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Walgreens free clinic to jobless, uninsured
"Drugstore operator Walgreens will offer free clinic visits to the unemployed and uninsured for the rest of the year, providing tests and routine treatment for minor ailments through its walk-in clinics — though patients will still pay for precriptions.
Ed: Is the government subsidizing this with the stimulus plan?

Walgreens wellness program .. verimed ready
The program, called Complete Care and Well-Being program, is being launched through Walgreen's Take Care Health Systems business
Walgreen operates more than 300 work site health centers at manufacturing facilities and employer campuses. At those centers, workers can see doctors and nurses for consultations, physicals and urgent care at the clinics as well as filling prescriptions and getting help with medication.
Walgreen has its own pharmacy benefits management business, called Walgreens Health Initiatives.
The company runs 6,636 drugstores in 49 states, and said half the U.S. population lives within two miles of at least one of its stores.

green buys health /wellness operations

DEERFIELD, Ill. - Drugstore operator Walgreen Co. said Monday it plans to buy two operators of worksite health centers as part of a new health and wellness division
Walgreen ... said it will acquire I-trax Inc.
Additionally, Walgreen will buy privately held Whole Health Management.
The new division will manage health centers and pharmacies at large company worksites. After the deals close, Walgreen will operate more than 500 worksite and retail health centers in 40 states. ...Take Care Health Clinics at local Walgreens drugstores."

Chadds Ford, Pa.-based I-trax, through its subsidiaries, CHD Meridian Healthcare and ProFitness Health Solutions, provides worksite health services, pharmacy and disease management services and fitness programming for more than 160 companies, including BMW, Toyota... and Lowe's.
Cleveland-based Whole Health Management provides primary and urgent care, wellness programs and other occupational health services through 69 worksite centers for 27 clients, including Continental Airlines..., Harrah's Entertainment ... and Sprint.

Walmart Clinics... also at CVS and Walgreen
After getting burned recently by a company running walk-in clinics in its stores, Wal-Mart is teaming up with local hospital systems to open its own clinics.
Now Wal-Mart says it plans to open 400 clinics by 2010 under the truth-in-advertising brand name “The Clinic at Wal-Mart.” Retail clinics, which are also cropping up at chains like CVS and Walgreen, have sparked some opposition from the medical establishment. Maybe that’s part of the reason Wal-Mart is partnering with local hospitals and health-care systems.
The partnerships may also attract more upscale locals to use the clinics. “Especially among middle- and upper-income shoppers, it becomes more like stopping in at any location of their group health care provider,” Retail analyst Patricia Edwards of Wentworth Hauser and Violich told the AP

The company is also collaborating on the clinics with RediClinic, a retail clinic company affiliated affiliated with Revolution Health, Steve Case’s post-AOL project.
Ed: para-professionals
Retail clinics are typically staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants, care for simple ailments like sore throats and charge set fees that hover around $50. Wal-Mart says 55% of those treated at its clinics are uninsured.

Pharmacy Smart Cards
Diabetes Smart Cards are pocket-sized cards that contain simple but smart tips from specially trained Rite Aid pharmacists on making healthy lifestyle decisions including smart food choices, ways to get fit, testing your blood levels, and numerous healthy recipes. The Smart Cards also include great coupon offers on everyday items as well as items geared to patients living with the disease.

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