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The Sanhedrin and the New Temple

"The holy place"

The Basics :

Jeremiah 3:16 tells us NOT to regard the Ark of the Covenant anymore.
Jeremiah Chapter 7 tells how the Temple building cannot be above genuine personal spirituality.
Hebrews 9 tells us of a New and Better Covenant --- Hebrews 8: 6

Matthew 23 speaks of "greater damnation" to those demanding legalistic religion ( ritual )
Micah 6:8 speaks of the only necessity for both Jews and Gentiles
Mark 12: 29- 34 tells us of the 2 Greatest Commandments of all :
Deuteronomy 6 : 5 , and the Royal Law of James 2:8 )
(in which
all of the law is contained.)

The Noahidic Laws are being used as tools to form a State-religion, complete with Rabbinical Courts.
The Sanhedrin is the ultimate form of legalism and was responsible for the death of Jesus.
"He who delivered me to you has the greater sin"
Matthew 19:11
( The Court of injustice )

Is this the "Synagogue of Satan" .....
who say they are Jews but are not ?
Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9

Jerusalem is Not to be regarded as the center of Spirituality until the Lord returns
Jeremiah 3:17.

Previous to our Lord's return, Jerusalem is as "Sodom and Egypt ".
Rev. 11:8

Yeshua : the Living TABERNACLE www.domini.org/tabern/john.htm

"The kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy
in the Holy Ghost." -- Romans 14:17

"Let no man therefore judge you in meat or drink" -- Colossians 2:16
"Let no man beguile you" -- Colossians 2:18

"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving;
for it is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer." 1 Timothy 4:1-- 5

ACTS Chapter 10 tells us to eat all foods in like manner.

From the Newswires: fair educational use

Noahide Laws, Courts and Council -- Jan. 10, 2006
This editor's comments in red :
Who made these men-of- clay to be judge and divider over us, with their own Council and Court system ???
When people do not practice self-discipline in their own lifestyle, they seek an external form of manipulation to apply discipline, whether it is righteous or not. Following arbitrary rules does not count for righteousness
( remember Eichman ) .
Following our own enlightened conscience --
guided by the Holy Spirit-- counts for righteousness.
We are to obey God, rather than men. Acts 5:29
Noahide laws are man-made enforcements.

Why do Noahides apply rules to the whole human race when nobody elected them, nor wants their rules ?? We have the 10 commandments.
"B'nai Noach, literally "Children of Noah," also known as Noahides, are non-Jews who take upon themselves the Torah's obligations for all members of the human race."

"children of Noah " ....
"Bud Gill, Billy Jack Dial, Andrew Overall, Adam Penrod, Jacob Scharff, Chairman Larry Borntrager,
Honorary Noahide Council Elder Vendyl Jones, Tennessee Noahide Community Head Jack Saunders and Council Speaker Jim Long. .......
"While the people of the world are all different units in the armies of the Lord, we are a special commando unit that maybe doesn't get paid more, but has special assignments that may be more dangerous"

absolute totalitarianism
* the Noahide Council cannot be doubted or criticized due to its pure motives and unprecedented mission.*

Quote: "The more noble the deed, the more devious the motive."

"Famed archaeologist and Noahide leader Vendyl Jones addressed a festive banquet held for the Council members, speaking about the Seven Laws of Noah....."
V.Jones: "How can you be G-d's partner if you are damned and born with original sin? "
Ed :
Simple. Confess your sin to Jesus and
accept His blood-atonement at the Cross for reconciliation with God .

Goyem Uniting with Rome ( Vatican ? Catholics ?) , and with Islamic Law and the Torah
vs. Bible-Believers

"Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a leader of the Italian Muslim Assembly, addressed the assembly, speaking about B'nai Noah in Islam: "Islamic law holds within it the seven laws of Noah and can be taught correctly to the Muslims of the world"

When did Noah ever have a court system ???
"Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, who received the blessing of leading hareidi-religious Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv to engage in the project of creating a court and infrastructure for B'nai Noah,"

Uniting with Common Cause ( political correctness applied)
He spoke on the topic of "B'nai Noah and World Peace."

