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"By their fruits you shall know them"

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"Common Faith",  "Common Values",  " Common Cause", "Common Voice", "Common Interest", "Common Humanity"

"Common" here meaning: 'nothing preeminent'; see John 14:6 and also Colossians 1:18

"The Tools Collectivists Use " http://www.alt-market.com by Brandon Smith

Two spheres  of concern: Religion and the Economy

From the Newswire : Fair educational use

Casting doubt on the Word of God : -- GW Bush : ' Bible not literally true'
Ed: It is either all truth or no truth. It IS all truth...literally and metaphorically).
"God sent a son" ...
Ed: Wonder if Bush believes that Jesus alone saves us from sin , death and hell by His atoning blood. There is no other beside Him ( Jesus ). What "son" is Bush referring to ?
The president also said that he prays to the same God as those with different religious beliefs. Different religious faiths do not believe in the Trinity, so they do not have the same God.
[ Ed: Apostasy of Syncretism and Universalism ]
Ed: The redemptive blood of Jesus ( Yeshua H'Mashiach ) cannot be made "common". It is unique. He is the ONLY one Who died for us, and thereby He is the ONLY way to the Father . Salvation is in Jesus alone.
God [ the Three-in-One Elohim ] revealed Himself to mankind in the Holy Scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself, the third Person of the Trinity. There is no other outside source of revelation.

"Divine Right of Government" : State- Religion
Replacing the Bible with 6 Principles

( Glen) "Beck invited religious leaders from the Black-Robe Regiment, who will join him in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, June 19, to weigh in, and offer their ideas for a cohesive, unifying message for all Americans.
David Barton suggested six principles from the time of the nation’s founding:

1) There is a God ---- 2) God gives rights

3) Government exists to protect the rights that God gives

4) There is a moral law ---5) Below the moral law, people get to govern

6) If the government doesn’t do those five things, the people have the right to a new government


Bush attends UN dialogue on religion
White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush "remains committed to fostering interfaith harmony among all religions, both at home and abroad." She said Bush also plans to meet separately with Abdullah.
D'Escoto believes the initiative "should be broadened to talking not only about religions but about cultures, about all the common values we have," Yeves said.

GWB and Religion

( note the halo around his head )

Faith-based to become law --  :(
Bush said he also will continue working to defend the liberty of faith-based organizations, which have the right to provide publicly funded social services just like any other group. He said he has called on Congress to codify his faith-based initiative into law "so that people of faith can know government will never discriminate against them again."
One of the reasons we loved Ronald Reagan so much is because he endorsed so many of our values and helped us in our country and our culture," Graham said. "That's the way I feel about any candidate, whether it's this president or any other president. We're seeking that candidate to endorse us. ... We're thankful that George W. Bush has endorsed many of the values that we hold dear."

The Trojan Horse of Faith-Based ---- by Paul Proctor

Please also see Religion https://hopetotheend.com/religionindex.html

"Divine Mission"

"Divine" is a worn-out word used by New Agers

Church should support governments says Pope
"A day after strolling through the Vatican Gardens with U.S. President George W. Bush, with whom he sees eye-to-eye on many moral issues, the Pope said the Church had the role of "supporting (governments) in their work and always proposes cooperating with them for the good of all".
Ed: Is this : " my country , right or wrong " ????

What is Statism ?
It is the religion of the government
... a spiritual dictatorship, as well as a political dictatorship.

"Have you given thought to the idea that the government may not really need main stream Christianity right now?
After all, almost all of them (the churches) are now registered with the government, just like in Russia; which means that they and their members are now prone to any amount of control the government may wish upon them.
And today, mainstream Christian's in large part, have gotten so secular in nature and thinking, until they have more or less just blended into secular society, and are now prone to being duped and deceived like never before--just like the secular people; which means any Christian influence isn't what it once was for anything anyway. 
--Joe Hoyle

Love of country trumps love of God? 
Activists take issue with top billing of U.S. flag in church

Common Values of different faiths --
Editor comments in red

"Turning serious, the president emphasized the common values of different religious faiths. ( inter - faith )
    "We thank God for his great blessings in one voice, regardless of our backgrounds,"( universalism ) he said.
"We recognize in one another the spark of the Divine ( New Age "as god" ) that gives all human beings their inherent dignity and worth, regardless of religion."

