Hope To The End

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I thought it good to share this from my friend and brother - Jonathan Cahn

excerpts :

"The Jesus most people know is a misconception. The Jesus most people know is religious: The Jesus of pews, liturgies, and stained-glass windows, of rituals, doxologies, holy days, and once-a-week services.
The real Jesus was not religious. In fact, the biggest problem He had was with religious people: Those who saw holiness as a matter of tradition and ritual rather than of the heart. The real Jesus never asked his disciples to be religious, but instead to open their lives and hearts to the real power of the living God.

The real Jesus is still that way. The once-a-week Jesus is convenient. Jesus was never once a week. Nor could His presence be confined to the four walls of a church or synagogue. He is present seven days a week, outside of church walls, in one's everyday daily life.


"The scholar's quest for the historical Jesus is misdirected. Not that Jesus did not exist in history. He existed in history as much as do the scholars who search for Him. His feet walked the first-century roads of the Judean wilderness, His hands touched the welts and sores of the first-century wandering lepers, and His body was scourged by first-century Roman soldiers.
Jesus is not just the Jesus of the past but the Jesus of the now. To his 12 disciples and to those who truly knew Him, He was never the Jesus of the "then." Even then, He was the Jesus of the "now." And that has never changed. For He said: "I am with you always, even to the end of the age." The real Jesus still touches the needy, still heals and makes whole, still works His miracles, and still transforms the lives of all those who truly receive Him. Those who truly know Him, know Him no other way.


"Many people see Jesus as a good teacher, a nice man, an enlightened leader, a righteous prophet, a man who taught great truths, or a spiritual guide to help one live a successful life. The real Jesus came as Lord of all, the God of heaven come down to give life. One cannot simply call Him a good or nice man. He did not come to be nice. He came to change lives. He spoke the truth, and truth confronts people.


" This is the one you fit into your life and around your schedule and plans, the one you call upon when you are in trouble or need a favor, the one you add to your life so you can feel better about yourself. The real Jesus is neither comfortable nor convenient. And those who try to fit Him into their lives can never know Him, since the only way to know the real Jesus is to know Him as Lord: Lord of every part of your life. This means you conform your life to His. You follow Him. You seek His will above your own. You don't fit Jesus into your life-you fit your life into Jesus.


"For almost 2,000 years, the world has known a non-Jewish Jesus, a Jesus for which a Jewish person must sacrifice his or her Jewishness or else be forced to reject Him. The real Jesus is as Jewish as His lineage. He was born in Bethlehem, according to the Hebrew prophet Micah (5:2), to a Jewish mother, Miriam. He was a rabbi who observed Passover, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, and all the holy days of Israel. He died in the Jewish city of Jerusalem as the Sacrificial Lamb, according to the prophecy of Isaiah 53. The fact that He was rejected by His own, and became a Light to the Gentiles was even foretold of the Jewish Messiah by the Hebrew prophets.

" His name was Yeshua, which means "God is Salvation" in Hebrew.

"The first believers in Jesus were not called Catholic or Protestant, Orthodox, or Baptist. They were Messianic Jews who believed in their Messiah, which seemed to be the most Jewish of all possible beliefs. It was these Jewish believers who, from the holy city of Jerusalem, gave to the world the faith that would later be known as Christianity, followers of the Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah.

"Anyone who claims to love Jesus, but does not share a love for the Jewish people does not know the real Jesus. One cannot profess to love the King of the Jews, and then withhold that love from the people to whom He is king. The Bible records that Jesus wept out of compassion for His people. One cannot claim to know His heart if one cannot do the same.
"According to the New Testament, a true Christian is one who has become a grafted in branch Romans 11.
"The two, Messianic Jew and Christians, are together again worshiping the Lord


" Jesus will change your life. The real Jesus did not come so that your life would remain the same. The real Jesus is the one who said the words, "You must be born again." He never got wrapped up in religion. But He did speak of a new birth, a total surrender, a total new beginning, and a total change of heart and life. He came to make a real difference in one's life. So do not be fooled by imitations. Life is too short and eternity too long to make a mistake on this one. Seek the real Jesus for yourself. As it is written, "Then I will be found by you, when you search for Me with all your heart." He is the real thing. And He came to give you something real: life, real life.
Everlasting life, life eternal.
Shalom & Simcha, Jim Searcy

Written by Jonathan Cahn

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