Ed: THIS is the real reason why the 10 commandments are being torn-down across the land of Christian-America, which are based on true justice. They will be replaced with Noahide laws.

Today, the "laws of Noah" ( never existed as interpreted here ) are based on punitive vengeance.
They are non-Biblically applied.
Jesus gave a NEW Commandment in the NEW Testament that overruled Noahide laws.
Acts 10.
God's rule is based on righteousness of conscience ... not pusillanimous manipulations.
"This is the Light ( Jesus, not Noah ) which enlighteneth every man who comes in to the world "
John 1

Sanhedrin and Noahides to have first session Jan. 9, 2006

Covenant of B'nai Noah and their pact

High Priest's Blue Robe

Non- Jews to form a Council for Noahidic laws --
Sept. 29, 2005
Granting themselves authority over those who do not want to be under their authority
Ordination in January of 2006
B'nai Noach, literally "Children of Noah," known as Noahides, are non-Jews who take upon themselves the Torah's obligations for non-Jews - consisting of seven laws passed on from Noah following the flood, as documented in Genesis (see below
Bar-Ron organized a small conference in California where six of the council's future members were selected and also addressed the annual convention of the Vendyl Jones Research Institute - one of the Noahide organizations represented on the council. At the VJRI convention, Bar-Ron met five more of the Noahide leaders who will be joining the council.

The purpose of the council, which was the brainchild of Rabbi Avraham Toledano, is to assist the B'nei Noach in their struggle to observe the word of G-d. "The goal is to unify, serve and organize all kosher B'nei Noach communities of the world under a single body that can operate under the direct authority and supervision of the Sanhedrin," the decision to establish the body reads. "To form a vessel through which the Torah, from Zion (via the Sanhedrin) can effectively serve non-Jewish communities around the world."

A third goal of the creation of the High Council and the Sanhedrin's efforts in regard to the Noahide community, is to "transform the Noahide movement from a religious phenomenon - a curiosity many have not heard of - into a powerful international movement that can successfully compete with, and with G-d's help bring about the fall of, any religious movement but the pure authentic faith that was given to humanity through Noach, the father of us all," said emissary Bar-Ron

Tunnel Find under the Temple Mount---
Sept. 27, 2005
The new tourist center snakes underground, adjacent to the path of the Western Wall, the last remaining retaining wall of the Temple. When the center is opened in a few weeks, visitors will be presented with a sound and light show of Jewish biblical history, highlighting recent discoveries of artifacts and infrastructure dating back thousands of years, including one of the world's oldest aqueducts
Known to Jews as the Temple Mount, the site is considered so holy [
Ed: " the holy place" Matthew 24: 15 ] that many observant Jews won't go to the site for fear of defiling it. Known to Muslims as Haram as-Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary [ Ed " where it ought not' Mark 13:14 ] , the site is now home to the Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques and is revered by Muslims as the place where the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

The shrine, which is adjacent to the Western Wall, is one of the most sensitive in the Mideast conflict, and has often been the catalyst of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Both Israel and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capitals

In 1996, then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized the opening of an archaeological tunnel alongside the compound, triggering Palestinian riots in which 80 people were killed.
Jewish religious decrees forbid digging in the compound, for fear archaeologists would inadvertently enter the
"holiest of holies," the most sacred site in the temple, he said.

Finding the Ark of the Covenant Right on Schedule -- May 19, 2005
Throughout the many years of his quest, [ Vendyl ] Jones has been in close contact and under the tutelage of numerous Rabbis and Kabbalists. Extremely knowledgeable in Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah sources dealing with Holy Temple issues, Jones has now received permission from both known and secret Kabbalists to finally uncover the lost ark.
[ Ed: But has Vendyl read Jeremiah 3: 16 ? ]
Dr. Jones, who divides his time between Texas and Israel, has been here since March 9th ready to finally reveal the Ark.
As recently as last month, the rabbi, who only communicates via messenger, told Jones that the time was not yet right to discover the Temple vessels.[ Ed : not until the 2 Thessalonian, Chapter 2 demonstration ]
Last Thursday, however, Dr. Jones received a communication from the rabbi reading, “The time is right.”
[ Still waiting ]
Armed with this and other blessings, Jones is now excited to uncover his life's pursuit. He believes the ark will be discovered by Tisha B'Av , a day of repeated tragedy in Jewish history. Most notably, it is the anniversary of the destruction of both the First and Second Holy Temples.
He says that applying biblical analysis to modern times points to major events that will “turn the world right-side-up.”
[ Ed Isaiah said it would all be upside-down in the last days "

