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Department of HOMELAND SECURITY, page one

Official Webpage of Homeland Security
Jeh Johnson

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA
Information Awareness Office
"knowledge is power".... power = control

-- Advanced Research and Development Activity
TIA--Total Information Awareness  
For "Homeland Defense" ( Northern Command ) scroll to bottom of webpage

National Defense Resources Preparedness EO
A newly-propounded Executive Order, titled "National Defense Resources Preparedness," renews and updates the president's power to take control of all civil energy supplies, including oil and natural gas, control and restrict all civil transportation, which is almost 97 percent dependent upon oil; and even provides the option to re-enable a draft in order to achieve both the military and non-military demands of the country, according to a simple reading of the text.
food ...water ( rationing )
Those bodies will relegate their tasks to various secretaries of the Cabinet, specifically, the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources; the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy; the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources; the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation; the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials. Each of these Secretaries, according to Section 201, entitled
"Priorities and Allocations Authorities," will be empowered, subject to the President and his advisers, to "analyze potential effects of national emergencies on actual production capability, taking into account the entire production system, including shortages of resources, and develop recommended preparedness measures to strengthen capabilities for production increases in national emergencies." Their recommendations can, if need be, "control the general distribution of any material
(including applicable services) in the civilian market."--Huffington Post

US - EU Homeland Security goes high-tech
UK-based civil liberties monitoring group Statewatch, brings to light how the very companies that will profit from the bloc's €1.4 billion European Security Research Programme (ERSP) are the ones that are participating in its design and implementation. The seven-year ERSP, launched in 2007, has the twin aim of delivering brand-new high-tech security technologies to Europe - from advanced profiling systems to unmanned aerial drones - and, explicitly, to foster a rapid growth in this lucrative sector in order to not let US companies steal a march on their European rivals
The group claims there is a clear conflict of interest as the design of the ERSP has been "outsourced to the very corporations that have the most to gain from its implementation,' highlighting defence giants Thales, Finmeccanica, EADS, Saab and Sagem Défénsé Sécurité.

In 2003, a "Group of Personalities" (GoP) was convened as an advisory body essentially to conceive the first principles for European security research.
The GoP was composed of the EU commissioners for research and information society and as observers the commissioners for external relations and trade, along with the high representative for EU foreign and security policy, [Ed: UMFA ] Nato representatives, the Western European Armaments Association and the EU Military Committee.
Ed: Aggressively surveilling the masses in military fashion
The report author says that as a result, the conclusions favour a high-tech blueprint for "a new kind of security", one in which "peacekeeping and crisis management missions make no operational distinction between the suburbs of Basra and the banlieues," a surveillance society where the type of aggressive systems used to make war are used domestically and along frontiers as well ...automated targeting systems, satellite and space-based surveillance, and crisis management' tools.
It is not just a case of "sleepwalking into a surveillance society," said the report's author, Ben Hayes, "it feels more like turning a blind eye to the start of a new kind of arms race, one in which all the weapons are pointing inwards

NVOAD -- Pastors directed by FEMA

NVOAD http://www.nvoad.org/
My comment : Pastors are not policemen
The FEMA directors told the Pastors that attended that it was their job to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any of these eventualities. The first directive was for Pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13, the often taken out of context bible passage that was used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him, in order to teach them to "obey the government" when martial law is declared.

Ed: We are commanded to obey our government in any matter that is not immoral. If it is immoral, we are morally obedient to our God and do not commit immoral acts under such a government. One must be settled in his own mind what constitutes "moral" and "immoral".
Please see ACTS 4: 19 and ACTS 5:29.

Pastors are not policemen
It was related to the Pastors that quarantines, martial law and forced relocation were a problem for state authorities when enforcing federal mandates due to the "cowboy mentality" of citizens standing up for their property and second amendment rights as well as farmers defending their crops and livestock from seizure. It was stressed that the Pastors needed to preach subservience to the authorities ahead of time in preparation for the round-ups and to make it clear to the congregation that "this is for their own good."
We have received confirmation from other preachers and Pastors that this program is a nationwide initiative and a literal Soviet model whereby the churches are being systematically infiltrated by government volunteers and used as conduits for martial law training and conditioning. The Pastor was told that over 13,000 counties were already on board

Pastors were told that the would be backed up by law enforcement in controlling uncooperative individuals and that they would even lead SWAT teams in attempting to quell resistance
"They're not using the term 'quarantine' - this is the term they're going to be using - it's called 'social distancing' don't you like that one," said the Pastor.
He also highlighted how detention camps had been renamed to give them a friendly warm veneer.
"Three months ago it was quarantine and relocation centers and now it's 'community centers' and these are going to be activated at the local schools," he said.

