Hope To The End .... POEMS

The Mansions of Heaven

This world, however beautiful, was never meant to be
The place that we would call our home for all eternity.
And though we would not choose to leave, a loving God knows best,
And in His time, He lifts us to a place of peace and rest.

For He has built a mansion where His children will abide,
Free from pain and sorrow, forever at His side.
He said He'd never leave us to face our trials alone,
And though sometimes we fail Him, He never fails His own.

And even when our choices are less than He would ask,
He knows when human courage is unequal to the task.
We cannot judge what happens, though tears and questions start.
We only see what's visible--God sees into the heart.

And though there may be many things that we cannot explain,
We can be sure it breaks His heart to see His children's pain.
In loving arms, He bears us to a quiet place apart
Where He mends the wounded spirit and heals the broken heart.

And though these ones we love so much have left our present sight
And passed into a better world of majesty and light
Someday we'll be together in our Father's house above,
Where we'll thank Him for His mercy and praise Him for His love.

May He ease your hour of sorrow and surround you with His love,
And may it bring you strength to know Our Father's house above
Is a house of many mansions where His Son has set aside
Special places near Him for His loved ones to abide.

Author unknown

...but just think,
of stepping on shore and finding it heaven,
of touching a hand and finding it God's,
of breathing new air and finding it celestial,
of walking in Glory and finding it Home.

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