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VeriGuard Security Access Control ( with subdermal chip )
Monitoring the Work Place

VeriChip .... Security-Access for both : door-portals (arm ) and Internet-portals ( hand)
To become needful for admittance into all technological systems : mobile-phone access etc.
access control; user identities ; network-level gateway admission; web security
To become needful for entrance into malls, banks, doctors offices, all stores, transportation etc.

Jose Luis Magana / AP file ...msnbc .....note: LEFT arm
Will there need to be an IMAGE placed over the Mark for instant recognition ??

The earlier versions of Verichip were "number only". Then Applied Digital Solutions received FDA approval ( because they contained no medical information on the chip ). Since then ( Jan. 05 ) ads has gone to a "read chip," which now has information scripted onto it ( Social Security
number etc. ) .
It is currently working on a "read-write" chip that can be updated. It now can contain medical information.

VeriChip for
SYSTEMS access :
It has been suggested that eventually VeriChip could replace credit cards and other forms of identification cards with the advantage that, unlike their plastic equivalents, they are almost impossible to lose.

From the Newswire: Fair educational use

Hidden surveillance cameras in the workplace ... genetic testing , DNA
In all other provinces, including Ontario, there is no legislation specifically governing employee privacy in the workplace, Levin said. He called on the province to amend its Employee Standards Act to put in place at least “minimal” guarantees, as West Virginia has done, that there will be no surveillance in place in restrooms, shower stalls or other personal space
You know if you create databases governments may want to have access to them,” he said.
In a democracy, said Levin, “It's not always a good thing to create a database simply because you have some new technology that can create a database about your employees.”
Rosenberg is also worried about the increasing use of RFID technology to track people, not just animals.
As of 2004, 40 million Americans were already carrying an RFID tag, or implantable computer chip, Rosenberg said

CityWatch and Six Sigma Security on VeriChip

No one I spoke with at Six Sigma Security or at CityWatcher knew that the VeriChip had been hacked,” McIntyre observed. “They were also surprised to hear of VeriChip’s downsides as a medical device. It was clear they weren’t aware of some of the controversy surrounding the implant.”
Although CityWatcher reportedly does not require its employees to take an implant to keep their jobs, Katherine Albrecht, “Spychips” co-author and outspoken critic of the VeriChip, says the chipping sets an unsettling precedent. “It’s wrong to link a person’s paycheck with getting an implant,” she said. “Once people begin ‘voluntarily’ getting chipped to perform their job duties, it won’t be long before pressure gets applied to those who refuse
"The company hopes the VeriChip will beef up its proximity or “prox” card security system that controls access to the room where the video footage is stored, said Gary Retherford of Six Sigma Security, Inc., the company that provided the VeriChip technology. “The prox card is a system that can be compromised,” said Retherford, referring to the card’s well-known vulnerability to hackers. He explained that chipping employees “was a move to increase the layer of security ... It was attractive because it could be integrated with the existing system"

-- web connection to chipping
CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In the continued trend of adding security resellers and distributors, sixsigmasecurity.net has included CC&C Management Services of Washington D.C., to the list of companies that represent the VeriGuard Suite of products, including the human implantable RFID microchip
CC&C Management Services, LLC, formerly known as Contracts Consultants & Co., LLC, is the Premier Relocation Planning and Move Management Company in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Other services include Logistics (transportation, building commissioning services, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment inventory with or without Barcode or RFID (radio frequency identification)); Professional Staffing; and Management Consulting.
Visit www.sixsigmasecurity.net for a list of security integrators and distributors.
Sixsigmasecurity.net is the Internet's portal to the Human Implantable RFID Microchip, used in Human Identification for security applications.

