses, plants, and for security ID etc. it is working in conjunction with the
VeriGuard SAC System. Began in Mexico.

For educational purposes, there is
VeriKid. ( Mexico and Brazil )

For the dead, there is
VeriTrace ( Sumatra tsunami and New Orleans Katrina). FEMA - related ; used in major disasters and also singularly.

The Bible warns us not take the Mark of the Beast
in the right hand or forehead for commercial purposes ( buying and selling).

We are not to belong to the System's Loyalty program.... a loyalty and allegiance to the coming world leader whom the Bible calls "the beast". Behind the antichrist , false prophet and the all-encompassing enslaving System is the
Dragon --- Satan himself.
Revelation 13. [ 666 Mark of the beast ]

Five warnings:
We are strongly warned in
Revelation 14: 9 - 11
1. not to
worship the Beast,
2. nor to transact in his
3. nor his
4. nor his
image. ( notice all those large plasma screens everywhere ? )
5. nor his
number ( 666 )

Rev. 13: 16--18 speaks of the coming 666 [ possibly the data route that one punches in first before making a transaction ? ]
economic-commercial System ( all financial transactions )
The consequence for 666 e-transactions is eternal punishment
in the Lake of Fire. Rev. 14: 9--11

From the newswire:

Financial applications of the Verichip -- July 29, 2007
"And he says the data is stored in a facility as secure as any of the best. He does admit once you have a chip, it could be used for other "applications."
You can tie financial accounts to them and other data"

"iCHARGE" concepts : same type of transaction that will be used by the global VeriPay system
Today the credit card, tomorrow the chip ?

A Cashless Society
... Virtual Money ( units )
Gimme Some Skin ............  ( VeriPAY ..payment technology) -- Jan. 28, 2005
Applied Digital Solutions' CEO told attendees of the ID World 2003 in Paris held in late November, that the company's newest subdermal radio frequency identification (RFID) application is nearly ready for market.

VeriPay, a secure, subdermal RFID payment technology for cash and credit transactions, could make physical money obsolete. The payment technology relies on the company's VeriChip, which is about the size of a grain of rice. VeriChip is a subdermal RFID microchip already used in a variety of security, financial, emergency identification and other applications.

Currently the company sells RFID chips to people with medical conditions, such as diabetes or allergies to common medications. Since the chips are implanted under the skin, emergency response personnel have a nearly fool-proof way to access data about a person's medical needs.

The company said VeriPay's unique, subdermal format offers a much more secure, tamper-proof and loss-proof RFID solution to payment technologies.
Applied Digital Solutions said the company is working with banking and credit companies to develop specific commercial applications -- beginning with appropriate pilot programs and other market tests --
for the VeriPay subdermal RFID solution.

From the Newswire:

e-transaction bill upsets banks --Dec. 16, 2005
Banks are trying to form a coalition with other financial institutions to keep the National Assembly from passing
the electronic financial transactions bill, which would have them pay for any financial damages customers suffer as the result of electronic transactions-related accidents.
Yoo claimed that, if the bill became a law, it could encourage crimes in electronic transactions and create additional incentives for customers to be careless. To avoid paying damages, the bill calls on banks to prove users have criminal intent or commit a grave infraction
The move followed the Korea Exchange BankĄŻs refusal to take responsibility for customersĄŻ damages from Internet banking accidents. The bank cited its corporate policy that the bank does not compensate customer damage, unless it is proven that the damage resulted from an ``apparent faultĄŻĄŻ of the bank.

Scannable Humans -- April 5, 2005
Original format was a "read-chip" with information scripted along with a number
"The father, mother and son each have an individual chip on which they stored telephone numbers and information about medications.

Although approved for human use, the FDA has warned consumers of possible side effects in a letter, available at www.sec.gov . Such effects could include
"adverse tissue reaction; migration of implanted transponder; compromised information security;
failure of implanted transponder; failure of inserter; failure of electronic scanner; electromagnetic interference; electrical hazards; magnetic resonance imaging incompatibility and needle stick."

