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JC : 1 State Solution not adequate -- August 14, 2015 ( also JC has liver cancer; spreading)

JC: US not a democracy ... has become an oligarchy --- July 31, 2015

Carter to be main speaker at Islamic Convention


JC's visit to Israel 2015

How Jimmy Will Save the World


JC for President by Tim King 

Carter supported deployment of the Pershing 2 missiles is Europe
(Carter initiated deployment of the MIRVed MX intercontinental missiles and against the rising unpopularity of the idea with West European electorates he supported deployment in Europe of intermediate range Pershing II missiles. He developed the Stealth B-2 bomber and cruise missiles, and when Russia invaded Afghanistan, he armed the Mujahideen guerrillas, who so bloodied Soviet forces that in time the Kremlin had to withdraw in defeat, discredited at home and abroad in ways that bore directly on its subsequent collapse.)

Mrs. Jehan Sadat, wife of Anwar Sadat
"My real reason for writing this book was to recruit a religion of people who believe in peace in the Middle East," she said. "And say 'Yes, we can.'"
That encouragement, Sadat said in her speech, was not risk free. Her work encouraging literacy and employment for Egyptian women, making them self-sufficient, won her friends and enemies.
"I've been praised and criticized as a feminist," she said. "Some praise my work and some have accused me of tearing apart families."

"New Baptist Covenant" started January 09
JC Pontificating over Christians ; "Just believe in Jesus"( Ed: and not in His words ? )

"Hoping to overcome any racial, theological, philosophical, geographical or political division, over 30 organizations representing 20 million Baptists (black, white, conservative, moderate, Republican and Democrat) lent their support to the start of the New Baptist Covenant last January.
Since the landmark meeting, event organizers have been holding multiple regional meetings in order to offer greater opportunities for cooperation among Baptist ministries. Regional meetings have so far this year been held in Birmingham, Ala., and Liberty, Mo. Other meetings this year are scheduled for Norman, Okla., and Chicago.
The theme of the recent meeting at Wake Forest was “This is God’s Year to Act: Responding to a Society in Crisis.” The gathering featured writer Maya Angelou as a speaker and included worship services and workshops offering strategies for churches to respond to pressing social and spiritual needs in a time of economic crisis.
"the devils also believe and tremble " James 2: 19

Ed: This is feigned belief. If we do not obey the moral dictates and theological dogma contained in the Bible, then we deceive ourselves in who we believe in.
Jesus is THE way, THE truth and the Life. He is not just a religious personality. He - as God -- spoke in both the Old Testament and the New Testament . He is the Word--
Psalm 119.
We must come out of religious Babylon and "be ye separate".
"Come out of her My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev. 18: 4

Baptist Covenant : An Unbiblical Unity -- Feb. 11, 2008 --
Way of Life / David Cloud


Carter is part of the so-called Elders Group
Carter is part of the so-called Elders Group, assembled last July [ 2007] by former South African President Nelson Mandela. The group, including former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, recently visited Darfur, Sudan
One possibility Carter is exploring is whether the group, chaired by South African Bishop
Desmond Tutu, might weigh in similarly on the Palestinian-Israeli question, said former Carter aide Robert Pastor, interim co-director of the Elders Group
There was no immediate response
from the White House or the State Department about the question of whether Carter might be called upon to help break the potentially dangerous impasse in the U.S.-Mideast relations, much as he used informal diplomacy to broker compromises with North Korea and Haiti a decade ago

Jimmy Carter "elder"

They call themselves the “Elders,” a group of self-described "wise men and women" that former South African President
Nelson Mandela launched last week on the occasion of his 89th birthday. Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson (former Irish President and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) are joining Mandela and a bevy of other has-beens to offer their services as roaming freelance diplomats. They are being financed in part by British tycoon Richard Branson and Ted Turner’s UN Foundation.

Carter has never had an unkind word to say about Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, Castro, Hugo Chavez, or any other dictator. Their atrocious human rights records have not attracted any attention from this self-described human rights advocate. They can all be reasoned with, Carter believes.
Likewise, Carter is an apologist for terrorists. He has gone out of his way to praise the Iranian-armed terrorist group Hamas and said recently that it was “criminal” for the U.S., Israel, the European Union, and the Arab League to shun these murderers of their own people who continue to vow the destruction of Israel.


