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MultiPurpose smart cards: Integrated Circuit; Microprocessor Chip; data transfer computer-chip
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Tech terms and definitions for smart ID card

In May of 2006,  Jim Williams of Homeland Security spoke of the necessity of each person being required to have a global ID card on their person at all times. w.govexec.com/story_page.cfm?articleid=33925&sid=28
No one will be able to walk about anonymously without this card, once they leave their home.


There is already in place a new device out called a MultiPurpose smart ID Card, ( or" e-ID" ) ready to fulfill this requirement. We look for this card to be mandated for all citizens on the globe.
This card is not only a means of identification, but it has other main functions as well.

ALL our Eggs in One Basket
Multiple keys in one card : PKI -- Public Key Infrastructure


Some of the main keys that function inside this one-card-for-everything are:

1. personal identification
2. driver's license
3. passport,
4. National Health Card card and
5. bankcard ( for all financial transactions) e-purse
"which also acts as the access key to other services"

Eventually, the "other services" mentioned above may possibly include access for : online computer,
CAC Common Access Card ....... smart access card ; "GetAccess"

This one card will also be used for: building access, employment clocking-in card, public transportation, bookstores, gas stations, libraries, government buildings and for grocery store access (including point of sale at check-out register) , malls; insurance-access, and on and on and on.

This all-in-one card comes complete with your unique identifying number ( not your Social Security
 number ) and contains your personal biometric-verification ( for offline authentication) .
By biometric verification, it is meant that a digitized hologram image ( photo ) of the holder will be embedded within the card, along with digital fingerprints, iris and or retina scans, voice print etc.

At places of application, the smart ID card will be verified at all access points by one of many ways:
facial or gait recognition ( how you walk ); voice print, fingerprint match, retina or iris scan match etc.
All of these highly personal identifying traits about you have already been seized by cameras and phone companies and stored in huge databases that interconnect with all access points that one encounters in a day.

But offline authentication is preferred for security measures.


While all of this multiple "interoperability" of the card is reprehensible enough, there is a much more sinister side to this card that every person should be warned about. And that is the financial application of this card.

As long as one uses the smart card for public identification, there is no problem with it.
And even if one should use it financially as they would a REGULAR charge card , again there is nothing wrong with it. But now comes the switch job. ....

If the day comes ( and it is prophesied in the Bible
Revelation 13: 16-18 and Rev. 14:9-11 ) that this card becomes part of an enclosed cashless system, and if it is also associated in any way with the coming leader of global policy ( Biblically referred to as "the Beast " ) then this device has transformed itself into an enslavement of the souls of mankind.
The First Commandment warns all of us that we are to worship God alone and Him alone do we serve. We shall have no other gods before us.
Exodus 20: 3-5 To let a man and his economic system take complete control over all of our finances is to make that man a god over our lives.

SHOPPING with 666
These cards may eventually contain the image or hologram of the world-policy-maker embedded within it. These cards may someday have his name or the number "666" on it, which is the number of his economic system.
Or else, one may have to punch in ( encode ) the numbers "666" in order to begin their financial transaction at all points of sale ( ATMs, Online buying, registers everywhere )


Public number 666 + private number = Rev. 14:9-11
The above photo shows a smart card reader that can read both swipe cards and smart cards. The keypad allows one to punch in their personal number ( PIN )
Will the day come that one has to punch in a "666" before they punch in their PIN
(personal identification number )
in order to make economic transactions? Time will tell.
Is "666" the public key infrastructure (PKI) that works with one's personal number ?
When a public number works in conjunction with a personal number, that is called an "asymmetric" system.

We are strongly commanded in
Revelation 14:9-11
1. not to worship the Beast ( show loyalty or allegiance to the coming global policy-leader ) ,
2. nor his image ( embedded hologram or otherwise ) ,
or his name, or his number ;
3. And not to take the mark of his name
( "mark" meaning the inserted subdermal ID chip in one's right hand or forehead )
Please see hopetotheend.com/chipindex.html
hopetotheend.com/nochip.html for more information on this.
"Mark" also means an impress or stamp and therefore includes the meaning of a
laser-tattoo placed upon the hand or forehead. Such a tattoo showing allegiance to the Beast and his system is strictly forbidden.
4. Rev. 15: 2 tells us not to associate with the 666 number of his name ( the 666 economic system )

When we are commanded not to "worship" the Beast ( world policy-maker) that means that we are not to follow after him and his policies. We do not have follow-ship.

It is highly probable that when the image of the beast appears on millions of plasma screens in malls and public places around the globe, and that when he has an anouncement to make, there will most likely be a musical indication ( signal ) given to alert our attention to the global policy maker. More than likely there will be a symbolic salute of some kind given at that time. And perhaps a gesture at the finish of his pronouncement. All of those actions constitute a reverence and a worship for a man. It should not be done and the Bible forbids worship here in
Revelation 14 and Daniel 3.

1. Can we carry a card for identification ? Yes.
2. If the financial application is OPTIONAL, can we still have this card as identification only ?

As long as there is no IMAGE of the beast, neither his name, nor his 666 number associated with this card, then we can still have this card.
But -- if, in any way, his image, name or number ( pressed into a keypad etc.) becomes associated with the financial use of this card, then it is strictly forbidden on the pain of eternal torment.

Mandating an ID that has the potential to seduce one to hell ( the Lake of Fire) ...
We come to see then how an innocent device such as an ID smart card
( REAL ID, National ID,  PIV multifunctional card , e-ID)
can easily turn into a soul-devouring dragon, when affiliated with the 666 beast-system.  How sad that we may be mandated to take this e-ID smart card for public identification upon request,
when we want to resist where it leads.

The Hour of Temptation ...
How tempting then to also use this same ID smart card for 666 financial purchases .
It would be so easy. It is already on your person. It's just a wave of the hand, and the 666 financial transaction
is done in a "blink" of an eye. So convenient. Yet so deadly to the soul, eternally. Just because one cannot see into the future punishment of this act, one does not realize the consequence.
Ecclesiastes 8:11

This subtle temptation will become almost irresistible when a lot of perks come with the financial use of it :
reduced prices, prizes etc. There are all kinds of goodies out there called "gentle persuasions", yet they skillfully twist the arm all the same, and they get you to say "yes" to their 666 system, when you know better to say
"NO ! " .

"Can a man hold fire to his chest and not get burned ?" Proverbs 6:27

Should this ID smart card initially be used for financial transactions --minus the 666 beast system--- then the risk of using this card when it is finally associated with the 666 economic system will be almost impossible to desist.
Having already gone through the motions of the non-beast economic system, the rationalization will be :
' why not do the same motions within the beast-system' ?

Having already exercised the use of this card financially before the 666 system, the habit will have been so formed and ingrained that one would be almost helpless to refuse the financial application of this card after it is
part of the 666 economic system.

This is exactly the plan behind a multi-functional ID smart card.
If they can mandate that you carry that smart card with you at ALL times,
and if the same smart card eventually enacts financial transitions the same as the subcutaneous chip
---- the only difference being that a smart card chip is in a plastic token (card or fob )
instead of IN ( inside) the hand----
then what is to stop a person at some weak point from resisting the subdermal chip,
or transacting in the name, number or image of the beast with his ID smart card ?

Being weak-clay that mankind is, he will sooner or later use this smart card for the 666 system affiliated with the beast.
Had the smart card not been required to be on his person at all times, the ability to resist the System would be far greater.

Yet we must also keep in mind that where sin abounds, grace doth also more abound.
Romans 5:20
We can ---by the grace of God--be kept from that" hour of temptation"... just as it says in Rev. 3:10.
Just say no to 666.

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