Yesterday, Mr. Bush said he has witnessed "miracles" made possible by the power of prayer.
 "I told her it wasn't me she needed to thank; she needed to thank the good hearts of the United States of America.
( To God be the glory )
Mr. Bush was preceded to the lectern by Tony P. Hall, chief of the U.S. mission to the United Nations Agencies in Rome.

The 53rd annual breakfast was sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, an Arlington-based ministry that, among other ventures, organizes monthly breakfasts for members of Congress. Its founder, Douglas Coe, 76, was named one of America's 25 most influential evangelicals by Time magazine this week.
Ed. note
: Truth cannot lie down with error. There is only one true Faith in the Living Interactive God who came to earth in His Father's name and on our behalf. Jesus is God, the only God Who is One with the Father and His Spirit.
The man behind the movement: Amitai Etzioni
Chief advisor to Carter in 79-80 founder of "communitarian philosophy:

A social movement that places the importance of society ahead of the unfettered rights of the individual,

[ exact opposite of the Biblical standard whereby we love our neighbor AS ourselves. As we love ourselves according to Godly principles, THEN we reach out to others. ]
To put others ahead of self (collectively) is to worship Statism...something Our Lord never endorsed. The individual came first with Our Lord.
As the individual goes, so goes the society. The more society becomes an altar whereupon the individual is sacrificed, the more the individual is demeaned and suffers loss of freedoms.
Communitarianism takes advantage of the individual for the "good " of the State.
Basically, this is Marxist Socialism disguised in religious terminology.

Profile of Amatai Etzioni

"Right to worship" as one pleases
ED note: Yes, we all have the right to be wrong. But TRUTH must be upheld above all, not equal with error.
God stipulated on Mt. Sinai -- by direct revelation-- that there is no other God beside Him.
Where is the source document that says that people can worship whoever they want ???
It is error to say that all gods are equal.
Are we not duty-bound to proclaim the Living God as the only God to worship? The true and Only God is revealed in the Judeo-Christian Bible alone. See
Psalm 62 "ONLY "; Isaiah 2:11 ... Is. 37:16, 20 .... Isaiah 42:8 .....
Is. 44:24; 48:11.


Sunday sermons: "one hour" to worship the creation rather than the Creator ?

Bush compiles church membership data

Richard Land
: mixing politics with religion ( mystery Babylon)
Voter-registration campaign

"Also, Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission presented the SBC's [ Southern Baptist Convention ] new voter registration campaign, calling it "a disgrace that 30 percent of the members of the average Southern Baptist church are not even registered to vote."
His commission has launched the ivotevalues.com Web site, which urges churchgoers to choose candidates based on values rather than party or economic benefit. A nationwide tour with an 18-wheel trailer will be used to promote registration.
Land said "we face issues of titanic importance. This is a life-changing election cycle in the history of the United States." He gave gay marriage top billing.

We here at 'Hope To The End' believe in the separation of church and state. Combining Religion with politics is an obvious evil, and can be easily discerned, unless one chooses to be naive.
Separation of church and state places one's conscience under God only, and not the consensus of men.
We DO believe in the harmony of God and country, which is entirely different. That is not politics.
That is understanding. Please see
Daniel Chapter 4.

More on Richard Land from Berit Kjos
"Richard D. Land, president-treasurer of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, is also a member of the National Commission on Civic Renewal. This partnership between government, churches and civil society helps explain show how globalist leaders are manipulating public opinon through a self-serving "civil society." This euphemistic "civil society" does not represent the true public anymore than the World Council of Churches represents Christian church members -- or euphoric and mystical entitity called "the people" represented the masses in Communist countries. It's a smokescreen used to manipulate public opinion, to intimidate contrary voices, and to implement an unthinkable agenda without congressional approval."

Speak the truth in love...Go to European Court
Pastor Green said he was not afraid to go to prison for this. Green said, “I am not a criminal, I don't feel like a criminal, but this new law makes us preachers as criminals if we speak up."

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- The Bush administration has made what officials termed a last-ditch effort to keep Saudi Arabia off a list of leading religious rights violators, a move that could prompt an arms embargo on the kingdom.
The State Department was to have relayed its annual International Religious Freedom Report to Congress by Sept. 30. The report was meant to have addressed demands by a panel mandated by Congress to deem Saudi Arabia as a "country of particular concern," a term reserved for a leading violator of religious freedom.

