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Multi-national Force of the NWO .......... page ONE. 1

.North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquartered in Brussels, Belgium; with U.N. approval
This webpage includes : NATO,   MNF Multi national force, global force;   NATO-EU-US forces ;
NRC Nato-Russia Council

Directorate to have control over EU-NATO-US forces
 -- political "Grand Strategy"
( Ed: who can make war with the beast ? Rev. 13 ) formulated by UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, US
" We propose, as a first step towards a new and wider transatlantic bargain, the establishment of a US, EU, NATO steering directorate at the highest political level."
The report, entitled "Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World," was authored by former French chief of defence staff Jacques Lanxade, former Dutch chief of defence staff Henk van den Breemen, former NATO military committee chief Klaus Naumann, former UK chief of defence staff Peter Inge, and former chairperson of the US joint chiefs of staff John Shalikashvili.
The report highlighted possible future threats from Iran and China, as well as the ongoing danger from Islamic extremists.
It comes ahead of a summit of the Western military alliance in April, where national leaders are expected to craft a new post-Cold-War role for NATO.

What is the "New World Order?
The NWO is the Western political global reign, backed by NATO .... UN approved.
The US participates with its security-technology and with its forces.
NATO participates with multi-national forces, under the consensus ot the U.N.

EU participates with possibly an American as the EU representative-leader
( termed "foreign minister" . He will deal with Security ( " safety " ) ...most likely in cooperation with the US Homeland Security forces.

" But in his estate (governance) shall he honor the god of forces " -- Daniel 11:38
" The terrible of the nations" -- Ezekiel Chapters 28- 32 ... a global multi-national force
" Who can make war with the beast ?" Rev. 13

"Among Europeans, it is not acceptable that the lead nation be European. A European power broker is a hegemonic power. We can agree on U.S. leadership, but not on one of our own."
http://www.psqonline.org/cgi-bin/99_article.cgi?byear=1996&bmonth=spring&a=01free&format=view ( takes awhile to download : )

Robert J. Art
essay http://psqonline.org/robtart.html

Robotic, non-thinking, arbitrary force
"Military action, not explicitly authorised by the UN, may become increasingly controversial,"
Caution may be reinforced by increased concern with the legality of military action, as globalisation disseminates the concept of international law," says the study
One way of overcoming this problem would be to "outsource" and to resort to "increased automation, from warships to robots
The report concludes by suggesting that member states cut manpower numbers, exploit new technology more quickly and improve intelligence - leading to a point where EU military planners react more rapidly to situations using many actors including other international organisations, are selective in the type of force they use and can provide sustainable solutions to conflicts."


Strong US arm of NATO
The Pentagon has hundreds of bases globally, 1000 or more by some estimates, including secret and shared ones for greater control - at a time when no nation threatens America yet trillions of dollars are spent anyway and over time may bankrupt the nation
In recent years, it's become clear that America seeks more than the strategic control of resources. It wants global dominance, without challenge, by political, economic and military means. In other words, "full spectrum dominance" to become master of the universe

Expanding controls by NATO
 ( pro-Arab )
" Mr Rasmussen's task will be to chair Nato meetings and co-ordinate the decision-making process among member states, as well as the drafting and negotiating of a new strategic concept for the alliance. The new document, to be adopted by member states next year in Lisbon, would upgrade the security priorities of Nato, taking into account new threats such as terrorism, piracy, energy disruptions and climate change.
Ed: Bringing in the false prophet ]

Ed: elitist oil company included :
The new Nato secretary general will be advised by a group of 12 experts, chaired by former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright and Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell.
Dialogue with the Arab world was of particular importance to the new secretary general, who announced that he would meet in person with each ambassador of the 11 partners in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Nato has invited Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates to work more closely with it on security in two groups known as the Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Co-operation Initiative.

Denmark's Anders Rasmussen to succeed JDH as NATO head
BRUSSELS – Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is likely to become the next NATO secretary general, despite Turkey's informal opposition to the move.
.... "the Brussels Forum, an event organised by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, a Washington-based think tank.
Ellen Tauscher
[ will ] join the [ US ] government as an undersecretary for arms control and international security affairs

5 Nordic Countries pool forces
EUOBSERVER/BRUSSELS – The Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland - could pool military forces, maritime monitoring and satellite surveillance, a report commissioned by the five foreign ministers says.
The report suggests the establishment of a common task force to include both civilian and military personnel, deployable under UN or EU missions abroad.
In 2009, NATO members Denmark, Spain and the US will be deploying fighter planes to Iceland. Germany and the US have confirmed that they will deploy aircraft in 2010.
Russia, Norway and Iceland already have a system for exchanging information that ensures continual monitoring of oil tankers sailing from Murmansk to the US via Norwegian coastal waters and Icelandic waters.

