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Dust Storm Phoenix, Arizona
"The mile-high dust storm moved between speeds of 50 and 60 mph and appeared to be nearly 100 miles wide, according to the Weather Service's radar
I've been (in Arizona) for nearly 33 years, and I've never seen as thick a coating of dust, on streets and cars, as this one," Ellis said.
"I've never seen anything like it before."
Valley Fever spores, the cause of the infection, are carried in dust.
"People with depressed immune systems, including people on chemotherapy and those infected with HIV, are especially at risk."
On average, the symptoms of Valley Fever remain for six months and are marked by pronounced fatigue, flu-like symptoms and coughs.

North Carolina

The outbreak was also the second to strike the South in fewer than two weeks. On April 16, a similar system of violent thunderstorms spawned about 140 tornadoes, killing 22 people in North Carolina.

Monster Alabama Tornado -- "The Perfect Storm"
....." stretched across Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia—
"Rotating thunderstorms—known as super cells—spawn tornadoes. In the South on Wednesday ( April 27, 2011 ) , such storms spawned an outburst of a hundred or more twisters, which barreled through six states and killed at least 283 people.
"This is a history-making tornado outbreak," Masters said. "You don't see many like this."

The mile-wide (1.6-kilometer-wide) Tuscaloosa tornado may have had winds exceeding 260 miles an hour (418 kilometers an hour), which would make it an F5 storm on the Fujita scale

Tornado season
"Despite the slow start, tornado season jumped into action with 24 reported tornadoes on Feb. 24 and 17 more over the past two days. The year's first tornado-related death occurred yesterday (Feb. 28) in Franklin County, Tennessee.
"the peak tornado season runs through July and twisters can strike at any time."

More than 300 died from Tuscaloosa, Alabama tornado

Joplin, Missouri

153 deaths from Joplin tornado http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/13/us-weather-tornado-missouri-idUSTRE75C5T920110613

15 dead from Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma tornado --

Hurricane Season runs from June 1, --November 30th

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