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EU Greater Europe continued ...part three
including EU and Religion / Culture / Heritage/ Mary / Pope ;
Profile of Xavier Solana ; Brussels; WEU: Various Articles

Issues pertaining to religion : (godless"religion of human rights" usurping God )
(also on this webpage: WEU, Solana, Prodi and various articles)

Cardinal Sean Brady denounces secularist EU Constitution (" Lisbon Treaty " )
"Successive decisions which have undermined the family based on marriage, the right to life from the moment of conception to natural death, the sacredness of the Sabbath, the right of Christian institutions to maintain and promote their ethos, including schools - these and other decisions have made it more difficult for committed Christians to maintain their instinctive commitment to the European project."

Spain endorses gay marriages ( also Holland, Belgium)

Prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's socialist cabinet yesterday approved a draft law that will make Spain the third country in Europe, after Holland and Belgium, to have gay marriage.
"Our constitution guarantees the right to marriage ... We're going to extend that right to people who historically have been discriminated against: homosexuals," said the justice minister, Juan Fernando López Aguilar.
It was a sign that Spain is moving rapidly away from the church-established mores that ruled the countryside

Chirac declares France to be secular only; no head dress, large crosses, no skullcaps


Turkey calls for Islam inclusion in Constitution


Nicolas Sarkozy -- euobserver

Sarkozy wants religious equality
"I invite all the heads of state and government of countries bordering the Mediterranean [ Ed: Christian-Moslem-Jew] to meet in France in June 2008 to lay the foundations of a political, economic and cultural union [ Ed: religions ] founded on the principles of strict equality", Mr Sarkozy said during his visit to Morocco on Tuesday.
He added that "in the Mediterranean will be decided whether or not civilizations and religions will wage the most terrible of wars
offering Turkey [ Ed: Moslems; believing in beheading] that it could be the backbone of the club

Pope entrusts the future of Europe to Mary - see Jeremiah 44.
John Paul II entrusted the future of the new Europe to Mary, as he concluded a series of addresses on his hopes and concerns for the Old World.
From the courtyard of the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo, the Pope has dedicated his last eight addresses at the Sunday Angelus to reflect on the postsynodal apostolic exhortation "Ecclesia in Europa," published in June.

The Pope concluded his reflections today, as he did in the document itself, "with an 'Entrustment to Mary' of all the men and women of the continent."
He placed Europe in Mary's hands, so that it will "become a symphony of nations committed to building together the civilization of love and peace."

Full speech on Mary

Mary's tears for peace

Pope stresses need for Christian base in Europe

According to the head of the Catholic Church, the roots of problems such as "fragmentation" and the "fading of interpersonal solidarity" can be traced to a worldview without God or Christ.
A group of Catholic countries are expected to continue the battle to include a reference to the Christian tradition of Europe in the document.

The Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, told reporters on Friday that Rome may propose a change in the Constitution to cover this view, when EU leaders begin to fine tune the text at an intergovernmental conference beginning in October.
Opponents to the inclusion of a reference to Christianity say that it would offend millions of Muslims and other religious communities in the EU and that faith should play no part in a constitution.
Did Jesus offend Moslems (or Europeans for that matter) when He died on the Cross for their Salvation? "Religion" and "Faith" may go into the New World Order, but will the Bible ??

Pope calls for Global Solidarity
Addresses 450 delegates from Caritas
VATICAN CITY, JULY 7, 2003 (Zenit.org).- In a message written for the 17th General Assembly of Caritas International, John Paul II called for a radical change in the concept of solidarity at the global level.
With the motto "Globalizing Solidarity," the July 7-12 meeting in Rome has gathered 450 delegates of the more than 150 national Caritas organizations.

The papal message, addressed to Bishop Youhanna Fouad El-Hage, president of Caritas International and Maronite prelate of Tripoli in Lebanon, begins by noting that "globalization has become the obligatory horizon of all politics."
"For solidarity to become global, one must effectively take into account all peoples of all regions of the world," the Pope said.

Pope reminds EU of its Christian Roots
EPP (European People's Party) drawing up Constitution with values

Bishops : Global Order COMECE
Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community
OK, stay secular...but be ethical ( ????? )

Defining heritage
Yesterday Gianfranco Fini, Italy's deputy Prime Minister, proposed that the EU be described as a "community that shares a Judeo-Christian heritage as its fundamental values". He added: We must make more explicit the roots of European identity, which we see as part of the value of the Christian religion."