Global Leadership Winner
Previous Global Leadership winners have been former United States President Jimmy Carter and the British Broadcasting Corporation for their global media commitment to environment and sustainable development issues.

Carter's religion: " historic .. for Christianity "
Ed: Social Gospel of works without sound doctrine ;
Galatians 1: 8, 9 ......... 2 Corinthians 11:13--15
Ed: no sound doctrine ;
Titus 2: 1 .... 1 Timothy 6:3.... Titus 1:9 and 13 .
"The overall endeavor, according to the Associated Baptist Press, is spearheaded by Carter and Bill Underwood, of Mercer University in Atlanta and Macon, Ga. And Clinton was enlisted to lend his "star power" to the pan-Baptist effort.
This is a historic event for Baptists in this country and perhaps for Christianity," [ Ed: WOW ] said Carter at a conference announcing the 2008 gathering.
President Carter's call has provided an even broader and richer forum to accelerate common gospel efforts," commented the Rev. Dr. A. Roy Medley, general secretary of American Baptist Churches, USA.

Apostasy = a falling away from sound doctrine
Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia


A Liberal, against Conservative "fundamentalists" ( anyone with sound Biblical doctrine )
"Morris H. Chapman, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, said that Carter’s concerns about negative perceptions of Baptists ring hollow.
He has been one of the most vocal critics of Southern Baptists, using ‘fundamentalist’ as a pejorative and drawing a caustic comparison between Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power in Iran and the resurgence of conservative leadership being elected in the SBC,” Chapman wrote to Baptist Press."

Concerning America and Israel :

Plagiarism cited in Carter's latest book: "Palestine Peace, not Aparteid"

Pro-Palestinian ( anti-American)
80 percent of Palestinians still want a peace agreement with Israel based on the international road map premises
There is no way to predict what will happen in Palestine, but it would be a tragedy for the international community to abandon the hope that a peaceful coexistence of two states in the Holy Land is possible. Like Egypt and all other Arab nations before the Camp David Accords of 1978, and the Palestine Liberation Organization before the Oslo peace agreement of 1993, Hamas has so far refused to recognize the sovereign state of Israel as legitimate, with a right to live in peace. This is a matter of great concern to all of us, and the international community needs to probe for an acceptable way out of this quagmire. There is no doubt that Israelis and Palestinians both want a durable two-state solution, but depriving the people of Palestine of their basic human rights just to punish their elected leaders is not a path to peace"

 Quoting Mr. Carter
"I have a commitment to worship the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Preemptive War." Nov. 2005
Ed: Wonder who he has in mind.

JEC also used wiretapping and surveillance in 1977

JEC uses abortion to split the Republican party
changes views according to audience
Conservatives, however, continue to be wary of him because in 1992, for example, he agreed to serve as honorary co-chair of a fund-raising dinner for one of the nation's leading homosexual advocacy groups, the Human Rights Campaign. In doing so, Carter became the first president of the United States to associate himself with a fund-raising effort in the homosexual "community".
Knight hopes, that if Carter has altered his views on the culture of death he will also change his view on the associated cultural woes of the homosexual agenda and the porn culture"

When liberals spout conservatism, something is in the works :
JEC "opposes" abortion; he had his chance to do something and did nothing
To do nothing is to allow.
Injecting a feigned Christianity into the issue;

JC on Guantanamo prisoners

More anti-American rhetoric ; spouses Human Rights
likes to use the "D" word

The truth about Jimmy Carter
He signed one agreement after another with the Soviet Union that served only to diminish U.S. power in the world because we lived up to the agreements and the other side didn't."

Jimmy 'No Shame' Carter by Joseph Farah ( see last paragraph )

Is W another Jimmy Carter ? John LeBoutillier
higher gas prices = malaise ....... both " victims " of the times
"raising the possibility that George W. Bush – because of rising gas prices - is going to become the next "Jimmy Carter.”
But what these ‘Bush allies’ were referring to was the malaise and low spirits engendered among the population when the cost of gas at the pump combines with a slowing economy to eat away at our overall national confidence.

Bush and Carter: men of prayer

Carter wants Bush to moderate
(does that mean to disassociate with the Christian right ???)

