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EU Government ...page
Includes: The European
Commission ; Internet regulations
The European
Parliament, EuroparlTV, Security Doctrine, Netherlands; Euro-Med ;
World Future Council; Financial Supervisor,
Human Rights Commissioner / Fundamental Rights, Civil liberties;

A. The European Commission ; Executive Branch of the EU
Lead man : Jean-Claude Juncker 2015

EU Commission ( Wikipedia )
The Commission is primarily based in Brussels, with the President's office and the Commission's meeting room are based on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Commission

Commission seeks to harmonize laws
The report urged European governments to keep their promise on enacting compatible criminal law procedures under a 2004 program to step up anti-terrorism cooperation across the EU.
Europol _ the EU police cooperation agency

Commission's new clout : make laws; enforce them
a "community criminal code" .... usurping national powers
A landmark ruling by the EU's highest court has boosted the European Commission's powers by giving it the right to tell member states to impose criminal sanctions for offences against EU law.
Under the European Court of Justice's ruling on Tuesday, which was specific to
environmental law, serious environment offences in the future may be deemed criminal offences.
Now it [ EU Commisssion ] will be able to make laws and have the clout to see that they are enforced.

However, Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope was critical of the precedent the decision is setting.
"It's a significant transfer of power to the commission, sanctioned by a court which tends towards the integrationist approach", he said.
"The decision on whether or not to criminalise offences in Britain should be a matter for Britain, not for the EU. We all support penalties against environmental vandals but this sets an alarming precedent", the member added.

UMFA ( High Rep ) to also be Vice-President of the Commission

At the same time, this new foreign minister would be a vice president of the Commission, the EU's executive body
Reducing the size of the European Commission, which was increased to 25 commissioners when the EU expanded by 10 countries a year ago. The Commission would be slimmed down to a dozen seats, with countries filling the posts in turns for five-year terms.  
Groups of countries taking the lead on certain issues under a principle known as "enhanced cooperation." Countries could get together to pursue specific projects, provided they do not exclude any other member state and do keep the Commission informed

President of the European Commission
eu commission http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery?method=4&dsid=2040&dekey=EuropnCmsn&gwp=8&curtab=2040_1

EEAS ( Diplomatic Corps ) to be part of the Commission
"If the EU is to wield its diplomatic clout effectively and democratically, Parliament needs to decide its position on the creation of the planned
European External Action Service as soon as possible, Members of the EP Constitutional Affairs Committee agreed on Tuesday. MEPs, who are mindful that the Commission and Council are already working on arrangements for the service, are keen for it to be a part of the Commission structure and thus subject to democratic scrutiny by Parliament."

More Power to the Commission
The EU president will be elected by prime ministers, ...He will be supported by a European foreign minister

The commission, which they see as the guardian of the collective interest and their defence against a big state "stitch-up", will take over justice and home affairs  for the first time. Qualified majority voting [QVM vs. popularity-vote, majority] will be extended into 17 new areas, including asylum [ refugees ] and immigration policy, and fighting crime.

"Council of Ministers"
legal power
The EU needs strengthened authority to enforce the commitments of its members. That should mean reinforcing the powers of the European Commission. Yet right now the heart of debate on reforming the Union is whether to appoint one of the EU's prime ministers as "president of Europe." That would further erode the commission's position. Ten years ago, in its heyday under Jacques Delors, the commission was widely recognized as the EU's executive body. But it has been so weakened since then that it now risks being downgraded to little more than a super-secretariat for a beefed up Council of Ministers, with member states making all the key decisions.

European Commission : Data Retention Directive
The directive calls for Internet service providers and telephone companies in all 25 members of the European Union to retain information on all communications, including the source, destination, time and duration. For mobile phones, companies must also track the location of callers when they make or receive calls

EU to be embedded-chip leader ; "Artemis"
European Commission officials have tabled plans to boost the production of embedded chips in Europe, with the aim of becoming a world leader.
A public/private partnership, the European Technology Platform Advanced R&D on Intelligent Systems (Artemis) will be set up by the end of the year to oversee the initiative.
Artemis is charged with ensuring that the small chips and associated software embedded in numerous appliances such as cars and mobile phones can work with each other via industry standards

ICT = Information and Communication Technology

B. EU Parliament aka Europarl or EP
soon to be a global "eparliament" See below

Martin Schulz, president of Parliament 2015
 socialist bloc leader, Germany's Martin Schulz under a deal sealed between the parliament's two biggest factions.
The European Parliament is the only elected institution of the European Union, serving alongside the executive European Commission and the European Council of national governments, and it has joint decision-making with the European Council on key legislative proposals made by the European Commission.
The new Treaty of Lisbon, if voted through in a second Irish vote on Oct. 2, will increase parliament's powers by extending co-decision to virtually all areas of E.U. policy.