Jerry Golden on Finding the Ark

R. Adin Steinsaltz to head Sanhedrin
June 7, 2005
As parades filled the streets of Jerusalem Monday - Jerusalem Day -
( 6-6-05 )  the reestablished Sanhedrin convened in the city to elect a Nassi and representatives to lead it.

The current format of the Sanhedrin is an attempt to renew the historic Sanhedrin, Judaism's highest legal-religious tribunal during Holy Temple times. The 71-man assembly convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers, and existed from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. The renewed body was launched last year in Tiberias, now convenes in Jerusalem, and is still struggling to gain wide acceptance and legitimacy in the Torah world.

Since its launching last October 04 in Tiberias, where it last convened 1,600 years ago, it has met in Jerusalem on a monthly basis. In addition, various committees have met more often to discuss issues such as determining the exact location of the Holy Temple, the establishment of courts of non-Jews who accept the Seven Laws of Noah, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to uproot the Jewish communities of Gaza and northern Samaria, and many more.

In Israel, Rabbi Steinsaltz is the Dean of the "Mekor Chaim" network of schools, which encompasses kindergarten through high school.
Also present at the meeting on Monday, though not seated in the 71-seat semi-circular row of chairs, was famed archaeologist Dr. Vendyl Jones. He is working with the Sanhedrin to establish a system of courts for non-Jews adhering to the Seven Laws of Noah, which the Torah obligates all of humanity to follow. One of those laws is to establish courts of justice. A high court has been established by the Sanhedrin for such purposes, and a subsidiary of that court will soon be established in the United States as well.

beith-din.com web site.

Editor's comment : "Stone" Jews vs. Messianic Jews

The Talmud is the work of man. It is against Jesus Christ Who is Truth, therefore it can not lead to Truth.

In researching the Talmud, we here at Hope To The End want to stress the fact that Jews who are circumcised in heart
are true Jews who look for Messiah-Yeshua Jesus. They are our brethren.
Romans 2:29

Jews who are legalistic and anti- Jesus are no different than the "stones" John the Baptist referred to. Matthew 3:9 ; Luke 3:8 .
Jesus reveals legalistic Jews to be of the synagogue of Satan :
those "who say they are Jews but ARE NOT."
Their content defies the label.
They are not our brethren.

Those words, "but are not", were spoken within the letter to the Smyrna Church , the martyrs

Rev. 2:9 and
also to the Church of Philadelphia, the Messianic Jews who have the key of David
Rev. 3:9

Just as there are "wheat and tares" within the Church, there are also "wheat and tares" amongst the Hebrew people.
Matthew 13 : 25-40

Under the Noahidic Laws, Christians can be decapitated for following Jesus.

The Seven Noahide Laws
posted by StichinCricket

"While Jews are commanded to observe hundreds of laws, non-Jews are expected to follow seven that are presumed to date from the time of Noah. Judaism regards any non-Jew who keeps these laws as a righteous person who is guaranteed a place in the world to come.

