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VeriMed HEALTH  LINK  consists of :
1. a hand-held radio frequency identification (RFID) scanner,
2. an implantable RFID microchip,
3. and a secure patient database,
is being used to help rapidly identify and provide access to important health information on participating patients

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The Health Link System --
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VeriMed Health Link Implant : 11mm x 1mm....16 digits .....134.2 KHz
This webpage
: Health Link Chip Implant , applications of VeriChip Patient Identification System ;
full disclosure, all-inclusive Databases in Owings, Maryland and Riverside, California;

Scott Silverman; consultant to Health Link
rfid journal

Verichip -- the best surveillance tool in all of history

From the Newswire:

Verimed chip to link to multi-databases

Raytheon's ELCAN Optical Technologies ( Spain ) to manufacture medical verichips
DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--VeriChip Corporation ("VeriChip" or the "Company") .. today announced that it has selected Raytheon Microelectronics España (operating as ELCAN Optical Technologies") for the production of the Company's radio frequency identification (RFID) implantable microchips, including its existing VeriChip microchip for patient identification, its new 8 millimeter microchip for use in Medical Components, Inc.'s (Medcomp) vascular access medical devices, and its glucose-sensing RFID microchip currently under development with RECEPTORS, LLC

About ELCAN Optical Technologies (Raytheon Microelectronics España)

ELCAN Optical Technologies is a fully integrated provider of custom, precision optical and electronic solutions for medical, defense & security and commercial customers. ELCAN Optical Technologies, with manufacturing facilities in Midland Ontario, Richardson Texas and Málaga Spain is part of the Raytheon Network Centric Systems group of companies. The Raytheon Company, with 2008 sales of $23.2 billion, is a technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 73,000 people worldwide. http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20091005005797&newsLang=en

Federal grants for Verichip's VeriMed (
aka "Health Link" ) electronic health records ( EHR ) System
Ed: subsidizing the System
"The Company [ Ed: Verichip] believes its history and expertise in patient identification and EHRs [ electronic health records ] will position it to benefit from stimulus funds provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, which authorized
$23 billion in spending for healthcare information
technology, with a concentration on the implementation and adoption of EHRs.
In early 2008, the Company changed the name of this system [ VeriMed ] to Health Link and has enrolled a total of 536 patients in the Health Link EHR.
''' VeriMed Health Link offers the only secure means to access electronic health information that is guaranteed to always be with the patient"

As part of the federal government's Health Information Technology (HIT) initiative, led by its National Coordinator Dr. David Blumenthal, a significant grant program has been deployed to evolve electronic health records and the 21st century health care system.
VeriChip Corporation believes it is well positioned to benefit from federal grants given to physicians and hospitals in order to evolve not only its own Health Link EHR, but, more importantly, the overall goal of a universal medical record with full functionality, interoperability and portability.
Ed: Full " functionality " would include billing insurers and receiving payments... a global banking system tied to the chip.
Will the next "evolution" be a subdermal chip in the right hand or forehead to include a global payment system ? Time will tell.


Teletherapy LifePatch : constant real-time blood monitoring

V-chips and Obama's push for electronic records

"This is especially true when you consider the advocates of implementing a program using so-called ‘v-chips’ containing all a person's medical information. No one has said how much information will be contained in those implants. DNA? AIDS information?"

"To doctors, a "starter kit" -- complete with 10 hypodermic syringes,
10 VeriChips and a reader -- costs $1,400, according to information on the Verichip web site. To patients, a microchip implant means a $200, out-of-pocket expense to their physician. Presently, chip implants aren't covered by private healthcare insurance companies, or by Medicare and Medicaid."

"But other lawmakers raised concerns. Rep. John Wright worried, "Apparently, we're going to permanently put the 'mark' on these people."
Ed: If the chip is implanted in the arm it is NOT the MOB;
If it is implanted in the
right hand or forehead for 666 financial transactions, then it definitely IS the Mark of the Beast ! ]

"Opponents have many fears about this plan, among them that it could be the forerunner of a similar system for humans. The theory, circulated in blogs, goes like this: You test it on the animals first, demonstrating the viability of the radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs) to monitor each and every animal's movements and health history from birth to death, and then move on to people."