"In an interview with the Ledger-Enquirer of Columbus, Ga., Mr. Carter criticized Mr. Bush for not pressuring Israel to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, for threatening to abandon the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972
and for not supporting human rights more strongly.
He said Mr. Bush had ignored moderates in both parties and called Mr. Bush's proposed missile defense shield a "technologically ridiculous" idea that would "re-escalate the nuclear arms race."
Mr. Carter noted that he had volunteered to be one of the few Democrats at Mr. Bush's inauguration because he was optimistic about the administration.
"I hoped that coming out of an uncertain election, he would reach out to people of diverse views, not just Democrats and Republicans but others who had different points of view," Mr. Carter said. "I thought he would be a moderate leader
, "

Carter urges more Federal Control over Local elections

Associates :

the Graham-Clinton ( NYC ) and Lotz-Carter ( UK ) connections
"What a man is REALLY like is known by the friends he chooses "--Proverbs 27

Jimmy Carter
criticizes U.S. policy ( again) at Baptist World Alliance Meeting in England
Alliance organized by Denton Lotz
The Baptist World Alliance, comprising more than 200 Baptist unions around the world, was formed in London in 1905. The headquarters of the alliance, which meets in a different location every five years, moved to the United States in 1947."
Denton is brother-in-law to Anne Graham Lotz ( Billy Graham's daughter ).
Anne is married to
Daniel Lotz, brother of Denton.
Anne was a featured speaker at this event.
Denton is husband of Janice Robinson.
Bap. Convention http://www.baptiststandard.com/postnuke/index.php?module=htmlpages&func=display&pid=3692

So. Baptist Convention breaks with Baptist World Alliance
The SBC accused the BWA of “liberalism, anti-Americanism, and apparently, excessive sympathy towards gays” (Bates, 2004). The World Alliance has characterized these allegations as “slander,” and affirms that it stands against women leadership, homosexuality, and anti-Americanism (“BWA Rejects SBC Charges,” 2004). The SBC was particularly alarmed that the BWA invited South African archbishop Desmond Tutu to address a general council meeting in Durban."

Religion and politics don't mix
except to promote 666

"Reverend" Denton thinks morals are not as important as good works.
"But in truth, says the Rev. Denton Lotz, issues such as blessing couples in homosexual relationships don't even make it onto the radar screens of most Christians living outside the West"
Ed : This is a cloaked way of saying Denton endorses homosexuality ... a sophisticated innuendo ( IMHO )
"The people there just want to know if they are going to have bread for tomorrow and whether they can get a job or whether they are going to be persecuted by the majority religion."
Ed : Oh .... so the God-thing is the problem, not the established government and corrupt politics ????

Israel...and anti nukes

( Ed:This is an anti- Israel position; no right of protection )
Against nukes ( for NPT )
against Non- Proliferation treaty : U.S. , England and France
In the run-up to the conference, a group of "Middle States" had a simple goal:
"To exert leverage on the nuclear powers to take some minimum steps to save the nonproliferation treaty in 2005."
Last year this coalition of nuclear-capable states - including Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden and eight NATO members - voted for a new agenda resolution calling for implementing NPT commitments already made. Tragically, the United States, Britain and France voted against this resolution
Ed: Taking away Israel's right to protect itself :
"At the same time, we fail to acknowledge how Israel's nuclear status entices Iran, Syria, Egypt and other states to join the community of nuclear-weapon states"
( Ed: biased statement : makes Israel look like the aggressor, rather than the outnumbered victim )

NAC New Agenda Coalition (no more nukes )
"We welcome the statement by President George W. Bush on the 35th anniversary of the entry into force of this treaty in which he reaffirmed the "determination of the United States to carry out its treaty commitments and to work to ensure its continuance in the interest of world peace and security." ( Ed: this does not bode well for Israel )
We have taken at face value such commitments to the treaty
"Forging common cause is as much the responsibility of the nuclear-weapon states as it is for the rest of us"

As the ultimate pacifist

Carter and Menahem Begin


Carter's Image
The majority of the work that Carter does is through the Carter Center — a combination of a presidential library and a
"mini-United Nations " he and his wife founded in 1982 on a wooded patch of land in Atlanta.

"Nothing that I do is sacrificial."
"Even opponents of Carter's politics largely celebrate his post-White House work. And in the nations where the Carter Center works to combat disease, broker peace and ensure fair elections, the former president's image has reached almost mythic proportions.
Carter's wife, Rosalynn, recounted how her husband was named an honorary chieftain in one African village they visited. Another granted the couple a patch of land and named Carter a king.
And, Mrs. Carter said, new parents in those areas frequently grant Carter a more personal honor, naming their children after the 39th president.
"We find a lot of Jimmy Carters in the countries that we go to," she said"

The Real Jimmy Carter ... micromanaging globalism

JC by Steven Hayward ( foreign policy )
More on JC by Steve Hayward

Roselynn Carter

Concerning the U.N.

