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Islam is second largest religion in France
Catholic Institute of Paris training men to become Imams for French mosques
Ed: France is famous in history for the guillotine )
" PARIS — With an eye to putting a French stamp on Islam, the country's second-largest religion, the center-right government has initiated a civics training experiment for imams and Muslim chaplains in an unusual venue: the prestigious Catholic Institute of Paris.
The training is intended to help shape a new generation of Islamic clerics for France's Muslim population of 5 million to 7 million, the largest in Western Europe.
The students are largely foreign-born, many hailing from North and sub-Saharan Africa.


Third Islamic State in Eastern Europe --Albania, Bosnia and Kososvo

Rowan Williams ( ArchB of Canterbury ) wants Sharia Law
This is a Christian country with Christian laws," added Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice. "If Muslims want to live under sharia law then they are free to emigrate to a country where sharia law is already in operation.

Europe wants Mediterranean Arabs included --
"It is a "fair point" that the 27-member bloc has been neglecting civil society", said Merete Bilde, a policy advisor from the Council of the EU
She added that the EU should start looking at the members of this civil society as genuine agents of reform, regardless of their religious beliefs.
The EU has recently been losing credibility among these states, due in particular to its "procrastination over Turkey's quest for [EU] accession" and the suspension of aid to the Hamas government in Palestine
On the other hand, they [ Muslims ] are much less enthusiastic when it comes to liberal civil rights, rejecting in particular the "decline of spirituality, permissive homosexual rights, a certain conception of women's rights, and the lack of 'social justice' judged to be prevalent in European societies".

Sharia Law = persecution of Christianity
If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere
No one to call god "Allah, except Muslims ( Ed: That's fine by me; Allah had no Son that died for me, so he isn't God in the first place. He's what his name says : Allah, a Muslim false-god. ) Christians, don't be naive.

Moslems of Europe Charter

Some 400 Muslim groups met in Brussels on Thursday (10 January 2008) to sign a charter for the Muslims of Europe, describing the rights and responsibilities of Muslims within European society.
Ibrahim Elzayat, a spokesperson for the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), the co-ordinator of the process that resulted in the historical document.

Representatives of the European Parliament welcomed the Charter.
"The charter amounts to a code of good conduct for Muslims in Europe which commits them to taking part in building a united society," said parliament vice-president Mario Mauro.
Mr Mauro, of the conservative Forza Italia party, is responsible for relations between the parliament and religious groups.

[ Ed: Mr. Mauro must not have read "Utopia" by Thomas More, for he is quoted as saying ....
"It pledges Muslims to helping create harmony and well-being in our societies and to fully playing the role of citizens in upholding justice, equal rights and respect for difference."
Ed: Does Mr. Mauro have an opinion on the arbitrary beheading of so-called "infidels" ... non-Muslims ??

The document contains 26 separate points, with a number of clauses that undoubtedly are aimed at dispelling myths
[ Ed: Wow ! Calling reality a "myth " ]
about links between Islam and violence, as well as clarifying the meaning of terms such as 'jihad'

Ed: Here comes the Orwellian prize statement ( newspeak ) :
"The term Jihad that occurs in Islamic texts means to exert all efforts towards good, starting from reforming oneself to spreading truth and justice between people," reads the document. "Jihad in its understanding as warfare is regarded as one of the means available to any sovereign state when it needs to defend itself against aggression. The teachings of Islam, in this respect, are in line with international law."
Based on such an understanding of Jihad, Islam rejects violence and terrorism, supports just causes and affirms the right of all people to defend themselves by legitimate means."

"People wrongly link violence and terrorism to Islam," the MEP said (Ed: Gunnar Hokmark of Sweden, the secular nation )

Far-Right Europe to form pan-European anti-immigrant party
Jorg Haider of Austria to lead the party
This would encompass Austria's Freedom Party, Italy's Lega Nord, France's National Front, the Dutch New Right Party
and [ Filip ] de Winter's own Vlaams Belang - all strongly anti-immigrant

Belgium is where they killed a Jewish
Moshe Yitzhak Na'eh, 24, a Belgian Jew who was shot in the head Wednesday night in Antwerp in what the Belgian Jewish community defined an anti-Semitism attack, died of his wounds late Thursday afternoon, Belgium's Prosecutor's Office announced.
There had already been increased security since June, when a 16-year-old Jewish student nearly died after being stabbed outside his school. Days later, a 43-year-old Jewish man was beaten unconscious.

Terror cells in Europe

EU and Iran


Radical Isalm's Western Stronghold
Today, he spends his time in London running a group called "Supporters of Sharia." According to the SOS website, the goal is to replace secular rule and democracy with Sharia, a harsh form of Islamic law.
When CBN News asked Hamza if he wants to see Great Britain become a Muslim nation based on Sharia, he said, "
The whole of the planet, not only Great Britain, because we are all a creation of god
(Ed: meaning Allah, who had no Son who died for our sins; therefore Allah can not be God ) ,
we have to pay god (
Ed: meaning Allah ) his attributes, and follow his law. ( Ed: meaning Sharia ( beheading of non-Muslims ) "
Religious experts have called London the evangelical hub of radical Islam in the West. Some see the conversion of England to Islam as an important strategy for winning Europe.

Omar Izzadeen and a number of other young men belong to a radical Muslim group called Al Muhajiroun. Their mission is to establish Al Khilafah, a global Islamic regime, starting here in Britain.
"Our message is to bring
Islam to the world. Islam will conquer the White House, will conquer in Downing Street," Izzadeen said. "It means conquer, it means the Americans will live under Islam, like it or not. So will the UK."
And for those who do not care to believe in their god ( Ed: Allah ) , what are the consequences? Hamza said, "Well, if you live in my property and you don't pay me my rent, you get out! And Jihad is to get you out, this is the property of god, you don't worship him, you get out. How are you going to get out? You get killed!"

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