DHS: From terrorists without, to citizens within -- gov. control
WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Monday rejected criticism that his agency is preoccupied with terror threats, at the expense of preparing for natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.
"I want to tell you I unequivocally and strongly reject this attempt to drive a wedge between our concerns about terrorism and our concerns about natural disasters," Chertoff said

NEMA National Emergency Management Association

works with DHS in natural disasters
Enhanced homeland security to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, disasters and catastrophes through strategic partnerships, collaborative strategies and information sharing. http://www.nemaweb.org/?1325
Incident command: works with CDC Center for Disease Control http://www.nemaweb.org/?1100
State Hazard Mitigation SHMO 101 http://www.nemaweb.org/?451 ......... http://www.nemaweb.org/?521

Integrated Systems for Emergencies
Powered by the Route1 MobiNET service delivery platform for identity and entitlement management, the award-winning Route1 MobiKEY is a patent-pending computing solution embedded on a smart-card enabled, cryptographic USB device.
It is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use, secure computing solutions available today.
With the MobiKEY, users have secure access to office computer, desktop, and digital applications from any location in the world.
This makes it ideal for both day-to-day computing needs, or for security, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, while meeting an organization's regulatory compliance needs
IT Weapons Inc. is the industry's trusted integrator and services provider,

The company's core competencies include Server Based Computing, Virtualization, Windows 200x Migration, Network Security, Managed Services and Monitoring, Datacentre Hosting, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

Federal Troops establishing quarantines ( martial law )
"quarantine law historically has been under the primary jurisdiction of states, not the federal government. “And my expectation is that any quarantine measures that would be put in place would  involve a substantial employment of the National Guard, probably under  control of the governor of an affected state,” McHale told a group of reporters. “However, we are looking at a wide range of contingencies, potentially involving federal troops if a pandemic outbreak of a biological threat were to occur,” McHale added.
One issue that could face the US government in the event of an outbreak is how to cordon off parts of the country to prevent the disease from spreading.

To also have
more stable
housing for victims ( encampments ?? )
The lessons of Katrina have highlighted two important ways that America will need to change its disaster relief before the next hurricane season begins in June. The federal government must do a better job of relocating evacuated families into permanent homes in functional communities instead of into hotels and trailer parks.

HS to establish emergency communication that crosses all jurisdictions

WASHINGTON, May 10 (UPI) -- The DHS is setting up a task force to standardize emergency communications equipment across the United States.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Monday said the department plans to assemble a task force focused on performance standards for achieving emergency communications equipment that can work across jurisdictions, National Journal's Technology Daily reported.
Speaking at the Tactical Interoperable Communications Conference in Washington, Chertoff said over the next two months [ June, July 06 ] that the Department of Homeland Security will invite "first responders" to participate on the task force, which will help guide purchasing decisions for equipment to aid communications among local, state and federal responders.

Global ID Cards .... also see REAL ID     Please see https://hopetotheend.com/id.html

US VISIT -- wants global ID tracking

Williams suggested that a biometrics identification system might be used to better track travelers to the United States
In his speech, Williams said an American version of the global ID plan would likely require the cooperation of
US VISIT, the Customs and Border Protection bureau, the Transportation Safety Administration and U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, all under the DHS umbrella.


Owing Mills Maryland ... Axalto , VeriChip database ; Aether's Pocket Blue ;
Maryland : Ft. Meade ( home of NSA / CSS ) D.C. capitol nearby

SmartMetric = answer to Bush's call for bio-ID

NEW YORK, May 17 / -- SmartMetric, Inc., developer and manufacturer of the world's most advanced secure identity and transaction solution, today announced that its flagship microchip/sensor fingerprint ID technology is suited for the "tamper- proof" identification card called for by President George Bush
Colin Hendrick, president and CEO of SmartMetric, Inc. "Not only is the technology a perfect match, but it is affordable, practical, and ready for large-scale deployment. SmartMetric is doing all it can to provide the federal government with a solution it needs to ensure responsible, cost-effective, and totally reliable ID verification for legal U.S. immigrants."
SmartMetric's fingerprint ID card is a wallet-sized device similar in size and thickness to a conventional credit card. On the card, however, is embedded a microchip/sensor unit.

