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Included on this webpage :
WEU Western European Union " Core Group of 10 " ;
The difference between the EU and the WEU ("core group"); Brussels, Belgium;
MAPS of the EU ; .... Council of Europe and
European Court of Human Rights (ECHR); Impact on US ; Worshipping the EU

WEU -- WESTERN European Union; "Core Group " --10 members
"The WEU, considered the European Union defence appendage within NATO, is expected to become the basis of the European Union's military branch based on the Amsterdam Treaty
The WEU's 10 full members are
Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, and Greece, Portugal,

WEU ... Herb's Analysis :" What Herb Thinks" 12--05
Good analysis... We at Hope To The End do not see Solana as the ac, fp or Foreign Minister. Time will tell.
This appears to be exactly what we're seeing. A 10-nation alliance did appear in Western Europe on January 1, 1995. It's a 10-nation military alliance known as the Western European Union (WEU). These nations are members of both NATO and the European Union (EU). What binds these 10 nations together is their mutual defense obligation under the modified Brussels Treaty. They are also known as the Brussels Treaty Powers.
Recently, I stumbled on a WEU document that states different Read it here. In fact, it may tell us why the WEU is still around. According to this document from the WEU Assembly (Document C/1915, November 8, 2005), it turns out that all of the elements of the new EU Constitution that have to do with the EU's foreign and security policy goals -- including their new, super Foreign Minister and his global diplomatic service -- can be legally done within the framework of the WEU. In other words, as long as the WEU is around, they don't need their new Constitution.

The New EU Reform Treaty ( new Constitution )

"The Reform Treaty will shift power from nation-states to Brussels and fundamentally change the workings of the EU, especially in important areas of public policymaking, such as defense and energy, where the United States usually finds more traction on a bilateral basis. In particular, the treaty's proposed foreign policy role for the EU poses a unique threat to the Anglo–American Special Relationship."
Ed -- Solution : Appoint an American over the security-defense issues of the EU


MAP of the EU

** Visual tour of Maastrict / Netherlands

a Federal Europe led by "core-group" to be finalized by 2004 [ original intent ]
"core group" ususally means ..... the WEU, especially the "Big Three" England, France and Germany "trio"

1. European Constitution: Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
Criminal Justice System---" Area of Freedom, Security and Justice "
2. International Criminal Court "EuroJust"
European Public Prosecutor
3. Euro Police----EuroPol
4. Army...ERRF Euro Rapid Reaction Force
5. Membership Reform--Core-group.......10 + 1 ???
6. Who will be the designated leader over all of this ?? The 11th Horn?

The EU now has it's own currency, parliament, anthem, flag, and passport.

Basic Information on the European Union

Glossary (definitions) of European terms
Plus 6 in-depth catagories on the European Union

A Guide for Americans

What the people really want but aren't getting

Symbolism of the EU


enlargement .. accession; 2015 = 28 countries
The once-communist states of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia officially joined the EU family at the stroke of midnight Central European summer time
Mediterranean islands Cyprus and Malta joined them as well,

Open Borders

EUROMED ( states to the East, and Mid-East)
Partners in trade WTO, political correctness, human rights
The aim is to draw countries on the EU's eastern and southern fringes into a reinforced partnership centred on trade and political goals including human rights and the fight against terrorism

In the east, the policy encompasses Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It also includes Russia, although Brussels noted that the EU has a long-standing separate partnership programme with its giant neighbour.
To the south, the policy reaches out to countries already involved in the EU's "Euromed" programme -- Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia, as well as the Palestinian Authority.
Following the May 1 entry of 10 more countries into the bloc, the EU now stretches to the Russian frontier and deep into the Mediterranean.