A U.S. led U.N.
"Community of Democracies" Meeting in Geneva
Moreover, democratic countries have come to appreciate, as never before, that undemocratic countries are a direct security threat. President Bush is touting a "forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East," and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, earlier this month, said: "The best defense of our security lies in the spread of our values." As it amasses influence and prestige, the Community of Democracies could help isolate intractable dictatorships while giving wavering countries an incentive to democratize, much as NATO and the European Union have done for the former Soviet satellites.

In the Senate, Joseph Biden of Delaware, the ranking Democrat on Foreign Relations, is sponsoring a similar resolution.
Eventually, officials say, the United States would like to see the caucus shape policy not just in the Human Rights Commission but throughout the U.N. system. As of now, that seems ambitious. Getting the democracies to coordinate their committee nominations is about as big as anyone is thinking.

But consider the long-term potential. By the time the Community of Democracies becomes strong enough to act coherently inside the U.N., it will also be strong enough to act coherently outside the U.N. It will contain most of the world's countries, including most of the strong ones. It will be unencumbered by the vetoes of tin-pot tyrannies. As it gains confidence and skill, it will attract money and authority. It may sprout an aid budget, a relief program, a peacekeeping arm, perhaps treaty powers.

In other words, the Community of Democracies may begin as a voice within the U.N. but go on to become a competitor to the U.N. Perhaps—one can dream—it may someday be the U.N.'s successor.
[ first within and then into another entity ?]

Carter and the EU

St. Olaf College, Minnesota. Carter urges US to share wealth
( Ed. note: reads like Thomas More's "Utopia")
Carter said, adding it is the responsibility of nations such as the United States to help others. Such expenditures are an investment in the future and can help insure security for the United States, he added. But the United States -- its politicians and its people -- have failed to meet that responsibility, giving a mere one tenth of one percent of its Gross National Product to others. The average European country gives away four times as much as the United States does, and Norway gives 17 times more to other people, Carter said.
(Ed. note: Where are the organizations and the numbers?
Are they political organizations or true Christian charities ??)

Americans give more to Christian charities than anyone else on the planet.
Acknowledging his own military service, Carter defended the concept of a strong U.S. military but said it should be used to push people toward peace, not war. Carter concluded his remarks by saying the United States can be a great country with great potential, but it must adhere to "the broadest definition of human rights:
[translated: homosexuality is now a political "right"]
the right of every person on earth to live in peace; the right of everyone on earth to be free, to have a democratic government, to have their environment and our environment protected not destroyed; to have rights of individuals not to be abused and to alleviate suffering. [ reads like Thomas More's "Utopia"; It didn't work either. ]

Vote Democratic in November [2004] ," was Carter's response to a question about how to address growing partisan politics in the United States, which drew the loudest applause of his appearance. Carter added that voters should reject candidates that use campaign tactics that "tear down" their opponents personally. [ that excludes all candidates]

Carter was introduced to the St. Olaf audience by his vice president, Walter Mondale, a former U.S. Senator from Minnesota. Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter attended as did Mondale's wife, Joan. More than 2,700 people were registered for this year's Peace Prize Forum. In addition to St. Olaf, the other ELCA colleges involved in the Nobel Peace Prize Forum are Augsburg College, Minneapolis; Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.; Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn.; and Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.

The colleges collaborate to put on the annual Forum with the Norwegian Nobel Institute, Oslo.
Augsburg College will be site of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

Connect the Dots.... see the story above and below.
Note the Norwegian EU connection.

EU left to join with US left
Norway's Labour Party is joining other European social democrats in linking up with the Democrats in the US. The goal is to be prepared with common strategies if a majority of them on both sides of the Atlantic come back to power.
A group of European social democrats, led by former British Foreign Minister
Robin Cook, met last week with several top Democratic politicians and party officials. They included US senators Hilary Clinton and Joseph Biden.

Espen Barth Eide, who led the Norwegian delegation, said the group met "understanding" that "
economic globalization must be accompanied by political globalization."