As this site develops it will serve as a source to news and information regarding the chip, and
provide links where one can purchase both the chip,
as well as those products that integrate the 16-digit implantable device, into commercial or residential security systems
FLOW CHART http://www.sixsigmasecurity.com/chart.html
Affiliates http://www.sixsigmasecurity.net/integrators.html ( State locations)

Lee Tien
"This may be appropriate for cattle, pets or packages, but for humans it is a very different issue," said Lee Tien, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a technology and civil liberties group in San Francisco, Calif.
In the case of workers like those at the Ohio security firm, the signal from the chip triggers the reader to search for a password, which, in turn, can open a door, for example
Paula Brantner, an attorney for Workplace Fairness, a workers' advocacy group in San Francisco, said she expected workers would resent having chips placed under their skin.
"This is incredible. It raises something out of `1984.' It is a very invasive way of keeping tabs on your workers," she said.

Six-Sigma Security installs VeriGuard with chip-access system
CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 6, 2006--Six Sigma Security(TM), Inc, announced today the successful installation and integration of the access control module of VeriChip Corp's VeriGuard(TM) Security Suite, including VeriChip's human-implantable RFID microchip, as part of an integrated security solution for CityWatcher.com. As a provider of video surveillance, monitoring and video storage for government and business, CityWatcher.com chose VeriChip Corp. to augment and enhance its overall security solution.
Sean Darks, CityWatcher CEO stated that, "Whereas CityWatcher.com is a provider of video solutions for government and business, we wanted to not only improve security for highly secure areas, but wanted do so with the next generation of product that would integrate with our existing system. The VeriChip family of RFID security products was able to accomplish that goal
The installation included successfully integrating the VeriGuard system with CityWatcher's existing access control system manufactured by Sielox (formerly Checkpoint Access Systems), a subsidiary of LG Corp. ...
Dr. Jim Scott with Doctor's Urgent Care of Milford, OH performed the application of the implantable microchip. With eight facilities throughout Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Middletown, and Dayton; Doctor's Urgent Care has 10 physicians available at their facilities to implant the microchip, which is used for both medical, as well as security purposes

Excellent graphic on how security-chip works; Good article.
no GPS ( no real tracking; just localized "spotting")

VeriChip - VeriGuard for building access

Portal Scanner

VeriChip - VeriGuard

VERIGUARD S.A.C. (secure access control)
Definition of VeriGuard:
The VeriGuard-S.A.C. reader consists of a high-powered RFID antenna encased in a durable plastic panel that can be mounted near a doorway or building entrance. The VeriGuard-S.A.C. scanner "reads" a passing subdermal VeriChip by emitting a low-frequency radio signal and receiving a return radio signal sent by the VeriChip's transponder.

The hardware and software components of the VeriGuard-S.A.C. system work together to authenticate personnel who are authorized to enter a given building or facility and unlock a secure doorway if the person has authorized access. The VeriGuard-S.A.C. panel can also be placed in strategic locations within a building or facility to "track" the location and movements of authorized personnel inside a secure area. VeriGuard-S.A.C. could function as a stand-alone, tamper-proof personal verification secure access technology or it could operate in conjunction with other security technologies such as standard ID badges, smart cards and advanced biometric devices (e.g. retina scanners, thumbprint readers or face recognition devices). The Company envisions incorporating variations of the VeriGuard solution into "Trusted Traveler" and residential security programs.

VeriTrack ( for companies )
VeriTrack is designed to track, monitor and protect all assets within an organization or company, including people.
Pre-authorization is automated by linking particular assets to personnel tags and creating an electronic relationship between the two tags.

VeriTag (external) and VeriReaders

L Q security access control ..... L Q Corporation, Inc.
L Q Corporation, Inc. markets physical security and critical strategic security solutions through its Sielox LCC (Sielox(TM)) and SES Resources International Inc. subsidiaries (SES). Sielox(TM) product offerings include the Pinnacle(TM) access control software solution, proximity cards and devices, readers and 32-bit controllers designed for professional physical security applications. SES offers a wide range of professional services ranging from corporate asset protection, regulatory compliance and standards compliance to emergency preparedness and contingency planning

About Access Systems International:
Access Systems International LLC (ASI) is a distribution and integration company located in Northwest Indiana just 35 miles south of downtown Chicago. ASI specializes in distributing and implementing emerging technologies in the Security and Access control market.