Russia discusses a pre-emptive strike
"Pre-emptive nuclear strikes may be used to defend Russia, according to the country’s Chief of Armed Forces General Staff, Yury Baluevsky. He says no attack is planned but a nuclear strategy to ensure national security is needed."
"The statements came against a backdrop of the biggest military exercises staged in the Atlantic since the end of the Cold War as warships and nuclear bombers successfully test fired supersonic cruise missiles close to the Iberian Peninsula (Ed: Spain- France Bay of Biscay ) . The Moskva missile cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet staged a successful live fire exercise, while 40 aircraft, including Tu-160 Blackjacks are set to take part. Col. Gen. Yuri Soloviev, meanwhile, announced this week that the Moscow Region would have a second unit operating a S-400 Triumph zenith anti-missile system by the end of the year.
Gorbechev "U.S. targeting Russia"
NATO envoy
Submarines and Tanks

NATO, Western Powers : pre-emptive nuclear strike option ; "Grand Strategy"
Calling for root-and-branch reform of Nato and a new pact drawing the US, Nato and the European Union together in a "grand strategy" to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a "first strike" nuclear option remains an "indispensable instrument" since there is "simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world
The proposals are likely to be discussed at a Nato summit in Bucharest in April.
"The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction."
The key threats are: · Political fanaticism and religious fundamentalism { Ed: note the generic wording ]
Ed: No system of checks-and-balances
.... the final authority
A shift from consensus decision-taking in Nato bodies to majority voting, meaning faster action through an end to national vetoes.
The abolition of national caveats in Nato operations of the kind that plague the Afghan campaign.
No role in decision-taking on Nato operations for alliance members who are not taking part in the operations.
The use of force without UN security council authorisation when "immediate action is needed to protect large numbers of human beings
Ron Asmus, head of the German Marshall Fund thinktank in Brussels and a former senior US state department official,
"Maybe we are going to use nuclear weapons before anyone else, but I'd be wary of saying it out loud." --Robert Cooper
[ Klaus ] Naumann suggested the threat of nuclear attack was a counsel of desperation. "Proliferation is spreading and we have not too many options to stop it. We don't know how to deal with this."

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer ( head of NATO ) says :
"We should not accept fundamentalism under any religious banner"

Direct link to RealAudio: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/ram/agenda.ram
Is the "war on terrorism" morphing into a "war on fundamentalism" ...and that Christians will become the ultimate target, along with Jews...people of the Book. Please see Joel 2:30
The most dangerous concept of all : there are no territorial enemies http://euobserver.com/?aid=19816&rk=1
The only "enemies" today are those who are politically-incorrect because of conscience.

Germany, Italy, France , Spain and Afghanistan -- Nov. 29, 2006
However, according to diplomats, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have not given an absolute guarantee to assist the troops already deployed in the South Asian country
The four NATO members already have troops in Afghanistan but there has not been any assistance from them in Helmand and Kandahar provinces in the south, where most of the Taliban attacks have taken place. (ANI)

NATO - US bolted system 
"there will be a NATO system which complements, which will be bolted in the U.S. system so that everybody and everything will be covered for the long-range threats, the medium-range threats, and the short-range threats - an important element, I think. "
You can rest assured that as Secretary General of NATO, I'll make the alliance work in the sense that all 26 NATO allies will participate in NATO's operations and missions, and will show the solidarity on which this alliance is built.

NATO "enlargement" ( global force ) vs. "extremists"; backed by Bush

The Secretary General is also determined to help transform NATO from a Cold War institution into an alliance that can continue to be effective, and that means an alliance which will meet the security threats of the 21st century. So we talked about the need to have more special operations forces and strategic airlift capabilities.
I appreciate his leadership in recognizing that in order for NATO to be effective it has to transform itself into an organization that actually meets the threats that free nations face. We talked about enlargement -
On the other hand, we'll be tough - NATO, I said, will be tough where there's a need to be tough, our most important - our most important operation.

We had the U.S. discussion on the so-called third site in Europe. I think it will be now up to NATO - and I'll try to lead NATO into that direction - but apart from the third site and the U.S. plans, there will be a NATO system which complements, which will be bolted in the U.S. system so that everybody and everything will be covered for the long-range threats, the medium-range threats, and the short-range threats - an important element, I think.

NATO = MNF MultiNational Force

... "the terrible of the nations" Ezekiel 28---32

  NATO faces a day of global decision, when NATO defense ministers will meet to plan the further transformation of the alliance
A global NATO is vital.  As global power moves inexorably eastward, it is becoming more unpredictable, with an authoritarian and increasingly assertive China to the fore, and an erratic and untrustworthy Russia not far behind. In such a world, the trans-Atlantic relationship remains the cornerstone of international stability. So NATO's big new role is to engage global security in all its forms.
 Equally, NATO needs to continue to transform its militaries in the direction of agile, multinational forces that can be easily tailored to diverse missions, if structural intervention is to work

Ed: Who can make war with the technology of the Western Forces of NATO )?
"Globally, the United States has no immediate military rival: certainly no other state has the power to strike anywhere on our planet, and far beyond it into space, at very short notice. American strategists call this the doctrine of “Global Strike”.
Patrick Seale --Online opinion May 31, 2006

NATO chief ( Scheffer) seeks closer ties with Russia
"Russia‘s active participation for the solution of many conflicts is essential."
Putin praised Russian-NATO cooperation in battling terrorism, citing Moscow‘s aid to NATO in Afghanistan and the Mediterranean. http://localnewsleader.com/jackson/stories/index.php?action=fullnews&id=19685

Calling Israel into NATO's Transatlantic Alliance
turning NATO into a military alliance of the world's democracies
Israel's move closer to the trans-Atlantic alliance is widely seen as a significant step in NATO's bid to redefine its post-9/11 role around the world and particularly in the Middle East. Israel is the first state to formalize an ICP agreement with NATO, putting it on what some hope will become a fast track toward close-knit security and political ties, and even membership.

