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All European Army   

Time for EU Army : German lead -- Civil reconstruction corps
A clear commitment to a European army and a European civil reconstruction corps would not just reinvigorate EU integration, but it would also make the bloc a much bigger player on the international stage. The FDP has committed itself to the creation of a European army. Merkel's new government could prove its commitment to Europe by taking the first step and offering to merge its armed forces with those of France.
Germany needs to begin building a broad coalition to install a candidate who will be able to wield power beyond Europe's borders
..."the new German government should seek a European Union seat in the G-20.[ Ed: for foreign policy ]

  EDA - European Defense Agency   --  headed by UMFA… Union Minister of Foreign Affairs       “High Representative”

High Representative of CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Police)
ESDI- European Security and Defense Identity
European Security www.state.gov/www/regions/eur/securityindex.html
Security Policy www.consilium.eu.int/pesc/pres.asp?lang=en

Unifying the militaries of the European nations

"Restructuring of the European defence technological and industrial base, in particular around centres of European excellence, avoiding duplication, in order to ensure its soundness and its competitiveness, is a strategic and economic necessity. In this connection, the European Council calls for early finalisation of the Directives on intra-Community transfer of defence goods and on defence procurement," the summit conclusions read.

European RAPID REACTION FORCE" -- "Special Intervention force " ... Defense Elite
France..” is pushing to create an elite European defence force consisting of forces from the six largest EU member states:
France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy and Poland."
[ Ed: Germany-----the war machine of the world----is now added;
Belgium and Luxembourg are cut; Italy ( who allied with Germany in W W 2 ) and Poland are now added
"According to an outline of the plans presented in French daily Le Figaro, each of the six countries
would contribute 10,000 troops for a special intervention force." [ Ed: 60,000 strong ]

Integrating all EU forces ..."common defense market "
"It is envisaged that the six countries would adopt common rules for reinforced co-operation, such as spending a minimum of two percent of their GDP on defence, join a common defence equipment market " [ Ed: Pool all their resources ]
Moreover, the elite group would commit to carry out joint security anti-terrorism projects, as well as defence infrastructure programmes, such as missile defence or space and intelligence technology
"provision for "permanent structured co-operation" which could establish a legal link for the core defence project to be set up"
According to the commission, a common defence market would significantly improve the military capabilities of member states without increasing defence expenditures

Below: Information on….
NATO Response Force
EU Rapid Reaction Force; non-standing army-- Brussels, Belgium : pulls from existing units
EDA European Defense Agency
ESDP European Security and Defense Policy
EUMARFOR ( Maritime Navy )

US European Command
and also

Decisions by North Atlantic Council
"The NATO Response Force (NRF) is a highly ready and technologically advanced force made up of land, air, sea and special forces components that
the Alliance can deploy quickly wherever needed
It can number up to 25,000 troops and start to deploy after five days’ notice and sustain itself for operations lasting 30 days or longer if resupplied."
Ed: "the Alliance" would constitute a multi-national-force ( mnf )

NATO Rapid Response Force
" The EU has decided to lean on the NATO standards in the development of its crisis management capabilities.
In the forthcoming years, the EU will participate in NATO's and other international and national exercises instead of organizing its own separate military crisis management exercises. "  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2006-11/02/content_5353682.htm

US- EURO-NATO Response Force ( offensive ) to rival euro army (European  Rapid Reaction Force)
E-RRF to be peace keeping only ( defensive ) .. like UN forces
The new, multinational forces would be drawn primarily from Nato's European members but are also likely to include American troops.
It is envisaged in Washington that the Euro-Nato force would quickly relegate the fledgling EU rival ( Ed: RRF ) to mundane peace-keeping duties.
Most EU members are cutting defence, and lack precision attack weapons, electronic warfare equipment, intelligence equipment, missile defence and special forces.
Allied Rapid Reaction Corps ARRC ( non-standing army )
NATO already boasts Europe's only fully-deployable mobile headquarters, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, capable of directing up to 60,000 troops and used in the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts. [ Ed: mostly German forces ]

  NRF--Ready in 5 Days, 30 day minimum stay.   http://euobs.com/?aid=13726&rk=1

NATO Reaction Force in tandem with US forces  WORLD FORCE ...including Muslim-Turkey. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3174790.stm

