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Dear Friends: The main point is this : A person suffers for all eternity in the Lake of Fire if they take the subdermal
global 666 economic chip in the right hand or forehead--- that's the main point, my friend ...
whether one believes in eternity or not.
Only your
best friends will tell you that.
It is a grave intrusion into one's privacy. ( as well as a health threat ..
Rev. 16:2 )
The chip is
 hazardous to one's health, and we lose our  privacy .But most of all,  the 666 Mark of the Beast consigns one to the Lake of Fire.
Only your best friends will tell you that.

From the News wires :

Verichip and UWB location
"our zonal, or cell ID, active RFID systems compared to competing technologies, such as lower power Ultra Wide Band-based location technologies;

Two-factor ID
: a number and
a biometric identifier ....

I'll be watching you

the tiny chips could one day be used to track every item on earth.
Unlike bar codes, however, RFID tags can be read up to 40 feet away by any compatible reader device. There’s no need to place a tag directly in front of a reader, and readers can read multiple tags at once
.... so far the industry has been resistant to even moderate legislative restrictions

[ Katherine] Albrecht recalls attending an RFID conference last year where she proposed a Right to Know Act. “I have legislation that is not trying to kill this technology,” she told an audience of RFID manufacturers. “All you have to do is identify that you’re using tags

In fact, it’s remarkable how much consumer information Wal-Mart already has. According to a November 14, 2004, New York Times article, Wal-Mart — which collects information at its cash registers — has 460 tetrabytes of data digitally stored at its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters. “To put that into perspective, the Internet has less than half as much data,” the article says
In the meantime, the RFID industry is carrying out its plans to tag and track the world. And the public is still largely unaware

Wi-Fi rfid chips -- no readers necessary
G2 Microsystems Inc has released its first product, an RFID chip for tags that can be read by WiFi access points. By doing away with a network of readers, the chip may give users as much as a 75% reduction in total cost of ownership, according to G2.

Next step: From NAIS to tracking all humans
"This is the biggest scheme of its kind," said Katherine Albrecht, a consumer privacy expert. "They say it is aimed at tracking animal disease outbreaks, but I have had conversations with public health officials where they have been looking forward to a time when the spread of human diseases could also be monitored in this way

"It raises issues not just about the movement of products but
about watching people's lives," Ms Albrecht said. "We are not a long way off from people beginning to demand publicly that systems be used on humans."
"I know that many people believe this is the best way to trace animal diseases. However, there are other people with alternative agendas. They are not talking or thinking enough about the long-term impact or the bigger picture: if you do it to animal diseases,
the next step is humans. I believe we are on the verge of the next step." She cited as evidence the decision last year by a former US health secretary, Tommy Thompson, to join the board of Verichip, a Florida-based firm that makes human RFID tags.

Around 35m cattle and 8bn poultry are slaughtered in the US every year. Under the scheme, some animals would need individual tags while others would be tagged as a group. The plans have triggered protests from small farmers across the US, who have used a website to voice their fears of invasions of privacy, increased food prices and concentration of power in the hands of large producers

A Chip in the Shoulder --April 26, 2006
"After chipping people becomes normal, expect the
crackdowns on people who refuse to submit. Laws will start being implemented requiring everyone to be chipped by de facto mandate. A chip will be needed to get a driver’s license or passport. Insurance companies can celebrate once again because without a chip, doctors won’t treat you, and insurance won’t cover you. Some aspiring politician will push for laws to require the lowlifes of society, pedophiles and child rapists, to be chipped for, we are told, “our own safety.”
Chips will be marketed as the next thing you can’t live without. For many people, as was the case with cell phones and iPods, the glitz, social pressure and promotions will outweigh the negatives like the loss of privacy and loss of unabated brain waves.

Squirm power :
No mandatory chips -- April 25, 2006

Ed: The System wants you to make your own politically correct  decision instead.
They want to monitor you to see how long it takes for you to "yield"
to all the economic, peer and survivalist pressures.
They love profiling your "will power". ( or lack thereof )
After all, this is a democracy, you know. No matter that they will starve you
into submission, and freeze your accounts and all access ability.
( Democracy with a velvet glove saying ...."It's your choice" ).

