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Where is the US of A ? by Peggy McIlveene

"For Those With An Ear to Hear"
the wonderful background the Lord led me to can be seen here:


Earthquakes and volcanoes,
tsunamis, heavy winds,
these are constant warnings
that God Almighty sends.

Comets, meteors, and UFO's,
if you're lost, you need to fear;
the Lord is talking loud and clear,
for those with an ear to hear.

The earth is reeling to and fro,
it shakes, rebels, and groans;
all nature longs for the King of kings
to return and take us home..

So listen up, the time is short,
before we reap rewards,
and finally get the chance to meet,
our precious risen Lord!

It's of the locusts in
Revelation with the teeth, long hair, etc.!  You can find it at:



Where's the US of A
in prophecy tales?
What caused our great Nation
of freedom to fail?

You'd better be ready,
Jesus Christ to receive,
for the light of this world
will be gone when we leave.

There'll be nothing but darkness,
no love will be found,
and you'll find no contentment
in caves underground.

You'll be running from soldiers,
no peace in your life,
and you'll want to just die
from your pain and your strife.

And being a Christian
will mean your demise,
for belief will be outlawed;
you'll lose your allies. 


 "The Final Generation"
of which I am grateful to be part of!

As I kneel before the King of Kings
with reverent dedication,
I thank Him for letting me be a part
of the final generation.

Lord, let me stay busy about Your work
'til the last one is in the fold;
telling the world of Your sweet blood
that's more precious than any gold.

I feel it "in the air", dear Lord,
Your people are longing for You;
it hurts to "wait it out" on earth,
when we know the things that we do.

C'mon saints, let's bring them in,
we'll be filled with such elation;
some of us will never taste death
in this final generation!


"God Is Talking!"

God is talking, you'd best lend an ear,
His judgment is starting to fall.
If you listen, you'll know time draws near,
don't miss out on the Savior's call.

The waves are roaring His anger,
and quakes are on the rise.
And every day it seems we hear
of strange signs in the skies.

Listen up now, brethren,
the judgment of His house is first;
then He'll judge the heathens,
and their fate will be much worse!

What does it take to wake you up;
to show the lost you care?

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