Parliament wants to oversee EEAS : Eur. External Action Service; Diplomatic Corps

Parl meets in Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg
meets in 3 places: Brussels, Belgium; Luxembourg; and Strasbourg, France
Switch to meeting in Brussels http://euobserver.com/9/26630/?rk=1

EU Parliament to monitor US pro-life activities
The European Parliament has announced that it will be monitoring American pro-life groups, with EU officials charging that the American pro-life movement has become too influential in the legislative body.
Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute reports that Poul Nielson, European Commissioner for Overseas Development and Humanitarian Aid, has come out against what he describes as a "small group of extremists.”


EU's "World Parliament"..."eParliament"

The world has some 25,000 popularly-elected politicians in democratic parliaments and they are to unite in the new network "e-parliament" in an attempt to have their voices heard when global decisions concerning trade, environment, epidemics and armed conflicts are taken.
Mr Wijkman sees the project as a first step towards something much bigger:
"If we are to have a real
democratic world, then we cannot just make do with the UN. In the long term one must imagine a world parliament of a kind", he said.

EuroparlTV ( Web-based ) ...... http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/ ( 23 languages ) Webcasting
"Last week welcomed the diffusion of the first images from EuroparlTV, the new web-based television channel of the European parliament .
The channel is already basking in the glory of a world record; it is the first TV channel to offer its broadcasts in more than twenty languages. EuroparlTV is actually made up of four channels - http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/StartPage.aspx
1. yourParliament, aimed at anyone who wants to follow the news of policies adopted by the Assembly
2. yourVoice, which gives citizens the opportunity to air their views and the interactive possibility of introducing debates, raised by the viewers themselves;
aimed at school-age children, the future electorate, and finally
4. parliamentLive, which offers continuous coverage of the main debates of plenary sessions with, amongst other things, links to audiovisual archives of past sessions, the following month's agenda and the different commissions' activities"

Opinion of EuroparlTV : http://www.jonworth.eu/europarltv-pumps-out-strasbourg-propaganda/

Multilingual Online TV service

eParliament "see what the world thinks"
The e-Parliament, now being developed, will be a democratic global “think-tank,” centred on the world’s elected members of parliament and congress, which can feed into global policy-making. It will give you a window on the increasingly important interplay of world public opinion, citizen networks, religious movements and transnational corporations which often determines world events. And it will give you a way to make your point on the global stage.

The e-Parliament will have two parts:
the PARLIAMENT itself
[elected representatives ], and the FORUM. [the global citizenry ]
In the PARLIAMENT, world democratic opinion is expressed, synthesised and translated into actionable proposals by the people we elect to represent our interests – our legislators. Any of the 25,000 members of democratically-elected national or regional parliaments is free to participate.

In the FORUM, information, opinion and polling data are provided by the organizations – social, economic and
religiousthrough which we live our lives. Every participating group, and every individual citizen has the right to make its voice heard.

Bangalore, India ( global silicon valley)

Bangalore may be on the verge of overtaking Silicon Valley as the biggest IT employment region in the world on the back of the rise in offshore outsourcing, according to some estimates.
MS Shankaralinge Gowda, secretary of IT and biotechnology for the state government of Karnataka, said that the number of tech workers in the region will exceed 200,000 between 2004 and 2005, as IT and business process outsourcing companies continue to rapidly hire workers.