German ascendancy


epicenter of Human Rights
Strasbourg, France

Council of Europe ( 45 members ) different from European Council (15 members)
Strasbourg, France) is not the same as the European Council (Brussels, Belgium)
Council of Europe deals strictly with Human Rights and is globally-minded
(Internet, tolerance etc.)
Different from : Council of the European UNION
....which is EU minded

Council of Europe Portal.... the latest news

About the Council of Europe


Council of Europe ( 46 members) Summit addresses Human Rights
 Oldest European organisation
CoE is the oldest European pro-human rights and democracy organisation, founded in 1949 and based in Strasbourg.
It consists of the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly of 630 deputies from the 46 national parliaments, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, and a 1,800-strong secretariat.
The body has pushed forward 196 legally binding European treaties or conventions, with some of them open to non-member states on various topics.
Delegates also heard that the European Commission should consider setting up a new EU body -
the Fundamental Rights agency.
"I have in mind various manifestations of NGO-ism, of artificial multiculturalism, of radical human right-ism, of aggressive environmentalism etc. In these activities, I see new ways of endangering and undermining freedom, which those of us who lived in the communist era take very seriously

COE is Non-legislative ( ECHR is legislative ... Court of Human Rights )

Council of Europe : Human Rights Web
"crown jewel" http://www.humanrights.coe.int/intro/eng/GENERAL/ECHR.HTM

Strasbourg: Capital of Europe
( Alsace-Lorraine) "euro district"

Human Rights offense: no advertising of Jesus or Gospel
The IRTC acted under the 1988 Radio and Television Act under whichno advertisement shall be broadcast which is directed towards any religious or political end.
The ban was backed by the Irish High Court, but the Irish Faith Centre, which tried to place the advert, then complained to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
The Dublin centre is a bible-based Christian ministry and its pastor Ron Murphy argued that banning the broadcast breached the right to freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Human Rights Convention.

But this afternoon the judges said the ban was justified because of extreme sensitivity in Ireland about religious broadcasting.The Human Rights Court backed the Irish governments argument that relaxing the ban, partially or completely, would be hard to reconcile with the nature and level of the religious sensitivities at stake and the principle of neutrality in the broadcast media.
It would be difficult to justify allowing one religion and not another to advertise, said the judgment, and it was reasonable for the Irish authorities to assume that even limited freedom to advertise would benefit a dominant religion.

2 year jail term for net-protesters
The 15 European ministers [ of justice ] signed Friday a so-called framework decision on cybercrime that makes no legal distinction between an online protester and the spammers or cyber terrorists the decision is designed to trap, according to legal practitioners and academics.

The decision forces all 15 Union countries to adopt a new criminal offense - illegal access to, and illegal interference with an information system - and calls on national courts to impose jail terms of at least two years in serious cases.
In its introduction, the decision makes reference to an adopted Council of Europe charter on cybercrime, which defines as criminal activity the sending of unsolicited e-mails designed to hinder the computer system of the recipient of the messages

Council of Europe ( CE ) to Outlaw Net Hate Speech 
The Council of Europe has adopted a measure that would criminalize Internet hate speech, including hyperlinks to pages that contain offensive content.
provision, which was passed by the council's decision-making body (the Committee of Ministers), updates the European Convention on Cybercrime

Council of Europe crackdown on the internet

Silencing the Net

The European Parliament is at Strasbourg, France inside the l'Palais de Europe.
The Council of Europe (
not to be confused with the European Council) is also inside the
l'Palais de Europe in France.
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR
) is also in Strasbourg, France.

New Buildings, Strasbourg http://www.coe.int/T/E/New_Buildings/

The Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg (France) former Council of Europe's headquarters.

European Court of Human Rights
Modern Babel http://www.biblelight.net/Tower-of-Babel.htm

Located in Strasbourg, France.... "euro district"
2 Buildings: An office building, and a "Pharmacopoeia" building

All located near the Human Rights Building.

Both the ECHR and the Council of Europe make laws

Will bring "homophobic" persons from foreign countries to court
( Ed: meaning Christians from around the world will be put on trial for opposing homosexuality, while praying with love for the homosexual )


Laws Discriminating against Bible-believing Christians

"So, anyone who opposes Dr Jeffrey John is a homophobe, a "Taliban element" or a condoner of polygamy and human sacrifice - or, at best, perhaps deluded and of troglodyte theological opinions? You certainly had a racy time in your leaders, articles and letters (June 20). I am none of the above and yet I cannot support Jeffrey's consecration as Bishop of Reading. Some of us (ie orthodox, Bible-believing Christians) cannot accept that same-sex relationships are acceptable and on a par with heterosexuality.