To activate the card for personal identification, the user touches the card in a designated area, after which a unique digital signature of the fingerprint is permanently stored on the card.
SmartMetric  was formed to develop, manufacture and commercialize its own advanced embedded fingerprint biometric microsensor technology. With offices in New York, Nevada and Florida, the company is aggressively moving to market with technology that will provide a long-awaited secure solution for both the government and private sectors. Log on to http://www.smartmetric.com for more information.

SmartMetric better than centralized Databases
SmartMetric's fingerprint ID card technology circumvents old-fashioned centralized databases by maintaining personal information on individual cards
SmartMetric's card technology, announced just last month, has already generated requests from national governments outside the U.S. who are interested in using the solution as a national identity card.

VeriChip and Smart Card  emphasis this editor
" Using VeriChip's secure implantable RFID technology, the Department of Homeland Security can ensure that a secure, tamper- proof system is in place to identify, register and confirm guest worker credentials at the border or at an employer's premises. VeriChip already employs the same technology to provide secure access to medical records"
Ed: It is ONLY approved by the FDA for medical purposes since it is implanted in the forearm-muscle, or triceps. When eventually it becomes implanted in the right hand or forehead, it will not be in a muscle, but within the layers of the skin ... too vulnerable. ]
"and to secure areas of buildings such as hospitals or office buildings. Medical records access may prove relevant in immigration applications as well.
[ Ed: Does this chip justify labeling people ? ]
In addition to border security, this device can provide medical records of guest workers that may be unable to communicate (currently a strain on our medical system). "

"In addition, the VeriChip can also:
1." be bonded into a piece of paper,
Ed: no substantiation or documentation ; a totally different rfid chip; not the implantable verichip ]

2. "implanted into an ID card
[ Ed:
the e-ID multipurpose smartcard. Please see https://hopetotheend.com/id.html ]
This is not the implantable verichip, but a microprocessor chip which is far more capable than the implanted chip, and can transact 666 finances when programmed; the 666 transacting is strictly forbidden ]

3. "or into a
wearable wrist bracelet." [ Ed: This is a different chip; an active rfid that is GPS enabled ]

" Use of this RFID chip in tandem with, or in lieu of the immigration "blue card", provides an additional layer of security to confirm the identity of a guest worker." [
Ed: an e-ID multipurpose smartcard ]

"It's really no different than a tamperproof passport you can carry all the time," says Silverman. " ( Ed: e-ID cards are multipurpose, multifunctional. Please see AX   https://hopetotheend.com/ax.html

"As concerns mount about falsified documents, VeriChip technology ensures security and privacy for the individual as well as increased security at our borders."
Ed: The above article states that the passive Verichip is not a location device by GPS. That is true.
However, it
IS a co-location device by LEO ( low earth orbiting satellites) that communicate with ubiquitously placed transponders. For more info on this please see:  https://hopetotheend.com/orb.html

Ed: The above article is filled with misleading statements and false impressions. The VeriChip people want to make you think that they are everywhere. They are not. The main forbidden
666 verichip is still the passive implantable chip which they want to embed into the right hand or forehead.
It is not the same rfid chip found in paper; nor is it a microprocessor.

The implantable 666 financing chip ( verichip in right hand or forehead ) is strictly forbidden.

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology -- security specifications

GSA General Services Administration
OMB policy requires agencies to buy HSPD 12 equipment from a list of approved vendors compiled by GSA, but GSA officials say the earliest they will have the list completed is around the end of June.

Qadima Israel, GSA and SuperCom
"SuperCom and the GSA will proceed to form a marketing partnership."

http://www.smartcard.gov/ and http://www.smart.gov/

PIV cards
 ...off-line authentication
By fall  all US Government agencies must initiate the deployment of smart card based ID cards, the so called PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Cards.
Precise Biometrics is bringing interoperability and privacy together with the release of a Precise Match-on-Card(TM) version of the ANSI 378 minutia template. This is the required template format for PIV-cards for hundreds of thousands of US Federal government employees and contractors under HSPD-12.
...by performing the actual fingerprint match within the tamper-proof environment of a smart card. This reduces the vulnerability of matching on a network-connected device, an external server, or a database - normally considered weak links in the security chain."