ON Latin America

JC and Venezuela
The difficulties were underestimated. The process of authentication of the signatures by the CNE dragged on and announcement of the results was postponed several times, leading to accusations by the opposition. But on 26 January Chávez had, in fact, agreed that members of the OAS and the Carter Centre should be present at the count. Jimmy Carter congratulated the CNE on the quality of its work: "My personal opinion is that the CNE . . . will make the proper decision and that subsequent political events will be acceptable" (13). Although the government had agreed to accept the decisions of the electoral authority without protest, the opposition refused to do so.

Religion, Morals and TRUTH
JC belongs to the CBF Church

CBF Cooperative Baptist Fellowship doesn't believe in truth
Is absolute truth any different than total truth ?
" Absolute truth claims are a warning sign of religion gone awry said one presenter, and claims that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation boarder on infringements of religious liberty, said another during breakout sessions at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship general assembly June 27.
The statements were made respectively by Charles Kimball chair of the department of religion, Wake Forest University and Bill Leonard, dean of the divinity school, Wake Forest University. The corresponding sessions were titled, "When Religion Becomes Evil," and "The Plan(s) of Salvation: When Conversion and Pluralism Collide."
Discussing his recent book, "When Religion Becomes Evil," Kimball said that religious groups who make absolute truth claims might pose a danger to society.....
It is particularly inaccurate, according to Kimball, for Christians to claim that one must believe in the divinity of Christ in order to have a correct understanding of God.

"I AM the way the TRUTH and the Life" --- Jesus Christ

Does Jimmy Carter have sound doctrine ?
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship CBF
Although many who advocate women in the pastorate do not affirm homosexuality, the internal logic of their arguments naturally leads to the embracing of homosexuality as this breakout group found out with a majority vote. Former President Jimmy Carter, an avid CBF supporter, only made things worse on Friday night when he argued to a crowd of about 7000 that issues like women deacons, women pastors, and homosexuality were peripheral issues of "insignificant importance" to God.

Even the issue of salvation through Christ alone was not a given. At a breakout session designed to foster Jewish and Baptist dialogue, the comments from attendees were shocking. One man stood up and encouraged the group to have joint worship services with Jewish congregations and announced that they would not have to say "Jesus Saves", they should just worship God.

Can Jimmy Carter correctly prioritize Biblical principles ?
speaking for God
The complexities and details and arguments about political intrigue and control and women deacons or women pastors or homosexuality," Carter paused, "those things in God's eyes fade into relative insignificance, as did circumcision in the first few days of the church."

Carter said Paul's remarks represent "a broad enough of a foundation for all of us to inhabit and work together," urging CBF and "traditional" Baptists to lead out "more aggressively to another to assume the common ground."

Carter's remarks came at a time when participants to the CBF assembly meeting June 28-30 at Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center were still wrangling over a statement released last October prohibiting its funds from going to pro-homosexual organizations and from hiring or sending missionaries who are practicing homosexuals.

Jimmy Carter breaks faith (falling away...2 Thess 2 )
"They went out from us, but they were not of us;
for if they had been of us, they would have no doubt continued with us:
but they went out
that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us." 1 John 2:19

from Chuck Baldwin ....
"It was widely reported this week that former-President Jimmy Carter has launched a new coalition of Baptists, one that rejects a number of Southern Baptists' key scriptural positions, including the role of women in the church and home. Carter's liberal coalition is called the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and they recently conducted their annual meeting in Atlanta. "
Also included in the CBF's annual meeting were songs and prayers to "Mother God." Members also voiced their displeasure at calling God "Father," "Lord," and "King," because such terms are viewed as being oppressive to women. There were also calls for more openness towards homosexuals

Carter's "Mother God" isn't listening
WOMEN CELEBRATE 'MOTHER GOD' AT CBF MEETING-At the June 28-30 meeting in Atlanta of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a CBF auxiliary group (Baptist Women in Ministry) opened its annual meeting "with songs and prayers to Mother God…." A litany read by BWIM members expressed their discomfort at calling God "Father," "Lord," and "King." (7/2 Religion Today). Participants chanted in unison that they "can say" the words Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, "no problem," but "God the Father" is a different story. The BWIM treasurer said she believed more SBC women would be ordained to the pastorate "because I believe God is good, and She knows what She's doing." This 10th anniversary meeting reveals the CBF to be far worse than merely a moderate, disgruntled Southern Baptist group. We have long contended that it should be considered as very liberal......Calvary Contender

Inspiration of Holy Scripture
"Knowing this first, that no prophecy [word] of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.
For the prophecy [word] came not in old time by the will of man:
but holy men of God spake
as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
2 Peter 1:20,21

The Holy Ghost [Holy Spirit] is the Author and revealer to our hearts

The Verbal Inspiration of Scripture --- the revealed Word of God, from beginning to end.

