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"And at midnight there was a cry made,
Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him"

Matthew 25: 6

This is a study of the word "hour" as it is used in the Bible, referring to the Rapture and to End Times.
There are two Raptures yet to take place as described in
Chapter 5sheaves

If one looks in a Concordance ( a book listing the number of times a word is used in the Bible), one will see that the word "hour" is used quite frequently in regards to the End Times. Therefore it must be an important word.

The word "hour" is used two different ways in the New Testament. It is used specifically to mean an exact
hour (throughout the book of Acts). It is also used in a larger sense of time ( meaning a general time ) as in the Book of John (John 2:4; John 4:21, 23; John 5:25, 28; John 7:30; 8:20;)

Applying the concept of hour to a general time, there are four Hours, or "Watches", in the New Testament: 'Evening', 'Midnight', 'Cockcrowing' and 'Morning'.
Mark 13: 35

The Midnight Watch ( general) or the Midnight hour (specific) can BOTH be applied to the concept of the Rapture, we feel.

The Midnight Watch ( a general meaning )

Matthew 25: 1--10 , Our Lord is referred to as The Bridegroom who comes for His bride at Midnight.
There are ten virgins in this parable: five are wise and five are foolish.

At Midnight, a cry went out alerting all 10 virgins to the coming of the Bridegroom.
What is the "cry" ( or event ) at midnight that alerts the Church ?

We feel that "the cry at midnight" is when the man of sin sits in the temple as God.
We know from
2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 4 that that particular event has to happen first before we can be raptured.
( That is Scriptural).
When that happens, then we would know that our Bridegroom is coming soon for His bride. That would be a GENERAL period of time to anticipate the Midnight Rapture.

The 5 wise virgins knew specifically when the Bridegroom was coming, and were ready. The 5 foolish virgins were only slightly anticipating, and were not actually ready ( not walking in the Spirit ) . They must now await "the Son of Man" Who comes during the Great Tribulation. Jesus Christ is no longer called "the Bridegroom", after the Midnight Rapture takes place.
In Matthew 25:13 the five foolish virgins who missed the Midnight Rapture, and who did not have the oil of the Holy Spirit burning brightly in their lamps, were told that they would not know when the Son of Man would be returning. They missed the Bridegroom, and now they must look for "the Son of Man".

How do we have our lamps trimmed with oil ? By being led of the Spirit and walking in the Spirit. ( obedience)
Romans 8.
We are to be exemplifying Jesus in a righteous lifestyle (having our lamps burning brightly with oil).
We will be bearing witness to the Fruits of the Holy Spirit,
Galatians 5: 22 having :
"Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control."
These oils help to lubricate our lives within our daily activities, as we are led of the Holy Ghost.

Those left behind will have a chance for the Cockcrowing Rapture by becoming more Spirit led, Spirit controlled and walking in the Spirit.
Cockcrowing Rapture.

So then, we have discussed the general meaning of the word "Midnight". Now we will look at a more specific meaning to that word.

MIDNIGHT and MERIDIANS ; Longitudes and Latitudes
( Longitude = place; Latitude = time )
lines of longitude. Back ground information http://www.hammondmap.com/sites/hammond/geography/latlong1.html
http://www.hyperdictionary.com/dictionary/meridian and http://www.geometrie.tuwien.ac.at/havlicek/karten.html

The following is only a suggestion, or possibility. It is by no means doctrinal to the belief in the Rapture.
It is well within the interpretation of Scripture.

We glean from 2 Kings Chapter Two, that the concept of the rapture involves various locations, and that the incidences are not simultaneous . In all of the different locations, the rapture is referred to. The Scriptural phrase used here in this context is to "take away". Elijah moves from place to place.
Another highly significant word used in this passage is the word "tarry" --- implying a consecutive, rather than a simultaneous event. Again, this is a possible interpretation, and by no means is it written in stone.
We must "prove all things" 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

"The Seventh Trumpet" explains this in more detail:

They All Slumbered and Slept -- Matthew 25: 5
It is obvious from Matthew 25: 1-10 that the five wise virgins knew the day
and the hour. The hour was MIDNIGHT. We believe that this is a literal translation. In other words, we believe that our Lord is coming at the Midnight Rapture exactly at Midnight. Which
Midnight ?
All of the midnights around the globe.

Let me ask you a question. How many New Year's Eves are there ? That's right, there are 24 of them. Here in the United States we count four of them. We live on the West Coast in California. We know that it is New Years in New York when our clock says 9:00 pm December 31st. At 10:00 pm Dec. 31 it is New Years in Minnesota. At 11:00 pm Dec. 31st it is New Year's in Wyoming. And finally at Midnight it is New Year's January 1 here in California. And it is that way all over the globe.

