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LABOR DAY --1st Monday in September
Labor Day -- honoring work

Glenn Beck speaks of Israel at the time of Labor Day 2011

In America it is a vacation
. But it also parallels the global May 1 holiday, a socialist-Communist holiday .
"Workers of the world unite" -- Karl Marx. ( founder of atheistic Communism )
Communists know what Pharoah knew -- more work means less worship and less home-time .
Exodus 5:1--8.

Since 2008, Americans are working more and enjoying life less. (wages have diminished; hyperinflation accelerating.)
"And the people shall labor in vain, and the folk in the fire, and they shall be weary, Jeremiah 51: 58
and they shall be weary"
-- Jeremiah 51: 64 . That verse in the Bible refers to Babylon-America.
Just ask the Japanese what "keroshi" means (working to death ).

In 2011, the unemployment figures are at their highest rate ever. It is our belief that there will come a works program in America which involves long hours and minimal pay. Time will tell.

UNITE : A Global Union of Workers

According to Derek Simpson, Unite's general secretary, the aim is to create a union which is as global as the companies its members work for.

Global Companies coming under SHARIA LAW ? ( Moslem laws)

State workers: 4 day work week ( 10 hour work days )
automatically makes Friday a "Sabbath" day ( like for Moslems)
Just after noon, a steady stream of cars pulled up to the South Salt Lake office of the Division of Motor Vehicles, a rolling reminder that some never got the word that state agencies had shifted to a four-day workweek and would close on Fridays

Longer Work Days: Health and Safety Hazard
--  Fatigue a risk to Safety
Under the federal rules -- which apply to trucks moving across borders -- drivers may be on duty for up to 14 hours a day, which includes no more than
13 hours of driving time.As well, drivers are limited to 70 working hours in a week.
[ Ed: When I worked a 70 hour work week, I came down with double pneumonia which became life-threatening ]
The provincial regulations provide for up to 15 hours of on-duty time a day and 13 hours of driving time, but there is no weekly cap.Lowenstein said there aren't enough traffic officers to catch everyone who breaks the rules.
He argues that drivers working too many hours is a recipe for disaster and it's becoming more commonplace as the trucking industry aims to keep pace with a growing economy.
"There are guys working 20-hour days," he said. "Let's face it, fatigue is a major killer."

No time for a personal life
In terms of personal scheduling, families may have to pay for an additional 2 hours of childcare each day, and scheduling appointments or even socializing might become difficult during the week.

Lines Grow Longer at DMV --
Stopping work without much notice; lowered minimum wage
Not accommodating customer needs

Long lines have been snaking out the doors of local offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles, and some have been closing their doors early in order to avoid paying employees overtime. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's
executive order cutting temporary employees and eliminating overtime because of the state's fiscal crisis is taking the blame for both the long lines and the early closures.
I was here yesterday, and they said that after 3 (p.m.) they aren't taking any more (customers)," said Edie Felix of Rancho Cucamonga. "I'm on vacation this week. That's why I can't (make an appointment)."

For those who need to pay registration and renew licenses, Mirando recommends they go to www.dmv.ca.gov , where they can make appointments

Retail Stores Open 24 / 7
Necessitate odd-hour shift workers ; No Sabbath Day observed
These days we can get mortgage advice at 2am, book a hotel room at three in the morning, order a pint at four and, of course, rush to the supermarket for a sausage roll at 5am. But it wasn't always so. Only 15 years ago, supermarkets had to shut by 8 o'clock; once a week they could stay open an hour later. Then came John Major's "bonfire" of regulations, removing thousands of restrictions on British industry. Finally, after a decade of campaigning, thousands of newspaper column inches and widespread flouting of the law, in 1994, the Sunday trading ban was revoked. But another change that year was less remarked on: shops could open all day through the week. And all day, of course, also meant all night


Reality Show: "America's Toughest Jobs" ... Magnifying GRIT



KEROSHI "dying from hard work" ( also spelled "Karoshi" )
White collar, blue collar, any collar, no collar.
" This new phenomenon was quickly labeled karoshi (kah-roe-she), or "death from overwork", and once it had a name and its symptoms were broadcast far and wide, it just as quickly became obvious that Japan was experiencing a virtual epidemic."
"National Liaison Council of Lawyers on Death from Overwork," said: "The corporate world is hiding behind promises of improved consumer services while partaking in excessive competition, thus victimizing its employees
find that they cannot rest even when they do take time off. They are so wound up that not working leaves them disoriented and suffering from serious stress
..."so many of Japan's salarymen work so hard because they have shut themselves off from their families and have no place to go but to work."


Suicide triggered by Overwork --Keroshi Hotline
“The moment when I am happiest is when I can sleep,” Mr Uchino told his wife the week of his death.
Official figures say that the Japanese work about 1,780 hours a year, slightly less than Americans (1,800 hours a year), though more than Germans (1,440). But the statistics are misleading because they do not count “free overtime”. Other tallies show that one in three men aged 30 to 40 works over 60 hours a week
However, besides karoshi, suicides related to work pressures have also become increasingly common in Japan. The country has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world and approximately 31,000 die each year as a result of suicide.

"Men's Hearts failing them" Luke 21:26 ..over-fatigued, stress

KEROSHI and High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure HBP is often referred to as "the silent killer". The normal reading is 120 systolic ( top # ) .
The following links tell of the healing effects of celery. If a person with High Blood Pressure eats 4 stalks of celery a day for one week, his HBP could return to normal, based on testimonies in these links. If it is easier to have cooked celery, then that too is OK for lowering BP.
After one week you need less celery as you don't want the BP to go too low.

Celery is also a diuretic for anyone with kidney-bladder problems ( difficulty urinating ). Canned whole cranberry sauce or cranberry juice is also remedial for that.

Aneurysm ( rupture-bleeding) in the brain
This process of work intensification has resulted in night shift work, increased scheduled and unscheduled overtime and holiday work, unpaid "voluntary" work for suggestion programs, and formal and informal functions during off-work time. A low base pay forces workers to work hard to get extra benefits. Low allowances for overtime, night shifts, etc., drive workers to work longer hours and more nights and holidays. Both white- and blue-collar workers have to do homework, so-called furoshiki zangyou (wrapped work).
the creation of an essentially inhuman workplace -- a work environment characterized by authoritarian supervision, a radically delimited task structure, and broken social connections between workers [39]. Many of the adverse exposure characteristics that have become accepted psychosocial risk factors -- low work control, high demands, repetitive and monotonous work, are direct and natural consequences of the managerial principals of Taylorism


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