NFC Smart Card for access to wilderness areas --- MIFARE DESFire
20 Million projected
Bureau of Land Management; Dept. of Interior ( DOI ) 70,000
NASA -- physical access system
By the end of this year, some 20,000 DOI employees will have been issued the GSC-IS V2.1-compliant smart cards with the other 50,000 coming online by the end of 2005.
Donelson is one of the key proponents driving the U.S. government toward using smart card solutions standardized on GSC-IS to ensure a secure and interoperable method of access control and identification. By requiring the storage and contactless retrieval of basic employee information per the GSC-IS guidelines, a U.S. DoI employee could also gain access to other departments' facilities with this smart card. Donelson, also the chairman of the Interoperability Advisory Board, is working with other agencies, including NASA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Veterans Administration through the U.S. General Services Administration, to procure larger volumes of cards meeting GSC-IS V2.2. Total volumes of compliant cards ordered on this consolidated purchase are expected to exceed 20 million units over the next few years.

Fast, Innovative, Reliable and secure, as described by the "Fire" part of its name -- are supported by a unique combination of flexible memory organization structure alongside impressive high data transaction rates, making it ideal for secure contactless services.
MIFARE(R) is a registered trademark of Royal Philips Electronics.

Security under the skin

Security chips in Mexican staff ( 160 employees)
Mexico's attorney general and other senior staff have had computer chips implanted in their arms to serve both as an identity device and a tracking mechanism should they be kidnapped.
Rafael Macedo de la Concha said similar non-removable chips had been inserted under the skin of senior staff in his office and the 160 employees of a new state-of-the-art crime database.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/news/story/0,12976,1260858,00.html ( banana )

Can VeriChip guaruntee your security ? No. Not at all.
internal VeriChip has no transmitter to work with the GPS Global Satellelites.
It can locate no one.

What about PDL s?
Externally-worn transmitters do work with the GPS global satellite system, yet the PDL
( personal location device) would be the very first thing that kidnappers would remove from the person.
That would make the
PDL totally useless in a kidnapping situation.

What does help ? Prayer. Calling upon God is the strongest force of help in times of kidnapping.
Psalm 91, God tells us of His great protection for us.
He keeps us from all harm
because of our love for Him.

Do you have the fear ( reverence) of God, and the love of Jesus Christ ? Then Psalm 91 is for you.
Jesus Christ is the only true Security there is.
All that technology can do is to track a person in a controlled environment.
The more a person feels controlled and monitored , the more that person resents the yoke around his life.

More news articles

Brain-waves : "pass-thoughts" to replace fingerprints for access ID

Canadian researchers hope to soon be able to use brain waves to unlock doors and get access to bank accounts
A user would simply think their password,” said Thorpe, who hopes to develop the first biometric security device to read your mind to authenticate users.
Her idea, yet to be proven viable for commercial application, assumes that brainwave signals, like fingerprints, vary slightly from person to person, even when they think alike.
The latest electroencephalogram (EEG) hardware, which measures electrical signals in the brain, consists of a costly bowl-shaped cap dotted with electrodes that takes time to put on and requires a gel be smeared on the person’s head to bridge the gap between the electrodes and their scalp.

Live Scan electronically sends fingerprint to DoJ for security clearance -- Dec. 13, 2005
Dept. of Justice .. pre-registration required ( 3 days .... 72 hours advance time)
THE LIVE SCAN PROCESS IS REPLACING FINGERPRINT CARDS. Live Scan technology electronically transmits fingerprints directly to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and reduces delays with processing hardcopy cards. Live scan fingerprints that result in clearances are now transmitted electronically to the ATCS registry, usually within 72 hours
DOJ fingerprint results are sent to the Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS) for certification as a nurse assistant or home health aide.  DOJ also send fingerprint results to ATCS for certain employees of Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled, Adult Day Health Care facilities, and Home Health Agencies.