This is political correctness gone mad. We are not biologically designed for such encounters, it is not the norm in nature or in the theology of creation in the Bible, and gays are a minority group within society, about 4% of the population. Don't minorities have rights? Yes, of acceptance and tolerance and employment but there is an ethical question at stake here. If a person's lifestyle goes against the teachings and beliefs of a faith group, then they are not able to take leadership within that group. That would cause a scandal and disunity.

This appointment is political and is a push for radical change that will cause great damage and hurt to the wider church.
Rev Kevin O'Donnell
West Chiltington, W Sussex

Europe reviews Human Rights.....with informative LINKS

Dutch challenge EU secrecy
The Netherlands is going to court to challenge the excessive secrecy surrounding the EU's security and defence policies.
A spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs in the Hague confirmed that the government would appeal to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.

The move follows a decision by EU member states this summer to classify documents on military and crisis-management issues, as advances are made in forging union-wide policies.
Diplomats say this is to ensure that public access to EU military activity is compatible with the strict Nato standards of secrecy, because security and defence initiatives put forward by Brussels cannot work without the active support of the western alliance

"We decided to fight this because we don't believe all information should be kept secret," said a spokesman, Floris van Hovell. "We want complete openness if it's possible."
Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy supremo, was accused of staging a "military coup" when the new rules were rubber-stamped in the summer.

ROME...Council of Europe...Human Rights Protocol banning religious discrimination....
(euphemism for banning Biblically-based Christianity....banning Jesus-only salvation)
form a "human rights task force" with rapid response capacity

ROME (Reuters) - Ministers from at least 40 countries met on Friday to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights and try to ensure justice and equality in a changing continent.

Opening the two-day conference in Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini praised the achievements of the convention over five decades while lamenting the fact that human rights are still abused daily.
A strong endorsement of the protocol would strengthen the role of the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights in enforcing anti-discrimination legislation.

Since 1950, the court has been involved in cases ranging from the right of parents to name their children to the abuse of suspected terrorists under interrogation. Now at least 650 letters a day pour into the court building in northern France. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/001103/80/ao499.html

Europe is Slowing Down
--Kenneth Roth
Dec. 10-- Human Rights Day
Such a trend should be resisted. The presumption that no one acts unless everyone does may make sense for internal matters, where a premium is placed on regularity across borders, but it is an unnecessary restraint when it comes to the external promotion of human rights. The EU common foreign policy should be seen as the minimum that all members must support, not a constraint on those willing to do more for human rights. http://www.iht.com/articles/79686.html

Human Rights Watch (
a George Soros Foundation)

EuroJust ( EU Prosecution) The Hague, Netherlands
please see https://hopetotheend.com/eaw.html


As We See It : ( from Hope To The End ) :
We see a progression here. In
January of 2003, the greatest EU - US legal organizations merged;
In February an Agreement between the EU-US was framed for extradition of citizens.
In June the EU's totally Godless-Constitution will be signed, which is the edifice of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
The European Arrest Warrant will also be signed. (June 21 and 25-2003 )

By December 2003, these warrants will become effective. By January 2004, adherents come under the courts of Europe, especially the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. ECHR executes judgements according to the Charter of Fundamental Rights-- incorporated in the EU Godless Constitution-- and executes the judgements of the
Commission, the Council, the "eParliament" (global internet input) and the ECJ, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

"Intolerance" will become the main crime against the State. We know for certain that the EU's definition of "intolerance" includes Christians, and anyone else who holds to the beliefs contained in the whole Bible. Christians will be deemed "combatants" and dissenters and outlawed as "terrorists". As such, they will be
"security risks" and sought and summoned by the Foreign- Minister (the Vice-President of the EU Commission) for trial and judgement.
" I AM the STATE " ......
"L'etat,c'est moi" (king Louis the XIV )

We know according to Bible Prophecy that the death penalty (beheading) will be upon all "enemies of the State" (
Revelation 20:4).
We also know that "Judgement begins at the house of God"
1 Peter 4:17

The Winds of Change are already upon us.