Technotronic dictatorship ...electronic control over 'cyborgs'
Controlling the masses through chip implants
"It’s an old dream of the high and mighties. Zbigniew Brzezinski [Ed: of the Carter administration ] wrote about necessity of total control and technotronic dictatorship in 1968. David Rockefeller cynically said,
“The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination”[ Ed: democracy ] Today their plans are gradually materializing. All of us can witness the process. They foster the society where each person will stay under the vigilant eye of the Big Brother who keeps guard of the interests of today's masters, the kings of profiteering and the pawnbrokers of the global scale. It is becoming only evident that the current recession is part of the world's elite scheme to enslave humanity.
"make us your slaves, but feed us " -- F. Dostoyevsky
.."they are building the system of absolute power over people"

"For example, Opinion 20 of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies states the need of "the transformation of the human race" through "the multiplication of body-friendly technologies" which can "herald the coming of cyborgs.” It proposes to modify individuals “via various electronic devices,
under skin chips [ Ed: like "medcomp" ] and smart tags.”

"According to a number of international agreements, the "new world order" is usually called "global informational society" or "global network society"
.[ Ed: actually, a "global invasive-info-networking system" ]
In fact, this unitarian transnational cyber society will become an electronic death camp. [ Ed: Alex Jones was right ! ] People will be turned into impersonal user-friendly “bio object.” [Ed: chattel ] He will be helpless before [ the ] cyber system, which is to control the society, and its masters. In fact, it will be a global technotronic fascism using the latest informational and telecommunicational technologies as a powerful instrument of electronic suppression of free human will.

It is an open secret that the main driving force behind the global Internet community unites
antichristian [ Ed: godless people without a conscience; amoral ] and cosmopolitan members of the world's elite, rather than science experts.
"Is it possible to preserve God-like dignity in the society of creatures stuffed with electronics and subjected to various manipulations? It is evident that people are not able to follow their religious beliefs within such global network community, and it is no secret that those in charge of "a new world order" have made the Holy Orthodoxy [ Ed: GOD ] their enemy number one.
Jude 15 -- judgement upon the ungodly.

Smaller "
medcomp" chip for entry into veins; internal monitoring  .... 8 x 1 millimeters
.." this new, smaller microchip has been developed specifically to be incorporated into Medical Components, Inc.’s (“Medcomp”) vascular ports.
The Company’s existing microchip, used as part of its VeriMed™ Health Link system [ Ed: "medchip" ] for patient identification, measures approximately
11 millimeters by 1 millimeter

Implantable sensors to detect MRSA and pandemics ( swine flu etc. )
"DELRAY BEACH, Fla. & CHASKA, Minnesota----VeriChip Corporation (“VeriChip”) .. and its development partner RECEPTORS LLC, a technology company whose AFFINITY by DESIGN™ chemistry platform can be applied to the development of selective binding products, today announced plans to develop surveillance and point-of-care sensor systems that will efficiently detect and identify the presence of a particular biological threat such as influenza virus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or other illnesses. The companies will published a white paper outlining the development of “An Integrated Sensor System for the Detection of Bio-Threats from Pandemics to Emerging Diseases to Bio-Terrorism,” which will be available May 7, 2009, on VeriChip’s website at www.verichipcorp.com.
The companies’ products are expected to produce results on-site within 20 minutes against a broad range of potential biological threats in a method that is environmentally stable and economically scalable.

Robert E. Carlson, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer at RECEPTORS LLC, said, “Through our development partnership with VeriChip, we are focused on building an integrated suite of products that will identify a biological threat, from pandemic influenza and multiple-resistant pathogens like MRSA, to food borne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli. The combination of our CARA platform and VeriChip's signal transduction and communication capabilities provide both the technology and the expertise required to build the integrated bio-threat sensor system

Each product incorporates RECEPTORS' core competence of surface functionalization for selective binding. This high-throughput approach to the development of stable, selective and scalable binding environments can be tailored to any product and application. For further information please visit http://www.receptorsllc.com or email info@receptorsllc.com.
About VeriChip


Invisible medical chip
"A tiny, silicon chip which can easily be placed into any tablet, capsule or powder and safely ingested, is what U.S. corporation, Proteus Biomedical is very interested in. The chip, which will report to a patch placed on the back of a patient, or under the skin through electrical stimulation, is deemed to be not only able to tell if the patient is taking adequate dosages of medication and how they effect him or her, but where the patient in question physically is through GPS enabled sensors.
Proteus is busily planning trials of this invisible-to-the eye chip. According to TimesOnline (U.K.)"... a Silicon Valley company called Proteus Biomedical is developing what it calls the Raisin system of microchipped pills to help to tackle the problems of patients forgetting or
refusing to take medicines."

Empire North ( chip delivery by ID sniper rifle )
"You'll be a good candidate for the GPS medicine chip in short order. Those clever Chinese have come up with a more direct approach for delivering a GPS microchip into a human body: The ID Sniper rifle! Thanks to Empire North all you need to do is just point and shoot! At a distance of 1100 meters, you can deliver a teenie-weenie, trackable chip with as much pain as a mosquito bite. The most interesting part is that it's been out since 2002!