Addressing the nation on Sunday
The speech comes as U.S. diplomats seek new international backing. Secretary of State Colin Powell is leading an effort to craft a new U.N. resolution that would broaden the U.N. role in Iraq

Using religious terminology in the political arena

Oh Christians, Awake !

$28 BBBillion to Faith-Based --  led by Jim Towey
HHH, HUD, DoLabor, DoJustice,
A third reason is that it still remains to be seen whether organizations will be able not only to retain their religious identity but to express that religious identity in every aspect of their programs. At universities, dogmatic deans don't mind Christian professors who go to church on Sunday but minimize the importance of the Bible during the rest of the week. Similarly, social-service secularists can live with Christian organizations that maintain a religious identity but marginalize it.

Ed note: Religious ministries can be bought. Every man and fellowship has his price.

Faith-based: "Pathways to Prevention" ; telling pastors what to say
The call to arms came as John Walters, director of National Drug Control Policy, held his first news conference since announcing Thursday his national drive to enlist faith-based youth groups in anti-drug programs. The effort is the Bush administration's latest effort to expand the role of religious organizations in government services.
The government's brochure, "Pathways to Prevention," encourages working anti-drug messages into sermons, suggests youth leaders discuss what their faith teaches about drug abuse — and that they lead prayers asking for strength for youth to say no to "bad influences."
Is this turning Church-goers into "reporters"?

U.S. Drug Czar promotes Faith-based guide

Ruling like Islamic jihad
We are very proud to be part of the jihad against alcohol and drugs in America," said Sayyid Muhammad Syeed, secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America, noting Islam bans the use, sale and distribution of drugs.
Rabbi Eric Lankin, director of religious and educational activities for United Jewish Communities, said he expects some faith-based organizations will augment the new materials with additional resources that are specific to particular faith perspectives.
The Rev. Monifa A. Jumanne, executive director of the Health Education and Leadership Project at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, helped with the development of the guide and said it was purposely written with general language. "We recognize the need to make it broad-based and ... leave it open so that a particular faith tradition can adapt it," she said.
replacing 12 step programs ( which are self-autonomous)
The Rev. Brenda Girton-Mitchell, director of the Washington office of the National Council of Churches, said the same is true in the church realm. "I think that a lot of us don't have programs that are specific to youth," she said, noting churches are more likely to have programs for adults such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. "And so this says, Hey, wake up. You might not even have to have NA and AA to the extent that we have it if we start getting to these young people before they get caught up in it."
Officials of a leading church-state group, however, expressed concern about the partnership because they view it as a smaller part of a larger effort by the Bush administration to seek $600 million in funding over the next three years for drug addiction treatment programs, including faith-based ones.

Mixing Religious zeal with Commerce and  Business

Finding financial "common ground" with global leaders -- " common principles"
President George W. Bush will host a summit of the world's 20 leading industrialised and emerging countries in Washington on [ Saturday ] 15 November [2008 ] , but the expectations are that any concrete reforms will be developed only after a second summit early next year in which the incoming Obama administration participates

GW Bush and Global Ecology ... 'the greens"
GW Bush and the Green Agenda -- Must be GLOBALLY applied
"President Bush has said that he will undertake for the United States internationally binding emissions commitments, so long as all major economies, developed and major developing economies, are willing to do the same," national security advisor to president Bush, Stephen Hadley, said ahead of the EU-US summit.

Ecumenical - Environmental "Gospel " --  "Green Gospel " and "Cool congregations"
Getting our eyes off soul-salvation, and instead on 'we-can-save-the earth ' manipulation
"energy-efficient lights" enable the system to place every home under Wi-Fi
A movement called Interfaith Power and Light offers ministers sermon tips on how to convert churchgoers into environmental activists. One program encourages people to switch to energy efficient light bulbs on each night they light a holiday candle for Advent or Hanukkah.

Bush takes lead on green earth
a GREEN event
"O earth, earth, earth: Hear the word of the LORD ! -- Jeremiah 22:29
"The United States is taking the lead, and that's the message I'm going to take to the G-8," he said. The message from Bush was clear: Washington isn't going to let the Europeans set the agenda on global warming.