[ Prof. Dan ] Schueftan's primary concern is over Israel's security independence.
"Once Israel joins NATO, the claim of the alliance will be that since it defends Israel, Israel must surrender its own strategic capabilities, or at least make them transparent to alliance members," he said

"I'm talking about the new kind of war, in which Israel's dependence on multilateral frameworks to act will only convince the radicals that the likelihood of Israel responding to provocations is lowered. This will increase the desirability of such provocations."..........
NATO already reinvented itself after 1989, Asmus said, and must do so again. For him, this includes the transformation of NATO into the strategic tool of the democratic West in reshaping the Middle East, partly through expanding into the region
While the core of this idea - turning NATO into a military alliance of the world's democracies - has encountered much resistance among NATO member states

Israeli officials are impatient to see a transformation of NATO into a more global democratic alliance.
"Israel expected NATO to break the regional concept and become a global alliance based on common ideals and threats" but was disappointed, said Col. (res.) Uri Naaman, the Defense Ministry's coordinator for NATO and European defense organizations.
In such a NATO," Naaman declared at the forum, "Israel could play a central role."
Dr. Oded Eran, Israel's ambassador to both the European Union and NATO, echoed these sentiments

NATO says yes to Lebanon intervention
BERLIN General James Jones, the NATO military commander, said Thursday that if the alliance was asked to play a peacekeeping role in Lebanon, it would be up to the job, despite its commitment to relieve U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan
Nevertheless, Jones, who is also the commander of all U.S. troops in Europe, said, "NATO could go in
Germany, which is responsible for training the Afghan police, has come up short as well. While rebuilding the Afghan Army was "one of the bright stories, one of the not-so-good stories, so far, is the inadequacy to bring similar progress to police reform, which is the responsibility of Germany," Jones said

NATO considers more nations -- "Global partnership"
" NATO is considering creating closer military links with countries like Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand or even Japan and South Korea, in an initiative pushed by the US but opposed by France.

According to the Financial Times, Washington has been gathering support for the idea of a more flexible
"global partnership" which would lead to a rationalising of NATO's current web of partnerships but also push for "advanced partnerships" with Nordic, Asian and Australasian countries."

At the moment, the alliance operates a Partnership for Peace programme with 20 countries and it has some formal links to 13 other states in the Gulf and Mediterranean regions

The discussion of a new role for NATO was sparked by the then German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder last year who argued that the alliance risked becoming outdated and was "no longer the primary venue where transatlantic partners discuss and co-ordinate strategies."
He proposed setting up a "high-ranking panel of independent figures," which would suggest improvements and called for a greater role for the EU
Ed: will this bring up the global foreign minister forming global policy ?

(UN) "League of Democracies" to be backed with NATO Forces
a peoples-government or else
"My solution: Competition. Why not create a new multinational organization that has members who share common ideals and that isn't based on the antiquated assumptions of 50 years ago. In this League of Democracies, membership would be restricted to countries with democratic values and the rule of law. This wouldn't be the "West versus the rest" either. Japan, India, South Korea, South Africa and others could be members.
At the same time NATO, which is already the military wing of the world's leading democracies, is desperately in search of a new mission, particularly at this moment when the European Union is pondering developing a separate military force. A League of Democracies could solve both problems. It could speak with moral authority, and it would have the military might to back it up.

Offering U.S. "all the kingdoms of the world"---Herb

Quoting directly from the Euobserver, "He (Chris Patten) thus suggested a model in which the US could be the leading participant in a system of co-operative global governance"

NATO and Northern Command ( got the whole world in their hands ?? )
"(The plan) realigns and streamlines U.S. military structure to better address 21st century threats," Rumsfeld said. For the first time, commanders' areas of operations cover the entire Earth

NATO to be part of Iraqi war
"can operate anywhere in the world"
At NATO's November summit in Prague, in which the alliance extended membership invitations to seven new nations in Eastern Europe, the leaders of NATO nations declared that the alliance could operate anywhere in the world.

NATO to come under ONE military leader (instead of US - European, two leaders)
Strategic Commander Operations
In a plan to be set out at the summit, the two most important Nato posts —
Supreme Allied Commander Europe
(Saceur), based at Mons in Belgium,
and Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
(Saclant), based at Norfolk, Virginia —
will be merged into one. The post of Atlantic commander will be abolished and the new overall military chief is expected to be called
Strategic Commander Operations.

