Hope To The End .................Rapture................... POEMS


'Twas the eve of destruction, and all through the land,
Deception was stirring with slightness of hand.

Some children were huddled, afraid in their beds,
While visions of mushroom clouds danced in their heads,

But some checked their watches and looked to the sky,
And heartily sang of the sweet by and by.

The watchers were waiting, informed and empowered
While those less enlightened just shivered and cowered,

Chagrined and rebuffed by their miscalculations,
The watchers resorted to other sensations:

“Eat, drink and be merry” became their refrain
And they never consulted their Bibles again.

They sang, and they danced, and they hired new pastors,
Who spoke about comfort instead of disasters.

With itching ears scratched, and consciences eased,
They felt no compulsion to wait on their knees.

But oh, what confusion, when out of the blue
The Savior descended and took just a few!

And as for the children who’d shivered in fear,
Why, nobody told them Christ’s coming was near,

For the saints of the LORD had turned off the light,
And Jesus had come like a thief in the night.

Harley Porter .....

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