...storing and processing biometric data directly on a smart card, providing a secure, privacy-enhancing biometric program with dynamic flexibility and scalability.

Precise Biometrics is offering agencies the ability to conduct off-line biometrics authentication, using smart card and fingerprint. Off-line authentication has become an increasing concern with the need for PIV to operate in environments where servers are or will be inaccessible, such as post-natural or terrorist disaster areas, battlefields, ports, train depots, airports, and other transportation facilities

Tag and Track Readers required
Tag and Track System and Location
The "Tag and Track" system will provide a flexible, rapidly deployable assisted-GPS / GSM location-based service including an innovative integrated RFID technology that enables a wide array of customizable applications.

Our customers will deploy a portable receiver or reader devices network whether inside or outside a building which will be used to pick up the signal transmitted by our "Tag and Track" Tracker with its integrated RFID Tag. The device is about the size of a cell phone. This system was originally conceived/developed on a Special Police Forces request from the French Ministry of the Interior.

SmartTRANS Readers 
The SmartTRANS reader provides a transition path from existing proprietary legacy 125 kHz Prox technologies to open standards ISO14443 technologies. It combines ISO14443 technologies, such as Mifare, DESFire and PIV, and 125 kHz Prox technologies in one reader, and provides flexible configurable output formats and output protocols. The SmartTRANS accepts a wide range power supply voltages from 4.5 to 16 Volts DC.
The reader is intended to add value to an existing infrastructure rather than replace it.

PIV Cards -- Personal Identification Verification

Axalto, the world's leading provider of microprocessor cards (Gartner 2005), today announced its comprehensive range of dual interface Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards. The latest Axalto PIV technology fully addresses the requirements mandated by Homeland Presidential Security Directive 12 for U.S. federal government employee identity cards, as defined by Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201).
These two interfaces provide a choice in the way a credential can be used, giving agencies greater flexibility to integrate with both physical and logical access [ Ed: number ID ]systems. Axalto's dual interface technology also simplifies card issuance and card management processes by maintaining only one credential in the smart card chip.

The large, 128 Kbytes storage in the Axalto dual interface PIV card leads the market. It is ample for many additional uses of the cards beyond PIV, including as a PKI badge for IT infrastructures, email and hard drive encryption, training profiles and medical information.
Axalto will also offer a 64 Kbytes version in its comprehensive range of dual-interface PIV cards. Presenting a comprehensive range of PIV cards allows customers to select the one that is most cost effective and appropriate for their credentialing needs

FIPS 201 = Federal Information Processing System [ encryption]
HSPD = Homeland Security Presidential Directive

HID Global. "Armed with a single smart card platform [ http://rfidprivacy.mit.edu/access/ ]  that supports both Axalto's dual interface PIV and HID PROX, our customers can plan their migration over time, taking advantage of existing installations immediately."

Headquartered in Irvine California , HID Global operates international offices that support more than 100 countries and is a member of ASSA ABLOY Global Technologies Division. To learn more, please visit www.hidcorp.com.

Axalto (EURONEXT:AXL) and (EURONEXT:NL0000400653) is the world's leading provider of microprocessor cards (Gartner 2005, Frost & Sullivan 2004) -- the key to digital networks -- and a major supplier of point-of-sale terminals. Its 4,500 employees come from over 60 nationalities and serve customers in more than 100 countries, with worldwide sales exceeding 3 billion smart cards to date. The company has 25 years of experience in smart card innovation and leads its industry in security technology and open systems.

Axalto continuously creates new generations of products for use in a variety of applications in the telecommunications, finance, retail, transport, entertainment, healthcare, personal identification, information technology and public sector markets. Microprocessor cards provide convenience, security and privacy to public and private services operators, their customers and end users. For more info, please visit www.axalto.com


Many provisions PERMANENT ; and some for 4 more years
the Patriot Act expanded the power of federal authorities on such fronts as conducting wiretaps and secret searches.
On a vote of 95-4, the Senate set aside complaints that the new safeguards were inadequate and sent the bill to the House of Representatives for needed concurrence.
The Senate was expected to approve later this week a House-passed measure to make permanent
14 expiring provisions of the Patriot Act and extend two others
by four years.