e-governance (global internet input ) is here
Keywords: participatory democracy; electronic interaction; e-voting, polling; active citizen participation; ICT Information Communication Technology; e-democracy; electronic media environment; world forum; electronic governance, e-Parliament; e-Parliament Council; Parliament Intergroup; World Future Coucil; respected moral figures; human rights; Global Negotiation Project (Harvard U); UN and EU Commission;Bangalore, India; Baltic e-parl for YOUTH; electronic democracy; e-commerce;cybervote;EVE (Evaluation and Validation of e-democracy);online voting;Congress Online Project (Geo. Washington U.); Congressional Management Foundation;cyberpanal; "In Service of Democracy"; IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union; planetary dialogue;peace, cooperation;databases; PARLINE (Online); PARLIT (plus literature); agenda development;assembly; accountability, transparency; virtual channel of dialogue;
total access to e-mail box.

http://www.parlanepad.org/docs/an_eparliament.doc acrobat

eParliament (Baltic) for YOUTH http://www.eparliament.net/public/about/?SID=6f1ba1475428e95604e39540581a5fb3
Poland YOUTH http://www.balticinstitute.se/youth/eparliament/

Electronic Governance ..eventually kiosks in the public squares

U.S. Congress and EU Parliament need closer ties
NATO, and education (exchange students) need greater bridge
An investment in stronger multilateral relations between the American Congress and the European Parliament is necessary to promote increased parliamentary accountability. National parliaments face challenges to reach their publics. More direct consultation between US administrations and EU institutions can be useful to learn about mutual concerns. Much depends though on the respective leaders in office, their willingness to listen to each other, and to citizens. This is critical given the Joint Declaration's recommendation to offer American observers an appropriate place at the Convention.

What is a "MEP" ? ....." Minister of European Parliament"

EU Parliament accepts gay marriages
STRASBOURG, Feb 13, 03 (LSN.ca/CWNews.com) - The European Parliament (EP) voted on Tuesday to recognize homosexual marriages, registered partnerships, and cohabitation contracts across the European Union. While the EU Council of Ministers are yet to discuss the measure, EU member states are required to consider the stance of the EP.

The 666 seat in Parliament

The prophetic significance of the European Union has been revealed as the saga unfolds. [See our two articles on "The Conspiracy behind the European Union".] First, the sign which it chose as its symbol was the Woman riding the Beast. This comes from a prophecy in Revelation 17. The depiction of the harlot woman was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the European Union, in a huge painting in the Parliament's new building in Brussels, and by a huge sculpture outside the new E.U. Council of Ministers Office in Brussels. The new European coinage, the Euro, bears the same insignia. The Tower of Babel has been used on the posters emanating from Europe – a truly suggestive prophetic sign.
Now, a massive Crystal Palace tower (officially called the Tower Building) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe.
one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied. The number of that seat is 666.

Who's Who

Jens Staltenberg, Secretary General of NATO

Anti-terrorism Chief,
Gilles de Kerchove

Wants European Arrest Warrant for all countries
Delays in implementation have occurred with the European Arrest warrant, which would facilitate extradition between EU states, and the UN Convention against the financing of terrorism.
This Convention would allow the EU to urge non-EU countries to strengthen their own role in preventing terrorist financing.

European Arrest Warrant and EuroJust

EU steps up anti-terrorism measures ; Sitcen to be both domestic and foreign

Security Issues:

EurActive : Security and Defense http://www.euractiv.com/cgi-bin/cgint.exe/1104502-695?1&1000=1&1011=focsede

EU to have Defense Ministry  http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?sid=9&aid=13577

EU force wants its own "Pentagon" and  a "defense secretary...high representative"

Crime and Security Bill  http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-files/Politics/documents/2001/11/20/Antiterrorism_bill.pdf

EU International Security Force (Global Police)
The French plan envisions the creation of an EU special police force that could intervene in security situations in which the deployment of troops is unnecessary but the presence of standard police is insufficient, a source close to Alliot-Marie said.
the French proposal would establish a permanent corps trained for international missions, the source said.
The source added that beyond European trouble spots, such police units could eventually be deployed in Africa
a "force of transition between purely military situations and civil situations".

NATO and security Forces
However, some in Europe want to go further, creating a European military headquarters separate from Nato, a European army and a mutual defence clause in a proposed European Union constitution similar to Nato’s pledge that an attack on one member is an attack on all.
Others believe, and this is my notion,
that we need one polar power which encompasses a strategic partnership between Europe and America.”


