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Brussels, Belgium: home of :   
A.   the UMFA -- Union Minister of Foreign Affairs (forming global policy as in Rev. 13 ? ) aka "High Representative"
B.  The UMFA is also the Vice-President of the European Commission
C.  He will preside over the European Council, convening meetings at will.
D.  * He will represent the EU at the UN Security Council  *
Will he become the "one voice" for the EU , and eventually implement global policy? 
 Brussels is also home to the  EEAS  The European External Action Service;     a Diplomatic Corp
Brussels also houses the Commission and the Berlymont building ;    Brussels, Belgium also home to NATO

Complete Basic info on European Union http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union    (excellent resource; flow chart; see "politics")

Various Office leaders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_European_Union

TWO MEN to watch in the end-times; one speaking for the EU; the other for the U.S.

1.) " Union Minister of Foreign Affairs -- UMFA (formulating EU- global policies )
Possibly a U.S. politician
; a trans-Atlantic citizen ?
aka High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy ( HRCFSP )
or simply : "High Representative of
the Union " ( HRU )

and the other person waiting in the wings :
2.) Lamb with 2 horns-- remaining in ANOTHER Country see pg 2 ) aka "the False Prophet " Rev. 13: 11
the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs


Who are the "Elders" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elders_(organization)
non-governmental, international ( ED: globalists without a country )

Jimmy Carter wants EU to lead mideast Peace Process

Jimmy Carter calls on EU to label settlement goods

"Residence Palace"-- home of UMFA and EEAS Diplomatic Corp
The complex of buildings will also house the offices of a new EU President, "foreign minister" and, possibly, the European diplomatic service created under the Lisbon Treaty

Holds Two Offices

Union Minister of Foreign ( and Security ) Affairs also Vice-President of European Commission
"Whoever becomes the High Representative will also serve as Vice-President of the European Commission"

Europe must play a
leading role in the world."  [Merkel] .http://euobserver.com/9/28222/?rk=1

Global "Mr. Europe " speaks for the West
Commission = international ; Council = national interests
 The new quasi-foreign minister (whose title will continue to be High Representative) will work for both national governments and the commission
Ed: AND for international governments ] , giving him money, a diplomatic corps, and political power.
values [
Ed: "Mr. Human Rights" ]
and affirm our role as defenders of peace on the international scene,”
[ Ed: enforces international laws ]

The European Constitution             aka " The LISBON TREATY "
The Lisbon Treaty's main innovations include an EU foreign minister, a permanent president of the EU and freeing up the decision-making process in several areas.

1. Hi Rep of EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy 
supported by EXTERNAL AFFAIRS ...European External Action Service EEAS ... Diplomacy
( with a Diplomatic Corp ...embassies around the world )

NEW Hi Rep of Foreign Affairs just might turn out to be an American politician .US -EU need common defense and foreign policy

UMFA to have seat on
UN Security Council
The European constitution creates a powerful new European foreign minister and commits Europe to setting up a common defence policy.
It also requires Britain and France to give up their seats on
the UN Security Council  to the EU foreign minister
 on matters where the EU has agreed a common foreign policy.


As Foreign Rep , he has the ability to convene an EU Council meeting in the case of emergency
We believe that the
soon-to-come UMFA will convene EU Council meetings to the end.of this age

The EU will work with
the new UN called "the Community of Democracies" (CD) and the
CCD... Council of the Community of Democracies"

please see hopetotheend.com/2bibi.html

"At the same time, this new foreign minister would be a vice president of the Commission, [ Ed: handling external relations] the EU's executive body
As the constitution itself states: "The high representative and the commissioner of external relations causes duplication and confusion. It will be merged into a single European minister for foreign affairs who will be able to speak for the union on those subjects where the latter has a common position." Europe's first foreign minister would also have a diplomatic service; national governments would retain their own foreign ministries

http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/06/16/news/europe.php Shades of Daniel 9:27 ...........
The EU
will have a single legal personality, allowing it to sign international treaties.

EEAS -- European External Action Service ..... Diplomatic Service ( Corp ) around the world

A Common Diplomacy--- External European Action Service
"The so-called External European Action Service (EEAS) would be a separate legal entity, and thus have its own budget

160 "Embassies of the Union" ( Ed: largest amount of any )
EEAS, which is expected to take on some consular activities, would be a stepping stone to a single "supranational" ( Ed: Global governance ) euro-diplomatic service.
Up to 20,000 Diplomats, officials
The EEAS will number between 2,500 to 3,000 officials at its inception in January next year. It is then expected to grow to 7,000, or even up to 20,000, according to different estimates

Commentary by Dr. Ed Hindson ( the King is Coming telecast ) World Prophetic Ministry newsletter
The European Union ( EU ) has edged closer toward becoming a superstate by proposing joint EU embassies throughout the world. The proposal came days before the signing of the controversial European Reform Treaty ( formerly the European Constitution), which creates a European diplomatic service and a new post ------ that of an EU Foreign Minister.

