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MANDATORY CHIPPING : Against one's conscious will ; Enforced by the Powers that Be;
No Informed Consent.. --- Requirement; requiring; necessary ; enforced

At first , Voluntary; Next, mandatory
Ed: Already they are already providing "exceptions" to the rule. When the government declares the subdermal chip to be taken in the interests of national security, then it will be mandated. Former laws will no longer apply.

Corporation agrees: voluntary

The voluntary part ( showing loyalty ) is not really voluntary. How many people eat "voluntarily " ??

Verichip campaign -
Dana Blankenhorn
Over the last four years an entire sub-culture has developed to attack the VeriChip. [ Ed: We do not "attack"; we Expose verichip]
But the company is not backing down. If the present marketing effort succeeds the company is bound to push for chipping everyone, given the chance of violence or accidents in our society."

 Ed: Verichip is now being sold directly to the consumer, who will now be able to link to Online HealthLink. How many people realize that this implant is the forerunner to the Mark of the Beast ?
Since medical needs are backed by Insurance payments ( or personal payments ) this subdermal ID most likely will be used for the financial transaction as well. Something to consider.

Plan for U.S. Citizens to take the VeriChip
July 25, 2005--President Bush's former health secretary Tommy Thompson is putting the final touches to a plan that could result in US citizens having a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip inserted under their skin, The Business has learned.
Thompson, now a director of Applied Digital Solutions, the company that makes the chips, intends to publish the proposal in the next 50 days, [
Ed: Even though this date has already passed, the plan will still come]
 by which time he plans to have had a VeriChip inserted in his arm. Thompson believes the capsules could help save thousands of lives every year.
"According to Procter, the chips can also be used for financial transactions. In "

Cases of Enforced Chipping and future proposals
"the Attorney General of Mexico forced his staff to get implants to gain access to a sensitive document room

VeriChip's chairman [ Scott Silverman] , has proposed mandatory chipping of guest workers and immigrants. A hospital in Ontario plans to implant the chips in babies, and the U.S. Army is mulling a requirement for enlisted personnel.
The elderly, immigrants, babies, low-ranking soldiers…these are not exactly the most powerful segments of U.S. society "

[ Ed: Note the arrogance ...implying that there are human beings, and then again there are "other " human beings. Wasn't that the mind-set of the Nazis ?? ]


" I can think of countless initiatives that could be launched to make use of a sufficiently large group of chipped people:
1. a universal college student ID system;
2. chip readers in cars that would block drivers with unpaid parking tickets from using their vehicles;
3. tracking people with a history of emotional disturbances;
4. court-ordered chipping tied to domestic restraining orders;
5. government monitoring of people found to have a high-risk profile through computer profiling;
6. outfitting firearms with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader
7. and requiring gun owners to be chipped to fire their weapon (like existing thumbprint locks "

" Once a sufficient number of humans have had chips implanted, for whatever the reason, all bets on containing the technology are off. A responsible debate on human chipping would consider the extreme scenario—widespread mandatory implants—and not just focus on the initial
"socially acceptable" [ Ed: meaning implanting the socially UNacceptable ] proposals that target specific populations such as Alzheimer's patients,
children [ Ed: enforced surveillance of delinquent or otherwise ] , or convicts on work release programs."

"At a minimum, any chipping must be truly voluntary rather than mandatory. But I am afraid this will be almost impossible to ensure without legislation such as that enacted by Wisconsin last year, barring all mandatory human chipping " ---Comment

[ Ed: We know that legislatures can make a 180 degree turnaround when it suits their puposes. In the beginning, Chipping will be voluntary, to flush out the Christians and dissenters. After that, it will most likely become mandatory, with death being the consequence of not taking the subdermal chip. We must not be naive ]

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