Advanced Energy Initiative; Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
" ... last summer [ 2005] I signed energy legislation that offered incentives to encourage the building of new nuclear plants in America.
Our goal is to start the construction of new nuclear power plants by the end of this decade. As America and other nations build more nuclear power plants, we must work together to address two challenges: We must dispose of nuclear waste safely, and we must keep nuclear technology and material out of the hands of terrorist networks and terrorist states

my Administration has announced a bold new proposal called the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. Under this partnership, America will work with nations that have advanced civilian nuclear energy programs, such as France, Japan, and Russia. Together, we will develop and deploy innovative, advanced reactors and new methods to recycle spent nuclear fuel. This will allow us to produce more energy, while dramatically reducing the amount of nuclear waste and eliminating the nuclear byproducts that unstable regimes or terrorists could use to make weapons.

As these technologies are developed, we will work with our partners to help developing countries meet their growing energy needs by providing them with small-scale reactors that will be secure and cost-effective. We will also ensure that these developing nations have a reliable nuclear fuel supply. In exchange, these countries would agree to use nuclear power only for civilian purposes and forego uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities that can be used to develop nuclear weapons

Christian Right turns to environmentalism as "good stewards"
conserving energy; organic plants etc.
SEATTLE - Thanks to the Rev. Leroy Hedman, the parishioners at Georgetown Gospel Chapel take their baptismal waters cold. The preacher has unplugged the electricity-guzzling heater in the immersion baptism tank behind his pulpit. He has also installed energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs throughout the church and has placed water barrels beneath its gutter pipes - using runoff to irrigate the congregation's all-organic gardens.

Such "creation care" should be at the heart of evangelical life, Hedman says, along with condemning abortion, protecting family and loving Jesus. He uses the term "creation care" because, he says, it does not annoy conservative Christians for whom the word "environmentalism" connotes liberals, secularists and Democrats.

Ruling by crisis

ABSOLUTE Power, without dissent… without checks and balances
The Bush administration has made significant contributions to the newspeak lexicon. The USA Patriot Act, adopted soon after September 11 2001, is a prime example. It significantly expanded US government powers to collect information and conduct surveillance, whilst reducing legal checks and balances. This is 'patriotic'.
Opponents of the Act are therefore unpatriotic, thus un-American and potentially supporters of terrorism. Such use of language to create black and white divisions can be highly effective in suppressing even the most reasonable dissent.   http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?aid=10925

Jerome Corsi on Executive powers with no Congressional approval

Further established is a Continuity Policy Coordination Committee, chaired by a senior director from the Homeland Security Council staff, designated by the National Continuity Coordinator, to be "the main day-to-day forum for such policy coordination."
Currently, the assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism is Frances Fragos Townsend.
Townsend spent 13 years at the Justice Department before moving to the U.S. Coast Guard where she served as assistant commandant for intelligence.
She is a White House staff member in the executive office of the president who also chairs the Homeland Security Council, which as a counterpart to the National Security Council reports directly to the president.

A Congressional Research Service study notes that under the National Emergency Act, the president
1. "may seize property,
2. organize and control the means of production,
3. seize commodities,
4. assign military forces abroad,
5. institute martial law,
6. seize and control all transportation and communication,
7.regulate the operation of private enterprise,
8.restrict travel, and,
9. in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens."


Vast presidential powers in an emergency
-- no Congressional approval
National Continuity Coordinator Frances F. Townsend --- Director of Homeland Security implementations
It was issued with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential DirectiveCatastrophic emergency" is loosely defined as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."

The directive says the assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, currently Frances Fragos Townsend, would be designated as the national continuity coordinator.
But the new directive appears to supersede the National Emergency Act by creating the new position of national continuity coordinator without any specific act of Congress authorizing the position, Corsi says.
The directive also makes no reference to Congress and its language appears to negate any requirement that the president submit to Congress a determination that a national emergency exists.
It suggests instead that the powers of the directive can be implemented without any congressional approval or oversight

Detention Camps
The directive loosely defines "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy or government functions."
The KBR contingency contract appears to give ICE the ability to have detention facilities constructed under the president's direction in response to a national emergency as declared under the new directive

Owe no man anything except the debt of charity -- Chuck Baldwin
"It doesn't seem to matter to most conservative Christians that President Bush has increased deficit spending beyond that of all previous administrations put together. Yes, you read it right: President Bush (with the aid of his fellow Republicans in Congress) is a bigger debtor than all 42 of his predecessors combined!"