New chip for vascular access catheter ;
Drug-delivery system
1/3 smaller than ID verichip
"The Delray Beach-based company (NASDAQ:CHIP) said the five-year agreement is worth $3 million, assuming it is successful in developing the microchip and that Medcomp receives FDA approval for use of the chip in its vascular access catheter.
Harleysville, Pa.-based Medcomp also will buy scanners from VeriChip to identify a patient’s vascular port for correct medication dosage

Indonesians ( Papuans ) get microchips
 -- Big Brother in your bedroom.
Ed: It won't stop HIV / AIDS ; just tally it --For "sexually aggressive " people. Next it will be tallying sexually active people.
"If the Papua Provincial Council has its way, people living with HIV/AIDS in the province will be tagged like livestock by having microchips implanted into their bodies.
There is warranted concern over the apparently uncontrollable spread of HIV in the country's easternmost province, with nearly 5,000 cases reported there.
Quite apart from the moral aspect, mandatory microchipping of AIDS patients is dehumanizing and prejudicial, and violates one's physical integrity. One must question the applicability of the technology and the safety of the practice.
If Manangsang and other councilors look beyond the gadgets that feature in James Bond movies, they will realize that in the real world microchipping people with HIV/AIDS is technologically a hazardous and ineffective solution.

Danger : People with Blood disorders cannot take the verichip
While the data are inconclusive, there are also suggestions that implanted RFIDs may cause cancer in the long term.
The most damning information on implanting people living with HIV/AIDS perhaps comes from the literature of the chip-making companies themselves.
VeriChip, for example, notes that recipients with a known blood disorder should not be implanted with the microtransponder.
Hence those unfortunate enough to be infected with HIV are being victimized threefold: Not only are they burdened with a still-incurable disease and faced with daily prejudice, their bodies are “violated” with a device that could prove perilous.

Just what are "blood disorders" ?

Big Brother Medical System
Societal concerns as to confidentiality can be satisfied through a "blue ribbon" international audit and oversight commission which could control access to the data base as well as the various statistical analyses which could prove highly beneficial for tracking various kinds of medical devices as well as the health condition of the many individuals who participate in the data base system of the present invention.

Microsoft links with Verichip

Microsoft wants to get under your skin  ( links with good resources )
"VeriMed consists of an RFID tag that is embedded in the arm of a hopefully willing participant, and responds with a 16-digital identity code when queried at 134KHz. This code can then be used to identify the person through VeriChip's website, and will soon be able to link to their medical records as stored on Microsoft's HealthVault system"

Verichip-VeriMed Health Link teams up with Microsoft Health Vault
Verichip selected by Microsoft to offer personal health record through Microsoft HealthVault Co announces that its personal health record used in conjunction with its VeriMed Health Link system will be accessible through Microsoft (MSFT) HealthVault, an online platform designed to put consumers in control of their health information. Through this agreement, Health Link members will have the ability to open free HealthVault accounts and input, store, view and interact with their health data. Further, the data within Health Link members' existing accounts will be directly accessible through their HealthVault accounts.

Tech solutions : medical databanks
"LSU Healthcare Network was selected as a recipient of the Microsoft HealthVault Be Well Fund, to develop a model that cities across the US can use to help patients take their medical records, where ever they go, especially during natural disasters. This is already happening in India, with the Health Hiway initiative of Apollo Hospitals and IBM, which connects 250 users across 75 providers. The goal is a centralised database of patient records across the country. The VeriChip system, which is an RFID microchip, implanted under the skin, which when scanned by a doctor or nurse, confirms the patient's identity and pulls up the patient's entire medical records, "

Electronic-prescription Network merging --
By using the new unified routing network, authorized physicians will be able to access drug coverage and medication histories on more than 200 million patients -- providing patients consent first -- and send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of their choice, including retail and mail-order pharmacies, before they leave the doctor's office. Under the present fragmented electronic infrastructure, physicians have an incomplete clinical picture and can route prescriptions to fewer pharmacies, among the reasons many physicians have been reluctant to adopt the technology. 

"The merger makes complete sense," says Dr. John Halamka [ Ed: the Verichip guy ] , chief information officer of Harvard Medical School. Physicians will be able to prescribe based on drugs covered under the patient's health plan and see what other medications a patient is taking, a key step in preventing harmful drug interactions, he says.