The European Commission plans for travelers to use services at consulates in any EU country, suggesting that members can merge their embassies, with standard rules for help available to European citizens traveling abroad, and also to facilitate repatriation of corps from abroad.
If travelers run into difficulties, they can use embassy services in any of the EU's 27 member nations, representing 490 million citizens. Pooling of resources can allow smaller EU countries to use a larger member country's consulate.

The EU's citizens are already supposed to be able to use another member state's consulate if their country is not represented abroad .... but co-operation between the embassies and consulates is considered "patchy". The Commission is basically upping awareness of consulate's duties to EU travelers who lose passports or get arrested .....
" ( This ) is possibly another subtle step toward the European superpower described in the Book of Revelation." --
quoting British politician William Hague.

Breydel Building may house the Diplomatic Service of the UMFA - External Affairs Service ... Diplomatic Corp
financial times

Updates on the EU http://www.euobserver.com 

The 3 Governing Bodies of the EU are:

1.The European Commission Executive Branch ( serving EU interests, supranational;
not national interests)      
Jean-Claude Juncker is president of the European Commission  2015;
The Commission is the power of the European Union ( Executive Branch) . It is located in Brussels, Belgium.

EU Commission Housed at the Berlaymont Building

Photo :

2. The European Parliament ; headed by Martin Schulz 2015

European Parliament meets in three places :
Brussels , Luxembourg, and Strasbourg, France


Empty seat in EU Parliament # 666

Eventually there will be "eParliament" (global internet input by everyone...yes, you and me )
"eParliament" will be handled through service-support software in Bangalore, India)
They like to know where we stand on issues.

West Bengal, India ; Commuter-Network

1. Council of European Ministers ( CEU ) ;
Council of Ministers; aka "Council of European Union" ( representing 28 Member-Nation States   2015) ;

( count them ...sure gets confusing  ! )

2. Council of Europe International Human Rights ;  CEIHR
Palace of Europe--- Strasbourg, France
More info at hopetotheend.com/eu.html    ( Ed: mostly anti- Christian legislation )

3. Council of Europe COE ;
The Council of Europe COE ( not to be confused with the "European Council-Commission" )
It has 45 representatives.

4. and the
European Council--European Summit ( ministers +Commission President )
Legal Body of Adoption ( Judicial )
The European Council ( EC ) is located in Brussels, Belgium. ( rotating presidency )

Whew !

Institutions of the EU
Brussels Belgium appears to be the place of governance
 ECHR [ European Council on Human Rights ] moving from Strasbourg to Brussels ?? Not to be confused with CEIHR

News :
One channel for Global TV - for "the ONE Voice"
"In addition to global taxes, “The Global Agenda 2009” report urges creation of a global television channel.
“Media has the capacity to connect the world, bridging cultures and peoples, and telling us who we are and what we mean to each other. The media can also ensure that no voice goes unheard,” it says. “We believe that this new moment also calls for a new media platform, across all media channels, a global non-profit ‘CNN’ providing a new form of independent journalism to inform, illuminate and deepen knowledge about issues that improve the state of the world.”

Thomson (
and Reuters) only for finance and health and info 
one media for one voice ( Ed: monopoly means more control; less free speech )
"The European Commission has approved Thomson's acquisition of Reuters, a move that opens the door to the creation of the largest financial news and information service in the world, but cuts the number of major firms in the sector from three down to two."
Having been given a green light on Tuesday (19 February 2008 ), Thomson, the Canadian financial information and workflow software provider, is to purchase UK-based Reuters, the newswire and financial data service, for €11.5 billion
EU officials investigated the merger and negotiated the settlement package in concert with US regulators

George Soros : EU should promote global governance
Liberal democracy ( global socialism ) "Open Society Institute " ...... pragmatic governance
"An open society is an imperfect society which holds itself open to improvement," he said . [ Ed: does not want Constitution; which gives ethical guidelines]
"make the union function more efficiently."
"simplifying the EU's decision-making process which he said is "urgent" for the bloc to act more effectively on the world stage. "


Blair to head "Faith and Globalisation " -- a Social activism Gospel
"Speaking at Durham University, Tony Blair announced that the faith foundation will focus on building and developing the Faith and Globalisation course which started at Yale - creating a tight network between the twelve partner universities, and ensuring that this is recognised globally as a leading teaching, research, and social action orientated initiative.
It will bring together leading academics from across the faculties of humanities, [ Ed: a secular humanism Social Gospel ; see Galatians 1: 8--9 ]
social sciences and science to carry out global research that will help inform international policies in the future.

