Hope To The End

The Great Tribulation Has Now Begun

( Revelation 17 )

The New World Order is the next Babel's Tower
Full of evil and full of power.

Ruining the earth with its greed;
Weapons of destruction is all they need

Three and half years they will reign
And bring peace and security in their name.

They will unite with religion to give them power
But turn on the harlot within one hour.

And the peoples of the earth will love the Beast
Who put the great harlot to the feast.

They will throw her naked into the fire
For God put it into their hearts to complete His desire.

The Great Tribulation has now begun
Thunder, lightening, fire, brimstone and a darkened sun.

A great voice from the heavens they will hear
And peoples of the earth will faint from fear

Some will still blaspheme and hate;
How we must all repent before it's too late.

And stay in our inner room and pray
As the final battle looms we call Judgement Day.

Ren Price (
England )

Though Coercion Is Off-Limits, What About Incentives for Chip Users and/or Major Inconvenience for Non-Chip-Users?
Of course, there will always be a problem in trying to determine what constitutes coercion. Is it coercive for an employer to offer incentives, or bonuses, to employees who choose to be chipped?
Moreover, even if employers themselves are not coercive, modern living may exert a significant coercive effect on the consumer. Just as it is hard to get by without a credit card and debit card nowadays, it may someday be hard not to have an RFID implant.
Thus, some commentators have suggested that future legislation should also expressly forbid employer incentives for RFID implants, and require any company that offers RFID-based services to accept non-implanted RFID (such as a swipe card).

A Concern for the Future: Government-Required RFID Chips
Finally, another concern - one beyond the scope of this column -- is that widespread use and acceptance of RFID chips in private industry will lead to fewer objections to the government's eventually use of RFID chips.
Already, some news reports state that the U.S. military is considering using RFID chips. Unlike private industry, the government will have to abide by constitutional restrictions in doing so. Still, government-mandated chips are a disturbing prospect.

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