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Ode to the Scarlet Harlot

Revelation 17 and 18
James 5: 1--6
Ezekiel 7:19

La Belle Dame Sans Merci II
The beautiful lady without mercy"
2nd edition

Come to the feast, and see my Beast*
( Seven Heads
* are better than one )
Those with the loan, he
* will own;
World Bank gets its job done.

The IMF* game IS such a shame,
To get drunk on the blood of men.
But human greed has its need
In the name of the people's "Amen".

Who are the TEN*, who will hate me and then
Consume me and my haven of gold ?
They shall burn me with fire because of their ire;
Desolate! With no dollars to hold !

The TEN are the Toes* who bestow me the woes
Trading gold, for One-World-Reign.
Their glorious hour and military power
Will be given to the Beast. That's insane!

So forget all your cash; It's worth less than trash;
* EFTs* by right hand* .
* is the way --- City of Tomorrow is TODAY --
A New Order is now in the land.

New York City's my name, COMMERCE is my fame....
The Queen who adulterated Kings.
But my doom's been foretold
*--- my blood is too cold
For love and other such things.

A. Goodrick

* 1 -- Revelation 13
* 2 -- The 7 Heads of the Economic Nations of Industrialized
Democracies are :
Japan, UK, US, France, Germany, Italy and Canada

* 3 -- "he" being the antichrist, the beast, world leader requiring total allegience
* 4 --
IMF...International Monetary Fund and World Bank are both headquartered in Washington D.C.
* 5 -- The Ten members of the WEU Western European Union:
Germany, Benelux, (
includes Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg ) France, England, Italy,
Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain and Portugal

* 6 -- Gold and silver will be worthless. James 5: 1-- 6 and Ezekiel 7: 19 ; Cyber-accounts ( digi-cash ) will prevail
* 7 -- " burn her with fire " Revelation 18
* 8 -- " toes" Daniel 2: 41, 42 -- The Western European Nations ( having global sway ) backed  by the U.N.
* 9 -- " waving"
NFC Near Field Communication 

* 10 --
666 chip in right hand
* 11 -- EFT Electronic Funds Transfer ... POS Point of Sale
* 12 --
SWIFT... Society for Worldwide Interbank  Financial Telecommunication;
             headquartered in Brussels, Belgium

* 13 -- Revelation 18


S.W.I.F.T. banking monitored -- ( SWIFT )
Under this effort, Treasury routinely acquires information about bank transfers from the world's largest financial communication network, which is run by a consortium of financial institutions called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT.
The SWIFT network carries up to 12.7 million messages a day containing instructions on many of the international transfers of money between banks. The messages typically include the names and account numbers of bank customers — from U.S. citizens to major corporations — who are sending or receiving funds.
Through the program, Treasury has built an enormous — and ever-growing — repository of financial records drawn from what is essentially the central nervous system of international banking.
the SWIFT network, which has operations in the U.S., including a main computer hub in Manassas, Va.


Judgment coming upon the major institutions of New York City:
 The UN, Wall Street, major corporation headquarters;
major financial institutions; Media headquarters, Federal Reserve Bank ( private institution) etc.

The CITY of Babylon judged :
Revelation 14:8--"Babylon is fallen , is fallen that great city"
Revelation 17:18-refers to the "city" which reigneth over the kings of the earth
Revelation 18:10-- "great city Babylon, that mighty city!"
Revelation 18:16--"Alas, alas, that great city"
Revelation 18:18-- "What city is like unto this great city"?
Revelation 18:19-- "Alas, alas that great city"
Revelation 18:21--"that great city"

The COUNTRY of Babylon is judged :
Revelation 18:2 refers to "Babylon the GREAT" ,  meaning the entire country
Jeremiah 50: 39, 40 -- "Babylon" and against the
LAND of the Chaldeans"
Isaiah 13: 19 --"Babylon the glory of
Isaiah 13:5 --"to destroy the WHOLE LAND"
Revelation 16:19--"and
Great Babylon came in remembrance before God" (at the end of the Great Tribulation)

Mammon and Famine