November 21, 2003
VeriPay--subdermal solution for buying and selling
just like it says in Rev. 13 )
Nov. 21, 2003--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX - News) an advanced technology development company, announced that the Company's Chief Executive Officer, Scott R. Silverman, in his speech today at the ID World 2003 in Paris, France, revealed the Company's newest subdermal RFID solution called VeriPay(TM). VeriPay is intended to be a secure, subdermal RFID (radio frequency identification) payment technology for cash and credit transactions.

Ed: Notice that the word "chip" is never used in this article. The word "solution" and "payment technology" are used. This means that the embedded chip in the hand works in conjunction with a secure e-commerce SYSTEM known as "VeriPay"
(see articles below for further explanation)

VeriChip then is most likely used in conjunction with the VeriPay transfer SYSTEM.

At ID World 2003 in Paris, Mr. Silverman made the point that the subdermal RFID VeriPay technology specifically addresses the security issue. VeriPay's unique, under-the-skin format offers a much more secure, tamper-proof, and loss-proof solution. VeriPay brings to consumers the benefits of fast and reliable RFID technology along with the security of a subdermal format.

"In announcing VeriPay to ID World delegates, Mr. Silverman expressed his belief that VeriPay has enormous marketplace potential "
ED: AND it also has enormous Lake of Fire potential Rev. 14: 9--11
invited banking and credit companies to partner with VeriChip Corporation in developing specific commercial applications, beginning with appropriate pilot programs and other market tests, for the VeriPay subdermal RFID solution."

Rather than go to all the hassle of actually carrying something around, with VeriPay you have an RFID tag injected underneath your skin so you can quite literally pay for things with a mere wave of your hand, foot, mouth, or whatever body part it is you decide to have your new wireless wallet reside

"OPEN SYSTEMS" = Global e-commerce
Cash is increasingly coming under threat from Radio Frequency ID contactless payment systems that require a user only to wave a small object such as a credit card, key ring or mobile phone near a reader terminal.
The expansion of contactless payment from closed, branded systems to open systems tied to bank accounts and major credit card issuers will lift the services to the next level, according to Michielsen.

VeriPay ..the complete e-commerce SYSTEM-Solution (payment technology, ebanking)
"Since introducing SMS-based credit card authorisation via resellers such as Xilo and VeriPay, Collins said Itaba3 had attracted about 50 active clients. While that figure is a drop in the ocean compared with the 500,000 businesses that accept credit cards overall, it's a niche product many small businesses may find more appealing than renting a mobile Eftpos device from their bank.

The SECURITY of using the VeriPay payment system ( pilot program in Australia; now called "iCHARGE" )
Transactions between your browser and the VeriPay server are protected by 128-bit encryption.
128-bit encryption is the highest level of encryption available over the Internet today.
This process encodes Internet information transferred between clients and servers, rendering information and data indecipherable to anyone trying to intercept or capture the information. All authorised customer information and data submitted to Shawtec is stored within a secure environment. The VeriPay servers are operated on "hardened" systems designed to withstand external intrusions, and as a further precautionary measure, all sensitive database information is encrypted.

The Financial final-step

"It has been one of the primary objectives of the banking industry to eliminate the use of coin and currency from society. A couple of reasons why they are doing this. First, there is "no money" for the banks in the use of cash. Individuals could use cash  in all of their transactions without the prospect of paying a bank service fee each time they did so.
Secondly, the banking industry would have 100%  control over all of our financial dealings with the elimination of coin and currency. Without cash, consider where you would be if the computer systems went down at a crucial time and you could not access your account. Consider the possibility of your bank or banker refusing you access to your account either deliberately or in error. Where would that leave you?

"Smart cards can also be stolen, lost or damaged putting your money at risk. So the bankers will then go to the next step, the implanted microchip which will link people directly to their smart card so their will be no way it can be lost.
The "chip" will no longer be in the card but inside the human body!

" A company in Florida called Applied Digital Systems is now poised to market the "Verichip" which is the size of a grain of rice and would be embedded beneath a person's skin. The information on this chip could include your medical records, your banking records, how much you owe on your mortgage, credit cards and other personal loans. It could also be used to track your activities anywhere you go in the world.  It would replace all of your present forms of ID such as, passports, driver's licenses, social security and credit/debit cards.