FBI pushing Patriot Act powers

Patriot Act : letter of the law, or spirit of the law ?
A relatively new provision in the Patriot Act says Homeland Security can reject refugees and asylum seekers if they provided "material support" to anyone engaged in an armed struggle, such as the fighters of the Karen National Union, which represents the enthic group.
The Department of Homeland Security says anyone who provides food, medicine, clothing or shelter to a participant in an armed struggle should be denied entry to the United States.

Senators want
Patriot Act ( no checks and balances )

Main promoter : Rep. James Sensenbrenner ( R- Wisconsin )
"largely because of one man, House Judiciary Committee Chairman R. James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-Wis."
Some of the provisions in the Patriot Act would sacrifice basic freedoms in the name of national security. One example: Government could seize business, gun, library and other records without having to first show that they are connected to a terrorism investigation.
The very concept of the balance of powers would be turned on its head "

Patriot Act --Loss of Freedom

PATRIOT ACT creates special Federal Police Force

There is hereby created and established a permanent police force, to be known as the
`United States Secret Service Uniformed Division’.
Subject to the supervision of the Secretary of Homeland Security

Bush to criminalize protestors under Patriot Act
So now the Patriot Act, which was argued before enactment as a measure to fight foreign terrorists, is being amended to make clear that it also applies to American citizens who have the audacity to disrupt President Bush wherever his bubble may travel. If this provision is enacted into law, then Bush will have a law upon which to expand the type of people who constitute disruptors and the type of activities that constitute disruptive activities. And, then throw them all in jail.


Sen. Feingold standing up for liberty



ID and drones
While implanted chips will not lead to the mass scanning of the population, another use of the same technology quite possibly will. At the end of last month, a leaked letter from Andy Burnham, the Home Office minister, revealed that the identity cards ( Ed: REAL ID ) for which we will involuntarily volunteer will contain radio frequency identification chips. This will allow the authorities to read the cards with a scanner.
I propose that as the technology improves, the
police will be able to scan a crowd and (assuming everyone is carrying his voluntary-compulsory ID card) produce a list of whom it contains. I further propose that it will take only a year or two for this to seem reasonable    Its purpose is the "market acceleration" of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With the help of companies such as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and our new friend Qinetiq, the agency hopes to find the best way of encouraging the
"routine operation of UAV systems UK-wide". Ceredigion council's website lists various functions of the UAVs, of which the first is "law enforcement
Ed :  May God help us all )

So the police won't even have to be there. Someone sitting in a control room could fly a tiny drone (some of them are just a few inches across) equipped with a receiver over the heads of a crowd and, with the help of our new identity cards, determine who's there. It sounds quite mad, just as the idea of biometric identity cards in the UK once did. All these new technologies somehow contrive to seem both wildly implausible and entirely likely.

Insect Cyborgs


Biochips for Everyone ! ( will the Administration get chipped too ? )
Applied CEO Scott Silverman hopes to sell chips [ Ed : Verichips ] to the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI--feeding into X-Files-type fears of biochipped government agents lording over the citizenry.

Homeland Security and Drug Patrols

Homeland Security -
New techniques in monitoring and sensing biological, chemical or radiation threats have been discussed that are similar to the deployment of "smoke alarms" within a building. Sensors that can detect low-levels of contaminants can quickly and easily be deployed permanently or in response to a potential threat. Leveraging the Sensicast Sensor Networking Platform, the sensors can provide a safety net of detection over a large physical area - indoors or outdoors.

Ultra Wide Band   https://hopetotheend.com/uwb.html

Comment from A. T.
" This system tracks small battery powered ID tags over a 30,000 square foot area and reports their position to within a foot!
No kidding, one foot. "

"The implications for human tracking are very interesting.
A large network of receivers could cover a city the same way PCS towers give us cell phone coverage. If people are required to carry tags that use this technology, it would be very easy to correlate the data with video images to see who isn't carrying their tag when out in public and who doesn't look like the tag's owner. And of course locate anybody instantly.