Jimmy Carter breaks faith with the Southern Baptists

Friends of United Religions Initiative..... by Lee Penn http://fatima.freehosting.net/
The IRFG [Inter-Religious Friends Group] has met three times, most recently in November 1999
at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Reverend Dr. Gary Gunderson, director of
the Carter Center's Interfaith Health Program,
says that the URI "is one of the most promising global initiatives,
" a "long term alignment that will bear fruit for decades."
He said, "While not a formal member of the URI, President Carter stressed how much
the Center valued the role of religious leaders in conflict situations. . . .
He asked the group to request his involvement in the future as specific interventions or projects crystallize."
Thus, President Carter may become an open ally of the URI.

same friends
publishers which they could and should be stocking but which they refuse to stock because it is "controversial."

"The liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship held its 10th annual convention in Atlanta June 28-30. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who publicly "left" the Southern Baptist Convention last year, spoke on the second day of the meeting. He called for a new alliance of Baptists in the United States and Europe, an alliance that will "reject creedalism." This refers to Baptists who will not be strict in their faith and who will not be careful about doctrinal truth, but who will allow for such things as modernistic views of the Bible, homosexual Christianity, female pastors, and prayers to a female god. Carter even believes that Mormons are Christians. Two years ago he publicly rebuked the Southern Baptist Convention for targeting Mormons with the gospel.

One of the auxiliary organizations associated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is BAPTIST WOMEN IN MINISTRY. At a breakfast they conducted during the CBF conference, they called upon women to worship God as Spirit but not as Father. There were prayers to "Mother God." Baptist Women in Ministry treasurer Sally Burgess said she believes "God is good, and She knows what She's doing." The women were encouraged to use "Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer" instead of "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Randy Stinson, director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, attended the breakfast and observed: "I was expecting some statements in support of women pastors along with some bashing of the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message, but I was not prepared to hear worship of 'Mother God.' This is not just a 'kinder, gentler Christianity,' this is an entirely different religion."

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship exhibit hall bookstore featured the United Methodist inclusive language hymnal that addresses God as "mother" and the "womb of creation." One hymn calls the earth "your Mother."

Jimmy Carter claims that he is a "traditional" Baptist, but this is simply not true. Historically, Baptists have cared deeply about doctrine and have been very "creedal." Baptists of old would not have dreamed of calling God "our Mother" or allowing homosexuals to be church members.

Apparently Carter is not aware that such an alliance as he described at the CBF conference already exists. It is called the Baptist World Alliance, and it yokes together conservative and liberal Baptists worldwide, including the Baptist Union of Britain and the American Baptist Convention. Ironically, the Southern Baptist Convention, from which Carter has "separated," is one of the largest contributors to the Baptist World Alliance!

Bible believing Baptist churches stand independent of unscriptural and unholy alliances in order to remain faithful to their One Head, Jesus Christ, who has commanded them not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship was formed ten years ago by liberal Southern Baptists who were discouraged by the conservative direction at the national level. There were roughly 3,250 registrants at this year's CBF conference, which is only about 250 more than attended in 1991

CNV News Service

Carter on Homosexuality

Bush Administration Broadens Gay Overtures
"NEW YORK (AP) - Bit by bit, the evidence accumulates, and some conservatives are dismayed
at what they see: a Republican administration sending low-key but clear signals that gays are welcomed
in its ranks and respected as a voting bloc.
To many gay activists, the Bush administration's overtures are encouraging, though timid. Among staunch social conservatives - the so-called pro-family lobby - there is frustration and a sense of betrayal. "


HUMAN RIGHTS ... see also https://hopetotheend.com/hr.html

Human Rights Award bestowed by Jimmy Carter
Note : Rick Warren
The Human Rights Award was also presented last night by former U.S President Jimmy Carter to Lauren Bethell, who helped establish the New Life Centre in 1997. (Christian Today)
Rick Warren’s eye-opening exposition was the perfect accompaniment to the evening event,
The Purpose Driven author made a powerful call to Baptists around the world
to stop reading the Bible and start doing the Bible.


