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European Governance --page 3
3 different Councils...the main one being the European Council ( prime ministers of Europe, executives )

1. The European Council ( executives )
Highest political Body of the EU

2. The Council of Ministers ( Representatives )

3. The Council of Europe --  INTERNATIONAL Parliament of lawyers

also included on this page :
ECJ European Court of Justice and its laws;
EU -US sharing laws : Global lawyers; Global mayors;
 Terror Chief
May 5-- Europe Day

Various COUNCILS of Europe:

1. The European Council --EC---- "European Summit" --- Highest political body of the EU
heads of government of the 15 member-nation states (prime ministers)


European Council [ EC ]to set the agenda
‘The European Council ( # 3 ) should above all be the body which sets the agenda of the Union. Indeed, formally in the Treaty of Rome, that is the task given to it’.
‘Just as governments go before their electorates and set out their agenda for the coming years, so must the European Council do the same. We need to do it in all the crucial fields of European action: economic, foreign policy, defence, and the fight against cross-border crime. I am proposing today an annual agenda for Europe, set by the European Council,’ Mr. Blair said in Warsaw.

30 Diplomats shape the majority of EU laws ( meet weekly )
Several times a week, the 15 member states' ambassadors and deputy ambassadors meet at the European Council building in central Brussels when they usually take decisions that will have a direct and important impact on European businesses and consumers.

The commission may make proposals and the European Parliament may be proud of its role as a "co-legislator", but unless the Excellencies and deputy Excellencies
[ the European Council ] say so, these proposals will never become law, writes the Financial Times....
you would be foolish to ignore them," the Financial Times writes on the invisible powers behind the EU throne, 30 diplomats who shape the majority of EU laws in weekly meetings behind closed doors.

The CO-REP-ER body
While the press and the business community focus incessantly on the European Commission's latest uttering or national ministers' quarrels, these 'eminences grises' do most of the work that really matters in an obscure body called
the Committee of Permanent Representatives or "Coreper.
" [ co-rep..er ]

The deputies' group is called
Coreper I, whilst the ambassadors go under the title of Coreper II. And although national capitals are in touch with their ambassadors and deputy ambassadors before a Coreper meeting, the diplomats have considerable leeway to take decisions.

2. The Council of Ministers of Member States ( REPRESENTATIVES )
From wikipedia :

The Council of the European UNION ; aka Council of MINISTERS ( 25 members ) .... aka "the COUNCIL"
One arm of the Legislative branch of the EU ( other arm is Parliament)
CoEU has a :
a. President and b. Secretariat

EU Council ( The Council of the European Union )
Plan "D" for Democracy
Public debates and votes will be broadcast through video-streaming on the council's internet site
beginning in the summer of 2006
All public debates and deliberations, as well as public votes, will be broadcast in all languages (Ed: global impact ?? )
through video-streaming on the council's internet web site from the summer of 2006, the statement said
and ( pdf ) .....

3. The Council of Europe -- an INTERNATIONAL  Parliamentary Org. of 47 members; lawyers; )
"The Council of Europe - an institution gathering 47 member states and aiming to protect human rights and promote democratic principles " http://euobserver.com/9/25521/?rk=1

Court of HUMAN RIGHTS ... Strasbourg, France .. Ed: the one to watch
and http://www.coe.int/DefaultEN.asp

http://www.spring-event.org/2007/program.aspx?e=0 ( Scroll to mid-section)

CoE (Council of Europe) to ban Creationism
STRASBOURG (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) has adopted a resolution to ban creationism from receiving any discussion in schools outside of religion classes.  "The Parliamentary Assembly is worried about the possible ill-effects of the spread of creationist ideas within our education systems and about the consequences for our democracies," said the resolution adopted on October 4 by the Parliament made up of 626 members elected from each European Member State.
"If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights which are a key concern of the Council of Europe," said the resolution.

The statement has raised eyebrows of many in the scientific community who reject strict 'dogmatic' adherence to Darwinian evolution, and find scientific basis for belief in creation or in 'intelligent design' of the universe.

"If we are not careful, the values that are the very essence of the Council of Europe will be under direct threat from creationist fundamentalists," said the resolution. "It is part of the role of the Council's parliamentarians to react before it is too late.

EU : Human Rights vs. Christianity

A recent report drawn up by the Council of Europe, which is the continent's main human rights body, warns strongly of "creationist fundamentalists" and calls them dangerous religious extremists who "could become a threat to human rights"
( "Secularist Europe Silences Pro-Lifers and Creationists," Brusssels Journal, June 23, 2007).
Creationists don't reject science; they reject "science falsely so called" (1 Timothy 6:20).
"O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:
Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee" (
1 Timothy 6:20-21).

