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Below are issues pertaining to the bias that the secular media has towards God, the Bible and Truth

"Religious rant" fails to phase rfid industry
" Uninformed anti-RFID enthusiasts have been taking low swings at the technology again. The phrase "tormented with fire and brimstone in the sight of the holy angels" has recently been used to describe the consequences of not stopping the use of RFID. The hyper-religious rant was apparently levelled at VeriChip's sub-dermal RFID chip. Michael Krawitz, CEO for Applied Digital (VeriChip's parent company) has since responded to the investment community in light of pressures on its stock price following a surprisingly unbalanced and inaccurate article about the chip: "We firmly believe that implantable microchips will help those with chronic illnesses". The technology's uses - paranoid fears aside - are almost endless in the improvement of both human and animal identification, patient safety, and emergency responses."

Answering secular rant :
Personal Comment by this editor :
The article above uses wild terms loosely and irresponsibly. Let us nail to the wall the meaning of their words.

Uninformed" -- This is a gross mis-information. I would scarcely call Dr. Katherine Albrecht 'uninformed'.
She is a Harvard graduate with a doctorate ( a PHD, the highest recognition in education from the most highly respected learning institution in the USA ).  Not only are her credentials golden, but she has applied herself diligently to pursue the
substantiated FACTS behind the cancerous verichipping. 
Dr. Albrecht  did her research in the Harvard medical library and obtained articles chronicling actual occurrences of cancer in tested lab animals in regards to subdermal microchips :

" Late last year, Albrecht unearthed at the Harvard medical library three studies noting cancerous tumors in some chipped mice and rats, plus a reference in another study to a chipped dog with a tumor. She forwarded them to the AP, which subsequently found three additional mice studies with similar findings, plus another report of a chipped dog with a tumor.

Asked if it had taken these studies into account, the FDA said VeriChip documents were being kept confidential to protect trade secrets. After AP filed a FOIA request, the FDA made available for a phone interview Anthony Watson, who was in charge of the VeriChip approval process."

It appears that the only one "uninformed" at this point is whoever wrote the rfid article.
( We noticed that the article has no named author ... understandably )

anti-RFID enthusiasts" ... Dr. Albrecht deals with facts, not emotions. All those like her resist rfid
-- not because it is a technological whiz -- 
but rather because it is a tool of surveillance that inevitably leads to the abuse of power over the citizenry.
Please see the hundreds of articles on the Internet by libertarians etc.

hyper-religious rant" -- First of all quoting the Bible is not "hyper-religious". Actually the Bible is against
religion ( see
Matthew 23 ) and instead is a personal guide leading to a personal relationship with the Creator of all mankind, Jesus Christ. ( see John 1 ) . Since Jesus Christ is our Maker, He knows what is best for us. He
warned us about the coming subdermal chip in
Rev. 13: 16-18 ....  Rev. 14: 9-11 and in Rev. 16:2.
What part of warning don't you understand ??

unbalanced" -- Please be specific and show us where Dr. Albrecht's article is "unbalanced" . 
Please document your libelous statements so we can see the imbalance for ourselves.  
Since the AP [ Associated Press ] is one of the most trusted sources of journalism, don't you think they would have passed-over her article if it were truly 'imbalanced", as you say ? No, instead they recognized it as the canary-in-the-mineshaft piece of documentation that it is. She went where no one else dared to go ;
to the bottom line ... that subdermal chips are life-threatening.

inaccurate" -- Whoa horse-y ! Where are your statements to disprove her documented facts ? You can't just throw around the slanderous word 'inaccurate' without first doing your own footwork and homework, which obviously you have not done, while shooting from the hip. Since all of Dr. Albrecht's research is well documented from Reliable sources, the last thing anyone with 2 cents worth of cerebral matter can claim is that it is "inaccurate".
Whew ! What bias !!

paranoid fears aside" -- The condemning word "paranoid" suggests that Dr. Albrecht --and all those like her -- have ungrounded, delusional fears. I hardly doubt that anyone who is compassionate enough to warn the public at large of the hazards of an implantable chip is delusional. Neither do all of these other professionals
who are in complete agreement with her findings ... 
" In 1997, a study in Germany found cancers in 1 percent of 4,279 chipped mice.
The tumors "are clearly due to the implanted microchips," the authors wrote.
There's no way in the world, having read this information, that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin, or in one of my family members," said Dr. Robert Benezra, head of the Cancer Biology Genetics Program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York "

Perhaps the only imbalanced, inaccurate and biased writings are those found in the secular rants.
We pray that the eyes of their understanding be opened to the truth ( before it's too late ) .
Thank you Dr. Albrecht for setting the record straight.

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