The Bible never says that the 666 MOB is mandated. It says, " he ( the false prophet )
CAUSES all .... to receive
a mark in their right hand or in their forehead " .....
Here too the choice is up to the individual

To "cause" means
to bring about a set of circumstances that makes it impossible to survive without the 666 Mark of the Beast
( no job, no rent money, no groceries, no utilities etc. etc. )

The Psalms remind us over and over again that the Lord protects all those who put their trust in Him. They will not be ashamed when the time comes. He has promised to be our Shield and our exceedingly great reward. Genesis 15:1 ...and for those who put their trust in Him,
He will bring us home .

...all animals identified ...forerunner to humans
"We are talking about a system that literally says from the time of their birth on through the entire chain, we will trace that animal until we can ascertain where the animal finally was processed," he said."
Traceback is already there," Zecchinelli. She contended the government is actually pushing the program, not to fight disease, but to benefit the electronic-chip industry and to help large commercial farmers, who won't be unhappy to see small farmers disappear.
"I think it's going to be the death knell for small farmers and the 4-H program," she said. "If I take a horse for a trail ride, I'm going to have to take a pencil and paper with me to record the premise ID number of the properties I cross over, and then report it within 24 hours on the Internet or on the telephone, with a $1,000 fine a day for non-compliance," she said.

God makes note of those who " sigh and cry " over abominations ( the unacceptable) and He grants them His special protection. Ezekiel 9: 4 .
We have emailed our Representive and President Bush stating our opposition to
HR 3170

If we don't take a stand today, what will it be like when they start to chip humans ? Get your spiritual-insurance NOW.

Contacting the White House

Contacting your Congressman http://www.house.gov/writerep/

Sample : We would like to ask you to stop NAIS ( National Animal Identification System --HR 3170 ) in any way that you can.   It is unreasonable in its scope and highly punitive.  
Animals already have external tags that have
supplied the information necessary for processing.  
This is draconian legislation and we are against it. It will put the small farmer out of business and leave only the big agri- businesses. It also will diminish 4 H Clubs, and it involves minutiae-recording by the average citizen, who cannot afford the stiff fines and penalties if not adhered to.  
Thank you for any measures you can take to prevent this legislation from passing.  
Sincerely, ________________________

And of course, it helps to pray that this NAIS legislation does not pass.!

Stop Animal ID
( practical solutions)

States oppose RFID -- April 21, 2006
"California, New Hampshire, Washington, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Missouri are some of the states that are looking at ways to reduce or stop the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags in smart cards and other forms of identification."

One Man's Opinion -- Chips ... April 20, 2006
RFID back-end processing in India ( Bangalore ) April 22, 2006

Keeping a database on AIDS - HIV patients - April 17, 2006
"The tags will be placed on all bottles of Trizivir® (an HIV medicine) distributed in the United States. When scanned at close range, the tags will help verify that the medicine bottle contains authentic Trizivir. This specific medicine was selected for the project because it has been listed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy as one of 32 drugs most susceptible to counterfeiting and diversion."

MasterCard PayPass ( NFC ) Customers fears -- April 17, 2006


Computerized Keys obtainable 24 - 7..... April 13, 2006
Ed: Obvious next question: If keys, then why not eventually people chipped 24 - 7 ??
"Car owners soon may be able to get replacement chip-implanted keys 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Senate Bill 1542, authored by state Sen. Carole Migden and scheduled to be heard before the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday, would require auto manufacturers to provide owners with electronic information that is programmed into modern ignition keys

e-commerce online increasing; how soon before chip-accessed ? -- April 14, 2006

RFID Control over World Cup fans
-- April 13, 2006
The absolute control of soccer fans is new;
"Organizers of the games in Germany, the 2006 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee, have required fans to provide a wealth of personal data when applying for cards online, including name, address, date of birth, nationality, number of ID card or passport and bank or credit card data.
Rumors have been afloat that security officials equipped with portable RFID scanning devices will be monitoring fans inside the stadiums.
Several of the World Cup stadiums, including the Allianz Arena in Munich, are equipped with RFID indoors, in addition to the gates.


