Hope To The End

50 days from Easter Sunday to
Pentecost Sunday


The 50 days between Easter and Pentecost are critical for planting grains and crops. The ground must be made tender by gentle rains, and the temperatures must be just right.

During these 50 days, we take a grain of barley and count each day, with prayer, for a successful growth period and rain during these unique 50 days.
Rain is God's blessing upon a land when we turn to Him as the source for all of our food.

We pray to the Lord of the harvest:
"Blessed art thou O Lord God, King of the Universe, that doth bring forth food from the ground."

When the people of the land stop calling upon God for their sufficiency (no longer pray for a successful harvest), and when agricultural-Sabbatical years are no longer observed, then gradual judgements come upon the land.
Deuteronomy Chapter 8

Rains are either withheld (drought, dust storms), or else the deluge is so strong that the flooding is ruinous. Temperatures can go to extremes.....from scorching heat and humidity, to frost and freezing temperatures that wipe out crops. There are tornadoes, hurricanes and fierce Spring storms, accompanied by lightenings and thunderings that come at this critical time of the year.
All the more reason to pray daily .

We are totally dependent upon God. Modern man does not like to consider himself dependent upon anyone or anything. He does not like to bow his head to a Supreme Being. Modern man trusts in Science and Technology as the gods of the farm.

By counting the Omer each day--- with prayers for God's lovingkindness in regards to our crops----
we are acknowledging Creator God as the supplier of the food chain and our Jehovah-Jireh, the God Who supplies all our needs. It keeps us humble to pray.

.We, as Christians , count the Omer in the following manner.

First we go to our calendar and mark the count for each day. We begin on EASTER SUNDAY and mark "1" on Easter Sunday. Then a "2" on Easter Monday, a "3" on Easter Tuesday and continue marking and counting that way. The number "40" should fall on a Thursday and represents

Ten days later, the number "50" should appear
on a Sunday....

This is the Christian way to count the Omer.
The Orthodox Jewish people begin their counting on the day following Passover.

The Counting of the Omer represents the anticipation of the coming of the Promise : The Holy Spirit.
He is our Comforter and Counselor. He reveals prophetic truths. We are to be led of the Holy Ghost.

The Counting of the Omer
also represents the anticipation of the final WHEAT Harvest when all the Church will be raised and glorified.

The Christian anticipates the coming of the Holy Ghost in fire and power at Pentecost.
Acts 2.
The Jewish people anticipate the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.
Exodus 19 and 20.
Both events are to be commemorated.


In our home, we take two small containers (small Pyrex pudding cups). In one, we place
50 grains of barley. Each day (starting on Easter Sunday) we pick up one grain of barley and place it in the second container, and we used to say,
"This is the first day of omer".
But because our Lord appeared on earth for 40 days after His resurrection, we say,
"This is the ___ day of the appearing of our Lord".
We say that up until the 40th day, which ends on a Thursday.
On that day, we say,
"This is the glorious day of our Lord's Ascension."

We continue with the following prayer each day until all 50 grains are in the second container.
By then we will have reached Pentecost
Since the
Holy Ghost supplies the Believer with fruits and gifts, we ask each day for an increase of the Holy Spirit in our lives ....such as :
"( Sweet ) Holy Spirit, please rule over our soul.
May you increase in us the
fruits of your Holy Spirit.
May your
gifts of the Spirit bless us and our brethren, in Jesus name Amen. "

It is during these 50 days that
we "stir up the gift ' of tongues and apply ourselves more diligently to speaking and singing in tongues in our prayer closets. Why do we speak in tongues ?
Because tongues renews our inner strength to endure trials and temptations. We build ourselves up in the Holy Ghost so that we can be lights in a darkening world. We need the strength and power that comes from the edification given to the individual Believer by praying in tongues.

Our Christian
"Lag BaOmer" falls one week before Ascension Thursday--the Thursday before being the 33rd day of the count. Perhaps that one week advance notice helps us to prepare for the august feast of the Ascension.

This is the way we count omer. It may not be standard procedure, but it works for us. It helps us to have an excitement and a deep anticipation for both Ascension Thursday and Pentecost (the Torah and the Coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell Believers.)

Just like Christmas has an "Advent Calendar" to heighten the anticipation of the longed-for day,
the Easter Season also has its OMER.... the soul's longing for the Law (the WORD of God) and the Spirit Indwelling in the Believer.

"God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him
in Spirit and in Truth"
John 4: 24

Anticipating the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride and Body of Christ
Counting the Omer and 1 Corinthians 15
" Although many read this passage as a commentary on the order of resurrection, Paul is actually making a technical reference to the holy day of Sfirat Haomer (First Fruits). It is not just that Yeshua was the first to rise bodily from the grave, but that by so doing, He is the direct fulfillment of the feast of First Fruits. We miss a very important Biblical truth by not using the term "First Fruits" as the name of this feast, because "first" implies a second, third, fourth, and so on, and that is the real meaning of this feast. We are not only celebrating the resurrection of Yeshua of First Fruits, we are celebrating the resurrection of the entire body of Messianic Believers, His Church! We shall all be resurrected and go to heaven, just as the L-rd did,
"Every man in his own order"


Jesus IS our Omer

The significance of 33 days in the Bible : male birth ( any relation to Yeshua firstfruit at Lag Boemer ?? )
Leviticus 12: 2-4

Counting the Omer from the Sunday within the week of Unleavened Bread



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