The COUNCIL of EUROPE (COE) processes all the legal ramifications of
Human Rights around the world.
Council of Europe

3. European Council aka European Summit of the heads of state of government ( 15 members) :
meets 4 times a year in Brussels http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Council
The European Council ( EC ) deals with the 15 nation-states. It is located in Brussels, Belgium.


European Court of Justice (ECJ) --- Luxembourg
The Court of First Instance, Europe's second highest court

The Court of Justice is in Luxembourg

Belgium Neonates: Starving babies to death called "mercy-killing"

Belgium law: All hospitals must permit euthanasia
BRUSSELS — The right to euthanasia must exist in all hospitals, negotiators forming Belgium's new government said Friday in a move to counter opposition by some Catholic hospitals that have allegedly refused to permit
assisted suicide
on their premises.
The negotiators, who are forming a government after the 18 May general elections, have laid down that every hospital must have a team of doctors prepared to apply euthanasia, under a strict policy designed to protect patients and their relatives. Euthanasia was made legal, under certain conditions, in Belgium last year.

Belgium Law: Euthanasia for minors ?

American Officials granted immunity from Belgium Law

Belgium Law: Immunity granted to Foreign Ministers

An "immunity" law for foreign diplomats is now in the making.
The universal competence legislation, which allows foreigners to be tried for human rights violations and war crimes, would be watered down by adjacent legislation providing foreign diplomats attending meetings in Belgium with immunity.
The initiative came after the threat made by US Defence Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld that the US would like to see NATO headquarters moved away from Belgium.

A number of top US officials, like former US President George Bush (senior), vice president Dick Cheney and secretary of state Colin Powell have all had cases filed against them under this law for their role in first Gulf War.

This immunity law was passed during the same week that Berlusconi and his top officials in Italy were granted legal immunities. And it was also the same week that Jean-Claude Trichet was aquitted of banking-fraud charges in France.
Rank certainly has its privileges, and it sure is rank.

20 states censured for protectionism by Brussels rather than following federated EU

"The European Commission launched a barrage of legal proceedings against more than 20 member states yesterday, demanding that they obey EU laws on everything from energy monopolies to subsidies for airlines."

Euro-court outlaws criticism of the EU.
above criticism ?


EU "Counter - Terrorism Coordinator : Gilles de Kerchove 2015

For World Courts please see https://hopetotheend.com/wcourt.html


European Union to Monitor American Pro- life Groups (anti-abortion)

NewsMax.com's religion editor, Fr. Michael Reilly, details the latest efforts by the European Union to help stymie the pro-life movement.
The European Parliament has announced that it will be monitoring American pro-life groups, with EU officials charging that the American pro-life movement has become too influential in the legislative body.
Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute reports that Poul Nielson, European Commissioner for Overseas Development and Humanitarian Aid, has come out against what he describes as a "small group of extremists.

"The US anti-choice groups are powerful, well-funded and determined.
They hold extreme views on religion and sexuality," Nielson complained. (meaning against the sin of homosexuality.
Christians are those who hate the sin and preach forgiveness through Jesus Christ, because of love.)

Europeans should join US Senate and Supreme Court
EUOBSERVER / DEBATE - Renewing EU-US relations by increasing political ties is a positive step forward. Having US officials in the Convention however, must be matched by having European officials in the Senate and Supreme Court, says Franck Biancheri, Director of Strategy and Studies of Europe 2020.
As far as I know, the US does not envisage in the near future, any updates to its 200 year-old constitution, rooted in the European ideas of the XVIIIth century.
So what solution can be found on the US side
to allow European top officials to join the US's essential law making processes?
Perhaps a European presence into the US Senate? Or a European judge in the US Supreme Court?

But it also asks for true innovation. American and European futures are now on divergent paths. It is only by building common projects and developing interaction of a new kind between the two societies (on the political level indeed, but seen from the side of civil societies rather than from the side of those top-leaders who were unable to prevent the rift), that Transatlantic partnership can have a constructive input into the 21st century.

Will Greater Europe include US Judicial branch ?
"Greater Europe" to have no dividing lines
STRASBOURG (di-ve news)  – 1825CET -- Foreign Minister Joe Borg chaired the 112th session of the Committee of Ministers held in Strasbourg which dealt mainly with three main issues:
1. the future role of the Council of Europe in building a Europe without dividing lines,
with a view to the Organisation’s Third Summit;
2. the means of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the European Court of Human Rights;
3. and possible future Council of Europe action to
A. combat the trafficking of human beings,
B. to promote freedom of movement of persons within Greater Europe,
C. and to combat terrorism.