Coupled with biometric-based access points (kind of like border crossings) the system would be a tyrant's dream come true.
If someone were out to enslave the world, this would be a big help. " Alan Trombetta

Drone-spies over our cities .. Honeywell ; MAV ... DARPA
Hover and stare ...
12 1/2 pounds ..cameras ..audio
HONEYWELL is developing a micro flying spy drone -- that would be used for civilian law enforcement! The device, a hovering robot carrying video cameras and other sensors, is being created and tested at HONEYWELL's Albuquerque, NM plant. The first round of testing on the drone [MICRO AIR VEHICLE] has been completed, reports Bob Martin of CBS affiliate KRQE. The battery powered craft can stay in the air for 50-60 minutes at a time, and moves around at up to 55 kilometers an hour
http://www.spacedaily.com/news/uav-05c.html ( picture)

network centric warfare ...Future Combat Systems
HONEYWELL  http://www.abqjournal.com/AED/268475business12-07-04.htm


NSA : Massive "profiling" of all communication systems
Government and industry officials with knowledge of the program told the newspaper the NSA sought to analyze communications patterns to gather clues from details like who is calling whom, how long a phone call lasts and what time of day it is made, as well as the origins and destinations of phone calls and e-mail messages.

NSA and Ron Brown
ECHELON was capable of scrutinizing just about every fax, e-mail, phone call and telex message in the world. And like every other system during the Clinton years, especially the two desperate years preceding the election of 1996, it was fully capable of being abused.

REAL ID https://hopetotheend.com/id.html

Our European Partners
US wants to be able to access British ID cards
fast-track standardization
.... "Trusted Traveller"
The United States wants Britain's proposed identity cards to have the same microchip and technology as the ones used on American documents.
The aim of getting the same microchip is to ensure compatability in screening terrorist suspects. But it will also mean that information contained in the British cards can be accessed across the Atlantic.
Britain is one of 27 countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter the US if they intend to stay less than 90 days. The American government has said it wants 27 to issue new passports by 26 October this year containing a computer chip and a digital photograph.
Put your trust in Jesus Christ now and be a "trusted traveller" in your sojourn here.

DARPA and Mind Control
We are moving ever closer to mind control
The military interest in new brain-scanning technology is beginning to show a sinister side
In the current legislative climate, where there have been attempts to introduce pre-emptive detention for 'psychopaths' who have not yet been convicted of any crime, such claims need to be addressed critically. They are and will be resisted by the judiciary, but recent developments suggest that this may be a frail defence against an increasingly authoritarian state.
More seriously, there is increasing military interest in the development of techniques that can survey and possibly manipulate the mental processes of potential enemies, or enhance the potential of one's own troops

the CIA and the Defence Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) began their own programmes.
Early experiments included the clandestine feeding of LSD to their own operatives and attempts at 'brain-washing'. These were the forerunners of the hoods and white noise used by the British in Northern Ireland - until judged illegal - and more recently in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, where they inhabit an uncertain borderline between what the US government regards as an acceptable level of violence and the torture that it denies committing.

A new technique - transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) - has begun to generate interest. This focuses an intense magnetic field on specific brain regions, and has been shown to affect thoughts, perceptions and behaviour.

Congress mulls ban for HS to process airline passenger data
WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is making another push to get personal data on airline passengers in an effort to keep terrorists off flights
The lobbying effort comes months after the House and Senate, concerned about invading privacy, gave preliminary approval to a measure that would ban the department from tapping into credit reports, court files, shopping histories and other personal information for one year ( Ed : this half-measure will prevent nothing )
Passenger names are now checked by airlines against a government no-fly list, which excludes classified information about terrorists. Since early 2003, Homeland Security officials have sought to take over the process and add in-depth passenger background checks
A congressional probe found in July that the TSA improperly stored 100 million commercial data records containing personal information on passengers after the agency said no data storage would occur.

Telecommunication trucks to blanket the State
They give law-enforcement officials the ability to access the Internet, fax, copy, print digital photographs and, maybe most important, put officials from across the state on the same radio frequencies so they can easily communicate. There is a conference room in the truck, and space for a crime lab.
Once they are in place, nearly 97 percent of Ohio’s population will be within 50 miles of a truck, officials said.

Tom Ridge : now a spokesman for RFID; on the board of Savi Technology
There is a difference between a plain rfid tag and one that meets ISO 14443 standardization....that's the REAL reason why they call it "contactless" rfid. It works with wireless mobility.
ED: The above article mentions a resistance movement.
We at  Hope To THE END do not endorse ANY resistance movements.
Our resistance to the 666 MOB is a personal choice...not a group-choice.
Boycotting is a carnal weapon, and the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal
2 Corinthians 10:4

We did not create rfid, nor can we stop it. It is here to stay. We can --and should believe---
that we can be delivered from the taking of the 666 Mark of the Beast.