Tony Blair : Sharia and Palestinian State Funding--
90 assemble in Paris for Palestinian bonanza ; Blair to co-chair the event
(IsraelNN.com) Representatives of some 70 nations and another 20 international delegations will convene in Paris on Monday in a one-day "Conference of Donors for a Palestinian State." The goal is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, on behalf of a Palestinian state adjoining, crowding - and threatening - the State of Israel.
Participating organizations include the European Commission, the Arab League, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and European and Arab financial funds.  All 27 members of the European Union will be represented, as will be Middle East countries, the Group of Eight industrialized nations, Brazil, China, India and Norway

Britain : Sharia Banking --
The west is giving away the know-how, with gusto, to enable Shari’a banking and guarantee its success throughout the world. And to what ends?
For one,
Britain’s PM Gordon Brown has pointedly stated that he intends to make London the Islamic finance capital of the world. Further, he pledged that in 2008 the British government will issue its own “sukuk”, or Shari’a compliant bonds. Yes, government debt issued as Shari’a compliant

Tony Blair
( Ed: Although NOT the AC or FP, the EU President will endorse all that the AC stipulates . .. Once Bush's "poodle", he will become the AC's "parrot" ..as we see it )
but would seek to drive his own agenda. Remember the bold peroration he made to the European Parliament, on the eve of the 2005 British Presidency - a speech that heralded much incidentally and was highly regarded despite (or perhaps because) he laid into so many of Europe's sacred cows
[ Ed: or any other -- like American -- sacred cows. Our "sacred cow" is the Bill of Rights ]
... it gives us an inkling of how the Presidency of the European Council could look very different, both to Europe and the wider world if Blair, or someone like him, were to be appointed.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man

President of Europe ?
--by Patrick Buchanan
The price of his becoming president of Europe is surrender of his country's sovereignty.
Unless and until Britain gives up the pound, and accepts the euro as its currency, she cannot be a full member of the new Europe and Blair cannot be president. But before Britain can give up the pound, Blair must call a referendum and persuade his people to give up their currency and, with it, control of their economy. That referendum will pit him against Margaret Thatcher, the Tories and a majority of Britons, who do not wish to give up any more freedom or independence to Europe.

On top of the national governments of Europe has been added a new layer of transnational government. A new and more distant socialist bureaucracy has arisen to be piled on top of the old state bureaucracies. With this difference: These new bureaucrats have no loyalty to any country

President Blair
-- reinforcing foreign policy and defense
Critics claim it would create a powerbase for greater EU centralisation on issues like foreign policy and defence.
The president would be appointed by other EU leaders, rather than being directly elected

Executive Role
He will continue to make the case for his modernising, progressive brand of centre-left politics and is thought to be preparing his own foundation – a smaller version of that set up by Bill Clinton, former US president – as a means of carrying forward his work in these areas.
However, at only 56, he would like to find an “executive role”
Mr Blair is said to be attracted by the idea of becoming president of the European Council,

He is deeply frustrated at leaving the European stage at a time when his three most senior counterparts are set to be like-minded reformers. He has formed close working relationships with Angela Merkel, German chancellor, and Josť Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president.
He has also been wooed, and to a degree imitated, by Nicolas Sarkozy, the rightwing contender and favourite to become French president in Sunday’s elections

earth-ethic, climate change
Other speculation is that he may wish to continue to campaign for development and better government in Africa and may use his celebrity status to seek more urgent action to combat climate change.

Blair : more power to the
EU COUNCIL , and commission
" must partner with the US "

TAFTA ( transatlantic free trade zone )
... "the United States and European Union would be partners in the most powerful economic grouping in history....
With the two joined at the hip in TAFTA, their negotiating power would become nearly absolute, giving both players the ability to dictate terms to any state that sought to join their joint trade network


Europa World http://www.europaworld.org/

BBC : Europe http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/default.stm

Europa World Plus ( 250 nations ) http://www.europaworld.com/pub/

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