But Linda McAvan, a British Labour MEP, argued that a specific reference to Christianity "would offend those many millions of people of different faiths or no faith at all".
She was backed by Louis Michel, the Belgian Foreign Minister,who said the EU should be inclusive. "Europe is not mono-religious," he said.
Jean-Luc Dehaene, vice-president of the convention and a former Belgium prime minster, said the reference would have to be general and "pluralist", like that of the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights which states that "the Union shall respect cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity".

EU Dialogue on Religion

The Symbolism of the European Flag--dedicated to Mary
See "Queen of Heaven"
Jeremiah 44:15-27
Roman Catholic imagery is endemic in Europe, and has been wholeheartedly embraced by the European government. The design of the European flag was inspired by the halo of 12 stars around pictures of the Madonna, and appears prominently on the Council of Europe stained-glass window in Strasbourg Cathedral.
Strasbourg is a city which symbolises the dream of Franco-German integration - the heart of the Empire of Charlemagne. [...] It is also concerning, though some may dismiss it as trivially amusing, that a Roman Catholic Englishman sent a letter to Jacques Delors, with the suggestion of dedicating the European Union to the 'Blessed Virgin Mary'. He had presumably noted that Delors has been responsible for promoting the European flag, with its unmistakable Marian symbolism showing a circle of 12 stars on a blue background.
As far back as the Sixties :

Beatles song "Let it Be" .... preparing a generation for submission to inclusiveness

and here we thought they sang from the heart , and not from their handlers

Beatle song: "Imagine".... preparing a generation for a 1 world (radical Godless humanism)

Looking for the Lord in all the wrong places. Or ...... Why the Beatles use a small ' l ' in ' lord ' ........

Mary Facts vs. Mary-myths


Please see Jeremiah 44 : worship of the " Queen of Heaven".

Mary --
bridge of interreligous dialogue
Although Jews and Muslims do not accept the central truth of the divinity of Jesus Christ, they honor Mary greatly," Cardinal Arinze says.
In "many other religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, even though there is no explicit reference to Mary, analogies can be found between the Mother of Jesus and relevant persons in the ambit of their creed," he notes. "The feminine substratum, present in some way in every religion, must not be underestimated."

France cracks down on Biblical Christianity
" In my opinion, the goal of this law is the completion of the French Revolution-- the eradication of religion in the life of the public in France and the opening of the door for a purely secular society," says Joel Thorton, of the European Center for Law and Justice based in Strasbourg, France.
The ECLJ is the international arm of the Virginia-based American Center for Law and Justice.
There is no doubt that in the last 10 years, France has become increasingly hostile to the Gospel and we have had to adapt ourselves to a changing society, a society that has little respect for the Bible and Christian moral values," notes Easterman......

If we want to have children's church, Sunday school, that can be seen as influencing minors," he adds.
"If we do work for old people, it’s preying on vulnerable.
If we what to have a time of prayer and fasting -- its seen as deprivation of food and sleep."

International human rights groups have condemned the law as anti-democratic and anti-religious. And the problem could spread."If something is not done in France you are going to see this law move across Europe, I believe, and you'll see a Europe that is united in its hostility to religion," suggests Thorton.


Profile of Xavier ( Javier ) Solana --- Focus : SECURITY ( Ed: we do not see him as the AC or FP )

Secretary-General : Javier Solana (Frances Xavier Solana Madariaga)
from Spain;
former head of NATO; current head of Council of EU and WEU
High Representative of CFSP (
Common Foreign and Security Police)

EU wants a "gray" world (diplomacy) .... needs a secular humanist peacemaker
U.S. is too black and white (militaristic)

Editor: Notice the propaganda in the above piece. The inference here is that
 religion = warmongering....and that secular humanism = peace.
What a 180 degree piece of newspeak. (Orwellian opposites)

Well, all of us who are 3 x 7  have figured out that caricatures (distorted representatives) are being put on life's stage to enact the final scene. Antagonists feign Christianity while the coming protagonist feigns diplomacy. Those who understand Bible Prophecy have read Chapter 13 of Revelation / Apocalypse.

The dangerous innuendo sandwiched in between the lines here is that Christians are to be rejected as being hostile to peace. Yet in truth we Christians believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth to be the very Prince of Peace who will come in a few years to set up His 1,000 year reign of peace on earth, from Jerusalem.

