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EU Governance PAGE TWO; Continued from e-gov page one

Includes : Lamb with two horns = False prophet ( not of the European entity) ; EU intergovernmental council

UMFA High Rep working in tandem with leader of another country

Lamb with 2 horns ( not from Europe ) to work with the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs, aka High Representative (who also is not a native European, as we see it )
2 horned lamb not yet revealed .....
we do not think he will be from the Europe at all ( the false prophet )

When the coming Union Minister of Foreign Affairs (High Rep of Europe ) establishes global policies, he will be working in cooperation with whoever has charge over two main entities:

1. Common Faith -- Rev. 13:14, 15 ( all worshiping the environment and image of ac ) ; a one-world focus

2. Global Economy -- Rev. 13: 16-18

These would be his two main horns of power, as we see it.

We believe that this endorser will not be from the EU, but he will be a significant political figure within his own country. We believe that he will be the False Prophet from another country.

The False Prophet will work with the global policies of the antichrist. The AC will be the "one voice" at the UN.

The enforcer's own country will be part of the  MNF ( Multi-National Force, NATO ) -- what the Bible refers to as "the terrrible of the nations". ( Ezekiel 29 --31 )
This "lamb with 2 horns" will command the MNF with the backing of the Europe and the UN. We believe that that man will be the
False Prophet calling fire down from heaven. (drones, satellite laser weapons)

 NATO works with U.N. consensus, "
The Community of Democracies" .

The Union Minister of Foreign Affairs will form political and Security global policy and align with the militarism of the major Superpower, using high-tech warfare ( "Star Wars"-- satellite warfare ) in the theater of outer space.

Whoever becomes the one with "two horns as a lamb" (Rev. 13:11) would then endorse and enforce the policies of the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ( High Rep ) who presides over  European-Global policies.

Who then will be able to make war with the beast? The one who combines the NATO - MNF forces (along with the high-tech satellite Star Wars, and " Brilliant Pebbles " ) ?
Together the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs , and the other leader with two horns, would control all the armies of the world. Who can make war with the beast ? Rev. 13:4

For Europe and NATO,  a race for influence--On Tuesday Feb. 22, 2005 President George W. Bush will make the first stop by an U.S. president to the European Commission, the EU's executive branch. ( Ed: we do not believe that W is the ac.)

In Conclusion:
So the two persons who we feel that will fulfill Biblical prophecy ( Revelation 13 ) will be :
1. The Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ( the Eighth King of Revelation 17 ) ..and
2. The "lamb with two horns" -- heading Common Faith and the Global Economy

It is our belief at Hope To The End that both these men will be native Americans.

The High Rep of Europe (UMFA ) may be the 8th King of Revelation Chapter 17 and he will also be
the 11
th Horn of DANIEL 7:7. "diverse" ( different ) Daniel 7:19, 23, 24 ( mentioned 4 times )

In Rev. 17 we are told that there are 7 kings ( who have ruled over Israel) throughout world history, and these are explained at
https://hopetotheend.com/ch2p2.html .

The UN leader is the 7th titular (title only) King.

The 8th King (Rev. 17:12) is also known as the 11th horn of Daniel 7:20.

This 11th horn has the 10 horns (EU), but is "diverse" (different) from the others, meaning he comes from a different political entity. He is from a different country, as we see it.
This 11th horn does not come from the European Union, we feel, yet he is over them.

We believe
the 11th horn (king...leader) over Europe is an American, since America and Europe are destined to unite for security purposes. Europe desires political dominance. Yet she lacks the military might to back up that political preeminence. She must rely on the multi-national forces of NATO (spearheaded by America). Europe also needs the technological warfare that only the United States can provide: STAR WARS.....lasers emitted from satellites.
"fire down from heaven".

Europe also needs an astute leader. But--- as is typical of many families--- the "sibling"-states are at too much rivalry to accept the dominance of a figure-head from one of their own members. Someone outside the "family" would have the bearing or stature needed for such a political position as European Leader.

Even our Lord said that one is not always given due respect from their own country....there is too much jealousy and envy.
Matthew 13:57; Mark 6:4; Luke 4:24; John 4:44.
(Even though these passages refer to a noble position of a prophet, it pertains to most exalted positions, due to the rivalry in man.)
It is our belief that the one over the EU will be a former American dignitary
. Time will tell

Western Europe must also rely on the United States for Missile-Defense Technology.
(Star Wars...SDI ...NMD )
That is why there will be a Western co-ordination of military strength (NATO) united under the one world leader....who we feel will be
an American presiding over the European Union.
An American would definitely fill the bill for being a "diverse" (different) horn from the 10 horns of the EU.

"It may be that this
Atlantic Alliance will gradually develop into a broad security organization of the nations of Western Civilization, especially if Huntington's prediction:
"West versus the Rest" conflict becomes a reality".....quoted from......

TWO American men
It is our belief that a prominent American will have the "take charge" position over in Europe.,
and that another prominent American will be the false prophet, not over in Europe.
That is how we see it.

The Man With A Plan .... poem by Dr. David Breese

One star above the others

In Brussels , BELGIUM

Berleymont Building
( eu commission ) Brussels
eu observer
European Council and the European Commission are both in Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels also houses NATO headquarters at Mons, a suburb).

The NEW UMFA will deal with "Security" issues.
He will also direct the aid programs.

While many have their eyes on the EU Council President ( full time, permanent ), it is our feeling that the NEW Union Minister of Foreign Affairs will play the most significant role.

WHO will be the Atlantic bridge between the US and the EU ? ("over troubled waters")
" a beast rise up out of the sea" Revelation 13:1

Who can the American presidency rely upon ? Who can the EU rely upon ?
Who will be the "one voice" for the one-world , speaking from Europe and the UN Security Council ?
Someday, the prince of
this world will come. Daniel 9:26; Daniel 11:22

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EU looking for a leader ... Wake up - or break up
By Peter Sain ley Berry
" If national presidencies cannot provide the necessary leadership to hold the union together then the commission will have to do so, 'faute de mieux.'
[ Ed : meaning " for want of anything better" ]
Unless Europe wakes-up, sadly, it will break up."

Ed: Who can make war with the technology of the Western Forces of NATO ?
"Globally, the United States has no immediate military rival: certainly no other state has the power to strike anywhere on our planet, and far beyond it into space, at very short notice. American strategists call this the doctrine of “Global Strike”.
Patrick Seale --Online opinion

Still looking for a [ world ] leader
At a time when leadership is desperately needed to cope with matters of war and peace, terrorism and domestic security,
the economic imperatives of globalization and the rising competition for oil,

European Intergovernmental Council
Inside Europe --BBC

What the European Union is -- Simon Beurleymont

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