NATO--RRF to be deployable in 1 week notice

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will ask NATO next week to create a combat-ready quick reaction force that can respond to crises outside the alliance's territory, senior Pentagon and military officials said Friday.
Rumsfeld will make his proposal for a new Rapid Reaction Force, capable of deploying within a week, at Tuesday's NATO defense ministers' meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

NATO wants unimpeded power, globally   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/11/09/wnato09.xml&sSheet=/news/2002/11/09/ixworld.html

ABSOLUTE Power, without dissent… without checks and balances
The Bush administration has made significant contributions to the newspeak lexicon. The USA Patriot Act, adopted soon after September 11 2001, is a prime example. It significantly expanded US government powers to collect information and conduct surveillance, whilst reducing legal checks and balances. This is 'patriotic'.
Opponents of the Act are therefore unpatriotic, thus un-American and potentially supporters of terrorism. Such use of language to create black and white divisions can be highly effective in suppressing even the most reasonable dissent.   http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?aid=10925

EuroCorps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocorps
Headquartered in Strasburg, France
EURO CORPS http://lexnet.bravepages.com/Eurocorp.htm
Eurocorps is made up of detachments from five European Union countries:
Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.
( "Old Europe" )
They can only support EU, NATO and UN troops by five-fold agreement.
Strasburg is also home to the multi-national support brigade ( 80 personnel )
Staff of laison officers from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Finland, Greece, Italy, Canada and Turkey.
 [ Ed: Notice the inclusion of Socialist and Muslim countries ]

Is this "Ashchenaz" ? ....Jeremiah 51:27    a Brigade = 3,000 troops

EuroCorp also to work with: European Security and Defense Policy ESDP :
Common Foreign Security Policy CFSP

EuroCorps --- EDI European Defense Identity
* action within the joint defense framework of the allies in accordance with article 5 of the NATO treaty or in accordance with the
Western European Union (WEU) treaty   http://www.cato.org/pubs/fpbriefs/fpb-021.html

Eurocorps is made up of detachments from five European Union countries --
Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.

It was created in 1992 by France and Germany and later put at the service of the European Union and is certified as a NATO rapid reaction force.


Franco-German brigade (Ashkenaz)
Lady Thatcher, speaking this week, it has raised fears of a slippery slope to a European army.
"The real drive towards a separate European defence is the same as that towards a single European currency, which I am against," Baroness Thatcher said, "namely the Utopian venture of creating a single European superstate to rival America on the world stage."


European AIR force modeled after NATO
Euro Air Group ( 6 ) UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands ( Holland)
Further on, as EU capabilities rise and remaining problem areas become more distinct, ‘pooled’ forces may be increasingly advocated as a way to increase European-wide efficiencies. The model is the NATO Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) force, with 18 aircraft funded by all NATO member states, based in Germany and manned by multinational crews. The aircraft are registered in Luxembourg.
Previously the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy also trained their Tornado attack crew in this way in Cottesmore in Britain. Suggestions have included a joint European air transport command or joint Eurofighter force, which could build on existing cooperation underway in the Euro Air Group, of which the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands are members.

France and Germany to unite....bilateral union
The authors point out that the Franco-German special relationship has constantly weakened lately. A bilateral Union between France and Germany is the solution to reversing the trend and to foster deeper integration EU-wide through a spill-over effect. The bilateral Union should be open to other EU members if they want to join it at a later stage. The Franco-German Union would be based on co-operation in the following areas: economy, science and research, foreign affairs, military co-operation, higher education, audio-visual media (a model already exists in this issue, the Franco German Arte TV). The blueprint envisages that the Union shall be based on a Congress consisting of members of the French and German Parliaments sitting together to address the issue falling in the area of competence of the Union.

Turkey and the Eurocorps

European Maritime Force
EUROMARFOR was formed in 1995 by France, Italy, Portugal and Spain to carry out naval, air and amphibious missions for humanitarian and peacekeeping operations


Germany's Bundesweher : Federal Defence Force --Jointly Allied INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS
German Navy : Deutsche Marine
The navy is also being called upon to support German or allied missions ashore by co-ordinating and commanding joint forces, gathering intelligence and providing surveillance, as well as providing supplies, medical assistance and evacuation when required.

Ed: -- War ... in the name of
."peace" is still war.
European Common Defense --  " a parade of armies"
"It was the first time that troops from other EU states – including 30 soldiers from Germany's Bundeswehr - were invited for the traditional parade, along with flag-bearers from all the bloc's countries"
"The basis for a European defence exists. We must make it grow," he said, adding "I want Europe to be capable of ensuring its security autonomously."