On Human Rights....letter from Ian


Council of Europe ( 46 members) Summit addresses Human Rights
In his opening speech, the organisation's Secretary General Terry Davis said he believed the
Council of Europe (CoE)
and its values represented the future.
Oldest European organisation
CoE is the oldest European pro-human rights and democracy organisation, founded in 1949 and based in Strasbourg.

It consists of the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly of 630 deputies from the 46 national parliaments, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, and a 1,800-strong secretariat.
The body has pushed forward 196 legally binding European treaties or conventions, with some of them open to non-member states on various topics.
Delegates also heard that the European Commission should consider setting up a new EU body -
the Fundamental Rights agency.
"I have in mind various manifestations of NGO-ism, of artificial multiculturalism, of radical human right-ism, of aggressive environmentalism etc. In these activities, I see new ways of endangering and undermining freedom, which those of us who lived in the communist era take very seriously

Human Rights = anti- Bible, God and Christians
REGINA, February 10, 2003 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In a ruling given virtually no media coverage, the Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatchewan, ruled that a man who placed references to Bible verses on homosexuality into a newspaper ad was guilty of inciting hatred. The December 11, 2002 decision was in response to an appeal of a 2001 Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (HRC) ruling which ordered both the Saskatoon StarPhoenix newspaper and Hugh Owens of Regina to pay $1,500 to three homosexual activists for publishing an ad in the Saskatoon newspaper quoting bible verses regarding homosexuality.

The purpose of the ad was to indicate that the Bible says no to homosexual behaviour. The advertisement displayed references to four Bible passages: Romans 1, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Is this a "strong delusion " ( 2 Thessalonians 2 ) ?

UFO's Extraterrestrials-- "star dreams; star nation"

"1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project. The proposal was prepared through his work as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and it came about as a result of Carter’s interest in the subject after he saw a
UFO in 1969"
Alfred Webre will be in attendance to present the Star Dreams Initiative (SDI). SDI is the evolution of his work as former director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project. The Carter proposal was prepared through his work as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

Carter became interested in the subject of life in the Universe after seeing a UFO in 1969, as he confirmed in a January 2006 interview with GQ Magazine (http://men.style.com/gq/features/full?id=content_4072&pageNum=4).
As a Yale Law School graduate and International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), Webre brings notable credentials to a field that has been ridiculed for many years.
the "Star Nation people", known in our western culture as extraterrestrials.

During the film interview with Richard Hoagland, the audience will learn why evidence of an ancient civilization on planet Mars has been concealed by NASA. Hoagland was a former consultant to NASA and a science advisor to Walter Cronkite of CBS News during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon
The article also explains that the most definitive and revealing scientific study ever done on the mystery of crop circles was funded in 1999 by the late billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller [ED: Ark of Hope ]
Webre has concluded that the Earth has been under quarantine for eons from the more spiritually evolved "Off-Planet Cultures" (OPCs), in part because of humanity's war-like ways

Richard Hoagland

In the Storage Room:

Other Leftist politicians

Kerry, Edwards, Clinton and Carter --March 25, 2004

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The REAL John Kerry

"Kerry so-called. Until a couple of years ago, the Democratic front-runner was assumed to be as Boston Irish as his namesake county. Newspaper sleuthing discovered that his paternal grandfather was, in fact, a Czech, Fritz Kohn, who changed his name. Kerry lost relatives in the Holocaust. Race-hate websites nowadays routinely abuse him as "Kerry (Kohn aka Cohen)". Famously, Kerry is a decorated Vietnam war hero who, like Siegfried Sassoon, threw his medals away in disgust at what he came to see as a futile colonial war. "

Kerry's " Benedict Arnold" investments
Has stocks and holdings in multinationals

John Kerry has had tough words on the Presidential campaign trail for "Benedict Arnold CEOs" who export U.S. jobs. But according to the May, 2003, financial disclosure form he's required to file with the U.S. Senate every year, the Democratic candidate has stock in several multinationals that have outsourced work overseas -- General Electric (GE ), Procter & Gamble (PG ), and Verizon (VZ ), among others.
"It does have the specter of hypocrisy," says Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan watchdog.

Kerry ... Faith in what ???