NATO opens up all airfields and ports to US military
Scheffer's "Transformation"
"If we want to make it easier for nations to contribute to our missions and operations we also need to make better use of common funding. Some critical capabilities, such as hospitals,
airfields and ports, aren’t just used by individual nations. They are theatre-level functions, and they should be eligible for common funding. That is why we are developing funding mechanisms that will ease the financial burden for nations providing these critical capabilities for their Allies and partners in the field. "

Super Force
With other words: the EU army, with it's 'Rapid Deployment Forces', the US SSB, ('Special CIA Forces' 'Rendering' - http://tinyurl.com/89dbf ) and NATO troops - all under American so called NATO command in reality - will be able to fight wars without asking again for a UN resolution or a mandate of the Security Council of the United Nations.
UN-BBC-Annan" the Iraq war is illegal - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/5pl2v

AU African Union wants international force

" The ability to protect civilians will remain crippled until an international protection force has complete air superiority over Darfur, denying flight to the Sudanese air force. Such a no-flight operation would also have the ability to provide close air support to that force and conduct air strikes on targets as requested by the force commander"
Control over Darfur's skies can be established quickly from France's air bases in Chad, which are already equipped for operations by tactical fighters. There is also a wealth of tactical air power available from NATO air forces.
If NATO is serious about its assistance effort in Darfur, it should offer air cover to the currently mandated AU force immediately. By so doing, it would preclude the requirement to get UN Security Council approval, bypassing likely resistance from Russia and China, which are both deeply economically engaged with the Khartoum regime

1. seeks cooperation with China on "terrorism" issues
( Ed: political correctness ; eventually pertaining to global persecution of Bible-believers ? )
2. confronts China (in posture only )
3. respects free trade issues as a priority in dealing with China

New American file on NATO http://www.thenewamerican.com/focus/nato/index.htm

Can NATO get closer to China
"The world's largest military organization [NATO] is endowed with new missions such as "anti-terrorism", and new functions to start "political dialogue". The senior officials of NATO stress repeatedly that "ideological conflict" has become something in history. [ see Daniel 11:44]
The transformation of NATO has made its contact with China possible. Following the enlargement of NATO on March 29,
[ 2004 ] the gigantic organization gets even closer to China geographically, which has made their contact and communication inevitable
NATO, is No. 1 military organization in the world and a political entity as well. "

"Anti-terrorism". China is facing threats of terrorism, especially in its northwestern frontier areas. The "Shanghai cooperation organization" set up in Shanghai, China, is a masterpiece of regional anti-terrorism cooperation. NATO can make exchanges with China or with the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization".

NATO seeks cooperation with the Caucauses and Central Asia
Among the most prominent announcements during the June 28-29 Istanbul summit were an agreement for NATO to supply and train security forces in Iraq, and a decision to reinforce the NATO-led peacekeeping unit in Afghanistan, known as the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In a communiqué issued at the conclusion of the summit, however, NATO emphasized that it will seek to increase its profile in what it described as the “strategically important regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia.”
[For additional information see the Eurasia Insight archive].

The Afghan "Constitution" :
allows the practice of one's religion
Ed : Islamic religion is to be practiced by all, under penalty of death
It describes Islam as the country's sacred religion but guarantees protection for other faiths

Afghan Constitution seeks to bridge democracy with Islamic law

NATO 19 + Baltic + application states = 29 States

Current NATO members-- 19 countries
Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.
Soon to be 26 members
Also included, in addition to NATO's 19 members, will be the seven nations invited to join NATO next spring: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.Russia's defense minister, Sergei B. Ivanov, will attend NATO meetings Thursday and also will meet with Rumsfeld, but he will not be joining the "study seminar," Pentagon officials said.

United Arab Emirates UAE buys 80 F-16 jets
It was the first such sale outside NATO countries and followed the Emirates' purchase of 30 French Mirage 2000-9 combat planes in November 1998 as part of a self-reliance policy.

40 officials of NATO (UK led)
The proposal, to be discussed by ministers in Rome later today (October 3), could see the UK playing a central role in a
new European military force. London has previously been wary of this for fears of undermining NATO.
What Italy is suggesting is a team of about 40 "mobile" officials that would be responsible for planning military operations. These officials would rotate around national military headquarters in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. This system would not require setting up an alternative to NATO, and so would be more acceptable to London.
Plans to form a defence advance guard - a so-called "hard core" of member states that would be subject to strict rules, similar to the way the eurozone operates at the moment - were less well received.

Italy recognises that, as the largest military player in Europe, any agreement on defence needs Britain on-side. For its part, Britain is keen to encourage more spending on European defence, and is likely to welcome Italy's proposal to force the inner-core countries to give firm spending pledges.

Transatlantic partnership includes military alignment; NATO... the tie that binds
Expansion of NATO's role: "In coming years, NATO's role during and beyond the war against terrorism needs to increase further. Neither NATO nor the EU is a full-service institution; neither is sufficient because both are necessary -- to win a war, end a war, and deal with the aftermath",
Sharing of defence technologies and increased defence spending: "European members of NATO and the Member States of the EU should agree on minimum levels of real annual growth in defence spending they themselves deem necessary and realistic".

U.S. and E.U. militaries (NATO)

Britain and the United States could take military action against Iraq without the United Nations ruling there has been a breach of security council resolution 1441, the defence secretary Geoff Hoon said today.

NATO and EU Political and Security Committee
Berlin Plus ....... North Atlantic Council

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The North Atlantic Council and the EU Political and Security Committee met on Wednesday, 5 February to discuss the situation in the Western Balkans and, above all, the agreement for EU access to NATO assets, the so-called `Berlin Plus' agreement. This was already adopted in principle at the
EU Copenhagen Summit last December, but details still have to be hammered out.

"Berlin Plus"

NATO to operate outside of Europe
It is a very expensive job for one country and it is very inefficient to be changing brigades every six months, but that was how the Bush team wanted it. It didn’t want NATO getting in the way of its combat troops or nation-building.