Top 20 for Access Control and Security

VeriChip(TM) was named as a finalist in Access Control & Security Systems magazine's 2005 Top 20 New Products competition. Although the final determination of the winner is made by a panel of judges, the top 20 finalists can be viewed and voted for in the magazine's current print issue, as well as online at http://securitysolutions.com/productoftheyear/2005-top20/. The winner is expected to be announced in the December issue of the magazine, the Company said. http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20051005005456&newsLang=en

Veriguard sensors and implantable rfid
To those wishing to see the latest in RFID security solutions - including applications using implantable, wearable, and attachable RFID tag technology - we extend the invitation to visit the VeriChip booth at ASIS."
At the ASIS show http://www.asisonline.org. , VeriChip Corporation will be demonstrating its chip technology integrated with its security application, VeriGuard. VeriGuard, a featured new product by ASIS this year, provides individual location and distress alert capability, access control, and asset tracking for the identification, location, and protection of individuals and assets. VeriChip's market-leading infant protection and wander prevention solutions will also be on display.

The chip has a special polyethylene sheath that helps skin bond to it so it stays in place. It has no battery, and is said to have an expected lifespan up to 20 years.
It has been suggested that eventually VeriChip could replace credit cards and other forms of identification cards with the advantage that, unlike their plastic equivalents, they are almost impossible to lose.

internal chip to react with external devices
With the Company's recent acquisitions, the VeriGuard system now features both implantable and wearable RFID access control and monitoring technology. Implantable RFID chips and/or wearable RFID bracelets and tags integrate seamlessly into the new VeriGuard system.
VeriChip is a subsidiary of Applied Digital and the only company to provide both implanted and external RFID identification and security solutions for people, their assets, and their environments. ( Ed : rfid tags everywhere )

For information on VeriGuard, please navigate to http://verichip.arcterex.net/content/solutions/1117566047
Seguridad Oncor Ltda., VeriChip's distributor in Colombia, is a distributor of access control and RFID monitoring systems. For further information, please visit http://www.seguridadoncor.com/.

DAC rfid card for Computer ACCESS  by Mark Baard
The DAC, which stands for Department of Homeland Security Access Card, will carry a digital copy of its bearer's fingerprint and other personally identifiable information. It will use radio-frequency identification and Bluetooth technologies to communicate with reader devices at the department's offices.

"The card provides one type of authentication for all forms of access (physical, wired and wireless)," said DHS Director of Authentication Technologies Joseph Broghamer, who participated in a wireless technology conference in Washington, D.C., last week.

The DAC will feature a high-resolution image of its bearer and a hard-to-duplicate holographic image. The key identifier stored on the DAC, however, will be a record of the bearer's biometric data (in this case, a fingerprint) that can be read by special devices attached to DHS computers

For example, rather than entering a user name and password, DHS workers will log on to their computers by sliding their DAC into a special keyboard and pressing their finger on the keyboard's fingerprint-reader pad. The keyboard will then authorize workers by comparing their physical fingerprint to the card's fingerprint record.

But the DAC's RFID chip and its Bluetooth-enabled holder will make it a target for hackers and spies with wireless readers, who could be lurking in commissaries, coffee shops, bars and subway stations around the Capitol.

But hackers will be able to eavesdrop on transmissions between the DAC and RFID readers every time the card is read, and at distances up to "tens of feet, potentially," said Juels.

Security Expert takes the VeriChip for Access

Joseph Krull....
an internationally recognized security and privacy authority takes the chip in the arm
Soon to be in right hand ? see
Internet-access; Mobile-phone access; military "dogtag" ID ;
"I envision powerful future applications for VeriChip(TM), including important computer and logical security authentication mechanisms, identify theft protection and even electronic 'dogtags' for military personnel," Krull stated. Mr. Krull is in the process of placing his personal medical information in VeriChip's secure database for linked access to his RFID microtransponder's unique 16-digit verification number, facilitating authorized access to the data through VeriChip's proprietary hand-held scanner system.
"using a computer on the Internet "

In a 2003 privacy paper sponsored by ID World Magazine, Mr. Krull first coined the term "digital dust" to describe the thousands of transactions residents of developed countries initiate each month in connection with Internet and mobile phone use and the impact on personal privacy of these seemingly innocuous transactions.
Ed. Will the VeriChip be placed in the right hand or forehead for computer-access verification ??
How soon before "access-denied" will be displayed for all those who do not have a VeriChip in their right hand or forehead ?