"It doesn't matter to the vast majority of conservative Christians that President Bush is attempting to accrue power to the executive branch at the expense of constitutional government, that he is championing extremely questionable, if not downright dangerous, legislation that could result in the dismantlement of civil and individual liberties"

From "sunshine laws"( full disclosure) to midnight ( secrecy )


Human Rights Council
( lacking in principles, but endorsing anyway )
Despite losing the fight over membership rules, Washington has pledged to help the new council succeed. Regrettably, it passed up an obvious chance to do so by choosing not to seek a seat itself this year. An American voice on the council would have been a spur toward greater candor and understanding. While it is hard to feel optimistic about a human-rights group that includes Saudi Arabia, where women's rights are virtually nonexistent, or Pakistan, where possible sentences include stoning and judicial gang rape, the problematic members only make up a fraction of the 47-member group

Systematic Religion of Humanism, all-inclusive...Lynn Stuter
In the words of Humanist Manifesto II:  "...
we can discover no divine purpose or providence for the human species.  While there is much that we do not know, humans are responsible for what we are or will become.
No deity will save us; we must save ourselves."  We must save ourselves. We must create our future.  And in creating our future, all must get with the program in order for success to be realized

The U.S.S.R., as one of the first experiments in systems governance, was
mentioned.  Does this mean that systems governance is communist?  To quote Gus Hall, General Secretary; United States Communist Party, "I represent another Humanist Association—the Communist Party.   For we who are Communist definitely believe in Humanism." 

If humanism is the religion that undergirds systems governance, where does the New Age religious belief and practices we hear so much about fit in?
The New Age religion believes in self-divination:  God is man, the god within, the inner self. 
Many will recognize this in the motivational, team
building and leadership building courses encouraged by business under Total Quality Management, or systems management.  This brings us back to the Humanist Manifesto II: 
"No deity will save us, we must save ourselves."
The New Age premise, the Gaia Hypothesis [ Ed: a goddess theory ] , is worded a bit differently, but to the same effect as the premise of systems theory:  the world is a living, breathing organism, irreducible to its parts; what affects one part affects all parts; that in the name of saving spaceship Earth, we must change our society. The Gaia Hypothesis is the driving force behind the radical environmental movement, having a direct and adverse effect on education, land use planning, property rights, growth management, water rights, resource management, even business and industrial operation and management. 

Quoting the Golden Rule
There was more: ''We've got to be responsible for loving a neighbor like we'd like to be loved ourselves,'' he said. The emphasis on values and character is part of Bush's effort to soften his image among people who think his policies are too conservative.


Ed: Religion (Spirituality) is basically one's preferred lifestyle.
Social programs and agendas are being imposed upon us that affect our lifestyles and therefore our belief-systems.
Is the individual's spirituality respected, or is salvation- by- community- cause overtaking personal salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ ?

Is the behavior- modification- program of "citizenship" in our schools the same values as those taught at home ?
"Communities of Character"

Canada Calling Lovers of God "hate-mongers"
There is fear that if, as widely expected, the court rules in favour of same-sex marriage and Parliament passes enabling legislation, churches will face persecution and discrimination in Canadian society for holding fast to the belief that God ordained marriage only for heterosexual couples.

From Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants to Mormons, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists among others, religious groups are also apprehensive that they may be stripped of their charitable status and other state benefits, penalized by public institutions, branded as hate-mongers and forced into accepting the legitimacy of same-sex unions

W Bush grants same-sex benefits
Wednesday, June 26, 2002; Page A08

President Bush has signed a bill allowing death benefits to be paid to the domestic partners of firefighters and police officers who die in the line of duty,
permanently extending a federal death benefit to same-sex couples for the first time.

The new law allows a $250,000 federal benefit for survivors of public safety officers to be paid to any beneficiary listed on the victim's life insurance policy. The money has been available only to spouses, children and parents.
Gay activists had lobbied for the bill, and the Justice Department had objected to it, saying in a letter to Congress that the benefit had been designed for immediate survivors with pressing needs and that the bill was "likely to create unintended and unfortunate results."......

David Smith of the
Human Rights Campaign, the largest national gay organization, said he hopes the new law will be "the beginning of government recognition that gay families deserve the same rights and privileges that non-gay families have.".....