But in February, President George W. Bush quietly told NATO’s chief, Lord Robertson, that beginning in August, when the current Dutch-German force is supposed to leave Afghanistan, the United States would like to see NATO permanently take over peacekeeping duties there and work alongside U.S. combat troops. If this is approved by NATO, for the first time the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be operating outside Europe, in the heart of the Muslim world.

What the United States is doing in Afghanistan is ‘‘internationalizing’’ the nation-building process there, because America found it simply could not pull this off alone.....
So what America will eventually need in Iraq is a credible peacekeeping force that is multilateral, legitimate and still led by the United States.
That will bring the United States back to NATO, possibly in partnership with some Arab and Muslim armies. This is not your grandfather’s NATO anymore. That NATO patrolled the German-Soviet frontier. This one will be patrolling Kabul and Baghdad.

And while NATO is changing, it may just go all the way. NATO’s chief, Lord Robertson, is retiring this year [a real loss]. A favorite to succeed him is the Norwegian defense minister, Kristin Krohn Devold, a woman.

NATO forges closer ties with the US

SHAPE-- Mons, Belgium

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).
Command Team :LTC David E. Tighe, Commander


NATO is currently ( 2006 ) morphing into a one world multi-national force ...
"the terrible of the nations "
Ezekiel 28:7; Ez. 30:11; Ez. 31:12 ; Ez. 32: 12; Song of Solomon 6:4 and 6:10

EU forces and NATO military forces -- .. working outside their jurisduction; military patrol of the masses
The EU leaders confirmed at the summit the aim of being able to deploy 60,000 troops within 60 days for an operation – a goal which was initially agreed in 1999 – but without setting a precise deadline or expenditure commitment.
They also agreed that the bloc should be able to plan and conduct simultaneously several military and civilian operations, including a maritime one, such as the freshly launched Atalanta naval mission to fight pirates off the Somali coasts.
"For its operations and missions, the European Union uses, in an appropriate manner and in accordance with its procedures, the resources and capabilities of member states of the European Union and, if appropriate for its military operations, of NATO," the summit's conclusions read.

Experts have repeatedly warned that 70 percent of Europe's land forces are unable to operate outside national territories, while both NATO and the ESDP missions require expeditionary forces.

Warsaw Pact Nations join NATO

Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania

"The Great Alliance" -- NATO includes Baltic States
Yesterday, such countries as Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia have entered the alliance.

2. Profile : G. James Jones : Nato Sup. Command Europe + US Forces/Europe
Born in Kansas, Missouri
General Jones is the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) and the Commander of the United States European Command (COMUSEUCOM). From the Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe, Mons, Belgium, General Jones leads
Allied Command Europe (ACE), comprising NATO's military forces in Europe.
The mission of ACE is to preserve the peace, security, and territorial integrity of the NATO member nations in Europe.
As COMUSEUCOM, General Jones commands five U.S. components:
U.S. Army, Europe;
U.S. Navy, Europe;
U.S. Air Forces in Europe;
U.S. Marine Forces, Europe;
and Special Operations Command, Europe.

The European Command's mission is to support and achieve U.S. interests and objectives throughout
93 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and
portions of the Middle East

Bulgaria, Romania: launch pad for the MidEast
" I am prepared to agree that certain facilities in Bulgaria and Romania could be used as a launch pad for operations in the Near and Middle East,” the Russian Defense Minister replied in Munich. “But, I would like to get explanations as to the following: where is the region in which we can fight international terrorism using the NATO military infrastructure deployed in Poland or in the Baltic countries?” Ivanov asked the assembled NATO defense ministers."

US Bases Eastern Europe,
Baltic States
These events illustrate the enduring problem that U.S. defense officials face as they try to promote democratic values abroad while maintaining U.S. military bases in nondemocratic countries

James Jones to assign U.S. forces to Eastern Europe
"With an alliance that is moving to the east, it stands to me as eminently logical that we will have more contacts with the east" said General James L Jones, the commander of US forces in Europe and NATO military chief.
The US has been keen to emphasise that this is part of a "long-term process of evaluating the US military presence in all regions of the world."
The U.S. currently has almost 250 bases in Europe.

Jones head of NATO- US - Europe / Med

Mediterranean Dialogue: 7 Countries
NATO in co-operation with 6 Muslem nations and Israel

NATO feels that vis-a-vis new security problems, including international terrorism, we can move from political dialogue to hard military cooperation," Nicola de Santis, a spokesman for the alliance's Mediterranean dialogue, said.
The seven Mediterranean members of the NATO dialogue are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia. The dialogue began in 1994 and has been limited to information exchange, civil emergency planning, humanitarian relief and scientific cooperation. -- euobserver

12 Mediterranean countries which are institutionally associated with the EU (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine autonomous authority, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon. Turkey, Malta and Cyprus).

Biden calls for European-led NATO to take charge of the Mideast;
UN (reconstruction) and US sharing in NATO's directives
Biden said NATO should be given command of military security in Iraq and civilian reconstruction should be put under a U.N. high commissioner, as in Bosnia. Both structures would answer to European leaders as well as to Washington. "They've made it real clear, they want more say in the outcome," Biden said on CNN......
Biden insisted that America's allies would help shoulder the burden if Washington shares authority with them.