Most significant transatlantic law firm merger ever
Jones Day’s tie-up with Gouldens is considered the most significant transatlantic merger in the legal industry since a 2000 deal made Clifford Chance the world’s biggest law firm. The dream of a truly global law firm partnership along the lines of the big accounting firms has to date not been achieved and other large law firms such as Clifford Chance and Baker & McKenzie will be watching this deal closely to see just how successful Jones Day will be in making inroads into this highly competitive market.

This ambitious expansion by Jones Day heralds the beginning of the race to build the global super-firm as big-time players in the legal industry with global ambitions seek to meet the increasingly international needs of their clients

Global Legal Services
Jones Day, one of the world's largest law firms, provides integrated legal services on a global basis.  Jones Day was founded more than 110 years ago and has more than 1850 lawyers based in 25 offices around the world.  Gouldens is a long-established leading City of London law firm with more than 150 lawyers.  Gouldens is more than 100 years old and enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its lawyers and services.  As a result of the merger, Jones Day will have more than 2000 lawyers, making it the sixth largest law firm in the world.

EU-US to share judicial matters
EU leaders have agreed on what to do when competing requests are made between EU states themselves. In this case the European Arrest Warrant will apply.
The Warrant, agreed in December 2001 by the EU states and coming into force in January 2004, will eliminate national frontiers. Extradition will not now be necessary between one EU state and another.
The US is requesting the same privilege as the EU states. A point fiercely opposed by the Union.
The plan currently negotiated between the EU and US also aims to improve co-operation on investigations into financial elements of serious crime including organised crime, terrorism and financial crime.
Ed. note: "terrorism" includes anything the State wants it to mean, including
Biblical Christianity (twisted interpretation).

EU - US Summit...more Judicial sharing

While the Danish foreign minister says: "I expect my visit to underline once again that the ties that unite the EU and the USA are far more important than issues that divide," there are, as usual, many bones of contention...

The Bush administration has pushed for a judicial cooperation convention that would cover the criminal investigations, under which the exchange of personal data concerning suspects would be the rule, especially as concerns terrorism. The Danish EU presidency has announced an agreement between the European Police Unit, Europol, and the United States providing for the exchange of personal data should be concluded before the end of the year. The European Prosecution Unit, Eurojust, and the relevant US authorities would consider negotiations on similar co-operation agreements.

GLOBAL ADVISORY NETWORK .... 1 World lawyers

GAN Global Advisory Network
..from Arutz 7


(emphasis and purple this editor)
All Anglo; English-speaking :
Attorneys, law professors and jurists from around the world have arrived in Jerusalem
to participate in
the "Ultimate Lawyers' Mission," under the auspices of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center. The Mission participants, from 15 U.S. states, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, are joining Israeli lawyers for an eight-day program
focusing on the realities of the terrorist threat to Israel and what they can do as lawyers to fight it.

One goal of the Lawyers' Mission is to establish an international legal response network to fight terrorist organizations and their sponsors. The participants are discussing how they can use their legal experience and judicial systems to provide mutual support in the war on terrorism. 
GAN Global Advisory Network www.globaladvisory.net/main

"We are hoping that this first group of 50 legal professionals will form the basis of a global
network of attorneys dedicated to fighting terrorism through the courts," said Shurat Hadin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who herself has been active in trying cases against Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.  "Our goal is to create a legal network that will
work to bankrupt the terrorist organizations and their financial patrons."

end of Arutz article.

Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative http://it.oip.gov/topic.jsp?topic_id=8

CJIS Criminal Justice Information Services

Ed: This will help to extradite citizens in 48 hours and deport 'non-citizens' "trafficking in the souls of men"
EU - US Union-wide air-traffic agreement

EU - US Aviation Deal
With a goal to combine the two biggest aviation markets in the world, this deal could also start the biggest reform in European aviation regulation since the creation of an internal EU aviation market in 1992.

The European Commission wants to introduce liberal norms, erasing the limits for foreign ownership and control of airlines in the EU and US. Europe would also want to see less protective measures introduced in America's domestic aviation. One of the norms is the so-called "Fly America" policy that rules that all US officials must fly with US airlines only.

Cereti, Alitalia Airlines to merge with US airlines
Fast transport for Christians to the Coliseum ? Round 2 ?