 European Rapid Reaction Force http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Rapid_Reaction_Force

Federally ( EU ) run. Pulls from units within EU member nations.  Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium

EU force wants its own "Pentagon"

want a "defense secretary...high representative" [ Ed: UMFA Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ]
The European Union is drawing up plans for a "Euro-Pentagon" in Brussels commanded by a defence chief able to launch military operations anywhere in the world
The proposals call for an EU defence secretary with responsibility for running operations.
His staff would be able to draw on an autonomous EU command and control nexus and an intelligence agency with satellite capability.
They are to be published today by the defence working group of the Convention on the Future of Europe. They will form the basis of the military section in the EU's draft constitution next June

European Force to have HQ in Brussels, Belgium EU quarter
"Sitcen"..."Situation Center"

Will the EU nations share Intelligence?
Just up the road in Brussels' EU quarter, their new bug-proof premises will have strictly controlled access, secure communications and encryption equipment, and duty officers round the clock. Someone will be available, at all times, to speak for Europe in a crisis. New procedures will be put in place to pool national resources, allowing, say, Greek or Finnish telegrams to reach a wider audience.

 European Power – 5 Catagories of power + Fundamental Rights and powerful regulatory agencies
It has a mandate to explore ideas for an
1. EU foreign minister  [Ed : UMFA Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ]   “High Representative”
2. and an elected  European Commission  president and will consider.
3. giving the European Parliament full legislative powers
It will also examine ways of incorporating the Charter of Fundamental Rights into law ( ‘European Constitution’) Lisbon Treaty , Article 44 )
4. The final text … will delimit the powers of the states and fix the role of the Council of Europe, the commission, the parliament,
5. and the European Court of Justice, adapting the system to handle the needs of
 an emerging power with its own currency, military arm, police functions, diplomatic machinery, and array of powerful regulatory agencies

European Rapid Reaction Force  http://www.basicint.org/pubs/Papers/BP37.htm

European Force to be headquartered in Brussels, Belgium
Belgium said Tuesday that it would go ahead with plans to build a European military command headquarters near Brussels next year despite opposition from the United States and Britain.
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt told a meeting of ambassadors to his country that the new headquarters was necessary for Europe to be able to "plan and execute European operations autonomously" - in other words, without interference from the United States.
The command center was first proposed following a mini-summit in April by Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg
The European Union has long planned for a common European military capacity that would allow it to formulate and pursue a defense policy separate from that of NATO's, which is dominated by the United States.  http://www.iht.com/articles/108592.html

British, French form Rapid Deployment Force
French and British rapid reaction units will be at the core of greater EU military cooperation under plans to be unveiled this week.

The UK and France envisages the new force acting with – but not exclusively – the United Nations [ UN ]
and maintaining a close relationship with NATO.


Kelche wants independent rapid reaction force
Contrary to what Mr Blair said during a visit to Mr Bush at Camp David last month, Mr Kelche seemed to suggest that the RRF would have to have its own, separate operational planning staff. Furthermore, it would not give Nato a "right of first refusal" over the use of European member countries' troops, Mr Kelche said

UN requests 30,000 more EU global troops; NATO agrees
That's why I welcome the development of EU capabilities in the context of the European Security and Defense Policy, and the progress that we are making together in the field of crisis management."   http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,1564,1362043,00.html

EU militarisation http://www.transnational.org/forum/meet/2001/EU_militarization_index.html

FRES Future Rapid Effects System ( medium sized tanks )

European Defense Agency
THE European Union is to develop unmanned drones, new armoured vehicles and advanced communication systems in a strategy to become a military superpower and close the defence technology gap with the United States. The programme involves setting up a joint EU fighter-pilot training programme and co-ordinating the testing of military equipment on proving grounds and in wind tunnels.
The initiatives from the newly-created European Defence Agency represent the EU’s first step in military research and development. They are aimed at transforming the EU from being solely a political power, in charge of policies such as agriculture and trade, to a military one, capable of sending troops around the world to enforce a foreign policy agreed by its member states

European Security Forces --headquartered in Brussels, Belgium
Martial Law component; ESDP European Security and Defense Policy

