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Godless EU Constitution aka: EU Treaty, Treaty of Europe, Constitutional Treaty , Treaty of Lisbon ;
( Updating the Treaty of Rome)

" If European nations abandon their Christian roots, they are doomed to disappear from the historical arena, Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia said.
"Modern Europe will not create a new post-Christian culture and civilization.. will simply vanish from history," Alexy II said at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow on Wednesday evening.
"Losing their Christian roots, the people of Europe will sign their own death warrant," he said.

Charter of Fundamental Rights ( CFR )
(no Democracy....no freedom of speech)

No criticism of the 'divine' European leadership. Considered blasphemy.
"And they worshipped the beast" Rev. 13: 4+ 8
Worshipping the European Union (vny.com)

Charter of Fundamental Rights is "unamendable" ( therefore it is totalitarian )

EU Charter on Rights Heightens Fear of 'Super-State'
--Barry James

Incorporating Charter of Fundamental Rights into EU Constitutional Treaty

The majority of MEPs in the Constitutional Affairs Committee approved on Thursday a draft report by liberal MEP Andrew Duff, which states that the Charter of Fundamental Rights should be incorporated in a new Constitutional Treaty without amending the provisions contained in the Charter.
The Committee stressed that the Charter should be incorporated into
the basic law of the EU as an integral part of a new constitutional treaty, and warned of the dangers of refusing to make the Charter mandatory upon all the EU institutions, EU member states, bodies and agencies .....
At present the charter [of Fundamental Rights] does not have any legal status. It is just a text which outline rights which already exist in member states. It was drafted on 2 October 2000 after a proposal from the Cologne European Council on 3-4 June 1999. The Charter was finally signed and proclaimed by the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on 7 December 2000 in Nice.

Charter of Fundamental Rights to uphold ECJ's ruling on suppressing political criticism of EU
The European Court of Justice [ECJ] ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties," reported Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the March 7th [ 2001 ] London Daily Telegraph.

Charter of Fundamental Rights ...Richard Ebeling

Charter of Fundamental Rights : turning point for Europe (ed: and for History)
From democracy to authoritarianism......eventually tyranny (absolutism...despotism)

" Article 50, Paragraph One - one of the charter's most controversial clauses that could be used to suppress the rights of EU citizens when "necessary" to "meet objectives of general interest being pursued by the union".

 EU agrees on Charter of Fundamental Rights
"But lawyers insist that even the simple proclamation of the charter by heads of government will give it a standing as a reference point for courts determining human rights issues and that they will draw on it as a source of EU law"

Nice, France..... Governing over all of Europe--East as well as West
Charter of Fundamental Rights = a European Constitution
"The Charter of Fundamental Rights, enabling the European Court
to over-rule national laws at its discretion"
" Even as a "political declaration", it will take power from Parliament
and give it to unelected EU judges

Charter of Fundamental Rights

Vatican rejects EU's ungodly bill of "rights"

Charter of Fundamental Rights in EU Constitution
At the European parliament, home to many of the most convinced Europeans in Brussels, Mr Giscard d'Estaing tried to allay suspicions that he was taking a purely "intergovernmental" route - one that would empower EU governments at the expense of supranational institutions such as the European Commission.

The charter [ of Fundamental Rights] will be included in the future constitutional treaty but there are still a number of practical problems to resolve."
He spoke as the Party of European Socialists (PES), the second biggest group in the European parliament, yesterday supported
putting the charter of fundamental rights in the new EU treaty [ Constitution] .
If you look at what Giscard is saying: the role of national parliaments, no new powers for the Commission, no provisions for a social Europe in the constitution. . . it is a vision of the EU which is unhappily too Anglo-Saxon," said Elio di Rupo, leader of Belgium's French-speaking socialists and a convention member.

 Fundamental Rights (European Constitution) signed

Article 52...goes against Common Law...would take away ALL rights
"It also contains a bizarre clause, Article 52, saying that all rights can be suspended "where necessary in the general interests of the Union", which creates a "raison d'etat" prerogative that does not exist in English common law. Mr Byrne said the charter included issues which could not be described as fundamental rights "by any lawyer who understands the term".