Editor note: Together the European leader ( ac ) , and the other leader with two horns ( fp ), would control all the armies of the world.
Who can make war with the beast ?? Rev. 13:4

NATO's European Force, "EUfor "
headed by German : Rainer Feist

3. Profile:
Admiral Rainer Feist : Europe
Deputy Supreme Allied Command Europe (DSACEUR )
" Admiral Feist was appointed Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) on 18 September 2002. In February 2003, he assumed the additional appointment of Operation Commander for the European Union-led mission, Operation Concordia, to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1. The EU officially took command of the mission from NATO on 31 March 2003 in a landmark event in NATO-EU strategic cooperation and partnership"

European Battlegroup ... same people; different politics
The move comes as the EU takes on its first big military mission on Dec 2, [ 2004 ] replacing Nato in charge of the 7,000-man Bosnia task force.
Most of the troops will remain the same, merely switching from Nato to EU insignia, but the politics could change abruptly.
The Bosnia force will be commanded by a British general but report through Nato's command at Mons. The battlegroup plan was floated last year by Britain and France with German support. Italy will take over in the second half of 2005, then Germany.

The battlegroups are more nimble than the EU's 60,000-man Rapid Reaction Force, which takes two months to assemble. Launched this year, it has a military staff of generals and colonels in Brussels, but little else. It needs American support to transport kit and carry out most operations.
Geoffrey Van Orden, MEP, the Tory defence spokesman, called the battlegroups a diversionary sham. "No new troops or resources are being produced, it just switches control to the EU. Does this do anything to help in Afghanistan and Iraq where more troops are really needed? The answer is no," he said.

Eufor to take over in Bosnia from NATO's Sfor
the deployment of the EU military mission to Bosnia, scheduled to take over from the Nato peacekeeping Stabilisation Force (SFor) on 2 December[ 2004]
It's the biggest, most important realisation of the Common European Foreign and Security policy. It has to succeed because, upon this, the whole of the rest of the policy will be based.
The EU force (Eufor) will have the same number of troops as SFor, around 7,000.
Eighty per cent of the troops who are currently in SFor will remain in Eufor.

But Nato is not totally leaving Bosnia. A small headquarters will remain in Sarajevo under the current commander of SFor, US General Steven Schook.
The Nato office will also have an intelligence capacity, which Eufor will be able to draw upon.
The Europeans let us down during the Bosnian War. It was the Americans who eventually stopped the war, not Europe," says Senad Alispahic, 26, a student at Sarajevo University.
"Many people here remain suspicious of the Europeans," he says.
Muslim Croats and Bosnians favor US ; Christian Serbia does not ( bombed by US forces)

Bosnian political assimilation: J Solana + J de Hoop Scheffer-- July 15, 2004
EUFOR + NATO Alliance "Partnership for Peace"
:" over 80 percent of the force's soldiers are already from EU member states.

Responsible political leaders must ensure that Bosnia fulfills the requirements for negotiating a
Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union, and it must meet the conditions for membership in the [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Partnership for Peace.

Together with the [ European] Union's already considerable political engagement, all its assistance projects and its ongoing police advisory mission, the new military operation will be part of a comprehensive support package. This package, which will be coordinated by Lord Ashdown in his role as EU special representative, is designed to assist the country as it moves from Dayton implementation to European integration.

The EU military operation has been prepared in close consultation with NATO. The headquarters will be located at Camp Butmir in Sarajevo, as was Stabilization Force. On some important issues, like the arrest of war criminals,
the EU and NATO will work closely together.

Our joint visit to Sarajevo on Thursday is a sign that this transformation of the international presence - the transition from SFOR to EUFOR - is a common project of the EU and NATO.

European force "Concordia" in Eastern Europe

France has sent the bulk of the soldiers and the general in charge on the ground is also French.
But, because the EU is using Nato military planning and equipment, the overall command rests with the most senior European soldier at Nato -
German Admiral Rainer Feist, who serves as second-in-command for Nato troops in Europe. For him, the key word is continuity.

In an emergency, the EU force can draw on Nato reserves. And, if things get really bad, the operation would actually revert to Nato.
We should never exclude even the worst case scenario," says Peter Feith, the senior EU official in charge.
"If there would be a requirement to extract the force, then that would be done under Nato command and control with the assistance of Nato-led forces."


EU merges with NATO
EU security and defence policy and the European pillar in NATO will all be the same.
"The new goal for Europe is to maintain the relevance of NATO in American security thinking", Mr Hägglund said.

NATO and EU sign historic agreement
The EU will now be allowed to use NATO logistics, including information, and from now on have access to the NATO planning base SHAPE, located in Mons, Belgium. "This is a milestone in the history of relations between NATO and the EU," said Lord Robertson
The EU will now have a stronger capacity for crisis management and can take over the peacekeeping operation Amber-Fox in Macedonia in the coming weeks. The European rapid reaction force (comprising 60,000 people who can be operational within 60 days for more than a year) will also be fully up and running in 2003.

NATO to have NMD umbrella

Ed: As Star Wars becomes reality, we must realize that all the armies of the world are against the return of Jesus Christ at Armageddon ( final war of this age). We believe that the motive, goal and purpose of all
NMD ---nuclear missle defense systems---is to thwart the return of Jesus Christ.