The announcement represented a rare case in which Bush was willing to take on the Republican Party's right wing. Indeed, the decision incited some conservative leaders, who already were displeased with Bush about issues that include his approval of campaign finance reform and support for a Palestinian state."Homosexual folks see this as a first step toward recognizing homosexuality on the same level as marriage, and that's what it will be used for," said the Rev. Lou Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition.

Anti-Christianity Bill S.966 "Hate Crime" ...S. Edward Kennedy
The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act is a bill that would expand federal jurisdiction to reach serious, violent hate crimes based on "the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability" of the victims.
Current status of LLEEA

On May 1, 2003, Senator [ Edward ] Kennedy introduced LLEEA and the bill currently has 50 cosponsors in the Senate.

S 966 co-sponsored by Gordon Smith of Oregon; Ed Kennedy Mass.

"Hate-crimes" bill to muzzle Christians

Judge orders Bible removed from courthouse

White House backs 10 Commandments display ; is Legalism taking over religion ?
"the rule of law"

Hate-crime bill to muzzle Christians

Ed. note: this would silence Christian witness and the Bible
The House of Representatives has voted to urge a conference committee to add "sexual orientation, gender and disability" to federal hate-crimes law, a development some observers say would muzzle Christians who speak out against homosexuality.
On Sept. 28, the House voted 213-186 to pass a procedural motion encouraging a conference committee to include the hate-crimes legislation in the final version of the Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4200).

In June, Sens. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., and Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., introduced the new language meant to protect homosexuals as an amendment to the Senate's version of the Defense Authorization Act.
(Ed. note: "defense" ( newspeak word to imply that Christianity is the "Offence". The truth proven here is the that government is the offensive aggressor against Christianity. By their fruits you shall know them.)
The Senate measured passed by a vote of 65-33.
The bill imposes special fines for those who commit a "hate crime" against a protected class and provides federal assistance to those prosecuting such crimes. Existing hate-crimes law provides federal help to states and localities in prosecuting crimes based only on the victim's race, religion or national origin.

Congress should work to protect Americans, not discriminate against them," said HRC President Cheryl Jacques. "We laud Congress for this vote, especially Minority Leader [ Nancy] Pelosi for offering this motion and working to get the overwhelming support of her peers. We urge conference committee members to take it to heart – keep the federal hate-crimes bill in conference committee."

Opponents of the new law fear the Bible will be deemed "hate literature" under the criminal code in certain instances, as evidenced by the case of a Saskatchewan man fined by a provincial human-rights tribunal for taking out a newspaper ad with Scripture references to verses about homosexuality.

The twisted religion of Blair and Bush

"The usurpation of the great faiths by secular ideology is not usually recognized. This process has a historical and a contemporary dimension. For all the major monotheistic faiths, their primary historical distortion lies with their utilization for the purposes of state formation " [ Ed: more power to the powers that be ] and nationalism.
[ Ed... translation: people in power use religion for their own purposes. By the way, there is only one Faith ....
in God the Father --- Whose Son died for us, to set us free from selfishness and sin ]

Since states put a premium on conformity and political allegiance [ Ed: robotic loyalty ] , religion became a primary way to ensure mass compliance with state authority
[ Ed: abuse by religion; Jesus is not a religion; He is a personal relationship]

[ Ed : the following is a distortion of truth, presented as a logical conclusion; very deceptive: ]
" Paradoxically, by privatizing religion, secular settlements produced religious fundamentalism. Confined to the personal sphere, religion is deprived of civic engagement that would mitigate fanaticism and foster moderation, and faith answers to no authority other than subjective inner conscience."
Ed: the TRUTH is this :
Worship is a private affair, and one must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. We seek Him in the prayer-closet of our hearts, and not in the public square. But we are certainly not divorced from society as we walk among our secular peers in school and at work and within the community in general.
We have remained the salt within a secular society, and not the main meal. This in no wise produces
fanaticism . By the way, fundamentalism is not fanaticism, although seculars like to equate the two. Fundamentalism means adhering to basic truths. A fundamentalist doctor adheres to the basic tenets of biology etc. A fanatical-radical doctor strays away from those truths. Big difference.
I would rather have a fundamentalist doctor treat me. A fundamentalist Christian is one who submits to the Holy Ghost and to the Word of God. The Word of God -- the Bible -- teaches us to honor our leaders in so far as they are moral. We do not obey immorality. Morality and immorality are not defined subjectively... they are clearly defined in the Bible and by the Ten Commandments.