The only thing that goes missing is our freedom ...
April 2006
"A web is being woven all around you. A web comprised of red tape and electronic surveillance. Bureaucrats are already tagging trees in the Pacific Northwest, so how long before they want to tag your kids, and grandma too, for their own good of course, in case they go missing.
But if this goes on the main thing that will be missing is your freedom

April 27 - 29 Seminar

How to take control over the rfid in your life -- April 14, 2006
"German group called FoeBud, which describes itself as a civil rights group for the digital age, is featuring an array of RFID-busting products in the organization's online store. Items include "deactivator nippers," which look remarkably like a common hole-punch, priced at about $7. The most popular item in the store has been a copper bracelet with a red light that blinks when it is near an RFID scanner, says Rena Tangens, FoeBud's founder. The store claims to have sold about a thousand bracelets so far at $18 each. "People think this is a cool gadget,". Tangens says"
Kelly Lum, 23, a computer-network engineer in Eatontown, N.J., recently bought a wallet online from a site called DIFRWear (RFID backward). The wallet has a metal insert designed to shield her radio-chip bank card from being read without her knowledge

Eric Caraszi, a 26-year-old computer programmer in Albany, N.Y., recently bought an RFID-proof wallet after having a conversation with a co-worker about different ways criminals might be able to exploit RFID-chip cards — from sneaky scans on crowded elevators to high-powered scanners on the roadside that could mine passing traffic. "
"For every smart person trying to make a lock, there is going to be an equally smart person trying to unlock that lock," he notes.

Digital Angel has record sales month for animal tags -- April 11, 2006
ED: It's amazing what a government mandate can do ( NAIS )
Note : 2 kinds of tags ... e-tags ( implanted internally ) and visual ( external ) tags
"We are also experiencing increases in visual tag purchases from our electronic tag customers who understand the need for visual tags as an augment to their e-tags"
While ranchers need the electronic system to create a permanent history and database for livestock, visual tags also play a role in easily identifying the animals, particularly in the early years of their lives.
"Even as the demand for
electronic tagging increases, it appears like visual tags will continue to play an important role," McGrath said. "Ranchers often need to be able to identify livestock visually and these tags play a vital role in the processing system. The visual identification tag business is a foundation of our business and remains so." [ "Fearing Duflex" visual tags ]
Ed: Another reason for visual tags is that e-tags can be hacked. So if they become irrelevant, then the System can rely on old-fashioned visual, IMO.

RFID tags suseptible to hackers' Virus -- March 2006

PIT tags

Digital Angel's
Bio-Thermo patented for animals-- April 10, 2006 ..... chip + sensor
ED: The one for humans is called "Thermo Life"
Digital Angel Corporation ... announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Company a patent for its Bio-Thermo(R) (temperature-sensing) implantable RFID microchip, a syringe-implantable microchip designed for non-laboratory applications that uses RFID technology to determine the body temperature of its host animal. Potential applications for the BioThermo chip include non-invasive monitoring of temperatures in cats, dogs, livestock and horses and early detection of infectious diseases such as Avian Bird Flu in poultry.

Ed: Measures variables in temperature ( IMO: what Halamka tested when mountain climbing )
"The technology allows veterinarians and animal owners to quickly, simply and accurately monitor changes in the temperature of an animal, which is often a reliable indicator of wellness.
... a study to test and document the correlation between the temperature measured by the subcutaneous microchip with other common forms of temperature measurement. This study is being discussed with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ed: Note that the name of the Patent does not specify animals;
and therefore it could also be used for human application
Patent: "Method and Apparatus for Sensing and Transmitting a Body Characteristic of a Host"

BioThermal on sale in UK, Japan and Phillipines -- April 10, 2006
Possibly: South Africa, Israel and Australia

Implanted Device -- April 10, 2006
EasyBand(R), a remotely adjustable gastric band for severe obesity, ....
"Endoart's technology ..... Remote adjustment allows precise and painless control of the device
With the banding procedure, an adjustable band is placed around the stomach to increase the feeling of satiety and reduce food intake. Both gastric bypass and gastric banding lead to similar results in terms of excess weight loss.

"We believe the innovative products developed by Endoart can play a major role in the fast growing obesity market," said Diego Braguglia, General Partner at Venture Incubator.

Endoart's innovative FloWatch(R) technology allows precise control of flow through organs and vessels via activation and control of a battery-free, implanted device that can be applied in a number of indications.