EU to have a Homeland Security too http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?aid=9536

TransAtlantic Data-Sharing
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU justice ministers agreed on Thursday to an exchange of personal data with the United States. In a major overhaul of the 1995 Convention governing the European Police Office (Europol), there will be a huge increase in the exchange of personal data across the Atlantic.

The agreement, which will be signed by the EU and the US in Copenhagen on Friday, foresees more co-operation between the EU member states and the US in "preventing, detecting, suppressing, and investigating criminal offences within the respective jurisdiction of the Parties, in particular by facilitating the reciprocal


SECURITY DOCTRINE of the EU ( agent of the UN)
will work with
UN for humanitarian nation-rebuilding; will work with US on aggressive tactics for security

Larger World Role http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,982066,00.html

Security Doctrine

Emergency Powers to Combat Terrorists
"Civil Contingencies" Bill .......zeroing in on your specific locale
Stronger emergency powers under which the police could impose travel restrictions in the event of a major terrorist attack or other catastrophe, were proposed by the Government yesterday.
For the first time, it will be possible for the Government to declare a state of emergency on a regional, not just national, basis.A draft Civil Contingencies Bill includes new obligations on local authorities to draw up plans to deal with emergencies, both man-made and natural

Such incidents could include natural disaster - such as a flood - a nuclear accident, an epidemic, the effects of a major act of terrorism and any other disruption to the essentials of life.

mi5 -- Security Intelligence http://www.mi5.gov.uk/

Office of Terrorism  http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/terrorism/

"Special Operations 13" -- SO13

EuroMed Parliament -- 120 more; majority Moslem
As well as EU countries, the summit is being attended by Israel, the Palestine National Authority, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
The euromed summit will concentrate on the strengthening of economic and financial links between the two sides as well as the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration.

WFC World Future Council .... (advises the eParliament)
ed. note on this article: infers that human nature is not bad ( no Original Sin);
and that we are all victims of malaise (without hope)
Yet we Christians know that mankind is sinful by nature -- Jeremiah 17:9 -- and that salvation through Jesus Christ is our only HOPE in this world.. Acts 4:12

WFC World Future Council--diagram http://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/wfc_diagram.jpg

The European Commission is to embark on a major new e-government programme designed to accelerate the pace of transnational e-service delivery across the EU administrations and accession states.
Inter-governmental web portals, cross-border electronic data infrastructures and further development of a pan-European interoperability framework are among the activities planned over the coming year.....
As well as projects focusing on security and authentication, funding has been allocated to research studies examining migration to open source software and seamless, multi-channelled service delivery through mobile,
kiosk and digital television technologies


Internet voting has its detractors. Dutch privacy activist Maurice Wessling of Bits of Freedom claims that online voting violates voting secrecy guaranteed under the Dutch constitution. Unlike the voting booth, voting through a publicly located computer screen, for example, does not provide the same level of privacy. Furthermore, network hacking can also reveal sensitive voter information.

The Termite State -- Collective vs. the individual
German chancellor Ludwig Erhard liked to call a "termite state." In a termite state, it is the collective rather than the individual which sets the agenda. Tasks that serve the aims of society's leaders are assigned to the individual in a clandestine manner that is barely perceptible to outsiders. It is a state that encourages as much collective behavior as possible but only as much freedom as necessary. We don't know what they feel, we don't know what they think and we have no way of guessing what they are planning. Indeed, this is what makes China a dark superpower.

Going beyond national constitutions
The stronger general powers of the minister - who will permanently chair the external relations council - are also the cause of further concern.
Euro Goal (Institutions of Europe)
http://home2.pi.be/p4u47404/eurogoal/aaa-main.html Will the 12 stars of the EU flag stand for the WEU 10 , plus America ("diverse from the first")
and then Israel ?? Something to think about.

EU : Relations with the U.S. and NATO

Jan Troejborg, a member of Denmark's national parliament, says he supports the idea of a balanced trans-Atlantic partnership. But he pointed out that Europe's defense capabilities are not equal to those of the United States.......
the European Defense and Security Policy.  underlined the need for an equal footing partnership between the EU and the United States of America. But to become equal partners, Europe of course needs to develop its defense capabilities."