From the Newswire:

Microsoft is pro-gay ( therefore anti-Chrisitan )
This will have an impact on classification and political correctness ( negative profiling )

Christians are viewed as Human Rights violators
MS computer control will eventually ostracize the Believers
so much for their "fairness" doctrine ...

Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights group, applauded the shift.

Anything that operates by "contactless chip" ISO 14443 can also read a chip in the right hand or forehead.

Dynagate, made by  SuperCom.... Headquartered in Israel : used by Homeland Security etc.
Can control access to facilities ; "a mobile ( portable ) access control terminal "
set up a fenced-off road-block
 Photos included in report :

Its purpose is to regulate access by comparing a person's name against a "white list" of people allowed to enter, or a "blacklist" of those who are barred from entry. The person's information is usually contained on a contactless card. The system is also capable of handling biometrics, such as fingerprints.

While it can control a gate–it can be wired in such a way that when the card is approved, a gate opens up–its primary purpose would be to control access with or without a physical gate.

... connected to the portable access monitoring system (within the ruggedized ‘suitcase’). Approved emergency personnel, who have been pre-registered into the system as well as those that are registered onsite, authenticate themselves to the system on entry and/or exit. This can be done using a contactless card or token, a biometric, a PIN, or some combination of these items.

"We created it to have it installed at the front gate to a school, or a stadium, or on a bus. One of the earliest commercial solutions we offered was tracking students from the time they got on the bus until they got off the bus. Called EduGate, it evolved from there because it was a versatile device and it was rugged."

Government Tests Digital Alert System
In an attempt to expand the nation's alert and warning system, Federal Emergency Management Agency officials are testing digital technology that can transmit text, voice and video messages simultaneously to wireless devices, radios, televisions and the Internet
In each case, he said, FEMA officials are asking participants to provide feedback on how well they received the message, whether it was in the right format and whether they were able to re-transmit the message to their customers.
The one-year test project could determine how the president transmits future messages nationwide during a widespread emergency. But state and local emergency officials could use the digital technology on a daily basis to target encrypted, nearly instantaneous messages at authorized individuals in certain regions during emergencies.

TOPOFF 3, Triple Play; Atlantic Blue : Mock drills

Testing communication systems; global-local.

We're being hemmed in on all sides
3 mile barrier : Closing the border between Mexico and US
valid driver's license for immigrants
The bill is drawing criticism from Mexico, particularly its call to complete the building of a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border south of San Diego.

Homeland Security to set
GLOBAL security standard


Partners in data-mining... Gov and Business
Surveillance comes with a price. It dulls the edge of public debate, imposes a sense of conformity and introduces the uneasy feeling of being watched. It chills culture and stifles dissent....

The new legal authorities and the government's partnership with private information companies now pose a direct threat to this three-decade-old effort toward openness. "It's a simple fact that private companies can collect information about people in ways the government can't. At the same time, they can't be held accountable for their behavior or their mistakes the way government agencies can. Their capabilities have raced far ahead of the nation's understanding and laws.
The legacy of these efforts will be with us for many years."
http://www.wired.com/news/privacy/0,1848,66177,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2 rms

Secret laws in America ( binding too )
Thus, in a qualitatively new development in U.S. governance, Americans can now be obligated to comply with legally-binding regulations that are unknown to them, and that indeed they are forbidden to know.

No Place To Hide
--- Robert O'Harrow
Recognizing the appeal of state-of-the-art systems that can track down a murderer/rapist with heretofore unimaginable speed, the author recognizes, too, that the same devices can mistakenly destroy reputations and cast a pall over a free society. In a post-9/11 world where homeland security often trumps personal liberty, this work is an eye-opener for those who take their privacy for granted. --Steven Stolder
He implicates all of us--not just the usual suspects--in the erosion of privacy when we use cell phones and cars that allow our locations to be tracked or when we use credit cards and produce profiles that can be linked and made widely available. The result is vulnerability to identity theft or invasion of privacy on a level of which most citizens are unaware. O'Harrow argues for greater balance between--and awareness of--our national security needs and the greatest risks to our privacy as citizens. Vernon Ford
From Starbucks to the subway to the sidewalk, you are being watched --Kirkus Reviews

Does the government have a back-door into our communication devices ?
Gov. messages ( PSA's ) by cellphone
SMS text messaging ........ Public Service Announcements
The idea of governments using
mobile messages to communicate with citizens is beginning to take hold.
In April 2003, the government of Hong Kong sent out a text message to six million mobile phones to quash a rumor that Hong Kong had been designated an "infected city" for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.