Krull takes "read chip" .... RFID Rights and Wrongs
Information that Mr. Krull chose to attach to his RFID number is his name and address, blood type, allergies, doctor's name and contact info, and a next of kin in case of emergency. Essentially, Mr. Krull's chip is the twentieth century version of a medical bracelet. If he ever winds up at a hospital unconscious, he's hoping the device could help save his life. Using RFID technology in this way could be extremely valuable to society.

Digital Defense : Factor 4biocard; Irongate access
( computer and building)
April 12, 2005--Digital Defense Group, a developer and supplier of innovative biometric security products, has developed a completely self-contained, wireless, biometric security device that grants secure building and computer access through the use of a fingerprint, without compromising a user's biometric privacy during enrollment or authentication.
Digital Defense(TM) will unveil and demonstrate the innovative new device, called the Factor4(TM) biocard, at the 2005 CardTech/SecurTech Conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, April 12-14.
Factor4 and a related product, IronGate(TM), scheduled for release later this year, are the first such biometric security access products to take the form of a credit card.

Security Gets Under Your Skin

RSA : Cyber Security

Identity-access gateway at RSA Conference

http://www.rsasecurity.com/ ........ http://www.answers.com/rsa&r=67

Joseph Krull takes Chip
Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX - News), a provider of Security Through Innovation(TM), announced today that Joseph E. Krull, CPP, CISSP, IAM, an internationally recognized security and privacy authority, recently received a VeriChip to underscore his strong support for this unique identification technology.
Mr. Krull will be demonstrating the VeriChip and its associated hand-held reader at the RSA Conference in San Francisco from February 15-17. He will also be available to provide his personal observations of the chipping process at Virtual Corporation's Booth #244

In the future, however, Thompson predicts customers will want a single technology to deal with all malware.

Applying VeriChip to Industry
At this year's annual event, internationally renowned experts and key players in the ID industry will address the most relevant issues in the fields of security, government, retail, logistics and supply chain, presenting information on the evolution of the core technologies upon which future auto ID systems will be built. Leading-edge solutions will be presented from many different market segments, including the latest applications of automatic data collection, smart cards, biometrics and RFID technology.
is already being utilized internationally for identification and related security purposes.

ID World http://www.idworldonline.com/
Chip in arm for security

Mexico's attorney general said on Monday he had had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted.
Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff had also been fitted with chips which will give them exclusive and secure access to a national, computerized database for crime investigators that went live on Monday.
"It's an area of high security, it's necessary that we have access to this, through a chip, which what's more is unremovable," Macedo told reporters.
"The system is here and I already have it. It's solely for access, for safety and so that I can be located at any moment wherever I am," he said, admitting the chip hurt "a little."

Mexican staff receive the VeriChip

1,000 people in Mexico take the VeriChip
About 1,000 people in Mexico have had the VeriChip implanted, said Antonio Aceves, president of Solusat, the chip's Mexican distributor. He said most customers have had medical problems.

The Need for Identity Management
The real challenge was getting both companies comfortable with the idea of linking their systems, so when an employee logs on to the GM portal, he or she is automatically able to access the financial-services provider's systems as well. There were lots of discussions over "the comfort level of doing this and how it could affect the business relationship and relationship with the employee," Taggart says. There were lots of conversations between legal groups, he adds. .....

But that goal is still down the road. One step the industry still needs to take is to adopt interoperable standards so various products can work together without a lot of manual integration. Another problem: Most provisioning, access-control, and identity-management applications don't support a wide enough variety of applications, databases, and operating systems, says Gene Fredriksen, VP for information security at Raymond James & Associates. The financial-services firm is evaluating identity-management vendors. "So far, it doesn't seem like any single vendor can do everything or provide everything you need," he says.