The Company has developed and marketed the only implantable telemetrically controlled devices to provide flow control through the organs or vessels of the body. These battery-free devices are powered, programmed and controlled remotely. Endoart's initial commercial focus is the EasyBand Telemetrically Adjustable Gastric Band,

Veil of Secerecy -- John C. Tanner
RFID virus for Gen 1 -- April 10, 2006
" researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science announced ... that they were able to kill an EPC Class 1 Gen 1 passive tag after hacking it and determining its kill password

In-Stat says that the number of RFID tags will grow from 1.3 billion in 2005 to 33 billion by 2010.
So a story indicating that all of this is susceptible to the same threats (more or less) as Windows XP is going to make headlines and raise eyebrows

RFID tags are a different matter. How much personal info goes into, say, a medical wristband? Who has access to it?
How do you check that the info is correct? How do you know when it's been compromised?
http://www.telecomasia.net/telecomasia/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=318820 "

Cashless Vending Machines and BioCard -- April 8, 2006
Ed: you may have to access this a couple of times, before it comes in.
"Unlike a credit card or debit card application, biometric payment technology requires that the user register and create a settlement account in a closed cashless payment environment in which each supplier has a network of merchants that are part of the system. In other words, negotiability is limited to acceptance only at locations connected to the source of settlement information"
The implementation of a fingerprint-secured, RFID contactless card is expected to be in circulation by mid-2006. This hybrid card has been designed with an onboard fingerprint scanner, embedded biochip and an RFID-enabled chip for controlling cashless transactions.
Developers of this
biometric payment card (biocard) claim it is compliant with ISO 14443 technical protocol and can be used wherever contactless payment technology is available."

VeriChip Report -- April 6, 2006

Given our plans, we anticipate that our VeriChip segments revenue mix will differ significantly from its historical revenue mix.
change in marketing plans should also result in an increase in our VeriChip segments future sales and marketing costs. "

Digital Angel ( tho referring to livestock, also supply VeriChip ( for people ) with their chips)
"We expect a national electronic identification program will be implemented in the United States by * January 1, 2009. * We cannot estimate the impact a national identification program would have on the Digital Angels revenue. However, if implemented, we would expect the impact to be favorable"

"RFID-enabled products and vibration monitors for use in a variety of healthcare, security, financial and identification applications from our VeriChip segment "

is one of the most sophisticated and secure
entry/exit access control systems available today.The system provides all of the security command and control functions that are necessary in today's high-risk environment and includes advanced 21st century biometrics, support for all electronic access/ID card families from simple magnetic-stripe through RFID cards to contact and contactless smart cards and all the way up to the super-secure Optical Cards.
MAXXNET2000(TM) has an extensive installed base with
installations in major international airports, regional prisons, corporate facilities, military sites, water treatment plants, and other infrastructure assets. Example sites include Denver International Airport, Anchorage International Airport, the J. G. Beacham Water Treatment Facility, Missoula Detention Center, Sterling Correctional Facility, and many others.

Siemens Building Technologies employs 7,500 people and provides a full range of services from over 100 locations in the United States. Worldwide, the company has 29,000 employees and operates in more than 42 countries
BSI2000, Inc. is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado. The Company designs, builds, and sells high-end security related products for the homeland defense, entry/exit access control, and identification markets. The Company develops and sells patented and patent-pending systems for identifying, authenticating, and tracking people and their activities by combining biometrics, electronic ID cards of various types, sensors, extensive embedded software, and advanced cryptography
More information on the company can be found at http://www.bsi2000.com .
BSI2000 products include the MAXXNET2000(TM) Entry/Exit Access Control System; the AQUA2000(TM) Water Treatment Facility Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, and Access Control System;
the CLEARID2000(TM) Electronic Fingerprint Scanning System;
the VERUS2000(TM) Green Card Authentication Device;
CIVILITAS2000(TM) Government Identification System;
and the
MICROBANKER2000(TM) Optical Bank Card System.

ID program or else -- April 5, 2006

Security risk slows RFID progress -- April 5, 2006
RFID chips and readers "talk to everybody"

"The problem, Ashton says, is that RFID chips and readers "talk to everybody" so it's possible for a hacker to use a "rogue reader" to gather information. And current standards do not provide for encryption of RFID transmissions.

"There's a lot of work to be done," says Ashton. He adds that it might take decades for the full RFID revolution to unfold, but it will happen eventually.

Be good to Dogs - April 4, 2006
Ed: Isn't chipping PEOPLE tethering them to a chain, too ??
"tethering animals for long periods is not only cruel but makes for vicious dogs.
“It really adds to animals’ hostility,” she said.
“If you
live your life on a chain, you’re going to be upset about that." "http://www.wacotrib.com/news/content/news/stories/2006/04/04/04042006waccounciladv.html

Connected 2016 A.D. --- April 4, 2006
"Soon enough, it will be hard not to get online, as embedded electronics in our clothing, environment, and possibly even our bodies will keep people constantly connected. "

CDRH approve 4 more medical devices from VeriChip -- March 31, 2006
VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), announced today that the recently released Fact Sheet for the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) recognized the VeriChip Implantable RF Transponder System as one of the most innovative products approved in 2005. The CDRH cited the VeriChip(TM), and four other devices, among the 38 Premarket Approval Applications for medical devices that the agency approved. The CDRH helps ensure that medical devices are safe and effective, and that products emitting radiation such as microwave ovens do not expose people to harmful levels.

