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Tech Terms for multipurpose smart cards ...aka "all-in-one-card"
One's access to any and all of your personal databanks

ANSI = American National Standard Institute

ATM = Automatic teller machines ( kiosks )

CAC = Common Access Cards

CoE = Centre of Excellence ( same as main database)

COS = Chip Operating System

EBT = Electronic Benefits Transfer ( government money)

EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer ( private accounts transfers )

e- ID = electronic ID; is also a passport, driver's license; medical databank access; e-banking;

EMV = EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa ...contactless cards with NFC

FIPS = Federal Information Processing Standards

GMPC = Government multipurpose card consortium

Government Service Centre = main database

GSA = General Services Administration ( government dispenser of programs)

GSA Administrator = David Barram

GSM = Global Systems for Mobile Communication

HSHD 12 = Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 = interoperability of access, data

IS = Interoperability Specifications; interconnectedness of "keys" and databases

Match-on-Card = offline authetication for security; unhackable

MEPS = multifunctional electronic payment system

A multifunctional smart card is a plastic ID card with a microprocessor in it that has memory and can compute financial transactions.

A national ID card is a smart card with multifunctionality, one of which is to make all financial transactions in a virtual world ( a cashless society).

NFC = Near Field Communication ; prox cards ( proximity); touch n' go; tap n' go.

NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology

PIV = Personal Identity Verification

A multipurpose smart card has PKI .
PKI = Public Key Infrastructure, meaning it has "keys" that open up public transactions

POS = Point of sale in retail etc.

REAL ID = American version of the National ID card

A smart card is an IC card containing an Integrated Circuit.

SET = Secure Electronic Protocol, Cryptography and user Authentication

SIM = Subscriber Identity Module

SIN = Social Insurance Number ( Canadian social security number )

Ed: Since all of our Social Security numbers are becoming obsolete, perhaps "SIN" will one day mean " System Identification Number" ... or "Solution ID number" meaning your personal unique number on your subdermal chip or your e-ID card.
This of course will give an added meaning to the term "man of SIN" as found in
2 Thessalonians 2.

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