European Convention on Human Rights : Rome 1950
5 Protocols

Human Rights Network www.hrni.org

Human Rights and Europe

Dictionary of European Institutions

No GOD .... No Peace
Know God .... Know Peace

"They have sown to the wind; they shall reap the whirlwind." Hosea 8:7
GOD excluded from Europe
GENEVA: Humanists and atheists from East and West meet in Paris next week to forge a common platform against what they see as a growing threat from religions and religious politicians to secular states across the globe
Their gathering, the World Humanist Congress, is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the French Law on the Separation of Religion and State, a key document which set France alongside the United States as a bulwark of secularism
Roy Brown, President of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU
All these issues will be on the agenda at the Paris conference from July 4-7, with sessions at the headquarters of the U.N. education, social and cultural agency UNESCO and the Sorbonne university.

Jude 14-16
"And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying,
'Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgement upon all, and to convince all that are
unGodly among them of all their unGodly deeds which they have unGodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which unGodly sinners have spoken against Him ...and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage."

EU  "Constitution"
to be signed in Rome

 EU CONSTITUTION ; "Constitutional Treaty" ; Treaty of Lisbon

Treaty to include "religion"
"One issue of concern to Irish religious groups is the possibility that Ireland could be forced to accept abortion under European law if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified. Abortion is not currently allowed under Irish legislation, a situation that has prompted three of its citizens to take legal cases to the European Court of Human Rights.
Ed: It was religion that crucified Jesus.
Matthew 23 . Religion is contrary to Relationship. It will keep you from a personal relationship with Jesus for life. One must come out of Babylonian religion ( ritual, relics, observances, pomp, circumstance etc. ) and enter into one's own personal conversation with our Lord and with a contrite heart, feeding upon the Word of God daily and led by His Spirit, moment by moment.

Hidden clause of death penalty for "rioters"

Treaty of Lisbon "constitutional treaty "

What is now about to occur with the Treaty of Lisbon, is a massive obstruction of democracy, constitutional legality, and sovereignty. For what would occur with this treaty, if it were ratified, is that
constitutional sovereignty would devolve to the European Council;
the European Parliament would no longer have to agree to anything, but would only listen—
to say nothing of the national parliaments.
This is thus, in reality,
a constitution for dictatorship, which no longer maintains the pretense of a democratic process, and where a bureaucracy, which does not have to be held accountable democratically, makes the decisions....
The[Ed: impending] financial crash is, in my view, the reason that there is such a rush to push through the [EU agreement] without public discussion by the parliaments; but, if this were to occur, it would eliminate the possibility of any legal "handle" to get us out of the crisis

As we see it ( from Hope To The End ) :
The following article discusses how the New Treaty ( constitution) will impact Europe in the areas of Security and Defense and Trade ( commerce).
It warns of an estrangement between Europe and the US --  which is to be avoided at all costs -- 
since The West is a far more formidable power than the EU or US by itself.
As one ponders a solution, it appears that the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Defense and Security must be a man who can "bridge the pond"
Our Lord Jesus tells us:
"No man can serve two masters.  For either he will hate the one and love the other,
or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other." Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13
" A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways " James 1:8

The New EU Reform Treaty ( new Constitution )  Good summary
" The Reform Treaty will shift power from nation-states to Brussels and fundamentally change the workings of the EU, especially in important areas of public policymaking, such as defense and energy, where the United States usually finds more traction on a bilateral basis. In particular, the treaty's proposed foreign policy role for the EU poses a unique threat to the Anglo–American Special Relationship."
Ed -- Solution : Appoint an American over the security-defense issues of the EU

And even as
they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient [ improper, not normal ] :
being filled with all unrighteousness ...
fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, deceit, malignity, whisperers, backbiters
haters of God
despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection,
[ not capable of being entreated or appeased; hard-hearted ] unmerciful;
Who knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things
are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."
Romans 1:28 - 32

Merkel pleases men rather than God on EU Constitution
"When the German chancellor [ Angela Merkel ] , European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and European Parliament president
Hans-Gert Poettering met Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders at the EU capital [ Brussels ] on Tuesday (15 May, 2007 ), they stuck to safe ground on "universal" EU values such as "human dignity