Chip for Immigrants ?
No matter what, that 's wrong . Shades of National Socialism in the 30's.
DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 30, 2006--Applied Digital (NASDAQ:ADSX), a leading provider of identification and security technology, announced today that Scott R. Silverman, its Chairman and CEO, is scheduled to appear on CNBC's Squawk Box on Friday, March 31st during the 7:30 to 8 a.m. eastern time period. Mr. Silverman's in studio appearance will feature a discussion of the potential role that VeriChip and RFID technology could play in addressing security issues through providing identification for immigrants.

Applied Digital develops innovative identification and security products for consumer, commercial, and government sectors worldwide. The Company's unique and often proprietary products provide identification and security systems for people, animals, the food supply, government/military arena, and commercial assets. Included in this diversified product line are RFID applications, end-to-end food safety systems, GPS/Satellite communications, and telecomm and security infrastructure, positioning Applied Digital as the leader in identification technology. Applied Digital is the owner of a majority position in Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX: DOC - News).

Stanford Hospital / Clinics chooses VeriChip's Assetrac -- March 30, 2006
"March 30, 2006--VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), announced today that with the help of its long-standing partner, Prosec Protection Systems, Stanford Hospital and Clinics has selected VeriChip's Assetrac(R) System for the location and tracking of patient transport equipment within their 613-bed facility. Combining the latest in active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, infrastructure, and software, Assetrac is the proven leader in RFID-based asset control for healthcare facilities with over 15,000 Asset Tags in use today within U.S. healthcare.

Scheduled for installation in April by Prosec, the first phase of the Assetrac implementation will provide a combination of real-time and zone-based location of approximately 800 pieces of equipment tagged with VeriChip's active RFID Asset Tags anywhere within the hospital. By strategically placing RFID receivers throughout the facility, the system will be able to display equipment location on an electronic floor plan"

Palo Alto Hospital and Assetrac -- March 30, 2006
"Assetrac will provide a combination of real-time and zone-based location of approximately 800 pieces of equipment anywhere in the Palo Alto hospital, using Radio Frequency Indentification tags, receivers and software. Installation is scheduled for April "

Employee chips --April 3, 2006

Kennitala in Iceland -- March 29, 2006

EU Driver's License with microchip -- March 28, 2006

Dark analysis
Bran Ferran : Imagineering technologist (
formerly of Disneyland ) March 30, 2006

described a creepy near-future in which "database access will be built into human beings" so that we'll be popping pills encoded to clean out our arteries and Googling ex-girlfriends while appearing to wait in line at the bank.
"I guarantee you that within 25 years," Ferren says, "kids will ...... rather than by getting a piercing or a tattoo, by getting
a net job, and they'll just be wired all the time." http://www.mickeynews.com/News/DisplayPressRelease.asp_Q_id_E_3286Eisner

Sensors instead of Readers -- March 28, 2006

Euro currency-notes to be embedded with rfid -- March 28, 2006

Mobile banking and Financial services -- March 28, 2006

"Financial services like banking and stock trading have long been considered promising Internet services for the mobile phone; investors can give their portfolio immediate attention and trade when prices move in their favor, and phone hardware is ideal for entering numbers "
The temptation to gamble is more prevalent than ever with the convenience of mobile betting.
It would be better to NOT have a mobile phone, than to be
a slave to gambling and debt.
" If thy hand offend thee, cut it off " Mark 9:43 ... also meaning:
' cut off that which is in the power of your hand.

Artist takes RFID on the road -- March 26, 2006
All the goods will carry RFID chips, although the tagging is more symbolic than anything, as the chips won't track anything. However, [ Nancy ] Nisbet says she wants to draw attention to the technology's risks.
RFID chips are currently used for many things from tracking goods to reading data in smart cards. Many advocates worry the chips -- which may soon be embedded in all manner of consumer goods -- could be used for
surveillance or to gather information on an individual's purchasing habits.

