Hope To The End .............. POEMS


I've cried to God as I've beheld the world wrapped up in fear
Of lack, and death and war that looms to snatch lives held so dear.

I said, "My God! - Have you not heard the newsmen on TV?!
Do you not know the shape we're in?! Do you not care for me?!"

"I'm scared, Dear Jesus! - Help us! - Please! There's news of fear and war
And I'm afraid, Lord - I admit! - Of what might be in store."

Peace, be still, My child," He said "And hear now what I say
For I have seen and heard the cries of those who, to Me, pray.

Keep your eyes upon ME now , not what you hear or see
And, as you do, you'll keep My peace -IF your mind stays on ME!"

"It matters not what one man says or even many more
For I am God, and I decide each day what lies in store."

"I've told you there would be such times when, of these things, You'd hear
I told you so you'd be PREPARED and FULL OF PEACE, not fear."

"For all these things MUST be fulfilled yet MY WORD fails not;
I AM still your Hiding Place as all the fires rage hot."

"You're hid beneath MY shadow now and you can rest in Me;
Yes you can trust My Words of LOVE to last eternally."

"For I'm your
Father, Counselor, Friend your Alpha and your End
And if this was the world's last day be sure, for you, I'd send."

"I've promised I'd save you a place if you would stay in Me
Stay pure and faithful, eyes on Me and, victory, you'll see."

"I can't tell you if it's 'the end' - NO human man can know
But I CAN tell you, it IS close, so be prepared to go."

"Each day I give you, reach in love to save another soul.
For snatching them from Me for Hell is truly Satan's goal."

"Occupy until I come live each day FULL in ME
Just keep your eyes upon MY face and know that I DO see.

"I see the world, I see YOUR LIFE and I DO care for YOU !
And know, no matter WHAT occurs my love for you stands TRUE."

"I'm Alpha and Omega - God - I'm King and Lord of ALL
I'll be right near to care for you as, on My name, you call."

"For I can change the hearts of Kings and I, their hearts, do try
And I'M the one who formed this world and says when it shall die."

"So, USE this time to SEEK THE LOST and tell them of My Love
That they, too, may be saved and live with Me, again, above."

"Don't listen to fear's voice - hear MINE! then STAND on what you've heard
Don't fear yours or the world's fate -It's destined by MY WORD."

"Keep your eyes on ME, My Child, and let Me wipe each tear
For I am God and IN CONTROL -so live in peace, not fear."

Joni Ames

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