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PRIME TIME : TV vs. Attention given to God
As the Earth Turns

When President Bush gave his State of the Union address, it was on a Wednesday evening
( February 2, 2005), which in the USA is church-night for many Christians here in America. By speaking on TV Wednesday night, Christians had to make a choice whether to go to church that night, or stay home and listen to the president's message.

Now isn't that pitting a politician vs. God and worship service ? In this case, many opted to stay home and hear the message, since he was not speaking on a Sunday.
But will Sunday become the "one hour with the beast" ( Revelation 17:12 ), wherein the false prophet and the antichrist compete with the Almighty for prime time ?

Christians will be severely tested. If they go to church and miss the message, they may miss something that will impact their lives very much. There already are security forces out in the parking lots of churches, and can take down license plates of all those "unpatriotic people" who are NOT "good citizens" by staying home and listening to the message from the powers that be..

If they stay home, they will miss an opportunity to worship God as accustomed.

Or worse yet ( and more probable and very believable) the Churches themselves will have the message going on during church service time.... with all their large video screens to project the TV image for all to hear and see.

Now, attendance at Church on Sunday is not a mandate in the New Testament, but worshipping God on the Sabbath ( one's worship day per week-- Romans 14:5,6 )  IS a commandment. Our attention is given to God one day a week and NOT to politics or politicians.

Already, if you turn on the TV on Sundays, the whole morning is given over to LIVE political programs of interviews, documentaries and commentaries. It would be nothing at all to have the false prophet and the antichrist appear to give directives that day.

Maybe when they switch the government messages to Sundays on TV , then that will be the reason why the first angel has to go through the sky and warn everyone on the globe to
"Fear God and Give glory to him". WORSHIP Him that made the creation. Rev. 14: 6,7.

Since the creation is specifically mentioned here ( the heaven, earth, sea and fountains of water ), will Sunday become the day of Earth-Ethic observance ? https://hopetotheend.com/earth.html
. The https://hopetotheend.com/green.html

Will directives for being "good stewards of the land" shame us into guilt if we not in compliance with the PTB [ Powers that be ] ? Have not the PTB reversed the dominion, and made man subject to nature instead of nature subject to man, as the command was given in Genesis ?
( Genesis 1:28 )

Also, politicians have always spoken to the public on Tuesday nights as far back as I can remember ( unless there was a short emergency announcement).

So there has been a definite change and for a definite reason. ( so we believe).

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