NATO refuses to endorse Global Missile Defense (GMD)
[for now anyway]

Atlantic - Alliance

Bush pushes global force reform

US agrees to international control of US Iraqi troops

There have been no specifics yet about how the international community would control the mainly American and British forces in Iraq.
Nato remains the only strong possibility because it would provide international credibility while leaving control with a military organisation which Washington dominates.
Nato has already proved its willingness to act outside its traditional sphere of operations by taking a role in Afghanistan. But to allow it to deploy in Iraq would mean getting the approval of all 19 Nato allies including France, Germany and Belgium, all staunch opponents of the war.

Powell to discuss NATO with Europe
On Tuesday (18 November) Mr Powell is going to participate for the first time in the Council of 25 EU foreign ministers. Among other issues, Mr Powell is going to discuss with the European ministers the European Security and Defence Plans (ESDP).

The US has already said in the past that it is ready to share defence capabilities and planning structures that already exist within NATO with the Europeans.

NATO meets in Colorado
NATO defense ministers met at a top secret U.S. military base Wednesday for an unprecedented test of the alliance's readiness to send troops around the globe for a sudden crisis.
The four-hour exercise at Schriever Air Force base on the edge of the Rocky Mountains kicked off a two-day meeting of ministers and military chiefs of the 19 NATO countries and the seven eastern European states invited to join their ranks.

Details of the "Dynamic Response '07" study seminar were kept under wraps to preserve the element of surprise for ministers, but officials said it involved a terrorism and weapons of mass destruction scenario set in a fictional country.
It is set in 2007, a year after NATO's planned high-readiness force of up to 20,000 troops will be fully activated for deployment anywhere in the world.

The $7-million exercise was an advance test of NATO's ability to overcome likely political and military differences when a crisis breaks and deploy their most lethal troops outside its historic European territory within five to 30 days.
"It provides an opportunity to examine the world's future security environment and NATO's potential role," a senior U.S. defense official told Reuters.

The big winner of EU expansion--Washington- Dec 9-2002
The European Union's coming enlargement to 25 members, including many former Soviet bloc countries now entering NATO, seems sure to increase the United States' overall influence in Europe and within the EU - while putting aside for the time being the idea of an emergent Germany leading the continent from Berlin.

The entry of these essentially pro-American countries of Central and Eastern Europe into the EU, according to a German official, also signifies the end of any attempts within the EU to define itself and its evolving foreign and security policy as aligned against the United States.....

"What they want to join is
the Euro-Atlantic community," said Denis MacShane, Britain's minister for Europe, using a phrase heard with frequency these days that reflects the newcomers' mindset blending the EU and NATO increasingly together. "They want the Atlantic to be the same width as the Oder or Dneipr rivers

Friedbert Pflueger, the foreign policy spokesman of the Christian Democrat grouping in the German Bundestag, said flatly that the "influence of the United States will be fostered by the Central and East European countries which look more to the U.S. than to Europe."

Bush calls for NATO unity

Bush : How I'll Rule the World--switching to first strike mentality
the National Security Strategy of the United States; Uncontestable force on the planet
a distinctly American internationalism
The Bush Administration has spelt out its determination to enforce America's global domination, insisting it will allow no other power to challenge its military and economic supremacy.
In a 33-page document, published overnight Sydney time, President George Bush says the US will never allow its military might to be challenged the way it was during the Cold War.
It says "the President has no intention of allowing any foreign power to catch up with the huge lead the United States has opened since the fall of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago".
Much of the document focuses on how public diplomacy, the use of foreign aid, and changes in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank can be used to win what it calls a battle of competing values and ideas - including "a battle for the future of the Muslim world".
But its hawkishness is clear. "Our forces will be strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military build-up in hopes of surpassing, or equalling, the power of the United States."


 Munich Germany for NATO meeting

President Bush to visit Europe November 19, 2003
PHOTO : http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/europe-200211/europetrip/02.html

NATO to join the strongest military alliance in history (the world)
 That vision is expected to include a NATO that will grow from 19 countries to 22 this week, after the alliance accepts the Baltic states as its newest members. Four other nations — Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia — are also expected to receive word that they are on the fast track to join the most powerful military alliance in history.

Blair: US should lead peacekeeping force in Israel
BRITAIN has proposed a controversial plan to deploy a US-led peacekeeping mission to the Middle East to halt more than two years of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Speaking at the annual Anglo-Israel Association dinner, the main gathering of Israel’s supporters in Britain, Sherard Cowper-Coles, the British Ambassador to Tel Aviv, said on Tuesday night that part of the solution to the conflict lay in the deployment of a “benign force” led by American troops.

The proposal provoked dismay among Israeli and US military officials, but appeared to back the long-standing Palestinian demand for an international peacekeeping force to act as a buffer against Israel
Mr Cowper-Coles’s plan has supporters among some influential American figures in Middle East diplomacy and among members of the Israeli Left

"Europe and America should always stick together"....Tony Blair


Global -- Reconstruction ( nation-changing)

Globalized military police force by December 2004 "gendarmarie"

EU defence ministers meeting in Holland agreed to back the French-inspired plan for a 900-man force to be operational by December. Comprising French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese units, the gendarmerie - or carabinieri in Italian - will be well-armed and ready for full-scale conflict if necessary. The first commander will be French, with headquarters in Italy.
Britain welcomed the scheme but without its own tradition of a militarised police it has no plans to take part. The gendarmerie is one of a plethora of cross-border military, paramilitary, and police bodies sprouting up in the EU, including a Finnish-Swedish force to patrol the Arctic wastes and a Franco-Spanish anti-terrorist police corps.

