Hope To The End

My King

Without you here
By my side
I'm lost and alone
No one to confide

When I stumble
You pick me up
You forget my mistakes
And refill my cup

You shelter me, love me
And hold me in Your arms
You protect me and shield me
From the worldly harms

You've created me
And molded me in Your hands
You know everything about me
You even numbered the sands

You took our sins
And carried our pain
You hung Your head
And showed no shame

Your flesh was slashed
And torn in parts
But You died for us
And cleansed our hearts

For You paid our ways
With the blood You shed
But you abandoned that tomb
And rose from the dead

The sins of the world
I know I can defeat
For You remind me of the day
In heaven we will meet

So I lift my hands
To praise You and sing
Then I bow at Your throne
And worship My King!

By: Lauren Ritchie

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