The merger of RxHub and SureScripts unites what are otherwise fierce competitors to a common goal. RxHub is backed by pharmacy benefits managers, or PBMs, which administer prescription drug benefits for employers and health plans, and typically dispense drugs through mail-order pharmacies, the direct competitors of the retail outlets, such as Walgreen Co. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., represented by SureScripts

SureScripts-RxHub's board will comprise of one director each from the five founders, plus a sixth member designated by NACDS and NCPA. John Driscoll, president, New Markets, Medco Health Solutions and Bruce Roberts, executive vice president and CEO, NCPA, will serve as co-chairmen of the board of directors through 2009. Employees from the founders will run the venture, which will maintain its existing offices in
St. Paul, Minn., and Alexandria, Va
. Executives hope to cut costs internally by eradicating overlaps and back-office duplication, such as multiple data centers, and will be working on the integration plan over the next 90-days

Headway is being made elsewhere on removing other obstacles to the wider adoption of e-prescribing. On Friday, the Drug Enforcement Administration proposed regulations to allow physicians to digitally prescribe restricted medications, such as drugs used to treat insomnia and acute pain, and for pharmacies to receive and dispense the electronic prescriptions. About 13% of all U.S. prescriptions are for controlled substances.
In addition, Congress is expected to pass a bill tying the use of the digital technology to physicians' Medicare payments, a move that would provide perhaps the most significant boost to e-prescriptions in general.

Drug Switching ( more profit ) by Pharmacies
CHICAGO June 4, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Walgreens today became the third national pharmacy to settle drug switching allegations exposed by a whistleblowing veteran pharmacist whose actions have returned more than $120 million to federal and state governments. The cases against three of America's largest drug store chains were pursued by Chicago-based whistleblower attorneys Michael I. Behn and Linda Wyetzner under qui tam provisions of state and federal False Claims Acts.

Prior generic drug switching cases by Lisitza resulted in a $37 million settlement earlier this year with CVS Caremark Corp., owner of CVS pharmacies, and a $50 million settlement in late 2006 with Omnicare, Inc., the nation's largest pharmacy for nursing homes.

RFID chips cause EMI ( electromagnectic interference ) in Hospital telemetry
Whether active or
passive chips, these devices cause medical equipment to shut off

"In all, researchers conducted 123 EMI tests, and 34 EMI incidents were recorded: 22 were considered hazardous (for example, the turn-off of a mechanical ventilator or malfunction of external pacemakers), two as significant (an inaccurate blood pressure reading or alarm wrongly going off which might divert attention from the patient), and 10 as light ("snow" on the monitor, which didn't need attention).
The passive signal resulted in a higher number of total incidents (26 out of 41, or 63 percent), as well as more hazardous incidents (17).
All incidents occurred at a median distance of 11.8 inches between reader and device. For hazardous incidents, the median distance was 9.8 inches.
A study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that wireless systems used by many hospitals to keep track of medical equipment, also known as radio frequency identification devices (RFID), can be a threat to lifesaving devices like respirators, external pacemakers and dialysis machines.

Health Link
-- crisis = control
"The service will eventually be introduced throughout the state and the nation. Sixteen hospitals in the region have welcomed the System into their emergency room protocol practices and signed on as program participants. Health Link connects a person to his or her personal health record, allowing partnering System hospitals, and their emergency room doctors and nurses, to have immediate access to vital records during a health crisis.

Health Link requires implanting program participants with a tiny microchip (similar in size to a grain of rice) just under the skin in the rear upper portion of the right arm.
The Health Link microchip contains a 16-digit identification number that, when scanned by a Health Link hand held electronic reader, provides a secure link to a private, online database that reveals the patient's personal health records and emergency contact information. http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080429005913&newsLang=en

Google Health : Online Records

Seeking reimbursements from Insurance and Medicare, Medicaid for chipping
This IRB-[ Institutional Review Board ] approved study by the AMDA Foundation [ American Medical Directors Association ] responds to the growing physician demand for the VeriMed Patient Identification System. Upon completion of the study, the Company intends to use the results to seek reimbursement approval from insurance companies and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
The study will involve a total of 10 facilities and 100 participants and will last one year, or until the 100th hospitalization, whichever occurs later.

FDA Launches Investigation Into Subdermal ID Chip

written by Jim Goldman, Tech Live Silicon Valley bureau chief on Thursday

" VeriChip's problem, according to Pellerite, is that the FDA was "very clear" in its response to an email from the company seeking FDA approval to sell its chip. At the time, the FDA responded -- informally according to Pellerite -- that as long as "no medical information" of any kind was encoded on the chip, and as long as the chip was not used to link to any kind of medical database, the company was free to go to market."
Once an identification number is retrieved from the chip, the user can use it to access any information -- without making the product a medical device," said David Hughes, vice president of Technology Sourcing International, a consultant to Applied Digital Solutions helping the company navigate the FDA approval process. '


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