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Richard Sullivan, former CEO of Digital Angel, has now moved on to Global Digital Solutions, Inc.
At their annual meeting, Creative shareholders also voted toapprove the following individuals as officers and directors of the combined company:
Richard J. Sullivan (Chairman of the Board);
JeromeC. Artigliere (CEO, President, COO and Director);
Garret A. Sullivan(Director);
Arthur F. Noterman (Director).

As previously announced, GDSI was formed in late 2003 by former top executives of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX), including former Chairman and CEO Richard J. Sullivan and former Chief Operating Officer
Jerome C. Artigliere. GDSI plans to target the lucrative U.S. Government contract market in three specific segments: Communications; Security; and Advanced Parts & Services.

On January 8, 2004, GDSI acquired San Marcos, CA-based Pacific ComTel,
The company's primary emphasis is the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of
telephony and computer network cabling systems.

This includes indoor and outside plant using fiber optic and copper cabling. The Company also designs, implements and maintains high-speed, state of the art networks in conjunction with its technology partners to provide customers with scaleable, cost effective and reliable systems that meet today's demanding needs and tomorrow's ever-changing requirements. For more information, visit: http://www.pacificcomtel.com .

GDSI's business plan calls for generating 70% of its revenues from government contracts

Global Digital Solutions, Inc.
http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GDSI.OB gov. telecommunications

Scott Silverman is CEO over Applied Digital Solutions --ADS
Keith Bolten is President of VeriChip.
Kevin McGrath is CEO over Digital Angel.

Pay TV and Biometric ID
Prior to joining Digital Angel, [ Kevin] McGrath spent 16 years at El Segundo, CA- based Hughes Electronics Corp., including seven years as Chairman of DirecTV Latin America, a Hughes subsidiary based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. McGrath was a Hughes Corporate Vice President and a member of its Management Committee, and was responsible for the start-up, development and operation of what has become the world's largest Latin American, direct-to-home pay television business, with 1.6 million subscribers in 28 countries and more than $600 million in annual revenues.

McGrath also spent two years as President of DirecTV International and helped bring satellite-based Pay TV to a world-wide audience. During that time he also advised Hughes Management and its Board of Directors in all aspects of creating, funding and managing satellite-based businesses in diverse regions of the world. He has also held a number of other senior level executive positions at Hughes, including President of Hughes Communications, Inc., and Chief Financial Officer of Hughes Space and Communications Group.

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