European Spy Satellites GMES -- ESA European Space Agency
"pilot" system now up and running ; using existing satellites
The European Union is building its own network of spy satellites allowing Brussels to ensure  nations  and private individuals are obeying its policies, it was announced yesterday.
The multi-billion-pound system, known as "Global Monitoring for Environment and Security" (GMES),    boosting "internal security".
In addition, officials hope GMES will support the EU's first steps towards becoming a military power. It will "provide authorities with necessary elements for a European Security and Defence Policy", the commission memo said
US politicians are already suspicious of the ESA's "Galileo" project, a 30-satellite global navigation system designed to improve on the Pentagon-controlled GPS system. The EU's invitation to China to become a major investor only increased US concern
Harmonising the use of national assets in space should mean Europe does not need to launch a full set of new satellites though some EU spacecraft are expected to be needed.
European Security and Defense Policy to strengthen with NATO
The 51-article report sets out ideas and principles for the establishment of a more effective European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).
General Morillon calls for, amongst other things, an EU defence clause (for those states willing to take this responsibility on), additional capabilities which will strengthen NATO as well reinforcing its European pillar, a common defence budget and a common armaments agency.
Additionally, the report suggests the establishment of a joint military college and the creation of 5,000-strong force permanently ready to intervene for humanitarian and rescue operations.

The Commissioner for External Relations Chris Patten also praised the report particularly for recognising the importance of the civilian aspects of crisis management. [ does this mean martial law ???? ]

Blair: strengthen E Security and Defense Policy  role
Britain is well aware of the dangers of Europe relying on the U.S. armed forces and we are encouraging our EU partners to increase their defense spending. Improved capabilities and the ability to operate effectively without relying on U.S. troops lay behind Prime Minister Tony Blair's initiative for a common European security and defense policy (ESDP). This is also intended to strengthen NATO by creating a better balance of contributions. The alliance will flourish only as long as both sides of the Atlantic shoulder the burden.

COSI :Standing Committee on Internal Security
"Cosi will coordinate policy between national forces and EU organisations such as Europol, the Frontex borders agency, the European Gendarmerie Force and the Brussels intelligence sharing Joint Situation Centre, under measures known as the "Stockholm programme". It will sharply step up collaboration among member states' police forces.
The new commitee echoes similar moves a decade ago which led to the fully-fledged EU diplomatic service, now enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty, with an EU equivalent of the Foreign Secretary.

Tony Bunyan, of the European Civil Liberties Network, warned that Cosi was a step towards an eventual "EU Home Office or interior ministry without any democratic control". He added: "It is outrageous that the role of the new EU internal security committee has been decided in secret. If Cosi becomes a high-level legislative body, as well being in charge of operational matters, a whole swathe of decision-making and practice will be removed from democratic debate

Take but one example. Article 61 states: "A standing committee shall be set up within the Council in order to ensure that operational cooperation on internal security is promoted and strengthened within the Union."
This sounds unexceptionable. Yet what is envisaged here is
a powerful new EU interior department, called the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI).
When MPs recently debated the treaty's justice and home affairs provisions, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, did not even mention COSI. She sought to define this aspect of the treaty solely in terms of enhanced cross-border cooperation against crime and terrorism, as though that cannot be achieved without setting up an EU Interior Ministry that will rival, or exceed, her own department in importance.

The EU already has
1. an embryonic police force (Europol),
2. a courts arm (Eurojust),
3. a paramilitary riot squad (European Gendarmerie Force),
4. a European Arrest Warrant, and will now, under Lisbon, have
5. a European public prosecutor and what could become
6. an interior ministry (COSI) to pull it all together

EUROGENDFOR -- European Police Force with Global reach

Global Rapid Reaction Police Force ( Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands )

Italy : 30 day -
A European military police force primed for rapid deployment worldwide was formally inaugurated in Verona on Monday by defence and interior ministers from the five participating EU countries.
The force, to be based at Vicenza in northern Italy, will be ready to intervene in situations where law and order needs to be restored in post-conflict situations, or to help in transitions from military to civilian operations.

Headquarters staff at the new European Gendarmerie will consist of 30 officers from the five countries, led by Colonel Pietro Barbano of Italy's Carabinieri. The Gendarmerie will have a rapid-reaction element, led by a French general, which will be capable of deploying 800 troops within 30 days' notice

Global Rapid Reaction Police Force ( Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands )

Italy : 30 day -
A European military police force primed for rapid deployment worldwide was formally inaugurated in Verona on Monday by defence and interior ministers from the five participating EU countries.
The force, to be based at Vicenza in northern Italy, will be ready to intervene in situations where law and order needs to be restored in post-conflict situations, or to help in transitions from military to civilian operations.

