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Terry Presgrove (27 Jan 2003)
"The Lamb and the Lion"

For over a year I have been searching the internet, looking at dreams, visions and prophecies (  particularly for America ). Dreams and Visions III is the third web page dedicated solely to this examination. As of 01/25/03 it has been updated with a number of dreams, visions and prophecies.

(Dreams and Visions III)
Those quoted in these many dreams ( found on the three web pages ) range from pentecostal to catholic and a question mark or two. There are many threads of connectivity within these dreams and visions. For example one can find a number of  references to white horses correlating to Christ's Second Coming. Perhaps one of the most common warnings found is that of America being attacked by Russia and China, whether directly mentioned or using the bear and dragon symbols. Of course, the coming Iraqi war is another hot topic of discussion and can be found in a growing number of dreams and visions on the web.

It is my considered opinion that this world is rapidly moving toward a period unparalleled in human history. These coming events the bible refers to as the end times, tribulation, rapture, Armageddon, Second Coming, etc. It is a time that all the saints of history have longed to witness ( the return of our Lord in glory ). Do we know that all these voices are from God? Of course not, but to ignore the accumulative data that is available is to stick one's head in the proverbial sand. There are simply to many voices echoing the same essential message to turn away and ignore. I recently wrote the following poem, contrasting Christ's First and Second Coming.
I hope you enjoy.......


The Lamb and the Lion

The first time He came as a servant in disguise,
Although the angels announced His arrival,
And the babe came to earth divinely titled,
But there was no mighty army that ensued,
Nor the insignia of earthly royalty giving proof,
While Jesus gave essential clues to His fulfilling truth,
The tribe misunderstood the prophetic crux,
Suspending His throne above the world in crucifixion,
Giving no visible sign of his glorification,
The Lamb crowned with puncturing thorns,
Disciples questioning why he had ever been born,
The Romans mock and casts lots for his cloak,
Having Nailed him to that foreordained oak,
Toasting his kingship by giving Him bitter herbs,
Manifest destiny hanging between heaven and earth,

Next time, He comes as the mighty conquering Lord,
Having thrown off the garment stained with scorn,
His heavenly nature trumpeted, gloriously adorned,
Lion of the tribe of Judah has been restored,
Son of Man, on a white horse, with flaming eyes of torch,
Celestial hosts rejoice, as He brings with Him His rewards,
The throng of redeemed returning with him in support,
Enemies destroyed by the brightness of His sword,
Demons retreat in fear of the horror they will absorb,
His throne established and ruled with sovereign accord,
Attired in a majesty robe, acknowledged and adored,
Honored and crowned with jubilation from all the reborn,

Unbelief will flee his presence when the King retorts,
Every heart that has ever ticked a beat will hit the knee,
Acknowledging the savior and creator of the grand scheme,
Each and every thought or deed paraded for all to see,
Eternal life in the balance, to be or not to be,
Angels celebrate with acclaim, exalting his name,
And the saints will forever praise, gain knowledge and reign.

(Eschatology, Theology in Poetry)

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