" You will not be able to withdraw money from the bank without it, receive benefits from the government without it, buy or sell anything without it. The chip would also include data on your family history, address, occupation, criminal record, income tax information etc. "

GSAT VeriPay ecommerce

Ready access - your cash register is open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Immediate access to funds - no more waiting for cheques to clear.
In the past, access to online payment technologies have always been just too expensive. But with GSAT and VeriPay, highly secure and versatile e-commerce has come within reach of everyone!

Shawtec Security system : SSL Secure Socket Layer
"VeriPay [ Ed: now called "iCHARGE" ] is a dedicated credit payment processing company linked to the Australian banking network providing a high level of security of all online purchases. Credit card details are entered into secure form and sent directly to veripay. Credit card details are NOT seen by us nor stored in any way. Transactions between your browser and the VeriPay server are protected by 128-bit encryption. 128-bit encryption is the highest level of encryption available over the Internet today.

V- Australia 2003 ( now called "iCHARGE " )
"The new e-commerce application was implemented by GSAT using an innovative new internet payment system
VeriPay by Xilo Online, an Australian e-commerce specialist provider based in Melbourne, Victoria.
The unique VeriPay system is a high performance, low cost application specifically developed for the Australian ecommerce market, providing all Australian online merchants with an easy to use and fully customisable secure payment service.
For more information on
VeriPay, see www.xilo.com/veripay. For information on how GSAT can help with implementation of this service, visit www.gsat.edu.au/veripay

VeriPayment is a totally outsourced payment processing solution where it handles all banking, risk management, affiliate management and customer service issues for Internet merchants selling products and services. In addition, VeriPayment allows the consumer the right to send and receive funds within his/her own personal verified setup account which will be available soon.

An effective online transaction solution must provide the ability to efficiently track and manage your transaction activities. VeriPayment provides detailed, point-to-point tracking of every transaction throughout the billing and payment process. Our advanced reporting module is a powerful tool that provides extensive business intelligence about Customers and Accounts in real-time.

"Verified Payment Solutions" https://www.veripayment.com/index.php?page=terms

Many Online Shopping Systems http://www.mcssl.com/userguide/ShoppingCart/getpaid.asp

VeriPayment Security https://www.veripayment.com/index.php?page=secure

VeriPayment uses http://www.irish-industrial-components.com/prod_veritech.htm

VeriChip as a Digital Wallet -- December 1, 2003

Ed: Can't you just see us all rubbing our forearms onto a checkout scanner ?
Sooner or later they are going to have to admit that it will be put in the right hand or forehead
They may not be the last to know, but they sure are the last to admit .

Now the chip's creator, Applied Digital Solutions Inc. of Palm Beach, Fla., is pitching it as a digital wallet that could automatically make purchases in stores.
The device employs radio frequency identification technology, or RFID, which companies such as Wal-Mart Stores are testing for more mundane purposes such as tracking inventory and ringing up products at the register.
But how does one install such a chip in a human? Easy, says Applied Digital:

SECURING the Electronic Payment System

SWIFT ( Zechariah 5 )
SIA ( Italy ) Taking STEP2 over SWIFT Network
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

SWIFT's Electronic Banking Network

SWIFT electronic-banking network ( Brussels, Belgium
) ... Evan Sellar
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, based in Brussels, Belgium. ICFTU
SWIFT, a bank-owned Belgian cooperative with 7,500 member financial institutions in 200 countries, facilitates money movements between financial institutions.
Describing SWIFT as "an apolitical and user-owned organization,"

The SWIFT service is a hallmark in Shahjalal Islami Bank's development in business and e-banking.
SWIFT's portfolio of services and solutions spans the entire financial transactions lifecycle combined with the security and reliability of the messaging platforms, the system helps to reduce risks, lower costs and improve delivery to end customers.
SWIFT is the industry-owned cooperative supplying secure, standardised messaging services and interface software to 7,600 financial institutions in 200 countries. The SWIFT community includes banks, broker/ dealers and investment managers, as well as their market infrastructure in payments, securities, treasury and trade.

Electronic Funds Transfer -- Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California ; Downloadable Book

Good witnessing tool !
" In Europe, the World Banking Association already has an international money transfer system in operation called SWIFT
(Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). The Burroughs Corporation has installed two large computer operations, the main system in Brussels and a backup system in Amsterdam, Holland. The purpose of SWIFT is to make international banking transfers for all the major banks of the world. Funds can now be transferred internationally in minutes rather than the weeks it took under the old system. The computer automatically changes pounds to lira, or dollars to francs, making whatever exchange is necessary.