Global MP; 50,000 trained in Italy
They said that although the initiative would be launched in Africa, where the need was greatest, its scope was global. "The idea is to train peacekeepers and equip them and enable them to get to where they're needed all over the world," one official said.
"It already exists, which is why we can get it going so quickly -- to help train so-called heavy police or gendarmes ... to fill the gap between policemen and the troops and the tanks," the official said.

The Bush administration would seek $660 million (359 million pounds) from Congress to spend over the next five years for training and equipment, the U.S. officials said.

The Global MP -- from "What Herb thinks"

Global tax for global armies
Global Peace Operations Initiative -- Fund ( tax) for Foreign Armies

President Bush plans to launch a new international initiative to help train and equip foreign troops for peacekeeping missions around the world, administration officials said on Monday.
to help ready countries for peacekeeping missions on short notice, chiefly in their own regions
Goal : 75,000 troops

Africa is strategic
U.S. national security interests. As a number of speakers at this conference have made clear, the United States has real interests in Africa. We ignore the continent at our peril. Africa will provide up to 30 percent of U.S. oil in the next 10 years. The petroleum is coming from traditional suppliers like Nigeria, Gabon and Angola, but from emerging producers such as Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Sao Tome and Principe, and still more I think that are only beginning to come on-line.

2 U.S. oil workers shot dead in Nigeria --.. Will this bring the troops ?

Nigerian National Identity Cards
President Obasanjo says the ID card scheme is vital to help identify illegal immigrants and provide data for government planning.
Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, with an estimated 120 million inhabitants, including many immigrants attracted by the country's oil industry.
Some northern politicians oppose the scheme, fearing it will be used to cross-check other population records, including the voters roll.
The distribution of the cards will later spread to the 36 states of the federation, said Interior Minister Iyorchia Ayu in a radio broadcast.


Russia and NATO plan closer ties

"Alliance" = WEST....(EU and US)
The proposals are outlined in the confidential declaration of the new Nato-Russia Council (NRC) to be signed by the alliance's leaders and Russian president Vladimir Putin at a summit in Rome on Tuesday.

The summit ushers in a new relationship for the former cold war enemies, with Russia winning a physical foothold at Nato headquarters and Nato hoping to influence Moscow as it redefines its defence doctrine. The declaration sets out a timetable for joint projects and suggests ways Nato could help Russia restructure its defence ministry, train military personnel and revamp military expenditure - an issue that has for several years been regarded as off-limits.
It also details how both sides will "explore the possibilities" of establishing an integrated Nato-Russia training centre and promote joint operations between the two military forces.

NORTH ATLANTIC ALLIANCE [ the WESTern powers ] and Russia
NATO accepts Russia as a junior partner

Under the new arrangement, Russia will have more authority in the new body than in an earlier, less formal arrangement set up several years ago to try to nudge Moscow closer to the West.
Even so, its future involvement will be limited to certain areas. They include crisis management, peacekeeping and such military areas as air defense, search-and-rescue operations and joint exercises.
Ed. note: "crisis management" is the code for "martial law"
SG L Robertson "...There is a common enemy out there."

Russia-NATO Summit in Rome [11 million dollar summit]
NATO's 19 members and Russia are to sign an agreement Tuesday establishing a joint council to set NATO policy on a range of issues that Berlusconi said represented the end of the Cold War.
"It means the marriage of Russia with the West, the acquisition of the Russian Federation by the West," Berlusconi told a press conference launching the summit.

NATO-Russian Council Cooperation
Russia has criticized NATO members for failing to ratify the modified Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, which limits the numbers of warplanes, tanks and other heavy non-nuclear weapons in Europe. The breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and the subsequent spread of regional conflicts prompted the drafting of an amended version of the 1990 treaty that was signed in 1999.
Russia has also insisted that new NATO members join the CFE treaty to prevent a military buildup near its borders.
NATO and Russia set up the council last May to make decisions on counterterrorism, nonproliferation, missile defense, peacekeeping, search-and-rescue at sea and other issues

Russian Response to NATO enlargement:
Putin: We have "terrible missiles"
This will also affect Russia's nuclear strategy. In a statement reminiscent of the Cold War, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that a new generation of nuclear weapons - with multiple warheads and long-range capabilities - would replace Russia's old stock. However, Mr Putin gave no timeframe for the deployment of these missiles.
"Terrible" missiles
According to the FTD, Mr Putin said, "These are ...terrible missiles, of which we have dozens with several hundred warheads". These weapons are even now ready for use.

President Putin also announced that there would be no further reduction in the number of Russian troops -
currently 1.6 million. The Red Army has halved since 1992.

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4. Norad; North American force ( Mexico, Canada, U.S.) and at
5. NMD Nuclear Missile Defense; Shield; Lasers; Satellites
6. Foreign forces on American soil; plutonium, nukes

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