Headquarters staff at the new European Gendarmerie will consist of 30 officers from the five countries, led by Colonel Pietro Barbano of Italy's Carabinieri. The Gendarmerie will have a rapid-reaction element, led by a French general, which will be capable of deploying 800 troops within 30 days' notice

EU police to Afghanistan
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The prospect of EU policemen going to Afghanistan to train locals became a shade more realistic at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday (14 December), with EU top diplomat Javier Solana telling European leaders that Kabul would welcome the mission.
"All of the EU's partners there - NATO, the UN, NGOs - are also open to having an EU presence in the area of creating a police force."

European Gendarmerie Force
The French Gendarmerie general Gérard Deanaz was appointed first commander of EUROGENDFOR at the close of the meeting of the EGF’s political-military committee .
A company of specialized personnel in the fields of detective police, fight against organized crime, searching and working on intelligence, protection of important people or witnesses, population movement control, anti-terrorist struggle and specialized intervention, is to work alongside with Gendarmerie mobile squadrons.
It is first and foremost put at the disposal of the European Union, then at the disposal of international organizations (UNO, NATO, OSCE), or ad hoc coalitions. It is meant as an integrated police tool, comprising police duties as a whole, and gathering all relating missions, such as maintaining public order, public safety, detective police, and intelligence research and work.

EGF European Gendarmerie Force
Vicenza is the seat of Camp Ederle - the third largest US base in Italy.
The EGF involves the French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, the Portuguese Guardia Nacional Republicana, the Dutch Royal Marechausee and the Spanish Civil Guard.
..... to provide up to 5,000 police officers for international missions across the range of conflict prevention and crisis management operations. Member States have also undertaken to be able to identify and deploy up to 1,000 police officers within 30 days."

Global Police Unit    http://www.statewatch.org/news/dec00/nonmil.htm

EXAMPLE of Outside Control
........... EU-NATO-US Control over Kosovo -- any outside authority will do
"independence" in name only
Dubbed EULEX, [ Ed: lex is Latin for "law" ] the mission has three components -
1. a rule of law mission,
2. an EU special representative who will also chair an International Civilian Office there,
3. and a European Commission unit leading economic development and reform
"all areas related to the rule of law, in particular in the police, judiciary, customs and correctional services"
the head of EULEX mission, Yves de Kermabon,

Over 120 days, the 27-nation bloc will deploy more than 2,000 police, customs officers, judges and prosecutors in Kosovo territory. Member states will participate differently in the mission, Romania will send 175 people for example, while Belgium will send 45 and Slovakia eight.
Several non-EU states are also taking part in the mission, including the United States, Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia and Norway. The international staff will be accompanied by 1,000 locals.
But any major security threats in Kosovo will be primarily dealt with by the 17,000-strong NATO-led forces, KFOR

Serbia has called the EU's presence "an occupation", with the country's deputy prime minister Bozidar Djelic handing a formal protest to Slovenian Ambassador to Belgrade Miroslav Luci, whose country currently holds the EU's presidency.
"The Government of Serbia considers this decision, made outside the auspices of the United Nations Security Council, illegal," Belgrade's statement was cited as saying by AFP news agency.

Forces airlifted into Kosovo

The European Union is sending a 2,000-personnel “peace and justice” force, plus 1,000 British troops who were described in London as having exhausted the fighting strength of Britain, which has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are on top of the 15,000 NATO troops permanently stationed in Kosovo.
In comparison, there are about 45,000 international troops fighting in Afghanistan, a country 65 times larger than Kosovo

ESRP European Security Research Programme

"Arming Big Brother"

"The EU is basically funding the diversification of the 'military-industrial complex' into the highly profitable internal security field," said [ Ben ] Hayes.
"The militarisation of policing and border controls will not prevent crime or terrorism. It does nothing to address 'root causes' while posing a massive threat to civil liberties," he added

Why are there so many different forces that seem to duplicate their missions ??
Answer :
Page 36 ... an American at the helm of the EU ? ( please wait for article to download : )
well worth the wait
http://www.psqonline.org/cgi-bin/99_article.cgi?byear=1996&bmonth=spring&a=01free&format=view Robert J. Art

Ed: Perhaps he will be as a "Foreign Minister"..

Germany hopetotheend.com/germany.html

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html

Bible  www.blueletterbible.org