Do you remember watching the Millennial-midnight in the year  2000 as it rang-in all around the globe? Well there were 24
turnings-of-the-century taking place. They were not simultaneous. The television showcased the glorious New Years in Hong Kong, Paris, London, the US ( Hawaii) and every other major place on the globe in a day long event. It was an awesome scene with firecrackers and spectaculars outdoing one another, as we all "tarried" through the early afternoon and evening and through the night glued to the Televised wonders.

We all experienced the fact that "midnight" comes 24 different times.

That is because there are twenty-four Longitudes around the globe, dividing our world into 24 different time zones, or segments.
Russia alone has 11 time zones.

During the summer, Russia's clocks are two hours ahead of standard time. During the winter, all 11 of the Russian time zones are an hour ahead of standard time. During the summer months, Russian clocks are advanced another hour ahead. With their high latitude, the two hours of Daylight Saving Time really helps to save daylight.

So there are 24 Midnights around the globe each night. What's the point? The point is that someday Our Lord will come for us at Midnight, and that each time zone will have its own exit-call within the
Rapture Processional.
Please see
https://hopetotheend.com/trumpet.html for a further explanation of this point.

That is why none of us knows the day nor the hour at this time (right now today), for none of us knows where we will be exactly on that day
("the Day of Christ " ( our Rapture ) 2 Thessalonians 2:2 ). But when that time and season arrives, we will know that day
( just like they knew the day in 2 Kings 2, and just like it says in
1 Thessalonians 5:4 "that day" ).
We will know that our specific hour will be at Midnight, wherever we might be.

Each New Year's Eve there is such an expectation in the air as New Year's comes to each time zone. And when the Millennial year 2000 came, the celebrations tried very hard to out-do each other.

Excerpt from “Restful Reading”,  a supplement to Reader’s Digest (no date given) referring back to the December 31, 1999 evening when the New Millennium came ( 2000 AD) in at Midnight around the world…
(pgs 6-7)  |
  “On the night of December 31, 1999. Celebrations began at midnight local time on the recently renamed Millennium Island in the Republic of Kiribati, 14 hours ahead of GMT, and continued for 26 hours, until midnight on the Ebon Atoll, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 12 hours behind GMT.”

From that excerpt, we understand that there will be 24 different midnights around the world.

But how they all pale in comparison with the Rapture-Processional ... "each man in his own order"(
1 Corinthians 15:23).
In the mind's eye, it is totally awesome and breathtaking !
Yes, really and truly , we WILL KNOW the day and the HOUR that our Bridegroom comes ! !
How we want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in !

Example from Purim prayers  --
Arutz Sheva
"The prayers are scheduled for Thursday morning, at 10:30 AM local time in each region, thus that the prayers will be heard all day long. "


We believe that God is not the author of confusion, but of a right and proper way of doing things. So it would make sense that He would not want people falling out of crashing airplanes, or cars crashing on streets etc. during regular day time activities/ To us, that would be overly-dramatic.
We think that God will quietly and very peaceably have us rise .. "each in his own order " 
 1 Corinthians 15:13 at precisely Midnight.

From the above study we come to realize that the word "hour" is used in a specific manner when applied to the Midnight Rapture. The way we see it, the Midnight Rapture is a 24 hour processional, occurring with 24 hours after the dead in Christ rise.

The two days that could possibly involve the rapture --the resurrection of the departed saints, and the Midnight rapture of the living saints--would thus constitute one long day, which in Hebrew is called a "yoma arichta"--- a day lasting 48 hours.

And just as the Hebrew term "yoma arichta" includes the long blast of the Tekiah Gedolah, we too will have a long trumpet sound, rising the departed and uplifting the living in Christ. Thus we would all arrive in the Presence of our Lord and our Bridegroom by the third day.
As we stated before, a more detailed explanation can be found in
"The Seventh Trumpet".

This stands in comparison to the Cockcrowing Rapture wherein the time of translation is not known. The Cockcrowing Rapture seems to be a simultaneous event around the globe...all candidates ascending at the same time, as can be gleaned from
Luke 17: 34-36 and Matthew 24:40, 41.

The main point in this study is to Watch. Our hearts and spirits must be watching by keeping our eyes on Jesus and living righteously. We Watch by being obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit each day and each hour.
If we Watch, then we will know in which WATCH our Lord doth come"

"What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch".
Mark 13:37

Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs : THE MIDNIGHT HOUR ( This is Good !!! ) YOU TUBE

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by the late Terry McMillan ( YOU TUBE )

Some people feel that because the Scriptures talk about "one being taken and the other left "
(in the fields, in bed and at the grinding mill)
that the Rapture is a simultaneous event world-wide. However those Scriptures refer to the "Son of man" coming, and not to the Bridegroom. Could it be that those Scriptures are referring to the Cockcrowing Rapture, and not to the Midnight Rapture ? Could be.

Luke 17:30-37 "in that night"...the night of the Great Tribulation. ( yet day and night represented)
Matthew 24:39-42 -- the "Son of man"
( not the Bridegroom )

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