FDA approves VeriChip for medical purposes -- Dec. 2, 2005
Ed : But what does God say ?? Rev. 14: 9-11
Medical data is not stored on the devices, also known as radio frequency identification chips. Rather, it's
stored in a database that links the chips' unique serial numbers with patient data. In its review, the FDA carefully studied the privacy issues around the technology, specifically the risk that medical records could be improperly disclosed, according to Applied Digital

Applied Digital, based in Palm Beach, Fla., also markets the VeriChip as an authentication tool for use in building security and to complete financial transactions
VeriPAY Financial Global System
Ed : Will this become the 666 Mark of the Beast of Rev. 13: 16-18 ? ]

The tags, which are inserted with a syringe, have been used to track pets and livestock for years, the company said.
[ Ed : So who wants to be branded like cattle ?? or like Nazi Germany 1938 ?? ]

with Liz McIntyre ( SpyChips ) by Rob Hood -- March 23, 2006
Includes Katherine Albrecht and Liz's explanation of VeriChip capabilities

"Next will be an implant to replace the card. Ever heard of the coming cashless society? It could be closer than you think. Microchip implants could take the place of currency, checks, and even credit cards leaving some people, particularly Christians very nervous.

Why do this leave Christians nervous you ask? In the last book of the Bible, Revelation, we are told that the Anti-Christ who will appear before the end of the world will require a mark on the right hand or forehead of all before they can buy or sell. A microchip implant sounds very suspicious. Right now we know that these RFID chips are not mandatory, but what would keep future leaders from changing that?

My co-author Katherine Albrecht and I have addressed the connection between RFID technology and widely-held Christian beliefs in another book titled
"The Spychips Threat: Why Christians Should Resist RFID and Electronic Surveillance."
Many Christians see the technology as potentially offering a fulfillment of the prophesies of John in the last book of the Bible. Revelation 13:16-18 predicts a time when people will not be able to buy or sell unless they receive a mark:
[The beast] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Revelation 13:16-17)

[ Ed: the above translation is not from the Authorized KJV which states
the mark will be " IN " the right hand or " IN " the forehead ; very accurate ]


From ISRAEL TODAY , author unknown June 21, 2005

NWO and an Unholy Trinity [ illustration included ]
" And for a visit to the doctor, the chip card contains all the pertinent information. The newest technology implants a microchip that no thief can steal. All the personal information, including the account balance, can be accessed through the implanted chip "
Theoretically, it makes life easier, and after all, it’s part of the technical advances of our days. But it foreshadows a time when in order to buy and sell, one will be required to carry the mark of the beast on his hand or forehead (Revelation 13:16-17). 

Of course these inventions were created to simplify our lives. But it’s precisely these unnoticed steps that may entrap many in the final apocalyptic goal.

And when everything is geared to unity—the world currency, the world government, etc.—the church will not be able to function independently and will finally become part of a world religion.
It begins with ecumenism and ends with a worldwide religion that won’t tolerate anything outside its parameters. In this way, the new League of Nations will slowly be transformed until one day it will be ruled by the Antichrist as its political head and by the false prophet as the world’s dictator. We are closer than we think.

IF I WORKED for an RFID Maker ... March 23, 2006
" There are reports of increasing the readability range of the unit by modifying the reader with a high-gain antenna "

Tagging sex offenders: It only helps the system, not the victim -- March 17, 2006
They still should be locked up in a jail

RFID tags can be hacked by worms, viruses -- March 15, 2006

You can be tracked anonymously by your cell phone

Lose your keys, lose your credit -- March 9, 2006

Implanted chip = medical history .. March 22, 2006

People ditching keys, getting chipped -- March 22, 2006
Ed: The following article highlights some very important facts concerning hand-chip implants.

1. It will be much more convenient for paying as you go ( by popular demand )

2. They are
not FDA approved, and therefore are hazardous to one's health.

3. Security can be hacked, making one very vulnerable to exposure

People ditching keys, getting chipped
"The FDA warns of risks, including
rejection or infection with any RFID implants. The FDA hopes that when it comes to the unapproved chips, "the physicians performing these procedures are doing so under proper clinical circumstances"
Ed : Please see Revelation 16:2 " noisome and grievous sore"

Ed: The above article refers to DIY ( Do It Yourself ) chip implants in the hand etc. Yet the physical consequences remain the same whether one self-injects their own hand with a chip, or even if a proper technician injects the chip...
it will still be
rejected by the body and cause a severe infection.

These DIYs are the canary in the mine shaft, as time will tell.
May it warn all those who would take the 666 Mark of the Beast.

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