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SmartMetric : Offline Biometric Authentication / verification ( print version )

Are You Who you say you are ?


On May 15th, 2006 President Bush asked for biometric ID verification for all legal foreign workers.
This of course is another way of saying that ALL workers will need ID verification in order to weed out those who do not qualify.
On May 17th, 2006 SmartMetric announced their smartcard that solves all ID "solutions".

"SmartMetric issues smart card with onboard fingerprint scanner "
"We believe our technology to be the ultimate solution for safe, assured financial authorizations"

"Powerful, yet powerfully simple, the card eliminates the need for manual data entry in all kinds of Web-based financial transactions. Yet its security cannot be circumvented by any conventional means. The user simply slides the card through a USB card reader, then touches a fingerprint scanner embedded into the card's surface. The card automatically matches the impression with the digital fingerprint signature stored on the card. Once the identity of the user is established, payment is authorized."

" In recent months, Wall Street-based SmartMetric has gained attention for its technology from financial institutions, corporations, even the federal government. The company's breakthrough wallet-sized device is similar in size and thickness to a conventional credit card; on the card, however, is a microchip/sensor unit capable of reading any fingerprint, even ones that are dirty or calloused."

"The SmartMetric card not only eliminates the need to enter PINs, account numbers or other personal information, but also it creates new options for banks and savings and loans. "The SmartMetric card can turn PCs into ATMs," he states. "With authorization virtually assured, funds can be safely transferred over the Internet onto debit cards -- in effect an 'electronic purse.' This kind of use has been proven for years in Europe, where 'chip cards' are a common way of carrying electronic money."

Then Mayor Bloomberg stated that we should have a centralized database with everyone's ID information available online.

Then came the news of the VA identification data being "misplaced".

This caused sufficient enough scare for SmartMetric to announce that they  had a better solution ---OFFLINE authentication.

The SmartMetric card can verify a person's identity without having to go Online. It is considered "tamperproof". How do they do this ? Because all the biometric verification factors are contained within the card itself.

SmartMetric biometrics has a SENSOR placed within the smart card. A person places his
finger ( for a print )  upon the sensor which then stores that digital fingerprint in the microcomputer chip, which is also embedded within the same smart card. From that point on, only the
biometric-fingerprint matching the digital fingerprint stored on the microprocessor will validate who that card holder truly is.

So the SmartMetric application bypasses online verification, and is considered "tamperproof", or unhackable.

It is rather amazing that as the call went forth, the solution was right there. Also amazing is the fact that as the VA data problem arose, the solution too was right there. Amazing how everyone is on the same page.

SmartMetric claims that they are ready right now for "large-scale deployment " of this biometric application.

While technologically smartcards may be considered "smart"  .... in the end, they are not WISE cards.

For the Bible tells us that he who has WISDOM  counts ( computes ) the number of the beast and his number is 666. Only the wise will know that  .... whether it be with a subdermal chip in the right hand ( or forehead) , or whether it be with a smartcard :
no one can TRANSACT  666 finances with either the Mark ( injected chip in right hand or forehead ) , nor the image, nor the
name , nor the number of the beast. ( I,N,N, Image, Name or Number )

For to TRANSACT in accordance with the beast's 666 economic system IS to worship the beast.
We are not to worship the beast ( follow-ship )
That is the first and foremost command given by the third angel in
Rev. 14: 9-11.
The first part of that command is always the most important part.

 Here are some Scriptures encouraging us to go beyond  mere knowledge to understanding :

" The people who do not UNDERSTAND shall fall " -- Hosea 4:14

" And they that UNDERSTAND among the people shall instruct many " -- Daniel 11:33

" And to love Him [ God ]  with all the heart, and with all the UNDERSTANDING, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbor as himself, is more than whole burnt offerings and sacrifices." Mark 12:33

The more we all update ourselves concerning technology  ( regarding the e-purse system )  the more we will be alert to the hazards of 666 financing . The more we apply ourselves to learning, the more we will understand and not be deceived.

As, we said earlier, the smartcard has very dangerous potential for transacting in the name, number or image of the beast.

The two things about the smartcard that are most perilous are these: 
1. Transactions can morph from innocent to sinful, by simply applying a different configuration.
2. People who use these cards will more readily want the subdermal 666 chip in the right hand or forehead for even more "security".

Both 666 applications --- either by injected chip or smartcard--- will cost one his very soul. Do we have friends, relatives, associates who do not realize these things ? Sharing with them before we go will help them too to understand ......

"And their works do follow them" Rev. 14:13

SmartMetric and e-voting -- Nov. 7, 2006

Are You Who you say you are ?
SmartMetric, Inc. a Wall Street company has developed a means to reliably answer this deceptively simple question. It has developed the world's first practical fingerprint microchip/sensor for use in any type of wallet-sized plastic card-credit cards, ID cards, smart cards, drivers licenses, passports and more

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