AntiChristian Europe -- Prof. Peter Beyerhaus http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/s05040003.htm

EU impact on US--Losing our US Constitution
Coup de'etat by stroke of pen. The British have finally won the War of Revolution ( Independence).
Hello ? Is anyone running
OUR government ????
American Constitution abolished ( just in time for the EU Constitution to take over).
July 4th wiped out by April 19th ?
Critics say a new anti-terrorism treaty between the U.S. and the United Kingdom could conceivably result in Great Britain seizing the assets of dead enemies – like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
The treaty, forwarded April 19, 2004, by President Bush to the U.S. Senate for ratification, has generated little media attention and little controversy – probably due to the fact that it is an agreement between coalition partners in the war on terrorism.
Drafted by Attorney General John Ashcroft, the treaty is designed for "combatting terrorism, organized crime, money laundering, and other offenses." But William Hughes, author of "Saying 'No' to the War Party," charges that under the treaty as written, the British could demand recompense from anyone in the U.S. who stood up to British law – living or dead.

Another critic, Professor Francis A. Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, claims the treaty will "eliminate the political offense exception to any offense allegedly involving violence or weapons;
transfer responsibility for determining whether the extradition request is politically motivated
from the courts to the executive branch;
allow for extradition even if no U.S. federal law is violated;
and allow for provisional arrest and detention for 60 days upon request by the UK."

Hughes states: "If all of this sounds like the Brits could wake up one morning and just arbitrarily charge an American citizen with a so-called 'extraditable offense,' on the flimsiest kind of evidence, you're right to think so.
It also means that the accused, a citizen of this republic, would get no full judicial review of his extradition process by a federal judge, a federal appellant court, or the U.S. Supreme Court."

He says once the treaty is approved by the Senate and signed by the president, "an American, will be at the mercy of an alien-based foreign government" with none of the usual constitutional protections. The treaty is currently sitting before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, chaired by Sen. Richard G. Lugar,

Boyle has written Lugar instructing him that had the treaty been in force back in the 1770s, America's founding fathers, including Washington and Jefferson, would have been "extradited to the British Crown for prosecution of their very revolutionary activities that founded the United States of America itself."

EU seeks to stop US lead in pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology
Novartis, a Swiss company that moved its headquarters to Boston in 2002, is the most high-profile example of Europe's pharmaceutical brain drain. And just last month, IDM, considered by analysts to be one of the most promising of a new breed of European biotechnology companies, agreed to a friendly merger with Epimmune of the United States and will move from its headquarters from Paris to San Diego.
De Callatay of the pharmaceutical lobby said a future Innovative Medicines Initiative would largely involve universities, clinicians and small biotechnology companies. EU financing would help pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Aventis only indirectly, by supporting drug development and supplying more competent researchers and scientists.

Novartis : More innovative drugs ( chain of genes ) ; less probation time; "new science"
Editor : more risks; less guarantees ; risking a wrong application
"It's a change in focus," Vasella said in an interview. "In the optimum case it will take out one year or two years" from a drug's development time
Driving Novartis's new focus are recent advances in genetics, which have allowed scientists to better understand the molecular similarities, or "pathways," between different diseases.  Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have tested drugs by targeting a single gene or protein.  What Novartis wants to do, Vasella said, is understand how a chain of genes may be at the root of several diseases.  
If you know that there's a common pathway between two diseases, then of course the chance that a medicine works in both is very, very high," he said
The drug development strategy is the brainchild of Mark Fishman, a former Harvard professor whom Novartis hired in 2002 as its head of global research
Editor : Not clear here: are they skipping Phase 1 ???
Early stage drug testing, known as Phase 1, is normally done in healthy volunteers to check whether a drug is safe. Only later is the drug tested on people with the disease.  By using ill patients, such as with Muckle-Wells sufferers, Novartis hopes to find out more quickly whether a drug works, and save money by terminating studies if results are negative.
Another colon cancer drug, known as PTK/ZK, which Novartis is developing jointly with a German company, Schering, suffered a setback this year when trials failed to reach statistical significance
Editor: Only 50 % ....... ?????
 Trials are ongoing and the drug has a "50 percent chance" of making it to the market, Vasella said