More orders for VeriGuard


Wall-mounted scanner to read subdermal chip for access
Named "VeriGuard-S.A.C." (Secure Access Control), the newly developed device represents the first-ever deployment of a wall-mounted RFID (radio frequency identification) subdermal VeriChip reader that has been integrated into a building-access security system. In its present configuration - already installed and functioning - the new VeriGuard-S.A.C. reader consists of a high-powered RFID antenna encased in a durable plastic panel that can be mounted near a doorway or building entrance. The VeriGuard-S.A.C. scanner "reads" a passing subdermal VeriChip by emitting a low-frequency radio signal and receiving a return radio signal sent by the VeriChip's transponder.

The VeriGuard-S.A.C. system, building on the Company's previously announced "Protected by VeriChip"

The hardware and software components of the VeriGuard-S.A.C. system work together to authenticate personnel who are authorized to enter a given building or facility and unlock a secure doorway if the person has authorized access. The VeriGuard-S.A.C. panel can also be placed in strategic locations within a building or facility to "track" the location and movements of authorized personnel inside a secure area.

The accompanying software maintains a database of authorized personnel, including key biometric information and/or photo-IDs. The sophisticated software also maintains a log of all authorized entry or denial "events" and can be programmed for various time zones to admit authorized personnel at specific times but deny access at other times. The system can also be used to permit access to certain areas of a facility but deny access to high-security areas

Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Providing a communication link from persons or animals to a central location, namely providing satellite or terrestrial transmission and communication services and/or wireless, fixed wire or ground telecommunications transmission, namely providing transmission of digital data communicated from a radio frequency identification device in order to allow identification and physiological parameters for monitoring, collecting, locating, reviewing, comparing, interpreting, analyzing information for identification of persons and animals facilitating facility access, electronic device function, and personal identification;

Electronic device,namely
attachable or implantable microchip that stores, transmits and receives identification information, and physiological information in order to identify, monitor and management persons and animals including the monitoring of the physiological parameters, and geographic location of those persons and animals; physiological monitoring product, namely radio frequency identification device and associated communications computer hardware and computer software for use in measuring, collecting, storing, and transmitting, physiological parameters, personal information, and geographic location; computer hardware and software used to transmit data regarding identification from persons and animals to a central location [databank]

Note :
This article comes from a GOVERNMENT Tech news which means a heads-up....
plus it is reporting on old news ( Nov --2003).
So the emphasis here is upon VeriPAY ( global payment System) , rather than VeriChip.
We could conclude then that the financial transactions among the global banking System could be preparing to implement the 666 economic-commercial chip soon .
Another heads-up !
Gimme Some Skin............  ( VeriPAY ..payment technology)
Applied Digital Solutions' CEO told attendees of the ID World 2003 in Paris held in late November, that the company's newest subdermal radio frequency identification (RFID) application is nearly ready for market.

VeriPay, a secure, subdermal RFID payment technology for cash and credit transactions, could make physical money obsolete. The payment technology relies on the company's VeriChip, which is about the size of a grain of rice. VeriChip is a subdermal RFID microchip already used in a variety of security, financial, emergency identification and other applications.

Currently the company sells RFID chips to people with medical conditions, such as diabetes or allergies to common medications. Since the chips are implanted under the skin, emergency response personnel have a nearly fool-proof way to access data about a person's medical needs.

The company said VeriPay's unique, subdermal format offers a much more secure, tamper-proof and loss-proof RFID solution to payment technologies.
Applied Digital Solutions said the company is working with banking and credit companies to develop specific commercial applications -- beginning with appropriate pilot programs and other market tests --
for the VeriPay subdermal RFID solution.

TRACKING by communication ( not by GPS visual )
LEO ( Low-earth orbit ) satellite system
( see

ADSX aquires eXI wireless .... acquisition by Applied Digital
eXI will be joining forces with Verichip Corporation, a subsidiary of
Applied Digital, whose primary focus is to build an RFID company focused on
human applications. We at eXI have built a robust technology and look forward
to joining forces with the Verichip team to expand the market opportunity for
our collective technology and products."

eXI Wireless Inc. is a pioneer in wireless identification, control, and
location technologies that provide peace of mind to groups wanting to protect,
track, and locate their individuals and assets. With over 20 years experience,
eXI is behind some of the industry's first patient wandering, infant
protection, and tool tracking systems uniquely combining Auto-ID (e.g. RFID,
bar code) and real-time location technologies in its state-of-the-art,
[ Ed. note: hidden]  solutions.

