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Prime Minister Mateo Renzi

New Treaty of Rome

Rome - the place where all original copies of treaties are housed (Photo: EU Commissionen)

The New EU Reform Treaty: A Threat to the Special Relationship by Sally McNamara
non-democratic ; Mr. Gordon Brown ( UK) spearheading referendum
"The Reform Treaty will shift power from nation-states to Brussels and fundamentally change the workings of the EU, especially in important areas of public policymaking, such as defense and energy, where the United States usually finds more traction on a bilateral basis. In particular, the treaty's proposed foreign policy role for the EU poses a unique threat to the Anglo–American Special Relationship.

" Even the drafter of the constitution, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, has noted that cosmetic changes will be made and "public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals that we dare not present to them directly "

One blogger, Aegis, said: "A referendum is needed; to deny the British public the chance to have their say is the death of democracy and the birth of repression."

VeriChip now in Rome, Italy --
April 26, 2004
more info: www.cybertime.net/~ajgood/medchip.html

Evaluating VeriChip Healthcare Application in Rome, Italy (VeriMed) -- April 26, 2004
Study To Begin at Instituto Nazionale Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital on April 26th
The principal investigator, Dr. Giorgio Antonucci, presented the study's protocol to the Italian Ministry of Health and has received approval to proceed. The study is designed to observe the VeriMed(TM) technology function during care provided to patients whose medical conditions impede conveying vital information to the hospital's medical staff. Patients will be given the opportunity to utilize the VeriMed(TM) technology to provide their personal identification information and recent medical history. Dr. Antonucci and his staff are expected to begin patient enrollment in the program immediately. It is anticipated that the objectives of the study will be realized in six months, at which time the findings will be presented to the Italian Ministry of Health.
The logistics and technical support for the study in Rome are being provided by Biotronica SRL, a subsidiary of Fanara And Associates SRL, the exclusive VeriChip distributor for Italy.
http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20040426005500&newsLang=en (banana)

What else comes out of Italy ?
SIA connecting with SWIFT for Global Telebanking
Global Banking Connections
SWIFT -- Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
in Brussels, Belgium
SIA -- Milan, Italy

Wise Media of Milan, Italy covering the ID World Congress
Italian Media covers ID World Congress
"Mr. Silverman [ CEO of VeriTeQ ] spoke at ID World Congress
ID World is organized by Wise Media, S.p.A., based in Milan, Italy. This year special attention will be given to the future of security systems. The modern security infrastructure relies on specialized systems, software applications and technical standards built on different foundations for the physical world
(i.e. access control to buildings) and the virtual world (i.e. IT security).
Italy's National Electronic ID card work in the UK ?
Laser Memory Card
"The Italian government is introducing 40 million electronic identity cards storing fingerprints and other biometric data to replace the paper versions people have been using since the 1950s. Italy's system is voluntary but widely used to identify people with police, qualify for elections, get health care, and as proof of age.
With biometric information, your body becomes a password in order to give you access to services."
[Ed. note: Actually it becomes a number whereby the System accesses ALL information about you, and a lot of that is presumed....minority report]

"This information could be dangerous if there's too much of it. You must remember that privacy is also the right to be ignored, to correct and to be able to delete personal data."
The Italian government expects all its citizens to have a shiny new identity card in their pockets five years from now. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3662623.stm

Global Electronic ID Cards ?
The conference is held in the premises of the interior ministry¬’s high school of administration in via Veientana, in Rome. The first experimental phase ended on June 2003. About 100,000 cards were issued in 83 towns, the goal is to substitute 40 million paper identity documents in the next 5 years at a pace of eight million electronic identity cards a year.
"This is a revolution - the Interior undersecretary, Antonio D'Ali' told the more than thirty officials from Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Albania, Moldavia and the representatives of the US and Algerian embassies who came to Italy to study the Italian experiment -. We have done a lot, and a lot remains to be done, but I think we can say that the electronic ID card is also a card of rights and guarantees, and not just a very useful identification document (already valid as passport in 32 countries).

The municipality which take part in the experiments have already activated 272 services, including access to demographic and fiscal services, electronic payments of taxes, fines and an electronic desk, guided self certifications, and checking the status of procedures. "The potential of the card - the undersecretary underlined - is very big and the fantasy of the administrators has no limits":
The issues on the agenda are the identification of citizens on the streets by police
the personal, biometric data and the digital signature which can be used for the issuing of services are all stored on the microchip (its current capacity of 34 K-Byte, can obviously be extended) and this allows the organs to recognise the bearer.

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