EU's Commission ups the Court on Aviation merger
The Commission's new powers would allow it to negotiate a treaty with the US to form an Open Aviation Area, combining the two biggest aviation markets in the world, the US and the EU. With the North Atlantic, these markets would account for around 60 per cent of world aviation traffic.
The move follows a European Court ruling last year against the current bilateral deals with the US.

The prize the EU is seeking is to create the world's biggest liberalised aviation market and: To sweep away restrictive controls that limit foreign ownership and control of airlines both in the US and in the EU. To open the protected US domestic aviation market, and To end Washington's "Fly America" policy under which public officials must fly with US airlines.The Commission is expected to win two mandates today, one to negotiate a full aviation treaty with the US and a second so-called "horizontal" mandate to negotiate with other countries on the introduction of new nationality clauses in existing bilateral deals.

These would redesignate EU airlines as "European Community" carriers in place of existing narrow national designations. In turn, the Commission would agree to allow member states for the time being to continue striking deals with countries other than the US - with only a light oversight role for itself.

Share the Friendly Skies
European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
"A new EU/US agreement would bring many benefits to consumers including US carriers gaining the right to fly within Europe and British carriers the right to fly within the U.S.," he added.
Austria, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland and Belgium signed "open skies" agreements with the U.S. in 1995 and 1996, allowing airlines from those countries unlimited access to points in the U.S. The UK-U.S. deal is defined by access to London's Heathrow airport.

Global Mayors in Rome
"Glocal" policies paid for by World Bank and the EU

EU --- becoming a World Power

Increasing the TransAtlantic Relationship [ Globally] meeting in Miami, Florida
One-way to make Europe "relevant" to America again is if Transatlantic relations become genuinely Transatlantic. After all, the Atlantic is not just boundried by Europe and the US: Western Africa and Eastern Latin America are equally Atlantic. Given that today's challenges are in the developing world, these are the countries that need to be anchored into a new world system.
Events and initiatives - which could range all the way from building an Erasmus programme for the entire zone through to some form of free trade area - that cover the entire Transatlantic basin would allow Europeans to bring their skills and knowledge of transnational networking, US authority and leadership, with Latin and African skills and dynamism.
Not surprisingly the denizens of Miami saw this as of particular interest, pointing out that it would also engage a broader cross-section of US society, notably African-Americans and "Latinos".

EU.. a world power http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/03/01/weur01.xml

Prodi: Change in Defense and Security will turn EU into a Global Power

EU goes global
It now plans an "early-warning system" for potential trouble spots, a campaign of anti-drug actions, tough controls on the arms trade, and measures to stop the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
People are very quick to say they support the transatlantic links and the Nato alliance ......

The European Parliament gave any EU superpower ambitions a further push this week when the foreign affairs committee passed a resolution calling for "the creation of a European Foreign Office" and the abolition of the national veto over foreign affairs.

The UN framework for Global Governance is TRANSITIONAL only, as we see it.
The UN will
not lead politically in the end time scenario, as we see it.
(there are only 10 toes in Daniel 2). The UN may even possibly come up with 10 humanitarian
" Regions" , but even so, those are not kingdoms with kings.

All of the UN
framework for Global Governance will be adopted and adapted by the EU.
UN Conventions
www.europarl.eu.int/charter/docs/default_en.htm?redirected=1 (# 2 )


EU main
financial broker

EU's new Global Security Strategy
“I think we will have wider consensus in Europe that we need to have international law, international multilateral UN decisions and so on,” he said.
“Our tools are trade, our tools are economic agreements. Let’s see how we use these effectively to deal with weapons of mass destruction.”

“Europe and North America still believe that pragmatic, multilateral cooperation through NATO is the best way to meet our common security challenges,” he said.
“When it comes to supporting or leading large, complex multinational military operations, no other organisation has comparable capabilities, experience or forces.”

Why Europe Will Hail Carter as Their PeaceMaker
The former United States president Jimmy Carter says the US, which has taken the lead in urging such countries as Iraq and North Korea to destroy their weapons of mass destruction, should also disarm."( Ed: JC wants the US vulnerable ) 
http://www.smh.com.au/text/articles/2002/11/17/1037490051556.htm ;


Italy's highest court :the Court of Cassation

Worthy Insights http://www.worthyinsights.com/

Photos: BENELUX countries-- Brussels ; Luxembourg; Maastrict, Netherlands; also Strasbourg ;

EU - US transatlantic relationship

EU by Dr. David Reagan and Alan Franklin http://www.inplainsite.org/html/european_union.html

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EU news  http://www.fulfilledprophecy.com /

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