Ed : Another twisted conclusion:
" The trouble is that once liberalism has surrendered any belief in objective truths, all personal subjective beliefs become true. Once all things are equally valid, the only way to attain supremacy is through war and power. Thus does liberalism make fundamentalists out of us all. " .
Ed: That last statement is pure out and out "disinformation".
Liberalism makes New-Age gods of people who are consumed with Self, each deciding what is right in his own eyes.
Fundamentalists are consumed with the love of Jesus Christ and His Word which is THE WAY
( meaning the lifestyle that is led of a conscience directed by the Holy Ghost, and not by self . Big difference.)

"Hence, convinced of their own self-righteousness, Blair and Bush are blind to the reality of their actions. With religious zeal, they pursue their shared project to make Western hegemony irreversible. In so doing, they have embraced a profoundly secular logic - the destruction of traditional religion at home and abroad and the merciless expansion of market democracies across the globe. Blair and Bush seek to create a brave new world in the image of their faith, a vision that just happens to be irreconcilable with Christianity."
[Ed: rather than attributing hegemony to religious zeal, I think the author would be more correct to attribute it to good old fashioned ambition... the Achilles heel of all rulers. Let us not confuse religious zeal with secular ambition. Big difference. ]
Ed: What is the real conclusion to all of this? It is this: the more a society strays from the Salt of God's Word, the more distorted and convoluted and selfish it becomes ... until finally, those who adhere to the 10 commandments and to the Word of God are persecuted and martyred by deluded secularists.

Does Islam meet the plumbline of Truth ?

George Bush has categorically claimed Islam to be the third religion of God, and has officially pronounced it a 'religion of peace and love'. So has the Pope, the European Union, most liberal mainstream media outlets and mainstream media commentaries. 
Despite the total lack of supporting evidence, the global conventional wisdom is Islamic terrorists are 'fundamentalists' but that they aren't following 'true' Islam. 

"True' Islam, they argue, doesn't believe the Koran's teachings about jihad and subjugation and dhimmitude.
It is hard to imagine a more delusional assessment. 
That is like arguing fundamental New Testament doctrines don't represent 'true' Christianity. "True" Christianity would therefore be a form of Christianity that claims Christ but denies His teachings

Aligning civil gestures with holy days

President Bush, in his weekly radio address, said Americans will come together and make the Gulf Coast ''more vibrant than ever," similar to their response to the terrorist attacks four years ago today. Bush's plans to attend a memorial service and to observe a moment of silence at the White House before he makes his fourth trip to the states hit by Hurricane Katrina.
8:46 moment of silence, bells toll ( during church services no less )

GW Bush and the EU

W. Bush : EU and US "speak with one voice"
I am pleased that we are speaking with one voice with our European friends," Bush said after Washington formally dropped objections to European economic incentives to Tehran in a bid to defuse the atomic dispute.

Tommy Thompson
The media in his home state of Wisconsin seem to have confirmed that Thompson is laying the groundwork for a 2008 presidential bid. Thompson was recently quoted as saying "There's no question I'm interested."

The stock options Thompson has in VeriChip are today not worth much, and Thompson is considered a long shot for the Republican nomination, but his influence should not be taken lightly, according to SpyChips.com, which recently posted "Despite his folksy manner, he's a savvy politician whose Washington connections run deep, and he's got a vested interest in chipping America."

News in general :

Doling out the "Millennium Challenge"

"War on terrorism" now called war on extremism ( "religious fanatics")--  George Lakoff


Who is Nancy Pelosi ? http://www.ontheissues.org/CA/Nancy_Pelosi_Crime.htm

W's Civil Liberties board ( no outsiders )

The President's Board on Safeguarding Americans' Civil Liberties will be housed in the Justice Department and led by the Deputy Attorney General James Comey and the Department of Homeland Security's Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security Asa Hutchinson.
Other members include officials from the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Terrorist Threat Integration Center and the Pentagon, along with privacy officials such as Homeland Security's chief privacy officer, Nuala O'Connor Kelly

Civil liberties advocates blasted the board, comparing it to the proverbial "fox guarding the hen house," and questioned how it could be effective without outside appointees and independent investigative powers.
The board's official duties include advising the president on civil liberties, helping craft policy, requesting reports from federal agencies and reviewing a specific agency program when invited to do so by the agency in charge of that policy. The board could not initiate investigations on its own, however, and the order makes no mention of reports to the public
Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, thinks the board looks less like an independent commission than an interagency task force advising the president.

