Hope To The End

Sufficient for Today

For Yesterday I shall not fret, nor fill my heart with vain regret,
It's disappointments, cares and fears are hidden with the passing years.

God has them safe in His care, and trustingly I leave them there.
Tomorrow holds for me no fear, It's problems all will seem quite clear

When Christ, my inner guide, and I shall face them.  So I do not sigh
but calmly trust the coming day to Him who always knows the way.

And since God holds my past secure and keeps my future safe, I'm sure
that in Today-- this very hour--- His love, His wisdom and His power

Are in my heart and there abide, to comfort, bless, sustain and guide.
So for Today I know there'll be sufficient strength and grace for me,

Sufficient wisdom for each task, and more than this I cannot ask,
Just for Today, sufficient store of all I need. Who could want more?   
                                                             Evelyn Gage Browne                                                                      
I know not what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow

Sorrow is but a guest of the night, yet JOY comes in the morning

Psalm 30:5

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