Through eXI's continued wireless innovation, end
customers gain the protection, cost savings, operating efficiencies, and
overall peace of mind they require when it comes to their people and assets.
Vendors looking to improve their product offerings through the use of eXI's
RFID technology gain the expertise and end result they require quickly and
cost effectively. For more information on eXI Wireless Inc., please visit


Below is an article written over a year ago regarding VeriGuard and people-tracking. Just a reminder that  VeriChip by itself can track no one. It is too small to have a transmitter. It can only communicate when activated by a scanner.
Only an externally worn device ( which is bigger) can have GPS tracking abilities.



The Ultimate Control http://www.oilempire.us/rfid.html

rfid chip can do everything

chips for cashless transactions http://www.rense.com/general54/ref.htm

GSC-IS Satellite for access control
The U.S. space agency will run a trial of an RFID-based access control system, the first in the world to use the Government Smart Card Interoperability Specification (GSC-IS) standard.
By Jonathan Collins
Aug. 5, 2004—NASA, the U.S. government’s space agency, will run a trial of a new access control system that could see 100,000 NASA employees and contractors using RFID to verify access to a number of NASA sites before the end of next year.
During the next three months, 2,000 NASA employees will use the technology to gain access to areas in the NASA
Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. If the trial is successful and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget approves funding for the system, NASA will deploy more than 100,000 smart cards in 2005. The pilot follows initial testing of the technology at NASA.

There is an excellent article in the October 2004 issue of The New American  by  Christopher S. Bentley that helps to explain the convoluted thinking in governments today and that is this:
Because the world runs on business, all governments want all countries open to commerce, regardless of
morals and ethics and common sense.

In order to have this, they must have a way of dealing with non-desirables within each nation.
These non-desirables may be "terrorists" or "anarchists" or "combatants" or "dissenters" or whatever.
But the point is , they are politically incorrect people and must be identified individually, rather than nationally or collectively.

The silver bullet --- or subdermal microchip --- that solves this problem is VeriChip. It identifies persons, rather than groups or nations. Now we can build global empires based not upon Godly principles, but upon personal preference.
And just think of the euphoric sense of power this gives government to isolate individuals, rather than detain a group of people who might rally to their own defense.

Now the enemy is not Arabs, or Moslems or Islamists or foreigners or "rogue nations" or even mainstream "christians". The politically-incorrect "enemy" now also includes a person who thinks for himself and acts in accordance with his Biblically-enlightened conscience... a rare breed indeed, and an easy target and prey for wolves to surround and attack.

When business joins hands with government to produce Tyrus, the nodding mainstream "christians" will find out they have been used ( Revelation 17 )

Here is a quote from the October issue of The New American :
fair-educational use
[ Robert A. ] Pastor’s [ CFR ] "most important" recommendation is for the "Department of Homeland Security [to] expand its mission to include continental security — a shift best achieved by incorporating Mexican and Canadian perspectives and personnel into its design and operation." The "perspective" of the incurably corrupt and relentlessly predatory Mexican government is typified by its willingness to use VeriChip technology against its increasingly helpless -population. .......

During his first term, Mr. Bush has worked consistently to integrate our economy and security system with that of Mexico. And of course, he has presided over the creation of an immense Homeland Security department with an open-ended mandate to treat U.S. citizens — not foreign terrorists — as the chief threat to public order. If elected to a second term, Bush, like Kerry, would undoubtedly pursue a politically merged Western Hemisphere, with a security perimeter that would include both North and South America.

A dying George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four as a warning to us," [ Gary ] Allen soberly concluded.
"His message is that once political and scientific power are centralized we will have no chance to escape tyranny."

Gary Allen is the author of the much acclaimed book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy".

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html