Bible Codes can be manipulated

"Moral Revolution" FBI as confessional all white house employees must submit to a background check or be docked in pay ( i.e. penance included )
PRESIDENT BUSH is overseeing a "moral revolution" in the White House, forcing staff to explain past drug use or adultery. Mr Bush has insisted that all employees must submit to an immediate FBI background check.

When gov't and lifestyle mix, you get this :
(totalitarian regime)

When morals and gov't mix you get this:
(totalitarian regime)

First : cause a void.......then fill it with wonders and third-party "compassion"

HH ( Habitat for Humanity )

Habitat for Humanity big windfall from gov't charitiy money

Fire of Freedom

Offending God is OK; just don't you dare upset others !!
( Human Rights "incitement" )
For blasphemy to be prosecuted it has to possess a strongly offensive character, but the definition has clearly changed over time as society has altered.
Britain's ancient blasphemy laws could be repealed when plans for a new offence of incitement to religious hatred are brought forward
Isn't any insult to God a strongly offensive character ? When is offense to God not of strong character ?
Wonder what they will think on Judgement Day ? or is that an "inciteful" statement ?? Is anything accountable, "inciteful" ?

Misapplying Elijah

And the Chip

Taking his time to say "yes" to chips
Unidentified woman asks if Bush will take the implanted chip
"After calling the topic an "interesting question" he had never been presented with, [ Ed ? ] he quickly punted to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt. "Maybe it's time for the secretary to step in," Bush said."
Ed: This shows that the 666 route will be helped along by the Health Dept. first, before it enters the Financial sector.
Then it will be on the right hand or forehead, instead of the arm , for ALL purchases.

 Prince Charles assists by reaching out to Moslems
Shortly after landing at Halim Perdanakusuma airport, Charles proceeded to the Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta for talks with Din Syamsuddin, --- ----chairman of the country’s second largest Muslim organization, the Muhammadiyah ---
and noted Muslim scholars Azyumardi Azra and Tarmizi Taher.
Din said after the closed-door meeting that Prince Charles was committed to interfaith dialogue, particularly between Muslims and Christians.
“Prince Charles underlines that the traditional wisdom of various religions in the world could help fight our common enemies, such as poverty and backwardness,” Din said.
Ed note: And the world has targeted Christians as their enemy. Hindus in Orissa, India and Buddists in China and Hindu-Buddist-Islamists in Indonesia are behind the murders and persecutions of Christians in those places...not to mention the Moslem killing of Christians in Iraq and throughout the MidEast

Vatican reaches out to Moslems also
The forum was set up in response to a letter written last year by 138 Muslim scholars to [ Pope] Benedict [ 16 ] and other Christian leaders urging that Christianity and Islam to build on their common belief in one God [ Ed: Allah is not God. Allah had no Son that died for me. Therfore there is no commonality in doctrine......just in wishful thinking.]
Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who heads the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue , has said Thursday's papal audience could start a historic dialogue between the faiths.
Tauran is heading the Vatican delegation, which also includes the retired archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Gaia and Maryology ... goddess-power ( also God-less )
Lovelock writes in The Ages of Gaia,
What if [Mother] Mary is another name for Gaia? Then her capacity for virgin birth is no miracle or parthenogenetic aberration; it is a role of Gaia since life began. Immortals do not need to reproduce an image of themselves; it is enough to renew continuously the life that constitutes them. Any living organism a quarter as old as the Universe itself and full of vigor is as near immortal as we ever need to know. She is of this Universe and, conceivably, a part of God. On Earth she is the source of life everlasting and is alive now; she gave birth to humankind and we are a part of her.

What I see in the image of the Virgin Mary as Gaia is the foundational symbol of Western Civilization, the source of our dysfunctional social architecture. In terms of reproduction, Mary is the symbol of prokaryotic asexual reproduction, the immortality of never having to die. Life is continues through cell division, not needing sexual reproduction, producing what has been called "Christian Clones", people who are not able to individuate. For prokaryotes, virgin birth is not a miracle but a biological fact.
Ed: We honor Mary as the Bible honors her. We do not worship her as does organized religion or as the secular world worships the goddess image

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html