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"No chip for me,
I want to be free!"

An open letter:
There is only one forbidden chip and it is called VeriChip.  It is subdermal. (underneath the skin). It is to be implanted in the right hand or in the forehead to confirm biological ID.

When encrypted with medical information, your unique number and encryption are fed into a medical systems database called "VeriMed". Those databases are housed in Riverside, California and Owings, Maryland.
VeriChip is intended for use in the e-commerce System.

The databases are many, although the powers that be, TPTB, are working night and day to have a person's many databases all interconnected, for immediate networking.( Global to local )

The title of the company is APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.
A. It is APPLIED to any and all databases.
B. It is all computerized ( DIGITAL alpha-numerically encrypted )
C. and it is the "final" SOLUTION when applied to various existing mega-databases:
medical, e-commerce etc.)
Someday it will be a globally enclosed financial system, attached to the number 666. It will then be called "The Mark of the Beast" and it will be forbidden, on the pains of the eternal Lake of Fire . Rev. 14 : 9--11

The International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation used to have a saying in the 80's that went like this:
"The SYSTEM is the Solution".

The interconnected networking and databases that hem us all in, label us, analyze, dissect, profile and presume our motives and intentions (as in "Minority Report") is the so-called "solution" to enslaving all of us. We are made to become cogs in a global-wheel; and our pre-determined fate rests in their authoritarian, totalitarian elitist hands. No wonder God warned us about all of this long ago.

God is an All Supreme Being and He knows every thought and intent of the heart. All databases pale in His infinite knowledge. Almighty God --- as Supreme Being ---does one thing that the SYSTEM can never ever do --- God cares about each one of us. To Him, we are not a number in a universal System; we are
blood-bought individuals in the eyes of our Father.

Because of that loving care, God gave all of us a free will. A free will in order to choose to love Him freely, without constraint. He compels our love by having sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, and in our place, upon a cruel cross that the Romans felt was the "final solution".

It was not final. Jesus rose on the third day and is even now seated at the right hand of the Father, and
"ever lives to make intercession for us". He pleads daily in our behalf. He has the MAJORITY report: for where sin abounds, grace does more abound.

The System hates God, and it hates free-will and freedom, and it wants to enslave mankind in a leviathan of numbers and presumptuous-profiles. How arrogant of little clay-man to shake his dusty little fist at God.

But God will have the last laugh as it says in
Psalm Two. All mankind will be freed on that day. "Free at last !"

But until that day, the noose is getting tighter and tighter. Those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ are promised a 
deliverance from that SYSTEM before the knot is tied. Those who doubt, will stay for the "15 rounds". It is all a matter of free will, and of a personal loving response to God's great and proven love.

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