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Rapture at Redlands' Hillside


Across the sylvan landscape of the cemetery spreads a serene carpet of green.

The Cypress trees stand tall and erect, like sentinels of peace.

The lawn is dotted with plots topped with marble headstones and chisled names.

What mysteries lie below in casket or in urn ?
What life was sprinkled on the days of time ?
What moved the heart to make its many decisions ?

Is this the end .... or the beginning ?

The earth that embraces them appears so solid and secure.
Can it be true that it will shake and break open at the sound of the long awaited trumpet blast ?

"For the trumpet shall sound
1" and we who sleep in Jesus shall hear His clarion call.

Instantly, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, we will be made newly alive, with radiant glorified bodies
2 and 3 .

There will be "beauty for ashes"
4 as we become the heirs of God 5 and 6

Like a bouquet of kaleidoscopic colors "we will be changed from glory to glory
7", ascending ever upward.

Gazing into His eyes, we will see our Bridegroom
8 for the first time.


The empty graves are no longer silent. )

---- Jim and Angela Goodrick -- 2012


Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html