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by J. A. SEISS

We picture a maiden whose lover left her for a voyage,
promising on His return to make her His beloved bride.
Many told her that she would never see Him again. But she believed His word.


And evening by evening, she went down to the lonely shore,
to hail and welcome the returning ship which was to bring again her betrothed
And by that watchfire she took her stand each night,
praying that the winds would hasten on the sluggish sails......
that He, who was everything to her, might come.

Even so, our Blessed Lord, Who has loved us unto death
has gone away to the Holy Land of Heaven,
promising on His return to make us His happy and eternal Bride.
Some say that He is gone forever, and that here we shall see Him no more.
But His last word was,
"Yea, I come quickly".

And on the dark and misty beach sloping out into the eternal sea,
each true believer stands by the love-lit fire, looking, and waiting,
and praying and hoping for the fulfillment of His word;
and calling ever from the soul of sacred love,

"Even so, come Lord Jesus."

And one of these nights-- while the world is busy with its gay frivolities
And laughing at the maiden on the shore--
a Form shall rise over the surging waves, as once on Galilee,
to vindicate forever all this watching and devotion,
and bring to the faithful and constant heart a Joy, and Glory,
and Love unsurpassed. "

-- J.A. Seiss from the book "The Apocalypse"

Parable of the Ten Virgins Matthew 25: 1-10

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If the Lord should come today
And take me to my Home
Would I want to go away
Oh yes, no more to roam

If He said "It's time My child"
And took me by the hand
Would I want to go with Him
Oh yes, to the Promised Land

And then I'd go to realms unknown
Beyond the Crystal Sea
To a place with Streets of Gold
A place prepared for me

So let God's trumpets sound
Let Heaven's gates open wide
I'll start my beautiful journey
With my Savior at my side

So come Lord Jesus, even so, come now
Your throne at last I see
And the cross in all its' glory
Brings eternal peace to me

Author Unknown

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