Soon Christians will be labeled "dissenters" , "combatants" and even "terrorists". We  will then appear before World Courts and be singled out for imprisonment and death.

Propaganda precedes persecution.

It is all or nothing. For us Europeans, it is difficult to deal with because we are secular.
We do not see the world in such black and white terms."


Music and words to "Shades of Gray http://purplewords.com/grey.htm

Brussels, Belgium
Home of the EU Commission and Council and NATO Defence Headquarters
"the filthiest city"


European Commission

Capitol of Europe.... but will Rome have that title soon ?

Brussels is the permanent seat of the European Commission, and the European Council -- made up of government ministers from the European Union -- is moving to abandon its practice of having summit meetings twice a year in different European cities in favor of convening solely in Brussels.

Brussels---European Capital

Chapel for Europe opens in Brussels

Brussels and their drugs: cocaine, ecstasy etc

What is the difference between the WEU ( Westearn EU ) and the EU ?
WEU has 10 nations.The EU has enlarged 28 nations and includes Eastern Europe ( Warsaw Pact nations ) .

WEU ...the "core group"
10 basic countries of the WEU
Belgium, France, Luxembourgh, Netherlands, UK England,
Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece

Is the WEU the 10 horns (toes) of Daniel 7 and the 10 kings of Revelation 13 and 17 ?

Directors of European Affairs
Seven EU members
The smaller countries have agreed a list of seven points to be presented including a call for equality among member states, institutional balance and a refusal to create a new post of president of the Council. However, the group favours that a new post can be set up to manage external relations - although the Netherlands has some reservations about the exact nature of a minister for foreign affairs.
In the future, the group will keep in contact at the level of Directors of European Affairs, but new meetings at ministerial level are not planned for the moment.

Besides the three Benelux countries, four other member states - Austria, Portugal, Ireland and Finland - also participated. Nine of the acceding countries, expected to join the EU next year were present. Only Poland, which is regarded to be a big county, was conspicuous by its absence.

WEU , EU and the Atlantic Alliance

Western European Union--definition

Humpty Dumpty's got a problem-- can't put Europe together

Europe is suffering from a deep wound. On the one side "new Europe" - Britain, Italy, Spain, several smaller European Union countries and most of the eastern Europeans - has backed the US on Iraq.

On the other, "old Europe" - France and Germany, supported by several smaller EU members - has opposed the Americans. This should be a time for magnanimity and reconciliation. But instead of trying to heal the wound, some in Europe are helping it to fester.
The mini-summit called by Guy Verhofstadt, the Belgian prime minister, on April 29 increases the likelihood that the split between the two Europes will become permanent or even widen.

The leaders of Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg will discuss the creation of a European defence union. They may promise to set up a European military headquarters and an armaments agency, to spend more on defence and to defend each other from attack. They will declare that others are welcome to join them.
Whatever comes of it, this summit will do much damage to the EU and to transatlantic relations. The US will view this initiative as anti-American and anti-Nato. http://news.ft.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=FT.com/StoryFT/FullStory&c=StoryFT&cid=1048313833414&p=1012571727088

Various Articles :

The Fascist Dream of a United Europe

Who are Neuropeans ? What is Neruopetower?


Europeans buying up USA Utilities
UNITED STATES – The 15-member European Union has requested the U.S. government allow them to take over water and sewer systems here.
For the average person, that could mean paying a European corporation for utility services, with no limits or regulations by the U.S. government.
Documents detailing the EU’s plans to open up the free market, which includes allowing European competition on U.S.
libraries, postal service, education and health care providers, were leaked to the public last week.
When asked about the revelations, local water company directors and citizens said they were alarmed.
"I was unaware of this," said Sardis–Lone Elm Water Supply General Manager Hugh Inman.
"That’s a scary thought."

Germany buying up American water companies
A recently completed $8.6 billion takeover of American Water Works by German-based industrial giant RWE has led to a backlash from a handful of cities across America. The deal covers more than 800 water systems serving 15 million people in 27 states and three Canadian provinces.

Praying against anti-Semitism
On the rise in Europe, especially France

Will Germany, France and Belgium be "plucked up by the roots"
when antichrist the beast comes to power ?
Daniel 7:8; 7:20; 7:24

Plans for a European Congress---with no legislative power

EU wants a Secretary of State

"We are not a European nation divided in 27 states," said the Commissioner speaking of an enlarged EU, "we are 27 states, who all want to maintain their differences and their identity but who want to share a growing part of their sovereignty."