Howard Dean: A Socialist by any other name  by Henry Lamb
Socialists believe that land, resources and the wealth they generate should be owned, or at least controlled, by the "public," i.e., the government. Capitalists believe that private property, and the right to use it to generate personal wealth, is the foundation of individual freedom.
Socialists believe that the marketplace should be controlled by government, to ensure the equal distribution of the earth's riches. Capitalists believe that individuals should be free to accumulate their own wealth without government confiscation and redistribution.

Howard Dean : offspring of a lesser power

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dean told a gay rights breakfast in West Hollywood that Democrats will have "an ad with a picture of Tom DeLay saying, 'Do you want this guy to decide whether you die or not? Or is that going to be up to your loved ones?' "
Dean also said, "The issue is, are we going to live in a theocracy where the highest powers tell us what to do?
Or are we going to be allowed to consult our own high powers when we make very difficult decisions?

High Priest Howard Dean decides who is and who is not an American
Dean condemns religious-right ; He is admired by Arab- Americans

Carter praises Dean

Carter Sees Some of Himself in Dean


Dean PRO-Palestinian; James Zogby head of AAI Arab-American Institute (Dearborn, Michigan)
brother John Zogby pollster for Newsmax etc.

Dennis Kucinich for gay marriages
Pointedly criticizing the major Democratic presidential candidate for failing to support same-sex marriage, Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Tuesday in San Francisco that the matter is a "fundamental civil rights issue ... that shouldn't even be a close question.''

"I can't, for the life of me, understand why I'm the only one who's taking this position with such emphasis,'' Kucinich said following a speech and question-and-answer session at the Palace Hotel sponsored by the Bar Association of San Francisco. "We have to be courageous in protecting people's rights ... and I don't think people should expect any less from a president.'' http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2003/12/17/MNGV03P1GH1.DTL

Dennis Kucinich
second in line after Dean

D Kucinich and the "goddess of peace"
Speaking to a crowd of about 300 in the Cleveland City Council chambers, where he started his political career at the age of 24, Mr. Kucinich described a sculpture that stands over the entrance of the House of Representatives. The artwork, called "Peace Protecting Genius," portrays a woman with her arm outstretched over a winged boy.
"I am running for president of the United States to enable the goddess of peace to encircle within her arms all the children of this country and all the children of the world," Mr. Kucinich said. "As president I will work with leaders of the world to make war a thing of the past, to abolish nuclear weapons."

D Kucinich
Kucinich would create a single-payer health care system under which private medical care is paid for with public dollars. Medicare, Part E (for Everyone).
He opposes most trade pacts, which he says penalize American workers. He promotes a "Department of Peace" and has called for "the goddess of peace to encircle within her arms all the children of this country and all the children of the world."

America's most outspoken Liberal
Walter Cronkite supresses freedom of Christian speech by using Freedom of Speech Article ( newspeak )


W Cronkite --"JC smartest president "



USS Jimmy Carter
The USS Jimmy Carter, the third and final Seawolf-class attack submarine, was built at the Electric Boat shipyard in Groton and moved outdoors for the first time on May 10. As long as one-and-a-half football fields and as tall as a four-story building, the sub has a 100-foot hull extension so that it can handle larger payloads.

Armed with anti-submarine torpedoes and cruise missiles, the submarine will be able to carry special operations troops on stealth missions and it may be used to launch unmanned undersea vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

"This is the most technically advanced submarine in our arsenal," said Admiral Frank Bowman, director of Naval Reactors,
A nuclear physicist, Carter became an aid to Admiral Hyman Rickover (then a captain), who is considered the father of the modern nuclear Navy.

Carter served on submarines and was preparing to become the engineering officer on an early nuclear submarine, the USS Seawolf, when his father died in 1953 and relatives asked him to return to Plains to manage the family business
USS Jimmy Carter Seawolf submarine launched

Seawolf Attack Submarine

the fastest, quietest, most heavily armed undersea vessels in the world.
Seawolf submarines provide the U.S. Navy with undersea weapons platforms that can operate in any scenario against any threat

Their missions include surveillance, intelligence collection, special warfare, cruise missile strike, mine warfare, and anti-submarine and anti-surface ship warfare.

Other additions include a new high capacity communications mast and ROV handling system. The modifications will delay the submarine's delivery date to September 2004.

Misapplying Scriptures
( jumping to conclusions )

DNA to declare Davidic lineage -
- Jan. 19, 2005

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