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"God Leaves You On Earth To Know Him In Ways You Could Not Know Him In Heaven",
by Brother
Ed Miller, "Letters To The Thirsty", p. 8-10.

"Why didn't God take you to heaven the moment you trusted Jesus? Does He have a special work for you to accomplish? God in His mercy does not keep us alive because of some mission we have to perform, but rather because He desires to reveal Himself to us on earth in ways impossible in heaven. The spiritual benefits:

* Knowing God as our Sustainer throughout trouble
* God unveils to us His priesthood and enters into our sufferings here on earth,
rather than in Glory where no one suffers
* Only on earth does God show Himself to us as our Fortress and Defender, for who opposes us in heaven? [Satan is vanquished and locked away]
* On earth, God shows Himself as our Rock and the One Who lifts up our heads.
* Here, when we faint, His everlasting arms catch and support us.
* Here, He is our Savior and Advocate and gentle Shepherd
* Through the changing experiences of this life, we are introduced to His hands, His eyes, His feet, His wings, and His heart

We are not left on earth because we have a job to do, but because we have God to know! Oh, dear friend, follow hard after Him! You remain on earth to know God. If your heart is set on knowing Him, all else will fall into place. As He has promised, all things are working together for the good of conforming us to Jesus. Every experience in our lives is necessary preparation for the revelation of the Lord. God will reveal Himself when we are ready. He waits only for our ability to receive the truth. That is why you are not in heaven this very moment ...

Far more than any job to do, far more than any work to accomplish, we have a great God to know. Doesn't this make life wonderfully simple? Let's get on with it, my friend in Christ. Let's follow on to know the Lord with all the intimacies of a marriage union ... God is knitting our souls together."

Received from David Bay
Cutting Edge Newsletter Sept 27-2002

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