Echoing calls from other quarters of the European Union, Mr Barnier suggests that the problem of external representation of the EU could be solved by merging the posts of the external relations Commissioner (currently occupied by Chris Patten) and the High Representative post (occupied by Javier Solana). This person, who could be called the "Secretary of the European Union" and would play a similar role to the US secretary of state. In addition the secretary, while being a member of the Commission, would be answerable to the Council.
The Commissioner suggests their main competence would be in the area of defence

Alarm at U.S.E. United States of Europe Plan

Schroder offers vision for European Project: Global player
Wants Poland to begin the Enlargement

How an Individual would be impacted by the United States of Europe
He called for a "European social treaty", with labour rules at the European level,
notably on lay-offs, wage policy and the quality of employment;
harmonisation of criminal law; the creation of a European public prosecutor's office,
and a European police force.


Fears about the Unted States of Europe
M Jospin calls for a quantum leap towards a "common law area", involving the "harmonisation of criminal law in member states", "the creation of a European public prosecutor's office" and "an integrated European police force" with operational powers. Collectively, these measures would give the EU a criminal justice apparatus similar to the US federal Justice Department and the FBI in Washington.

United States of Europe wants Police Squad

United States of Europe smacks of fascism

and of Nazism

THE NICE SUMMIT ---- Eastern Europe included in the Euro Zone

The Nice Treaty

Enlargement would look like (including Central Europe)

What about the Western Balkans States ?

Enlargement: Anglo-Saxon cultural supremacy; "democracy" over communism

Redefining Europe....2-speed Europe....enlargement


Europe Accepts Refugees in Principle

Berlusconi wrote into Italian law that top officials are immune from the law (above the law).

Chirac of France thought that that was a great idea, and is now working on French top officials being exempt from the law too.

Belgium came out and said all foreign officials
(American) to Brussels will be excused from legal procedures, since America threatened to take NATO elsewhere.

Jean-Claude Trichet was acquited of all bank fraud charges so that he could assume head over the ECB in Frankfurt.

Texas courts today (June 26-03) set a precedent that sodomy and homosexual relations are lawful. All lawyers know that precedents have a domino-effect all across the land.
We shall be judged as Sodom and Gomorrah were judged.

* Sen. Kerry said he wants a litmus test for all Supreme Court nominees to be pro-choice, pro-abortion. Nothing like stacking the deck with subjective "justice". Where's impartiality ?
















What does the Bible say about the end-time powers?

From "Cyclops 08" ( RR Message Board )...October 14-2001
"My geography prof said that if the EU ever got its act together, it would have an economy greater than the US and USSR put together!.....
"Europe is a better power base for the AC/satan anyhow. Only a small percentage of the population are believers, and there is no tradition of guaranteed civil rights. The people are already embracing an EU para-military police. A strong nondemocratic force is behind the EU parliment. And the EU has been talking about isolating America economicly for its political stances.
Certainly, the EU is not the friend of Israel. "

Very Good NWO Articles

NWO, your child, and total control

Why Ireland said NO to the EU
For the first time ever, the Commission threatened to invoke Article 99, the "nuclear" option that allows the EU collectively to take unspecified action against states which are held to be endangering the common interest

" Enlightening the powers of darkness"...Copenhagen -- "Lux Europae"
The art exhibition is going to light up Copenhagen [Denmark] during the dark months of autumn, but we also hope that the event will make a contribution towards bringing the countries of Europe a bit closer to each other, and send a clear signal of enlightenment to the powers of darkness......
Light unites across cultures, and has been used as a cultural expression everywhere.
"Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15
EU Directory

Archbishop Martini of Milan calls for "planetary government"

Essays pertaining to the EU-US relationship

Brussels bans Taiwan leader
Chen Shui-bian has been warned he would be denied a visa if he accepted an invitation from MEPs to address the European parliament in Brussels.
The move was denounced as
"utter hypocrisy" by Graham Watson, leader of the parliament's liberal group.
"Where is the harm in allowing us to talk to
a democratically elected leader?" he asked.

Last week the European Commission opened a trade office in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, after several years of negotiations.

EU sends money to Palestinians

Excellent resources on the NWO

More on the EU


Bible www.blueletterbible.org