Justices Breyer and O'Connor:
We must conform to foreign courts (rule); Internat'l Law

(ed note: we must worry about impressions --- We must tolerate everyone except Christians )

American Constitution no longer relevant in a globalised world
In a rare appearance on a television news show, Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer questioned whether the U.S. Constitution, the oldest governing document in use in the world today, will continue to be relevant in an age of globalism. ....
"Through commerce, through globalization, through the spread of democratic institutions, through immigration to America, it's becoming more and more one world of many different kinds of people. And how they're going to live together across the world will be the challenge, and whether our Constitution and how it fits into the governing documents of other nations, I think will be a challenge for the next generations." -- Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer

American legislation already tied to European Courts

US Supreme Court abides by European Human Rights Court

note: "foreign" to be interpreted as "international" or "European"

Writing for the majority in a landmark decision supporting gay civil rights, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the European Court of Human Rights and other foreign courts have affirmed the ''rights of homosexual adults to engage in intimate, consensual conduct.''
Never before had the Supreme Court's majority cited a foreign legal precedent in such a big case. Kennedy's opinion in Lawrence vs. Texas, which was signed by four other justices, has ignited a debate among analysts over whether it was a signal that the justices will adopt foreign courts' views of individual liberties.

But it is far from clear that the U.S. high court routinely will turn to foreign law, and the practice has its critics -- notably Justice Antonin Scalia. When the court interprets the [ United States of America ] Constitution, ... U.S. attitudes about what is decent and right -- not foreign ones -- are what should matter...

That drew a rebuke from Scalia, who said, ''The views of other nations, however enlightened the justices of this court may think them to be, cannot be imposed upon Americans through the Constitution.'' Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Clarence Thomas joined Scalia in his dissent.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer have been the most enthusiastic justices in giving consideration to foreign legal trends.
The ruling in the Texas case came June 26, on the last day of the high court's annual term. Several justices were leaving for conferences overseas that also serve as reminders of how the justices increasingly are in touch with foreign legal issues.
This week, five of the nine justices -- O'Connor, Kennedy, Thomas, Ginsburg and Breyer -- will be in Florence, Italy, for a forum with foreign judges on a proposed new European constitution. http://www.usatoday.com/usatonline/20030708/5303928s.htm

Court Ruling from Europe


The Dark Side of the European Union -- Mary Jo Anderson --June 2003

Inverted EU stars--Pentagrams, Kingdom of Darkness

Transatlantic Free Trade Zone (all nations bordering the Atlantic)

Interesting Observations:
Ahmadinejad----who calls for a worldwide Islamic revolt ----is termed by the EU as a "conservative";
and the EU insists upon imbibing alcohol at meetings


Democracy without dissent is tyranny in disguise

Worshipping the European Union
reflecting on the book written by Bernard Connolly "The Rotten Heart of Europe"
In the course of attempting to defend Connolly's dismissal, the European Commission's lawyers have come up with a truly chilling argument. The restriction on his freedom to publish was justified by the European advocate-general as being in conformance with the blasphemy laws, which, he argued, meant Connolly could be punished for criticizing the European Union. This argument goes beyond the pre-revolutionary French laws against "lese-majeste" or criticism of the King. The Eurocrats have literally put themselves on the same level as God. They now want to incorporate these restrictions on free speech into the so called European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. "European values", apparently, include no criticism of the divine European leadership. I would have said "semi-divine" but that would have been blasphemous.

Euro-court outlaws criticism of the EU

Blasphemy to speak against the EU

EuroCops and the loss of freedom

EU slogan a "synthesis of views"
EU Song "Ode to Joy"...Beethovan's Ninth Symphony

Robert Schuman -- Father of the Common Market ( 6 nations)

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