Rapid Reaction force : Commentary Police
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A 'rapid reaction force' has been set up by MEPs to try and put the record straight if lies are told about the European Constitution.
"Within three hours, or at least within the same day,
we want to react to lies and distortions about the Constitution", stated Jo Leinen, head of the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee.
Citing some examples of lies, he said that during the debate in the run up to the Nice Treaty referendum in Ireland, there were claims that it would enable abortion.
Ed Comment:  those pesky Christians
Mr Leinen admits that there is a thin line between opinion and a lie and that things will have to be dealt with the "on a case by case basis".


Jesus Christ excluded from Europe
NO Christianity ! EGO ... Edging God Out !
What religious sense that remains [in Europe] is little more than a residue of history," Darrell Bock, a New Testament studies professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, observed in a Dallas Morning News column.
"Europe is post-Christian, almost completely secular," wrote Bock, who is currently a guest scholar in Germany. "Fewer than 5 percent of Europeans go to church or synagogue, a great contrast to the 40 percent to 50 percent in the United States.”

Ed: Methinks that Buttiglione is confusing edifice with substance:
The European Parliament probably would have rejected Bush, but the American people have instead voted for him," Buttiglione commented after stepping aside, according to The Times.
"America has shown itself more religious and more attentive to values than Europe."

Ed: Christianity is not a church building ; Christianity is not a residue of history or of culture. Christianity is a vibrant relationship with the Living God of yesterday, today and forever !
When He returns, what will He think of your whining, O sons of dust ?


Jude 14-16
And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying,
'Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgement upon all, and to convince all that are
unGodly among them of all their unGodly deeds which they have unGodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which unGodly sinners have spoken against Him ...and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage."

Godliness disappearing from Europe altogether
Vatican totally sold out to political correctness

Constitution to remain God-less  [ unGodly ]
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Constitution will remain without a reference to Christianity, under new proposals by the Irish EU Presidency.
In a paper dealing with eleventh-hour issues circulated to governments on Sunday (12 June, 2004), Dublin moderates the lengthy preamble to the Constitution but does not add any reference to God or Christianity.

EU Definition of "tolerance" ..... accept the unacceptable; and also persecute Christians .

Turkey and torture

EU Constitution Drafted at Salonika (Thessalonica ) Greece


What is QMV "Quality Majority Voting" ? ... from the Euro-glossary
Under QMV, each member state is given a certain number of votes in the council, weighted according to its size and population. For example, Germany, the EU's largest state, has 10 votes, while Portugal has five and Finland three.
At present, there are 87 votes in the council, distributed between the 15 member states.
The qualified majority means that 62 votes are needed to pass a proposal, rather than the normal majority of 44. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/europe/euro-glossary/1054052.stm

Building "Greater Europe" on sand ...
Matthew 7 :24-27 .........

E.G.O. Edging God Out
There will be no mention of God in Constitution values treaty

( Ed. note: so AC can show himself as God )
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - There will be no reference to God in the article on values presented by the Convention's presidium during the plenary session on Thursday. A presidium member told the EUobserver that the body wanted to concentrate on "very essential values" and not "on specific issues." .......
Charter of fundamental rights to be included in treaty
The charter of fundamental rights, the political declaration agreed by member states in 1999, will be included in the treaty but it is not clear whether it will be fully integrated or appear as a protocol.

The language problems over religion contained in the charter have also still to be sorted out. Due to French and German disagreement on the matter, the Germany version refers to "religious heritage" while the French version refers to "spiritual heritage."
"The Union values shall include the values of those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty as well as of those who do not share such a belief but respect these universal values arising from other sources."

John Bruton, member of the presidium, was among those who signed a petition by convention members asking that such a reference be included.