Sixty major banks in the United States went on-line with SWIFT in Brussels on September 26, 1977. On October 19, 1977, the system was formally inaugurated when Prince Albert of Belgium pushed the golden button before a gathered group of dignitaries from all over the world.

In America, we are well on our way to a cashless society. Many major companies no longer issue payroll checks, but will automatically put funds in your bank account so that you don't need to handle cash. You can use credit cards to make most of your purchases.
However, there is one major problem with the credit card system. How can the retailer be certain that the person presenting the card is the one entitled to its use? [ Ed. note: VeriChip and biometric ID will solve this problem ]
Downloadable book http://www.calvarychapel.com/library/smith-chuck/books/tfc.htm

Ode to the Scarlet Harlot

The Chip and the System Combining VeriChip with VeriPay eft System.

The Modern Day Midas Touch
PALM BEACH, FL -- Applied Digital Solutions is giving self-scanning a whole new meaning with its VeriPay RFID (radio frequency identification) payment technology for cash and credit transactions that is implanted under the skin
..... the world's first subdermal RFID microchip that can be used in a variety of security, financial, emergency identification and other applications, according to Applied Digital

"We are the only ones out there offering implantable ID technology. We believe the market will evolve to use our product," said Silverman, who
invited banking and credit companies to partner with VeriChip Corporation in developing specific commercial applications, beginning with pilot programs and other market tests for VeriPay.
Some questioned whether consumers will make the leap to having a payment system embedded in their skin just for the sake of convenience.
( Ed: Unfortunately many people -- perhaps 2/3rds, or 66.6 % of the globe -- will gladly use the 666 payment system ) .
"The whole world lieth in wickedness" 1 John 5:19

Aside from consumer-privacy advocates, there are opponents who take a more dire view of the new technology, and link VeriChip with the
"mark of the beast." In the Book of Revelation, it says that the false prophet will "cause" all to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead, with which to buy or sell . Thereby they will be endorsing the antichrist's System . Satan is in back of the false prophet, the antichrist and the 666 System.
"This is a gigantic step toward the mark of the beast," said Gary Wohlscheid, who tracks signs of the apocalypse on his Web site, These Last Days Ministries.

"In announcing VeriPay to ID World delegates, Mr. Silverman expressed his belief that VeriPay has enormous marketplace potential and invited banking and credit companies to partner with VeriChip Corporation in developing specific commercial applications, beginning with appropriate pilot programs and other market tests, for the VeriPay subdermal RFID solution. ---- November 2003

Scott Silverman bio
Prior to his appointments as Chairman and CEO, Mr. Silverman served as the company's President
[ Applied Digital Solutions ], and was appointed to the Board of Directors in March 2002. Before joining Applied Digital, Mr. Silverman was the President of a regional investment-banking firm, and also served as President of ATI Communications, Inc., a full service telecommunications solution provider. Previously, he practiced commercial litigation and communications law at the law firm of Cooper Perskie in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Silverman was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his J.D. from Villanova University School of Law.

VeriChip-VeriPay system; Baja Beach Club --- April 5, 2004
Payment technology Systems
Baja Beach Clubs International had employed the VeriPay System, developed by Applied Digital's VeriChip Corporation, at a night club in Spain.
Launched at a global security conference in November, 2003, the VeriPay System is a new syringe-injectable microchip implant for humans, designed to be used as a fraud-proof payment method for cash and credit-card transactions. The chip implant is an advance over credit cards and smart cards, which, absent biometrics and appropriate safeguard technologies, are subject to theft, resulting in identity fraud.

We are the only company today offering human implantable ID technology," said Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Digital Solutions. "We believe the market opportunity for this technology is substantial, and high-profile successes such as in Spain will serve as catalysts for broader adoption."
"The VeriPay chipping event was a huge success," said Conrad K. Chase, Director of the Baja Beach Clubs International. "Everyone embraced the electronic payment application. My customers like the fact that they do not have to carry a credit card or ID card with them. With the VeriPay system, they no longer have to worry about their credit cards getting lost or stolen."

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