The Netherlands, too, is building a network that will allow the government to issue alerts to cellphone users nationwide or within an area of a few city blocks. Citizens will be invited to sign on for the alert service. "You can direct a message to people who are close to an area where there has been an accident," and suggest they take another route, said Nanne Bos, a spokesman for LogicaCMG, which is creating the system.

In the past, he said, citizens have not been comfortable with the government having a back door to their personal technology.

Citizen counting-- " a cow-bell " ?
Meanwhile, Orange's French unit has sent SMS messages to 3,200 customers who were traveling in the area of the tsunamis on Dec. 25 and 26, asking them to contact the French Foreign Ministry.
France Télécom, which owns Orange, said that the French government had requested the text messages
to help account for its citizens.
It is possible to identify mobile phone customers who were in the area and had their cellphones on through the registration of their phone numbers in a database of "roaming" customers.

More news:
Every citizen close to being a criminal ?

WASHINGTON — Every American is just a few steps away from committing a crime.
That point is raised in new publications that seek to cast a critical eye on lawmakers for their aggressive approach to going after supposed wrongdoing.
"We’re changing the very nature of society — the over-criminalization of society." --Bob Barr
Effectively, we’ve created a federal police power,"-- John Baker Jr

Plus, according to the Washington D.C-based Sentencing Project (search), half of the more than two million federal, state and local prisoners today are behind bars for non-violent offenses. The group said that's the result of tougher sentencing guidelines promoted by state and federal officials in the last decade.

While the example of a 61-year grandmother being hauled off in handcuffs for growing her hedges too high might seem preposterous, it is part of a bigger problem, said Gene Healy, editor of the newly-published book by the Cato Institute (search), "Go Directly To Jail: The Criminalization of Almost Everything."

under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the city was able to reign in rampant crime by getting tough on even the smallest infractions, like littering, loitering and disorderly conduct

When you start moving to that third-world model, where even law abiding people are afraid of police, it’s a big step backward for civilization, and even law enforcement in general," Kopel said.
"The federal laws are so complex that you can run afoul of them without even knowing it," said Judge Andrew Napolitano,
Ordinary citizens need to know the nature and extent and insidious control of federal regulation over their lives,"

Bush Administration to consider life-time imprisonment for merely being a suspect

( no trial)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration is preparing plans for possible lifetime detention of suspected terrorists, including hundreds whom the government does not have enough evidence to charge in courts, The Washington Post reported Sunday.
Citing intelligence, defense and diplomatic officials, the newspaper said the Pentagon and the CIA had asked the White House to decide on a more permanent approach for those it would not set free or turn over to courts at home or abroad.

As part of a solution, the Defense Department, which holds 500 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, plans to ask the U.S. Congress for $25 million to build a 200-bed prison to hold detainees who are unlikely to ever go through a military tribunal for lack of evidence, defense officials told the newspaper.
The new prison, dubbed Camp 6,

One proposal would transfer large numbers of Afghan, Saudi and Yemeni detainees from the U.S. military's Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention center into new U.S.-built prisons in their home countries, it said.

ISAIAH 14:16, 17 " Is this the man ....that opened not the house of his prisoners? "

CIA transports U.S. "suspects" to countries that use torture
D.C. flights to Cuba ....
The Gulfstream V turbojet has been seen at
US military bases around the world, often loading up hooded and shackled suspects and delivering them to countries known to use torture, a process the CIA calls "rendition," the Washington daily said.
The Post investigated the ownership of the jet, which has been spotted in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan and which carries the tail number N379P, according to the newspaper

The Post article confirmed much of a November 14 article published in the Sunday Times, of London, which obtained flight plans for the plane, which, the Times said, always departs from Washington, DC and has visited the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where about 550 terror suspects are held.

It said airport officials and amateur plane spotters, some using binoculars, have logged multiple sightings of N379P at several US military airports and fueling stations.

"High Value Prisoners" on Torture Jet
In this case, the agency is flying captured terrorist suspects from one country to another for detention and interrogation.The CIA calls this activity "rendition." ..."rendering" ... Extraordinary Rendition
The CIA has the authority to carry out renditions under a presidential directive dating to the Clinton administration, which the Bush administration has reviewed and renewed
The mind-set of the bureaucracy was, 'Let someone else do the dirty work.' "

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