E.D. ... "Europe of Democracies"

In their four-page alternative, they propose changing the European Union (EU) into a Europe of Democracies (ED), "which shall be a treaty association of free and self-governing European states and an open economic area."
They say the ED should not have a constitution or an army - both currently being developed by the European Union, and added that the European Commission, the EU executive, should be directly answerable to national parliaments. http://www.eubusiness.com/cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=111291

The new Way : Europe of Democracies

Combining Treaty of Rome and Treaty of EU (Constitutional Treaty)
Europe's "single voice"
The working group report proposes merging the treaties - the Treaty of Rome and the Treaty of the European Union - because it "makes more sense."
One treaty with two parts is proposed:
the first part would be
constitutional and the second part would contain policies. It would be up to the Convention, said Mr Amato, to "resolve the relationship between the two parts." The Union having a legal personality would mean that it could conclude international treaties and could take a case, or be taken itself, before the Court of Justice

Church leaders decry Godless-Constitution
The new constitution -- the final draft of which is to be presented at an EU summit in Greece June 20-21 --
will form the legal foundation of the EU as it expands in May next year.

Constitution a product of the "Enlightenment"

Refers to Religion Generically
ROME, MAY 29, 2003 (Zenit.org).- The draft Preamble of the future European Constitution fails to mention the Christian roots of the Old World.
The draft, published Wednesday, refers to "the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe which … [was] nourished first by the civilizations of Greece and Rome" and "later by philosophical currents of the Enlightenment."
According to the document, this foundation "has embedded within the life of society its perception of the central role of the human person and his inviolable and inalienable rights, and of respect for law" (see European Convention's Web page at
http://european-convention.eu.int/bienvenue.asp?lang=EN ..... EU Convention : drafting the Constitution
"This must not make one forget that hundreds of millions of Europeans identify with Christian values, although perhaps they are not believers. Moreover, there is a great number of people who believe," he added.

"I think that between Athens, Rome and the Enlightenment -- the three mentioned -- there is something decisive in-between," he said. "I am not speaking of confessional pretensions, but of that name in which whole generations have lived and hoped. Is it possible that the mention of Christ causes so much fear still today?"
"The Christian factor is the most unifying" of Europe, he insisted.
Preamble to the Constitution pdf
Constitutional Treaty Volume One pdf
Constitutional Treaty Volume Two pdf

To allow God or not to allow God; that is the question
Representatives on the Convention from the EPP conservative group - Europe's biggest political family - have called for a reference to a God based on the Polish constitution.

This reads: "The Union's values include the values of those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty as well as of those who do not share such a belief but respect these universal values arising from other sources."

13 say "Don't mention God"
Supporters include Ireland's ex-premier John Bruton, who pointed out that God is mentioned in the first sentence of the Irish constitution, and who told the Irish Independent that "for many people, including myself, our outlook is derived from the fact that I believe in God, so why shouldn't this be recognised?" The former Fine Gael leader said: "This would be a reference to the spiritual dimension of our lives. We don't just exist for material ends and there is something superior to humanity."

Compare with modern interpretation of US Constitution
God Ruled Unconstitutional  http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2002/6-2.html#2

13 "put God in His place"
No theologians were involved, but the 13-strong praesidium of the convention includes former prime ministers from Italy, Belgium and Ireland, as well as Gisela Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, who are all well qualified to debate this divisive issue.
Views about God's place in Europe's constitution matter greatly to countries with strong religious traditions but doubting governments are mindful of the continent's 10 million Muslims and other religious minorities. They want to keep the Lord out of the European project, favouring a form of words referring to universal values.

Unusually for Brussels, compromise seems unlikely. "Putting God into the constitution is simply in the 'too difficult to agree category'," one diplomat said. "Therefore there will probably be nothing."
[ Ed. note: "Whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven" Matthew 10:33 and also "If we deny Him, He also will deny us " 2 Timothy 2:12 ]

Judgement of France:
French now a dying language ( no wonder); Global language : English
Yet instead of outraged denials, the remark has triggered soul-searching among French intellectuals who not only concede English's pre-eminence as world "lingua franca" but fear French is being shoved off the international scene altogether.....
"What is at stake is the survival of our culture. It is a life or death matter," Jacques Viot, head of the Alliance Francaise agency which promotes French abroad, told a public debate in Paris......
English has long been the language of international trade and business. That trend is only being reinforced by the fact that it dominates some 80 percent of the Internet.
Even at havens of multi-culturalism such as the United Nations -- where French is one of the official working languages -- French diplomats are seeing an inexorable decline in its use in both formal and back-room dealings.
The situation is no better within the confines of Europe.
Visitors who click on the French icon of the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank's Web Site are advised that the bulk of the site is in English and that they should perhaps try the Bank of France's home page for information in French.
Recent meetings in Brussels to draft a new constitution for the European Union highlighted a future problem for French as negotiators sent by east European countries -- to be EU members as of next year -- almost unanimously favored using English...
But language is living history. It reflects the balance of powers," he added, recognizing that the scales were currently tipped against French.