1. Not to deny God.

2. Not to blaspheme God.

3. Not to murder.

4. Not to engage in incestuous, adulterous, bestial or homosexual relationships.

5. Not to steal.

6. Not to eat a limb torn from a living animal.

7. To set up courts to ensure obedience to the other six laws.

The Talmud also states the
penalty for disobedience: "One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)"

Found on message board:
"It has been pointed out that the second Noahide Law which prohibits blasphemy will preclude the worship of Jesus Christ, who was once accused of this very crime by the Sanhedrin.
Gee, and everyone is wondering where this is all heading. Hmm....let's see, Christians won't recant Jesus Christ to worship the coming so-called "Messiah" (Antichrist), so they're going to have their heads lopped off. It's all biblical everyone. We were already warned about the persecution. It makes sense now how they might implement this mandate later. From "Cricket"

What is the Talmud ?
The Talmud is intended to do more than simply restate the law; the material is meant to connect the laws to everyday life, and to give practical instruction. The Talmud presents the opinions of the scholars, and presents their debates over each topic, no matter how mundane or inane. Its purpose was to complement the Torah,
but it came to supplement (not displace) it

What is the Mishnah ? Oral Law written down. It is TRADITION.
" But during the Roman occupation of Israel—an occupation arguably more hazardous to the Jewish people than the Nazi Holocaust, because it sought the spiritual ,
rather than merely the physical, destruction of the Jewish people—there was a genuine threat that the mesorah, the chain of tradition, would be irrevocably broken. In response to this unprecedented threat, Rabbi Judah the Prince organized and wrote down a large part of the Oral Law. This text became known as the Mishnah (Hebrew for repetition, or instruction)."

The most important function of the Talmud, however, the feature which makes its study
a religious rite, is that it seeks to establish the halakhah, the details of the divinely revealed law that govern the life of a Jew.[ Ed : State-religion ]

The Talmud is anti-Jesus Christ


The Messianic Jews who are here during the Great Tribulation will be under severe persecution.
Revelation 12:17
Although Satan the Dragon will instigate that persecution, it will be carried out by man.
Will the Sanhedrin condemn and execute Messianic Jews ? Are they the "Synagogue of Satan " ? Time will tell.

The Separation of Church and State is wholesome and healthy.
Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,"

It insures the fact that all citizens of the State are not criminalized for not following Jewish legalism, or for following a false Christianity, or for endorsing punitive Islamic codes. Neither are we forced into paganistic beliefs and practices.

State-Religion is the ultimate tyranny, suffocating any freedom to practice one's daily living habits according to their own Faith.

Nations who founded their laws on Judeo-Christian
principles ( not minutiae) prospered and advanced in culture more than other cultures, and lived under enviable freedom.
Such was America before modernity.

State-Religion kills the spirit. State-Religion kills freedom and most of all, State-religion kills anyone
who doesn't conform to politically-correct legalism.

Those who adhere to pharisaical legalism are punitive and bitter, making arbitrary rules for the sole purpose of catching people in "crimes against the State" ( so called.).
Their proponents relish in unjust-"justice" with which to avenge all their bitterness and hate that consumes their lives of hollow ambition. All who bear grudges and nurse exaggerated hurts, and are filled with paranoia flock to punitive-legalism, for the sake of legalism.

The Temple Institute http://www.templeinstitute.org/sanhedrin-declaration.htm


New Sanhedrin -- June 9, 2005

Sanhedrin : anoint the False Messiah ? -- Donna Dana ( a good read)

Sanhedrin writing the procedures -- January 15, 2005

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Annie's "Ark of the Covenant" page

Legal-tribunal ( Sanhedrin) launched in Tiberias
October 2004

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, head of Temple Institute :
"Our Talmudic Sages describe the ten stages of exile of the Sanhedrin from Jerusalem to other locations, until it ended in Tiberias - and this is the place where it was foretold that it would be renewed, and from here it will be relocated to Jerusalem."

Moshe Katzav calls for Sanhedrin
October 16, 2001


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Rabbi [ Yisrael Meir ] Lau, who survived the Holocaust at the age of 7, was a co-winner of this year's Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement, and was described by the award committee as "a central and admired figure in Israeli society and in the world. His personality serves as a model for bringing religious and secular closer together, and for bridging Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, and between various religions."
A large crowd took part in Thursday's installation ceremony in the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv

He promised to do all he could to raise the banner of Torah study in the city, and to work on behalf of the city's 544 synagogues

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