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Our REFERENCE GUIDE to REVELATION --- a 4 Part series
Part four : Revelation Chapters 20 through Chapter 22

Audio series on the Book of Revelation -- David Guzik
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Pastor Guzik Study Notes

20. Chapter Twenty: The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem, Israel

Matthew Henry http://www.somd.com/bible/henry/H66C020.shtml
AUDIO http://www.enduringword.com/library_commentaries.html
David Guzik on CD-ROM www.enduringword.com
Hisgalus 20 http://sg.geocities.com/shenlan.geo/Torah/12-stone-chosen.html

After the final battle of Armageddon, Jesus will come to the Mount of Olives to begin His 1,000 year reign

Video surveillance camera on the Mt. of Olives

"And every eye shall see Him " Rev. 1

This Chapter refers to the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ from His throne in Jerusalem, Israel. This is referred to as the "Millennial Reign" It will be a time of great peace, and Satan will be bound during that time in the bottomless pit, the abyss.

The Last Temptation of mankind
After the 1,000 years are over, Satan will be unleashed for one last rebellion against the saints, and against the Lord's kingdom in Jerusalem.
But God destroys all those people who follow Satan and who rebel against the Lord's kingdom. They will be destroyed in the same manner as when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
(Genesis 19:24) .... fire coming down from heaven.
Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire and brimstone forever.

This passage tells us that the Beast and the False Prophet
and the 666 crowd all PRECEDE Satan and his angels into hell by 1,000 year.
(also see
Matthew 25: 41)

AUDIO Teaching: Pastor Guzik --- Chapter 20 of Revelation

Text www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Rev/Rev020.html

21. Chapter Twenty-One: A new Heaven and a New Earth

Aglow with gems http://geology.com/gemstones/gems

The New Jerusalem hopetotheend.com/saints.html

Matthew Henry http://endarcher.com/revelation/21.html

AUDIO Sermon and HYMNS of the Bride of the New Jerusalem WWSB http://www.ccel.org/wwsb/Revelation/21.html

John Brown http://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/john_brown/rev/chap21.html

Heaven has an inside and an outside. Outside the gates are : the fearful, the unbelieving, the abominable, murderers and whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars.

AUDIO Teaching: Pastor Guzik Chapter 21 of Revelation

TEXT Rev. 21

22. Chapter Twenty-two ( last chapter in Revelation ) :
Throne of God with river and trees ;
God IS Light

Poplar trees - Arutz 7

Trees for healing : 22:2
The Poplar Tree for healing cancer
The researchers, from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, have successfully identified and isolated a new protein from the poplar tree with special structural and qualitative characteristics. These can be used in the future development of nanocapsules, enabling drug delivery to cancer cells.

Called SP-1, the protein has a nanometric, 'bagel-shaped' structure, which is extremely stable. It has been found to be capable of surviving contact with enzymes that break down proteins or exposure to extreme conditions such as boiling, excessive acidity, salinity, organic solvents or detergent solutions.
Because the protein is obtained from plant tissue, it can be produced in large quantities, making it highly available for medicinal or other applications.

Cancer: Prostrate and Bone
By attaching an antibody-based structure designed to recognize specific cancer cells directly to a T-cell receptor, Esh-Har produced custom-modified cells, dubbed T-bodies, which are effective in both finding and killing cancer cells
low doses of radiation or a specific chemotherapy drug. Both treatments cause some disruption in the bone marrow, the intended target of the T-bodies. In response, the bone marrow sends out a chemical distress signal to the immune system. This signal not only alerts immune cells such as T-cells to the danger, but assists them in homing in on the problem area and in passing through barriers that might otherwise prevent them from getting into the bone marrow tissue.

Rev. 22: 16 "I AM the Bright and Morning Star"

Matthew Henry http://www.apostolic-churches.net/bible/mhc/revelation/22.html

R.A. Taylor Commentary http://www.apocalipsis.org/rev-22.htm

"dogs" = unbelievers, Third warning given about who will remain outside the gates of heaven
Revelation 21: 8 .... Revelation 21: 27 and Revelation 22: 15.

"whoremongers" here is meant the literal interpretation ... any unlawful sex.

"Come Lord Jesus" in the Greek is the word "Maranatha" (used in 1 Corinthians 16:22)
What John is saying here is that despite all the horrific judgements and despite all the deaths during the Great Tribulation, "Even so, Come Lord Jesus".

Planet Earth will never be governed properly until the true Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ comes to earth.
"And the government shall be upon His shoulder"... "Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon His kingdom, to order it and to establish it with judgement and with justice from henceforth even for ever."
Isaiah 9:6,7

AUDIO Teaching: Pastor Guzik--- Chapter 22 of Revelation

TEXT Rev. 22

Jesus' Final Warning
Given by
Dr. Carl F.H. Henry -- January, 1978
at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Washington, D.C.

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There are many pastors with excellent explanations of the Bible, and they can be found at:
hopetotheend.com/linkspg2.html and at hopetotheend.com/spiritual.html

Different viewpoints:

Was Matthew 24 totally fulfilled by the year 70 A.D. ? ( preterists - view ) ...answer : NO

"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the Last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying,
"Where is the promise of His coming ? For since the fathers fell asleep [
70 AD ] ,all things continue as they were
from the beginning of Creation.....beware lest you also, being led away with the error of the wicked fall from your own stedfastness."
2 Peter 3: 3, 4 + 17

From Brent, with our additions :
"There are three schools of thought concerning the end times.
1.Premillennial = These are thoughts that Jesus will return before the millennium
2. Postmillennial = Jesus will return after the millennium ( after the 1,000 years ) ; and
3. Amillennial = or that He will not return at all, but lives in us and that is the return of Christ.

The post-millennial believers believe that Christ will only return to a world that God [ especially with our help] has reconstructed, after everything has been re-made, such as a new heaven and a new earth.
Amillennial believers think that all the scriptures are figurative that deal with a physical return of Christ, and that the indwelling presence [ of Believers ] is the return of Christ."
---Brent [ HTTE additions in bold print ]

Here is how we see it:
The Premillennial perspective has three variations. Most evangelical Christians hold to one of these positions:

1. Pre-tribulation = They see the Rapture as occurring at Rev. 4:1 ; We do NOT believe that.

2. Mid-tribulation = We at Hope To The End see the Rapture in Rev. 11: 15--19. Our perspective is : Mid-Trib.( 3 1/2 years remaining)
3. Pre-wrath = We at Hope To The End also believe that there will be a later Rapture at Rev. 16: 15 ..the Cock Crowing Rapture
Only God knows when.  https://hopetotheend.com/ccr.html

We do NOT see this as occurring:

4. Post tribulation. = Those in Organized Religion have a hard time accepting the Rapture, and will say only that if it is to occur, then only at the very end of the Tribulation period, when Jesus returns to earth. We fail to see this event as a miraculous deliverance; just an up-down activity.

Viewpoint of Hope To The End :
We believe that Our Lord will rapture
His bride church at Midnight ( mid-trib); and that He will have a later rapture called the "Cockcrowing Rapture" or "pre-wrath rapture" during the time of the Great Tribulation, before Armageddon. Rev. 16:15.
By "mid-trib, we mean -- just before the GREAT Tribulation, the last 3 1/2 years. The Book of Revelation deals only with those last 3 1/2 years, we believe.
The first 3/12 years were from 1979-1982. Please see Addendum

Salvation hopetotheend.com/sal.html