13 trying to define God
The 11 men and two women, several of them former prime ministers, will debate whether or not the European Union's future constitution, currently being drafted section-by-section, should include a reference to the divine.....

Supporters of a reference to God include delegates from Poland, Italy, Germany and Slovakia, some of whom who have proposed the following text: "The Union values include the values of those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty as well as of those who do not share such a belief but respect these universal values arising from other sources."
Opponents of this wording - many who say they divide Europe into believers and nonbelievers - include delegates from France, Netherlands, Spain and the Nordic countries.

Bruton says he supports the text that speaks of God as a "source of truth" because it would apply, he said, to the three major monotheistic religions in Europe.


Gays want God out of EU Constitution

God kept out of the Constitution

EU and Moslem state-religion
United Europe and Secularism
Western Christianity actually gave Europe the possibility of secular government and independent secular thought. The pope's crowning of Charlemagne as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 meant that the emperor was acknowledged to possess authority in political matters equivalent to the pope's in religion.

Islam never recognized such distinctions. That is in part responsible for the Islamist phenomenon today. Muslims have never separated religion from government, and still fail to do so. These distinctions also were never clearly established in Eastern Christianity, where religion and government still have not been totally disentangled.

Drafting a European Constitution (Shades of the Treaty of Rome)

Alarm at EU Constitution

Power to the member states
The new text [of Constitution] will restore primacy to member states, making it clear that they co-ordinate their own economies, albeit in the "framework of the Union

Constitutional Convention at the EU Parliament
"It would pave the way to a “Constitution for Europe”, M Giscard said.
With contributions invited from the humblest citizen to the largest civic bodies, the year-long exercise amounts to the most extensive public consultation in the EU’s 54-year-old history, and for the first time includes the post-Soviet states of Central and Eastern Europe seeking membership."


EU forces churches to hire atheists
obviously this includes pedophiles.... sick, sick, sick
Now one can see why there should always and forever be Separation of Church and State
State should make no laws concerning religion

Thousands of religious schools, charities and organisations could face legal action if they refuse to employ atheists or sack staff who become Satanists under proposed Government regulations.
The laws, which are based on a European Union directive and which have to be implemented by December, ban discrimination in the workplace on the
grounds of religion, belief or sexual orientation.
But a report from the Christian Institute says the laws will restrict the freedom of religious organisations to employ solely staff who are practising believers.


Dangerous Cocktail : Religion and Police
Mr. Pisanu said immigrants who are shunted to the margins of Western society might turn toward terrorism.
(ed. note: this is fear-mongering )
 A Muslim leader at the conference warned against the risk of what he called "Islam-phobia."
 "It is up to Europe to affirm its strong choice for a modern Islam, one that doesn't impose its values on Europe but which is tolerant," said Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Mosque of Paris and president of the French council of the Muslim religion.
Conference participants included an Anglican bishop, a Catholic archbishop from Spain and a Greek Orthodox bishop. The interior ministers will meet with Pope John Paul II today.

European World Order: legalize pedophilia

Antichristian Europe (at the insistence of France)
The new Charter for the European Union...June 15-2001
One might add that it should be compulsory reading at a time when at the insistence of France, which once proudly called itself the first daughter of the church,
all references to Christianity are to be excluded from the proposed new charter for the European Union.


EU Commission's anti-religion directive

Whose "morals" will drive the one-world ?
Post-Christian America ? or Godless Europe ?

see last sentence in article

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Rome and the EU
http://www.the-highway.com/eu_Bennett.html Excellent read

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